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Slaughterhouse – The One (prod. DJ Khalil) [CDQ]

blame it on Shake July 2, 2009

As I told ya’ll earlier, the Slaughterhouse single is here! And you already know… it’s a NewMusicCartel world premiere! Don’t worry… it’s tagless haha. UPDATE: Added the official CDQ, clean and instrumental. Don’t say I never did anything for you. August 11th is the date, be sure to support! UPDATE 2: So I just got another set (Dirty/Clean/Instru) for this. This time w/ the KRS-One sample. The set I’ve had up is going on iTunes, so maybe they couldn’t get the sample cleared? I’m not sure, so don’t quote me 100%. If you’d like the sampled version, I’ve included it as a bonus. It’s lesser in quality as the iTunes version, but that’s all your gonna get. Take it or leave it…

DOWNLOAD: Slaughterhouse – The One (prod. DJ Khalil) | Clean | Instrumental
BONUS: Slaughterhouse – The One (w/ Sample) | Clean | Instrumental

  • Brian


  • Dfrye



  • ck47

    yaowahhhhhh !

  • fuckinnn dooope!!!

  • ROK

    now this is a great way to being my weekend!!!!

  • Starks

    Yay dope…

  • JL

    why does every rap song with a rocksih guitar in it have to be ABOUT rock now?

    whatever, song is dope.

  • KSG


  • twoface

    gaaaa dayumm! tight

    cant wait for this album.

  • ST

    Looks like I will be skipping this track on the album :(

  • skeme

    dope..KHALIL is the one

  • That Josh

    First Bithces

  • ck47

    Cant wait for the album is it me or does this sound unmastered?

  • BEastnight

    This album will be a classic, fuck this is what I’ve been waiting for! Slaughterhouse!

  • sddsd

    a href=”http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=4303458″>smouch.net/lol/

  • twoface

    that budden/joell back and forth was tight as fuck..and crooked and royces’ references/metaphors were just too ill..damn

  • so whens the new jim jones coming out

  • Sounds like a reach…
    Whats with this generic guitar licks posing like some hard rock shit?
    Is this some sad ass attempt at what they believe is a crossover record?
    like those ass beats Buddens put up on his last album that sounded like some gay ass hip hop britney shit…
    Rhymes on here are incredible!!
    The record will get litt;e to NO BURN….Believe me

  • ChYnO

    Dope./ -_- ^^^ @ jim jones

  • Sounds like a reach…
    Whats with this generic guitar licks posing like some hard rock shit?
    Is this some sad ass attempt at what they believe is a crossover record?
    like those ass beats Buddens put up on his last album that sounded like some gay ass hip hop britney shit…
    The rhymes on here are incredible!!
    The record though, will get little to NO BURN….Believe me

  • dirtyomne

    Hot track, I like it.

  • roasted

    :( well I won’t let this spoil my feelings towards this album, still can’t wait

  • crooked i verse was nice kind not feeling this one though :(

  • Verity

    @That Josh

    More like 13th, are you as slow in real life as you are online?

    Unfortunately, not a fan of the track. The lyricism is there (as always), but this track misses hard with the beat selection.

  • :)

    What are they talking bout? They arean’t saying anything are they blah blah blah I’m awsome is all I hear:( But yeah they dope as hell.

  • JoeButtons

    we up!

  • az

    Anyone think this joint got a chance of cracking radio/BET/MTV rotations?

  • lak3rzf4n

    the gaga/melo/lala line was hilarious

    song is ok overall… lyrically very nice but beat was meh…

  • brian

    Didn’t like it tbh. The hook was weird and there was nothing special besides Joell and Joey’s verse.

  • rea1




  • Any word on when the CDQ dropping?

  • LeNoirPhotog

    I agree Lyrical are dope but the beat sounds dated and commercial

  • james

    This track is disappointing. I was expecting a really dope party track but this ain’t it. The comprehensive atmosphere of the track is corny. They rock star name checks and metaphors are lame. The beat is aight.
    Honestly, I was expecting a more vicious track.

  • LeNoirPhotog

    lyrics i mean

  • ehh this is seriously trash….smh @ anyone really tryna claim this is a good single for the album…fuck outta hea

  • Slaughterhouse

    shits wack son

  • TE

    2dope. i think it sick. but w.e. woodstocks good too. im impressed so far…

  • All 4 of these rappers downfalls combined = bad beat selection and DJ Khalil is my fav producer hands down but this…I been said from the get, you can’t have a supergroup if all 4 haven’t solidified their solo careers yet…just my thoughts, better than majority of what’s out tho

  • Shake

    added the official CDQ as well as the clean and instrumental. enjoy ya’ll.

