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DJ Scream & Rich Boy – Kool-Aid, Kush & Convertibles (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake July 12, 2009

New risshbwoi! Now can someone tell DJ Scream to quit abiding by his name and shut the fuck up!? Shouts to NR on the upload.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01. You Betta Go Hard
02. Put Me In The Game
03. Re-Elected Interlude
04. Kool Aid Kush & Convertibles f. Skapio
05. Convertible Status
06. Come And Get Me f. Fiend
07. I’m A Fool Wit f. Lo
08. Don Dada f. Young Dose
09. How We Rockin Interlude
10. Country Club
11. Drop Top (rmx) f. Al Myte & Supa Villain
12. Count Dem 100s f. OJ Da Juiceman & Al Myte
13. Send For Me
14. Buried Alive Outro
15. I’m In Love
16. It’s Over
17. Fuck Boy f. Gangsta Boo
18. Grown & Sexy
19. Where Its At f. Gorilla Zoe & Gucci Mane [Bonus]

DOWNLOAD: DJ Scream & Rich Boy – Kool-Aid, Kush & Convertibles

  • theycallhimjayayers

    I was wondering when you’d throw this up, peeped a little of it yesterday, good stuff, props to you for showing AL some love, because this dude gets slept on hard, I mean he’s got wack shit, but then again who doesn’t?

  • theycallhimjayayers

    SOME wack shit.

  • whats up with the link?

  • ^^it should work now.

  • word thanks shake

  • uhh


  • man fuck you uhh….i would love for you to go to another blog

  • lasean

    purple kool aid, are you serious the name and the cover just seems very niggerish to me,and im from da south, might aswell throw some kfc and watermelon on there too while he at it smh

  • Chuck

    rich boy puts in a lot of work, but when is that album dropping?

  • Steve_Rollin

    I think I’ll hold off on this and hope that it gets the NO DJ treatment soon.

  • Ron Ron

    guess u never had some purple kush LASEAN

  • lasean

    no niggai dont smoke RON RON

  • lasean

    and what in the hell does me not smoking have to do with that wack ass title

  • tdottttt

    big tape!!

  • The Truthman Show


    it has to do with you being a whiny little bitch about the title. if you smoked some kush, maybe you wouldn’t be whining like a bitch! shit, you might even be getting laid. =O

  • P.

    any chance a version with no dj drops is gonna…drop?

  • Mallory

    Only like three songs…dont waste yo time

  • dat dude

    Rich boy the mother fukin fly guy

  • lasean

    @ The Truthman Show you a dumbass ignorant ass nigga go choke on a dick and die real talk, you would say some shit like that cuz you dont have any brain cells

  • -P; Lost but never forgotten

    damn brain cells damn the dude took it there damn thats some shit right there you know its really funny how people battle shit out to the point where its just an ongoing war or wordless nonsense…however it is quite amusing to read all this shit escalate into a ongoing typing war that never ends some funny shit comes out of these situation

  • Yeah, I need the No DJ treatment of this.

  • theycallhimjayayers

    Look lasean or whatever your name is, it’s not actual Kool Aid he’s referring to… “Kool Aid Kush” is a reference to the many different types, or in the Kool-Aid’s case “flavors” of bud. Calm down and just do you, it’s not that big of a deal.

  • do anybody knows what song that “I’m In Love” was sampled from??

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  • Hear-It-First dropped the No DJ Version


    dunno if you posted it but i thought i give you a heads up anyway

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