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Freck Billionaire – 30 Bars

blame it on Shake July 16, 2009

West Philly Freck kicks 30 bars for a new leak off his upcoming mixtape, Slumdog Billionaire. Shouts to Animal Steele.

DOWNLOAD: Freck Billionaire – 30 Bars | Mediafire
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  • Lotlan

    clever mixtape title

  • jumpoffjoebeezy

    mr bar fer bar…any idea when this is droppin

  • Cage

    Freck hurt that shit… Didnt Floyd Mayweather sign this cat?

  • NeoDaMatrix

    My god where has he been?

  • Biz

    Oh great the magical “1, 2, 3 ____(insert punchline)” rapper is back!

    I like dude but when he dropped that “Rich Yung Report (Mixtape)” last year he easily put me to sleep after like the 5th song.

    He got lyrics. His flow is cool but it NEVER changes. Every song no matter how fast or slow the beat is he flows eaxctly the same slow emmotionless “1, 2, 3 _____ (insert punchline)” way. It’s extremely boring after a while.

    Dude is good but get ya game up nigga!

  • uzi

    dude above me prolly listens to kid cudi and kanye west..

    west philly freck!

  • just kenny

    yeah that nigga prolly got OPINIONS and shit… FOH

  • lasean

    freck billionaire lol that nigga got a billion freckles

  • Yatti

    lol @ lasean comments!

  • uzi

    LOl just kenny mad as hell now…anyway i’ll take this over that nerd bullshit anyday

  • Biz

    @uzi I HATE KID “DUDI” actually and I used to like the “College Dropout” Kanye but now I hate the “808’s & Cupcakes” Kanye.

    I do like Freck he just need to be more creative with the flow. The lyrics are there obviously but the flow is too predictable!

  • Bill Freckllionaire


  • just kenny

    @uzi I dont get mad at text bruh. Unless that text says “christina milian officially ‘Only willing to date women,'” “New study links rap music to abortions,cannibalism, and death of santa claus,” or “2dopeboyz officially closes its doors”

  • uzi

    aite aite im not gonna make a big deal out of it.. its all gravy