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Spork Kills – You’re So Cute When You’re Mad

blame it on Shake July 9, 2009

Here goes a fresh new/unreleased joint from Louis Logic & Co. Nothing like this surfer rap style to mellow the mood of a hectic ass morning. Big shouts to Sean over at FreshnessPrevails for the track. And be sure to check the site as he put up a pretty dope interview that he had with Mr. Dorley.

DOWNLOAD: Spork Kills – You’re So Cute When You’re Mad | Mediafire
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    WTF….nigga on the left look like Johnny Knoxville, homie on the right look like Keifer Sutherland wit glasses, and my dude in the middle look like travis for gym class heros…….

  • hiphopfiend604

    Really…caught up on image? I thought it was about the music? Anyhow, “dude in the middle” is Louis Logic, he was actually Travis’ (from Gym Class Heroes) landlord for awhile. Maybe the look is catchy or somethin?

  • robertTHEallen

    is that houseshoes?