  • JaRouge

    This does not sound like a final mastered version. Something sounds like it’s missing. The vocals are kind of swimming in the beat (not in a good way) and it just feels like there’s a layer or two of the beat that isn’t present.

  • airrboii

    shouldn’t really be a single.
    but tight song overall.
    i think they can do no wrong as long as they avoid autotune haha
    lyrics are amazing as always

  • ck47

    shake i love u , want some hoes in toronto?

  • (I agree Lyrical are dope but the beat sounds dated and commercial)

    Wonder why its commercial? You mean, these guys may actually try to appeal to more then just the internet dopes like you that expect them to stay underground? I dont give a fuck who you are these days, make your shit commerical, because you aint getting paid unless you can tour. Quit trying to impress these blog faggots who download your shit anyways, and hate on anything you do they dont enjoy… Fuck outta here with the comments you idiots continually post..

  • Shake


    did you refresh and check the update? the ones i put up are the official iTunes versions.

  • honestly im quiet tired of slaughterhouse poor beat/sound selection so far…dudes are starting to remind me of the 4 horsemen…sick mcs who come together to make a ” super group ” and end up making poor production/group decisions which will ultimately be the downfall and prevention of such talented acts ever getting where they really should be,…SO FAR OUT OF ALL THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE LEAKS THERE IS ONE, YES I SAID ONE TRACK THAT I THINK IS WORTHY OF BEING ON AN ALBUM….THE REST IF STUFF YOU PLAY FOR A DAY AND FORGET ABOUT BECAUSE IN REALITY: ITS NOT THAT HOT!!!

    SMH X 100,000

  • roasted

    ^^^even with the caps locked no body cares… ^-^

  • good job roasted, you just made urself look like an idiot..because by replying to me, it is YOU who clearly cares. Thanks for lettin me know.

  • Shake

    for those wanting mediafire links for each….




  • JaRouge


    Right after I made that post, I saw the update. Very happy that wasn’t a final mix. CDQ is definitely a step up. Thanks for the quickness on that

    Right now, I’m feeling the track but not loving it. Once I see the video (which looks dope as fuck) and get a little something in me, I’m sure this opinion will change.

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  • i hate 2 say it but if these dudes dont go back to the drawing board quick slaughterhouse is going nowhere

  • CDQ is only 160 kbps Shake?

  • Shake

    ^^this is what they are releasing on itunes. so yes.

  • Spozm

    Wow, a real let down

  • Chewee

    links don’t wok it says wrong ip ?media share for the promo cd? :D

  • Chewee

    mediafire i meant lol

  • Woooowwww!!! Niiiiiicccccceeeeee

  • Slurpie

    dope song

  • Unxpekted

    Really??? Really??? Wow that was fucking garbage. Absolutly terrible, no cohesion, no versatility, it sounded like Kid Rock meets random lyricists. Wow that was bad, deletes.

    La Costra Nostra’s – Do It > Slaughterhouse’s – The One

  • Chewee

    oh just so them thanks Shake! lol

  • Thanks for the clarification and the links Shake, we all appreciate it!

  • I never really listened to Slaugtherhouse…but, this is nice…it’s something I didn’t expect.

  • jakefromthebean

    i didnt even like slaughterhouse before this record….this track is dopealicious though…def gettting the cd now.

  • Lito

    dont take the instrumental link down … im at work haha

  • unexpekted couldnt have said it any better… ” do it ” is easily more of a banger than this trash

  • DIAS

    “Sounds like a reach…
    Whats with this generic guitar licks posing like some hard rock shit?
    Is this some sad ass attempt at what they believe is a crossover record?
    like those ass beats Buddens put up on his last album that sounded like some gay ass hip hop britney shit…
    Rhymes on here are incredible!!
    The record will get litt;e to NO BURN….Believe me”




  • SHOWMAN3000

    Niggas is never satisfied and critical. These dudes are hot stop the fuckery and enjoy! Compare them to the more popular artists in the game and they’re way better.

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    My God this album is gonna be the illest shit out…Jesus Christ…they got me using the Lord’s name in vein and ish, lol

  • j.esh

    One word… DAMN!!!

  • james

    There’s nothing wrong with being commericial. Biggie was commercial. Tupac was commercial. Nas is commercial. Jay is commercial. Lupe Fiasco is commercial. 50 is commercial (tracks like In Da Club not Amusement Park). Just come correct.

