• http://www.myspace.com/borngenius91 BG McFLY

    there's MARTA in Oakland?!?!?

  • JoeBuddensFan4Life

    Iz DiS dAT Kat wHO SinGz 'DaY N NiTe'?

    Dat tRaCk Iz iLL.

    SlauGHTeRHoUsE 4 LiFe

  • Hip Adv

    thats not MARTA...

  • Chuck

    is it me or has he lost a lot of weight?

  • http://www.thehundreds.com/wordpress/ SWITCH™

    good to see some bay on 2db (ya boy is no longer bay.)

  • http://twitter.com/lanative08 lanative08

    haha cosign that

    and what da hell is joebuddensfan4life smokin haha

  • Woodgrain

    Mistah FAB is the truth..good looks on this.

    Post more bay shit..

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  • CT30977


  • youtube rapper

    dope cover....fabby is that dude

  • eriiclikewhoa

    lmao @ joeBuddensFan4Life

  • bing

    kid cudi did day & nite.
    mistah fab reps the bay.

  • Kickz

    damn joeBuddensFan4Life just stop listenin to music and kill ya self lol, especially if u on 2dopeboyz.com and aint know kid cudi did that track

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