• GYpzy

    perhaps this will help my ridiculous headache.. My Sunday is complete.

  • http://twitter.com/wjumpoff bank$

    Whitney sounds different...still fucks with her though.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com DP

    trey songz makes nothing but baby makers....I ain't mad. also good to see sisqo is still alive.

  • http://gettingblackasiwant.blogspot.com/ Cr!tical

    Lol @ Cup placement.

    I am definetly getting them Lady of My Life & I'll Be There tracks. And the Revenge track makes me want to download it just by it's name, haha.

    Thanks Shake.

  • jakefromthebean

    melane fiona is the shit.

  • b.

    that magic track was originally done by lashawn daniels... which i think sounds better. btw... like that pic. u should get it from another angle. LMFAOOOOO

  • http://twitter.com/OriginalGlory Ronny Goines

    Why did you call him the R&B tupac, cause he's bald and makes so many songs, and actually writes. I think he needs to like, sing with a little more aggression and get in a few more fights and try to take over America from the Underground

  • Ezra

    Because of the gargantuan amount of unreleased songs he has.

  • kidadonis

    LOL, hey Shake, can I get a different link than Zshare, it keeps acting up. It won't finish.

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Hip Hop Dreamer)

    This easily is my favorite collection of songs that you guys release (out of Tapedeck, and the other stuff). I always look forward to Shake's Double S.

    Those live rips from the BET Awards were dope. Ne-Yo really should do a studio version of that.

    In my opinion, in the midst of honoring a legend, I feel that Ne-Yo is one of the few artists out that will one day be referred to as legends too. I hope one of Ne-Yo’s future albums becomes his “Thriller”.

    And if anyone was wondering, Chris Brown is also one of these artists too…people need to stop hating and move on. Forgive. Rihanna already has.

    That new Mario/Brandy cut is what is up! It reminds me of some classic 90s R&B. Really smooth. They really brought it! I wish Brandy had more parts though.

    The production on Melanie's joint was dope and her vocals were pretty much on point. I think I will check her album.

    Good downloads overall!

  • http://tellmemane.com YoungDurden

    I always look forward to this. I enjoy this alot better than the Tapedeck because this is more consistant.

  • jandito

    LOL shake and his .jpgs = classic

  • Hermann

    u have to check this one: Nicole Scherzinger - Whatever Happens

    My Blu-Ray Collection: http://bunaldinho.bluray-filme.com/

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  • Uncle Love

    YO THANKS 2DOPE! BEEN A FAN FOR LONG TIME... TOLD MY FB PEEPS- AT LEAST ONE THING GOOD CAME OUT OF THE BET AWARDS (Jamie Fox, Queen Latifah, & Tigga highly suggested NE-YO SING MJ's "LADY OF MY LIFE") IT HAS HAPPEND!!! (SEE BELOW)- http://2dopeboyz.okayplayer.com/2009/07/05/shakes-sunday-soothing-session-take-17/#more-46933

  • mymannemcee


  • http://www.trinab.com trinaB.

    Melanie Fiona is killin' it right now!!!
    When's the mixtape with ?uestlove supposed to drop?


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