    There’s cohesion it’s just … subpar. Still better than a lot of mainstream but it’s not all that great. Anyways, I done said my word. Time for me to move on.

  • gospher

    of course they do there thing in this

  • YrS

    Wack.. jmo

  • Crooked’s gotta gun
    I’m wreckless with lead
    Zepplin instead
    Lets get a keg
    Lets split a mescaline, it mess with ya head
    Im sexin a lez
    And her bestfriend in bed
    I love these freak women somethin in my denim need a Kiss call it Gene Simmons
    They wanna ban me like Marlyn Manson
    For all the whores in my Baltimore, Maryland mansion
    I’m the one that who wants to Spear Brittany
    Give Pink some black put it near her kindeys
    Im the one who always cause an affair
    So every time your bitch burp u smell my balls in the air

  • veraci0us

    lol when i heard this i immediately thought of that jadakiss interview where he was asked what he thought of slaughterhouse “who’s slaughterhouse”… Chorus was way OFF KEY, Beat was to.. Thats the problem with hiphop today, every rapper wants to be rock stars but no rappers want to be rappers smh… Track was awfull by the way..

  • lol, i love how people either Love or Hate this track there is no middle ground.

  • DDave

    Wasn’t feeling it. Disappointed with this one.

  • rea1

    Yea CROOKED definetly destroyed this
    damn this shit is dopeeeeeeeee
    AUGUST 11th GO GET IT S.H.

  • shippkelly

    yall need to stop right now. this song is fuckin hot! i was skeptical when i saw the still and bts from the video but the wordplay is stupid dope in this song. im sorry but yall are crazy if youre not feeling this. only part i dont like is the sirens in the chorus. dont feel that was necessary but besides that its a dope track. slaughterhouse cant only make onslaught type records. they gotta have fun too and this is a dope way to pull that off. i love it. WE OUTTA HEEEEEEEERE!

  • The Chorus was a Sample I believe.

    That beat was dope if you ask me.

  • :)

    Why is is free shake you should make people buy it:)

  • Manjit

    It’s not awful. It’s just not what anyone was expecting from these guys. I assumed it was going to be a pass-the-mic, Protect Ya Neck type of thing where it was just straight rhyming to show what they’re about. This doesn’t showcase what makes them something real: four dudes that can outrhyme 90% of the rest of the dudes out there. Not an epic fail, just not the best introduction to people who don’t already know what they’re about.

  • :)

    :( my internet so slow it says 1 hour to download ….. at least I have the non CDQ

  • Roasted

    good job roasted, you just made urself look like an idiot..because by replying to me, it is YOU who clearly cares. Thanks for lettin me know.
    fulltimeboss said this on July 2nd, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    you dropped the caps, thats all I care about.Go on believing what you want homie :)

  • lol so it looks like this song has received a greater negative response than positive… *listens to track again* nope im not suprised

  • Tre

    @shake, you so hyped about the song lol

  • Jay Daniels


  • Quags

    Are you guys for real? People don’t like this?

    Man tomorrow half of you are gonna be riding around playing this…smh…this track is 2dope IMO

  • Razz

    It’s a fucking SINGLE. Of course it’s not going to be the most lyrical thing you’ve heard. Dipshits.

  • dcruz.88


  • DIAS

    It’s not cause it’s commercial.

    I just find it forgetable

  • Jay Daniels


  • COBNinja

    Track sounds great, love everything about it.

  • Sincere

    This is for 1 reason,the best decision to open the doors to all MTV,BET,Underground,VH-1 M-c’s fanatics. It will get play across the board. Promotion team needs to step their game up now. I would personally do a female/R&B joint(Ladies first). Then let them fire off for the fellas.From the hood to the burbs, shh, everyone of you *%&^&* heard of me.

  • the chorus ruins it for me. khalil’s beat is tight. woodstock hood hop is way better. as far as supergroups go, i’m looking much more forward to la coka nostra.

  • Niggas is never satisfied and critical. These dudes are hot stop the fuckery and enjoy!

    Why be satisfied with something that you don’t think is the best they can do? I’ve heard some REALLY good Slaughterhouse songs, and this isn’t it.

    My anticipation for this album went from HIGH … to ehh. And I’m someone who would actually BUY the record.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Jay Daniels

    Great question I noticed the obvious difference too. It sounds a bit dry in comparison to how when you here the KRS sample n other stuff!

