Get Busy Committee (Apathy x Ryu x Scoop DeVille) - No Time to Speak

Those that saw Ap's name on the post below and were disappointed that he didn't drop any bars (even though he produced the fuck out of the record) have no fear as a verse is here. And if you're still clueless... Get Busy Committee is a newly formed group featuring Apathy, Ryu (Styles of Beyond & Fort Minor) and Scoop DeVille. They are currently working on an album, Uzi Does It, so download the (Scoop produced) track below and check out their new MySpace for any updates, etc. Shouts to Open Mic on the design!

DOWNLOAD:  Get Busy Committee - No Time to Speak | Mediafire
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  • JL

    Would someone else google Scoop DeVille and look at the top result

  • DemigodzCT

    LMFAO! Exotic Ice Cream? Get the fuck outta here... Ok on a serious note about this track... It's dope as shit!! I didnt know homie Ice cream Scoop could spit like that lol

  • fro

    haha, they have a track called come talk to me, then they release no time to speak. anyways im a fan of style and ap, so hopefully ill love this shit. DEMIGODZ!

  • Starks

    Haha this track is so dope, can't wait for more GBC...

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  • DocCosmos

    what , they sell 40's of high life?

  • Indie Thot

    Its kinda different for Ap and Ryu, but i like it tho!

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