• http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    mirror link if anyone has issues with the direct.


  • sam sneako

    good shit. these cats STAY underated as fuck.

  • http://www.rockthedub.com khal


  • n3wt


  • luca brazzi

    whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa... somebody gave this to me on CD @ Southpaw in BK when i was out to c TM x MP&T... TELL ME that was meks?! haha... NOW i gotta put the CD on blast!

  • http://imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    looks like old shit to me

  • http://www.twitter.com/jakefromthebean jakefromthebean

    the time next to the songs isnt the length of the songs its the length of the whole tape right...lol had me fooled for a minute i was like whoa

  • sam sneako

    hahah imagine a fuckin 1 hour long song. craziness

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "looks like old shit to me" nothing gets passed you.

  • sarah

    NICE, this is like a best of QN5 mix :)

  • http://imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    shake, "past" ... just for future blogging reference / clowning attempts purposes

  • JD

    @ FullTimeBoss, are you a certified douchebag or what? Who cares if it's old shit...it is a "best of" CD you fuckin hump.

  • Preo

    hmm on my birthday... unfortunetly, ill be on the complete other side of the US map in Hawaii

  • http://www.twitter.com/that_josh That_Josh

    sounds like shit to me

  • http://www.qn5.com houstonz

    2DopeBoyz -> 2 thumbs up

    I'm glad y'all support QN5 as much as you do. Too many sleepers.

    I'll be at the show with my girl, all the way from Houston, TX.

  • shady universe

    damn no eminem...I'll pass on this shit

  • http://none whoisthis

    dayuuum that a lot of tracks lets go high speed internet!!!

  • lexkruger

    Next time do it with stonesthrow.

  • sam sneako

    QN5 > Stonesthrow.

  • Danny

    Nice! 2DopeBoyz be hittin us with free music all the time. Good look!

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  • http://none MuSikO

    man makes me sad i am from a town in California were they do not have these kinds of things i would like to go but it is a longs way from here

  • Cosmo

    Dopest label. I'll be there.

  • http://toomuchpretty.blogspot.com/ The Milk to Your Shake

    Hey fulltimeboss
    "shake, “past” … just for future blogging reference / clowning attempts purposes"

    He spelled it right, so nice attempt at trying to school, yourself.

  • Cosmo

    ^ Zing!

  • emkman

    @MuSikO: i live in Cali too. I am flying to NY for the Megashow and then back to CA for Rock the Bells the same weekend! If you really want to go, you'll find a way.

  • Gayle

    "Passed" was used in the wrong way and context...y'all need to go BACK to school or pick up a damn newspaper...so sad.

    Anyway, QN5 is my crew!! Haters, stay down!