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Petey Pablo – Hit Tha Button (prod. Timbaland)

blame it on Shake July 12, 2009

*scratches head…
Petey is on a mission to get his buzz up by September. I have a feeling it’s not gonna work. Shouts to PDS.

DOWNLOAD: Petey Pablo – Hit Tha button (prod. Timbaland) | Mediafire

  • decent… but not good nuff *shrugs shoulders*



  • i havent heard of him since that america song

  • [taking shirt off and waving it around head like a helicopter…realizing that its not 2001 and that it wasn’t hot then either….putting shirt back on and looking around to make sure no one saw that display]

  • chris

    uh, why do i like this?

  • ziplockp

    i couldn’t even get passed the first 4 bars, son. hahaha.

  • ziplockp

    past^ fuck

  • kdog1189

    the beat is not bad at all and is wasted on petey. smh

  • LMAO

  • been so long

  • Canin


  • Skylar

    Petey’s “Osama Bin Laden” was pretty ill.

  • Shady Universe

    em could of murdered this track…but I like it a little bit cause Dre & Timbaland are friends.

    You ain’t friends with aftermath, you ain’t in my ipod!

  • TC

    The real mystery is where you’d get this pic.

  • Snyd3

    Kinda sick…ha

    I think its just Timbos production…

  • DangerWillRobinson

    If you lived in NC, his first two albums were pretty sick at that time because nobody was repping NC that hard.. Then Little Brother and Justus League came on strong and he went to the Row.



  • Jimmy

    dude has a mixtape?

  • Sb 562

    dont front like North Carolina common and raise up got you jamming every time u heard it hahaha i still listen to that shit

  • Ain’t nobody really repping my state like he did. Dude soldout to Death Row and ain’t shit now. Oh well…..

  • Sounds like some old JayZ, but it gotta lil rang to it. I might ust download it and bang it for a minute. There aint too much hot shit bein released in the hip hop industry right now, so I guess it’s aiight by me. ” Imma put dis on my myspace page…AND TWITTER” LMAO!!! Ya’ll need ta check out these New Orleans Rappers and spread the word. They straight as hell and sounding a whole lot better than what’s coming out now.

  • derrik

    @ Shady… how comes every post you say abour how itd be so much better with eminem… u are most def a fucking stan. ur name is SHADY and every post you make is about Eminem… loser. eminem is garbage btw… well hes garabage as of late.

  • derrik

    oh and the song is gay as fuck

  • Rras

    It’s JIGGY

  • southblockSOS

    timbaland has one of the most distinct sounds as a producer.

    sometimes he gives the beats to shitty rappers….


    not that bad
    but not the hottest

  • derrik

    just like me

  • SOC4L

    timbaland look SO gang in that picture lol

  • TE

    this is actually pretty dope. timbo doing his thing. petey not so much…

  • KevyKev

    i thought he was un jail…buzz by september? Good Look Copter…Gucci Gucci Gucci

  • Icardi

    Timbaland is on the grind. Petey Pablo hold it down for raleigh, but you suck.

  • Petey Pablo coming out with a new single in september 09 :] club banger. his working real hard, so i am excited. i am tired of all these bull sh1t dances like soulja boi, and gs boiz…we need real music in this muda fucker…u dig. 1