• JL

    Would someone else google Scoop DeVille and look at the top result

  • DemigodzCT

    LMFAO! Exotic Ice Cream? Get the fuck outta here... Ok on a serious note about this track... It's dope as shit!! I didnt know homie Ice cream Scoop could spit like that lol

  • fro

    haha, they have a track called come talk to me, then they release no time to speak. anyways im a fan of style and ap, so hopefully ill love this shit. DEMIGODZ!

  • Starks

    Haha this track is so dope, can't wait for more GBC...

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  • DocCosmos

    what , they sell 40's of high life?

  • http://myspace.com/dieinthot Indie Thot

    Its kinda different for Ap and Ryu, but i like it tho!

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