  • GG

    the beat >>> the lyrics

    sampled from lenny kravitz – fly away

    shits hard

    wish they didnt rap about gay rock n roll shit

  • they prb couldnt clear the krs sample…

  • DayO

    songs w/instrumentals needs to be the new trend.

    rap groups are underrated.

  • Dfrye

    If you don’t think this is dope just read the lyrics Shake put up for Crooked’s verse. It may not be Onslaught, Fight Club, etc. BUT this song is still super dope. What other singles on the radio right now have this type of lyricism?

  • DJ Daz-One

    @ DayO songs with instrumentals have been released on wax forever, that really isnt nothing new. Lets just it needs to be brought back like the days of the 12inch or cd singles. That is what made shopping fun.

  • james

    So much for moving on….

    Manjit, you basically described how I’m feeling. I was expecting a little less polished, dirtier track where they come a little more vicious.

    I agree that Crooked’s final bar was dope: “So every time your bitch burp you smell my balls in the air.” And, his flow was on another level until this bar: “They wanna ban me like Marlyn Manson.” Then he went back to his usual style.

    If I were to nitpick, I also have minor problems with the mixing. The vocals should probably be adjusted up a bit due to the beat being too high.

    Here’s a positive, they were all pretty much on the same page when it came to the concept of the song which is good because sometimes they’re not this cohesive (Wack MCs is an example).

    It’d be dope to see the 4 of them trading bars. Not sure if that’s been done before.

  • Melo15

    this is a straight banger.. and yeah this could get some radio play

  • rashard lewis

    very decent… not great but decent not a hit or anything but a solid album cut

  • s.truth

    They do call it Slaughterhouse for a reason!!!

  • b.

    imo… the beat is nasty… and that girl’s vocal sample in the chorus is nice… tell her to holla at me. lol that “rock” element is nice… i wish original guitar riffs or even guitar samples (acoustic or electric) would be used more often over some really grimy/nasty production=game over! =)

  • Huh?

    Without the KRS sample, the song feels kinda naked & Royce’s verse coulda been better.

    But I’m really feeling this beat & Crooked I’s verse was pretty dope and I like Joe & Joell’s back & forth verses.

    All in all, it’s a good song overall. Just a bit underwhelming.

  • Shake

    i just got all three versions (dirty/clean/instru) w/ sample. upping now.

  • fro

    anyone else having troubles with usershare?

  • 151


    yea whats with usershare? doesnt download…just streams the song

  • Jay Daniels

    the version with the sample is less quality than the one without. i hate to bitch lol.

  • Shake

    ^^yea and thats all your gonna get as the official doesnt have the sample. bitch all you want. ive shared enough.

  • Jay Daniels

    lol you’ve put in work shake i give u props.

  • the new one might be a little less quality, but i think it adds a little more grimeyness to the record that the itunes one is missing. krs helps too.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Fuckin ushare isn’t working, used to work great for me, real fast downloads

  • Shake

    ^^they seem to be having an issue. their tech team hit me and said they are working on it. here are some mediafire links of the “sample” version.




  • Dolce

    This is actually dope. I’ll still hate on SH.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Thanks Shake, exactly what I needed

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  • LAStateOfMind

    I dunno what you were expecting from a Slaughterhouse single but this shit is dope. Great party song, wait, maybe thats why you nerds dont like it?

  • Ryan.T.

    Shake, the links for the CDQ without the sample aren’t working at all. Not usershare or mediafire

  • ^fail @ attempting to look “cool” over the internet…we r all for party jams…this is just corny tho..ur missing the point

  • roasted

    the links are working fine for me…anyone want me to upload them somewhere?

  • Wonderin

    I think this single is pretty decent. Maybe they are holdin back a little, but no doubt the rest of the CD will go hard.

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  • I was expecting more just cuz I was so hyped from the two video previews, but overall I still think it’s a dope track. It still doesn’t sound full CDQ, but I can live with it til the album drops without a doubt.

    This coming once again from someone who generally always hates on anything related to mainstream rap…

  • opiate x

    yeah i had problems with usershare too:

  • Iim Just Saying

    its a dope song the beat is ehhh lryics are there
    but another guitar sample in a beat
    kinda like a big deal
    the one
    whos next??
    i could see this on the radio though some expected better and the song still sounded better than most commercial shit that says alot about this groups potential. if they make the right moves and come with that heat on their album they good. wish the best for all of them. all the pecies are there they just gotta deliver but easier said than done.

