• http://cocotaso01.spaces.live.com/ Steph

    This song is fuckin nuts

  • http://www.djtrackstar.com Trackstar the DJ

    damn right!



    Dude is actually pretty dope. I checked that mixtape out his flow is bonkers on some of them tracks. I suggest downloading. Peace.

  • Damon

    rockwell is dope!!! big shouts this new track is a serious problem. flow/lyrics/etc.

  • quickV

    this dude is ILLLLLLLLLLLLLL
    great post. this is why i love 2db. when u show new artists that we cant find anywhere else

  • B. Perry

    Rockwell is dumb ill. Get familiar, soon.

  • http://www.whoresneverlearncom JF Kennedy

    From my hometown, gotta support ...

    listening to the mixtape now, dude is pretty ill.

  • http://HurtMEEZYSoul.blogspot.com Mia

    StL STAND UP! Rockwell mos def has skills! :)


  • xastey

    His performance in sxsw this year was pretty crazy..

  • Mark Twain Fame

    yes...Black Spade, Vandalyzm, Gotta Be Karim, and Rockwell...ppl finally seeing that we got more than Chingy and J-Kwon around "herre"...

  • solo

    love it, love it!

  • ZG

    um, yea. downloading mixtape now...song is fire

  • betrott

    this shit goes hard...its catchy as hell

  • cruw819

    Another hit for his anthology!!!...

  • http://DCtoBC.com modi


  • http://www.djtrackstar.com Trackstar the DJ


  • thunda thighs

    this cat picks the dopest beats around. enjoyin the mixtape n i'll keep an eye on mr.knuckles

  • LaJuana aka SneakerTeacher

    you need to know stl is definately in the building. he's so good, i made him my only ringtone....yes MADE the ringtone. see n say wut!

  • Jer-Maine

    A breath of fresh air really

  • STLAllDay

    "yes…Black Spade, Vandalyzm, Gotta Be Karim, and Rockwell…ppl finally seeing that we got more than Chingy and J-Kwon around “herre”…"


    I sent Meka and Shake emails about these dudes with their tape links. Hopefully we see 'em get put on just like Rockwell. I would personally love to see Megatron Majorz (Vandalyzm's tape) get put on here, well deserved indeed.

  • ohmydamn

    who picks his beats? shit; who makes his beats? STL go hard.

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    Im lovn my City Right now….My Dude Wil(Trifeckta) on da track..RoCkWeLL Get @ ME..Free Trackz All Day 4 hitz like deez!!!TMF..

  • betrott

    i'm loving this shit!!

  • Divine Earth

    yooo I love this track! I saw him perform about a year ago in St. Louis while visiting my family and I have been hooked ever since. I look to see big things happen from this King. Peace...

  • http://www.whoresneverlearncom JF Kennedy

    dude did this song at the Lupe concert yesterday ... had the crowd pretty hype.

  • betrott

    that's a Trifeckta production btw...

  • Marcy

    Yep. Thats my brutha! Rocky Baby!...STL Has EMCEESS
    McGwyire out.

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  • momma j.

    Rockwell,hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw this guy perform he is

    amazing. ROCKWELL, you do the STL proud.

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