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2DopeBoyz.com Presents QN5 MEGASHOW Mix (Mixed by DJ JS-1)

blame it on Shake July 14, 2009

That’s right… you’ve read the title correct. Your favorite dopeboyz on the internets have linked up with (what should be) one of your favorite independent hip hop labels. On August 7th I’m inviting all of you to join myself and Meka to check out the QN5 Megashow that will be going down at the Highline Ballroom in NYC (get your tickets here). The one time of the year that you can catch the entire QN5 roster on stage. Yes… CunninLynguists, Tonedeff, PackFM, Substantial, Mr. SOS, Session, Kokayi and DJ JS-1 will all be in full effect (along with a few special guests). I posted 10 reasons why you should go earlier, and you should definitely take note. The other year the Megashow was held on the West Coast (the best coast) and myself and Meka were in attendance. I must say, it’s one of the livest shows I’ve ever been to. And I’m sure they would agree. Anyways… to help you get familiar (of for you to enjoy music you already enjoy), DJ JS-1 has put together the official mix for 2009.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

1. Tonedeff’s Intro
2. CunninLynguists – Hellfire (1:43)
3. PackFM & Domingo – Sire (2:43)
4. Session – MC 2003 (3:38)
5. CunninLynguists – Old School (6:11)
6. PackFM – Great God (7:20)
7. QN5 All-Stars – Fifth Gear (9:00)
8. Mr. SOS – T.H.E.Y. (11:11)
9. Tonedeff & Kno – No Hope (12:37)
10. CunninLynguists – Be Free (15:38)
11. Tonedeff – Masochist (17:50)
12. CunninLynguists – Falling Down (19:16)
13. Session – Route of Evil (20:19)
14. Extended Famm – Line Drop (21:38)
15. Kokayi – Knowus Mayne (24:18)
16. CunninLynguists – Caved In (26:57)
17. Last Emperor, Substantial & Session – U Talk 2 Much (28:13)
18. CunninLynguists – Hypnotized (30:33)
19. PackFM – Stomp Remix (31:41)
20. Tonedeff – Case Closed (33:04)
21. Mr. SOS – Apocalyptic Doomsday (36:22)
22. CunninLynguists – Nothing To Give (38:22)
23. PackFM – I Can’t Win (39:47)
24. CunninLynguists – Never Come Down (40:51)
25. Extended Famm – Good Combination (42:08)
26. Extended Famm – Velocity (44:12)
27. PackFM, Slug & Brother Ali – Fuck U Mean? (46:49)
28. Mr. SOS & PackFM – Stop/Start (48:45)
29. Substantial – Resurrection of the House Party (50:38)
30. Tonedeff – Let’s Go (52:29)
31. Mr. SOS – Bionic (53:59)
32. Tonedeff – Move In, Ride Out (56:19)
33. Substantial – R Love Songs Gay? (57:11)
34. Kokayi – Babylon (59:10)
35. CunninLynguists – Beautiful Girl (1:00:42)
36. PackFM – Suzie (1:02:04)
37. CunninLynguists – Yellow Lines (1:03:32)
38. Substantial – Q.T. (1:04:38)
39. PackFM – Token Love Song (1:06:02)
40. Mr. SOS, CunninLynguists & SunnyStylez – Digital Video (01:07:24)
41. Tonedeff & Kno – My Lady (01:08:45)
42. PackFM – Plucking Daisies (01:10:07)
43. Tonedeff – Optimist (01:11:30)
44. Substantial – My Favorite Things (f/ Steph) (01:13:45)
45. Tonedeff – Warden (01:15:34)

DOWNLOAD: 2DopeBoyz.com Presents QN5 MEGASHOW Mix (Mixed by DJ JS-1)

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  • sam sneako

    good shit. these cats STAY underated as fuck.

  • props

  • n3wt


  • luca brazzi

    whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa… somebody gave this to me on CD @ Southpaw in BK when i was out to c TM x MP&T… TELL ME that was meks?! haha… NOW i gotta put the CD on blast!

  • looks like old shit to me

  • the time next to the songs isnt the length of the songs its the length of the whole tape right…lol had me fooled for a minute i was like whoa

  • sam sneako

    hahah imagine a fuckin 1 hour long song. craziness

  • “looks like old shit to me” nothing gets passed you.

  • sarah

    NICE, this is like a best of QN5 mix :)

  • shake, “past” … just for future blogging reference / clowning attempts purposes

  • JD

    @ FullTimeBoss, are you a certified douchebag or what? Who cares if it’s old shit…it is a “best of” CD you fuckin hump.

  • Preo

    hmm on my birthday… unfortunetly, ill be on the complete other side of the US map in Hawaii

  • sounds like shit to me

  • 2DopeBoyz -> 2 thumbs up

    I’m glad y’all support QN5 as much as you do. Too many sleepers.

    I’ll be at the show with my girl, all the way from Houston, TX.

  • shady universe

    damn no eminem…I’ll pass on this shit

  • dayuuum that a lot of tracks lets go high speed internet!!!

  • lexkruger

    Next time do it with stonesthrow.

  • sam sneako

    QN5 > Stonesthrow.

  • Danny

    Nice! 2DopeBoyz be hittin us with free music all the time. Good look!

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  • man makes me sad i am from a town in California were they do not have these kinds of things i would like to go but it is a longs way from here

  • Cosmo

    Dopest label. I’ll be there.

  • Hey fulltimeboss
    “shake, “past” … just for future blogging reference / clowning attempts purposes”

    He spelled it right, so nice attempt at trying to school, yourself.

  • Cosmo

    ^ Zing!

  • emkman

    @MuSikO: i live in Cali too. I am flying to NY for the Megashow and then back to CA for Rock the Bells the same weekend! If you really want to go, you’ll find a way.

  • Gayle

    “Passed” was used in the wrong way and context…y’all need to go BACK to school or pick up a damn newspaper…so sad.

    Anyway, QN5 is my crew!! Haters, stay down!