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Rockwell Knuckles – Government Name (Spontaneous Lover)

blame it on Shake July 13, 2009

From one (2)dope artist making his break into the dopehouse to another. This time we’re taking you to North St. Louis with Rockwell Knuckles. He recently dropped a mixtape with Trackstar the DJ & TSS (which I’ve included after the jump) but I owe the find to modi over at DCtoBC. Thanks for putting me on fam-a-lam. Now turn your speakers the fuck up and bang out to the track below…

DOWNLOAD: Rockwell Knuckles – Government Name (Spontaneous Lover) | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Rockwell Knuckles – The Glow (Mixtape)

  • This song is fuckin nuts

  • damn right!



    Dude is actually pretty dope. I checked that mixtape out his flow is bonkers on some of them tracks. I suggest downloading. Peace.

  • Damon

    rockwell is dope!!! big shouts this new track is a serious problem. flow/lyrics/etc.

  • quickV

    this dude is ILLLLLLLLLLLLLL
    great post. this is why i love 2db. when u show new artists that we cant find anywhere else

  • B. Perry

    Rockwell is dumb ill. Get familiar, soon.

  • From my hometown, gotta support …

    listening to the mixtape now, dude is pretty ill.

  • Mia

    StL STAND UP! Rockwell mos def has skills! :)


  • xastey

    His performance in sxsw this year was pretty crazy..

  • Mark Twain Fame

    yes…Black Spade, Vandalyzm, Gotta Be Karim, and Rockwell…ppl finally seeing that we got more than Chingy and J-Kwon around “herre”…

  • solo

    love it, love it!

  • ZG

    um, yea. downloading mixtape now…song is fire

  • betrott

    this shit goes hard…its catchy as hell

  • cruw819

    Another hit for his anthology!!!…

  • yesssssss.

  • whammy!

  • thunda thighs

    this cat picks the dopest beats around. enjoyin the mixtape n i’ll keep an eye on mr.knuckles

  • LaJuana aka SneakerTeacher

    you need to know stl is definately in the building. he’s so good, i made him my only ringtone….yes MADE the ringtone. see n say wut!

  • Jer-Maine

    A breath of fresh air really

  • STLAllDay

    “yes…Black Spade, Vandalyzm, Gotta Be Karim, and Rockwell…ppl finally seeing that we got more than Chingy and J-Kwon around “herre”…”


    I sent Meka and Shake emails about these dudes with their tape links. Hopefully we see ’em get put on just like Rockwell. I would personally love to see Megatron Majorz (Vandalyzm’s tape) get put on here, well deserved indeed.

  • ohmydamn

    who picks his beats? shit; who makes his beats? STL go hard.

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    Im lovn my City Right now….My Dude Wil(Trifeckta) on da track..RoCkWeLL Get @ ME..Free Trackz All Day 4 hitz like deez!!!TMF..

  • betrott

    i’m loving this shit!!

  • Divine Earth

    yooo I love this track! I saw him perform about a year ago in St. Louis while visiting my family and I have been hooked ever since. I look to see big things happen from this King. Peace…

  • dude did this song at the Lupe concert yesterday … had the crowd pretty hype.

  • betrott

    that’s a Trifeckta production btw…

  • Marcy

    Yep. Thats my brutha! Rocky Baby!…STL Has EMCEESS
    McGwyire out.

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  • momma j.

    Rockwell,hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw this guy perform he is

    amazing. ROCKWELL, you do the STL proud.

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