  • Jay Daniels

    ^ Lmfao @ acting like its the new autotune. Remember RUN DMC?

  • BenzoWashington


  • Jay Daniels

    ^ I co-sign this powerful statement.

  • BenzoWashington

    ^THANK U lol

  • Andrew

    This shit is wack.

    I like Slaughterhouse.

    I also WANT Slaughterhouse to go commercial.

    THIS, however, is not even remotely good enough to be a commercial hit.

    When rappers make rock tracks, with generic rock licks, and use dated rock references, it’s fucking lame.

    Do you know how many rappers have tried to do rock-ish crossover shit? It never works. People who listen to rock music with a critical or fan ear, would tell you, this beat and all the references are very cheesy and cliche.

    I hope Slaughterhouse sells millions of records, but this song won’t be the one to help them do it, and my god RAPPERS, STOP REFERENCING ROCK MUSIC. You are clueless to the rock music game.

    Shit sounds like a 1992 Cinemax movie guitar song, not something dope.

  • Andrew

    Upon listening again.

    Royce the 5’9 said “I ride around listening to Nickleback.”

    SMFH. No Royce. NO NO NO NO NO. Regardless of the gun reference. Never ever in your life EVER mention Nickleback like they are a good rock band.

  • Nickelback is good. Their last album wasn’t that good, but they make good music. Fuck you with your SMFH.

  • Huh?

    Yo. Can’t front, I used to like Nickelback back in the day. lol.

  • LexKruger

    I think it has something to do with his name being Nickel Nine.

  • Jay Daniels


    Upon listening again.

    Royce the 5′9 said “I ride around listening to Nickleback.”

    SMFH. No Royce. NO NO NO NO NO. Regardless of the gun reference. Never ever in your life EVER mention Nickleback like they are a good rock band.

    Andrew said this on July 3rd, 2009 at 12:16 am

    Royce’s name is Nickle Nine you idiot. Nickel Back. Then he says in the background. “I’m back!” Get it?

    And Nickelback used to be the shit.

  • LexKruger

    Just to clarify for you dumbos, he’s saying Nickel’s back.

  • RoRz0r

    “Love below by her Speaker box”

    Track isn’t deep but I’ll bang it in my whip. (The KRS Sampled version that is)

  • meh. doesnt move me at all.

  • Andrew

    Jay Daniels, yes, not all of us are half-retarded morons. Of course I get it. It’s not that clever of a lyric to begin with. Especially given the context. Do you drool on yourself during special education classes every day?

    Nickleback being praised on this website is a new all time low. Wow. You guys are fucking morons.


  • i need the video NOW

  • this still feels like it’s missing something though (beat wise)

  • stocktown

    I MISS THE OLD JOELL. i think he is seriously better off by himself. i dont know how this 4(3) talanted dudes came up with this bullshit what the fuck is wrong with u guys??? must been buddens idea, i hate that guy, i mean is funny as shit sometimes (buddentv) but as a rapper/artist he is a huge fail :z i really thought the other 3guys whould make something happend here but what the FUCK! joell,crooked…..get out while u still can!!

  • Lazy Izzy

    I like it a lot, The girl on the hook sets the tone for the type of sound the song is shooting for real well.

    I’d be excited if I was ridin’ around town and the this came on the radio.

  • The single is cool. It’s growing on me the more I listen to it and the Lenny Kravitz sample is nice. It’s not a bring down the house huge hit but it should still get the job done. It’s really interesting to see there is no middle ground on this site with it being either love or hate.

    And at this point, users like THE INCREDIBLES and unxpekted have no valid opinion when it comes to his group so I don’t even know why they even comment. You two never like anything this group does so why waste your time.

    Also @ Andrew, once upon a time Nickelback was alright. Let me guess, you’re one of those rock purist who doesn’t have his own opinion and likes to bash certain bands because that’s the popular thing to do, am I hitting on something there?

  • And if anybody cares, I added the “I’m Still #1” intro to the front like they did in the video. I guess that sample couldn’t be cleared either.


  • Sol

    wait…is the krs-one sample just him echoing “one” after the chorus?

  • jlp369

    when the fuck is the video coming out

  • Skylar

    Tight, Khalil cain’t be faded right now, he is smashing shit left & right. He makes Bishop somewhat relevant, Clipse sound like the mic monsters that they are, and drops weirdo shit like this slaughterhouse joint. I liked the track, and I like Slaughterhouse. Posse rap is due for a comeback.

