Christina Milian’s Maxim Spread

blame it on Shake July 3, 2009

These shots actually came out a few weeks back, but I forgot to post (blame it on Shake right?). But can you really complain about these being late? Is it that serious? I don’t think so… I’d like to thank the recent photo leaks from the upcoming last issue of VIBE (shitty timing, as the dopehouse was getting a great look in the September JUICE issue) for the reminder. Hit the jump for the goods…

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to hit the gym. The-Dream might have Ms. Milian on his arm… but I’ll be damn if I ever let myself go to that chubby state haha.

  • KSG

    Nice. Get jacked Shake.

  • qwan

    Is it me, or did she fall off? I used to think she was the sexiest thing breathin…she’s still cute, but ioooknow…

  • DIAS

    LOL, I told shake he was late as fuck with J-hood talkin shit bout slaughterhouse thing and now he has a complex.

    My bad dude…u doin hip hop justice, i was only fuckin with you.

  • myth_seeker

    it may b just u qwan..she still bad

  • eriiclikewhoa

    i’d have to agree with the boy qwan… not that great anymore. she still look aight though.

  • damn , look @ the last picture! She looks ugly as fuck, what an unprofessional photographer….

  • Musikfiend

    If she aint naked, who cares??

  • TheMainEvent

    @ [email protected]: The first and sixth pictures aren’t too appealing either.

  • gavin from SL


  • thank you shake

  • qwan

    dont get me wrong tho my dudes, she’s still a fine lil shorty.

  • ThatOneGuyInPhx

    I’d rather see amerie pics. I doubt she’d pose for vibe, assuming she hasn’t already; i could be wrong.

  • ThatOneGuyInPhx

    i meant Maxim

  • ha

  • That Josh
  • dominica

    she fell off

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  • jcrunk

    imma have to sorta agree wit qwan she’s still very attractive but she fell off for sure…around da time when she was hostin dat show on mtv a couple years back is when she topped my chicks id love to hit list

  • Wonderin


  • speakin of girlies that were dope back in the day… what happened to mya? she was too dope for real

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  • Jeff

    stop pleading every time you post something late. sheesh.. like we care? like we even know christina had a shoot?

  • That makeup made her look like, Hella Tired.

    That makeup didn’t fit her at all.

  • damn, she is really hot!!

  • 18th letter

    oh good god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Good but Bleeeaaahh!

  • Anon

    WTF did Nick Cannon do to her? Jezis, man. I guess she only looks her best in music videos…But what do I know? I’ve only seen her 3 times including this photo shoot.

  • Adup

    I’d through her a bone (pun intended), but seriously though, something about her face, I can’t really say, but there’s def something too it. Maybe it’s just the fact she ain’t look like jailbait no more.