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50 Cent – Forever King (Artwork x Tracklist) x London Girl pt.2

blame it on Shake July 2, 2009

We’ve seen stages of the artwork through out the postings of the leaks. Here goes the final version along with the full tracklist (after the jump). And as I was typing this, I just got another track from the tape. Included below.

It was ‘Sincerely Southside pt.2’, but I changed it to ‘Forever King’ because of the content. I wanted to not just make all ’90s music, I wanted to switch up the content a little bit. Also, calling it ‘Sincerely Southside’ would cause an expectation based on part 1. So I called it ‘Forever King’. In the past, you’ve had artists, when they feel they’re on top their game, say they are, or would be considered, the King in New York City. So I feel on top of my game. It’s actually one of the laws of power: Act as if you’re a king to be treated like a king. – 50 Cent [via MTV]

DOWNLOAD: 50 Cent – London Girl pt.2 (prod. Young RJ) | Mediafire

01 Paranoid
02 Respect It of Check It
03 Suicide Watch
04 Things You Do
05 Get Money
06 Funny How Time Flies
07 If You Leave
08 Dreaming
09 Where You Are
10 Longon Girl 2
11 Touch Me
12 Put Da Work In

Shaheem Reid also got an early preview and you can check his write up on today’s Mixtape Daily.

  • 50 Cent is making a comeback

    Dope ass cover!!! Coulda been a album cover.

  • These mixtapes must have been what BISD was gonna be before it got pushed back multiple times lol.

  • myth_seeker

    ummm no.

  • 151

    this song is a failure…i fuck with his other songs tho

  • Krhyme

    Can’t wait to hear the full mixtape.

  • hamptonsweb

    boo boo ftl

  • Hkkh

    Shake on the tracklist u spelled London girl incorectly or did u do it on porpuse because u don’t like it

  • TC The Prince

    and its funny cause thats actually someones skull but mixtape should b dope and this song was okay like the first one better though

  • twoface


  • Johnny Rotten

    Are this leftovers from BISD? Now I understand why it has been push so many times LOL.

  • palo

    looks tight

  • PuffThaMagikDragon

    That’s definitely one dope ass cover…

  • mALiZ

    so cocky yet his music is so ass….

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  • uhh

    late… as usual

  • boss

    I love how the cover says “Happy Birthday,” since it is my birthday today. lol

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  • uhh

    to the uhh up top…get a life, hop off my nuts nd stop imitating me

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  • could be much better!

  • I like the first london girl better, but this is more explicit lol

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    Is this guy still around? And shoveling wack music down our throats nonethelesss…just retire already and save face.

  • lupang

    blahzay blah.

    Dope business, anticipated.

  • dcruz.88

    @ mALiZ, correct you are sir!

  • Q Deez

    He fall offfffffffffffffff, Listen homeboy i doubtt ittttttttt keep hatin he aint going nowhere no times soon

  • Condor21

    Probably won’t even download the mixtape but the artwork is sick

  • Picture on this blog is very horrifying will you replace it with other and change the name with forever devil