  • haterade

    damn, i dont know cats expected, but this seemed like the slaughterhouse ive been listening to. decent beat fire lyrics. these talkbacks are getting more and more lame.

  • starbettv

    not feelin this track hella disappointed in this one

  • Curtis75Black

    God !! There’s alot of overcritical fags on this site !! These 4 constantly show what they’re about. What’s the fuckin’ problem with ya’ll ? They can’t give you a head nodder without it being on some ‘Wack Emcee’s’ shit ? Give me a fuckin’ break ! These cats are shittin’ on the net with something we’ve been waiting to come back and you hate just to satisfy your thoughts. The lyrics were straight – fuck the beat and the hook !! A real emcee can spit over a xylophone and make if hot !!

  • yo

    Slaughterhouse couldnt do a 15 tracks on CD of just straight hardcore lyricism. They had to do something fun for the label and this isnt bad i enjoy it. Not mad at all im sure most of the CD will be what we’re used to. This will expand their fan base a little.

  • ryde_or_die

    oh shit! august 11th lookin dope

  • noname

    for all the weak ass comments about Slaughterhouse and their beat selection, I guarantee none of ya’ll here could do it better..It’s easy to talk shit when you ain’t doin nothin yaselves huh? Slaughterhouse!!!!

  • roasted

    yeah still hate this song, can’t wait for the album


    Slaughterhouse is the Truth four of the dopest MC’s in the game. The breakdown of the song was dope I love Joey and Joell going back and forth. I just hope all these internet bloggers that claim they love Slaughterhouse go out and support when the album drops. This is what Hip Hop needs in 09. Peace

  • Busy

    real talk… the wackest shit theyve put out! lets be real. i am a fan of slaughterhouse but this is ass. the hook is gay for one and the beat is boo boo. the verses are what saves the song.

  • noname

    Shit is dope..muthafuckas bitch when ain’t no good shit out, but when dope shit drops ya’ll fuckin miss the bus..buncha weirdos..

  • Good song, but I thought they’d use a old school hip hop beat, or.. a gangsta rap beat, that mix of rock shit, did not work out, sorry! but, real great rhymes


    HOT DAMN… I haven’t been excited for an album like this in a long time!!

  • 18th letter

    not feeling this in the slightest!!! the BEAT IS TRASH!!!!! THEY NEED PRIMO OR ALCHEMIST OR BUCKWILD OR NOTTZ OR HAVOC OR JAKE ONE why don’t the best rappers work with the best producers it don’t make sense

  • youkj

    They get better with each song in my opinion, there also becoming less raw as in shorter verses, hooks. They’re becoming more musical and structured tho

  • b.

    lmfao. hip-hop heads are funny.

  • @18th Letter
    I think most people would consider DJ Khalil in the “best producers” category amongst those that you mentioned (in fact he murders Buckwild & Havoc, IMO). He’s one of Dre’s/Aftermath’s main producers, for chrissakes.

  • noname

    Clint whuddup fool!!! Salem! you already know who this is!!

  • jb_09

    could we get the mediafire cause it wont let me download it!!!

  • JasonBX

    This single is awesome. Most of you listen to Rick Ross and Wayne. You honestly don’t have the credibility to try to undermine this phenomenal group and the bangers they have been releasing as of late. Smh… This album and Street Hop will be damn near classic and the beat selection couldn’t be better. Haters will always find a way to vent. Go listen to the wack boring unmotivated overly soulful bullshit production over weak lyricism many of you usually like.

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  • Chris

    slaughterhouse is overrated…still not bad

  • 91&^UP

    “I’m the one that always cause an affair.. so everytime your bitch burp you smell my balls in the air!”

    It’s a classic jus on the strength of that line ALONE LMAO. Crokked came hard! …pause.

  • Kwesi

    woooooww this is the first slaughterhouse track i have heard and im feelin it

  • dru

    lol at people saying this song is lyrical….the beat and hook is nice, but the verses are like generic Eminem verses.


    this shit is wack. I like all of Slaughterhouse but this is straight trash. Ortiz/Budden back and forth was cool but that’s it. The MOP track is wack to.

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  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Good stuff, good post!!! Thanks. Slaughterhouse is doing their thing.

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  • rapfan5434

    This track was nice lyrically. I like the beat, but I can see why some people wouldn’t. Royce’s verse was just decent, Crooked’s was great, and Budden and Joell going back and forth was nice.

  • I dont hear the KRS-One sample can someone tell me where it is?

  • Wait nvrmind I hear it.