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Ma$e – Thinkin’ About You (prod. Ron Browz)

blame it on Illy July 18, 2009

Hey dopeboyz & dopegirlz. While Shake is drowning himself in Patron shots, Ma$e is thinking about you. What do you think about that? I believe we call this a NMC thing. Original, via LowKey.

DOWNLOAD: Ma$e – Thinkin’ About You (prod. Ron Browz) | Mediafire

  • Ja Rule > 50 Sent & Eminems

  • Before I even listen to this. Is he thinking about me in the BIBLICAL sense…or the regular ole El Negro thinking about El Negra sense?


  • and the nigga that jump out window’s produced this? i shoulda known. he been making mainstream HarlemWorld corny as shit. They SHOULD make him jump out a window.

    and ^^^ JayBreezy, even tho i stopped listening at the 25: mark, I heard “keep the club jumping”, so the el negro sense. SMH – mike dies && they all go crazy.


    Not tooooo bad…

  • Cage

    this cat been finished… should have just stayed in hiding after he got caught in ATL tryin to rent trannies…. pathetic.

  • hey, leave ATL outta this.
    he’s a ‘harlemite’, remember?

  • Harlem hustler
    I cant at all knock it
    But you hard when you go in the lords pockets
    What you offerin?
    Put it right in the offering
    They take it all
    Cash, Credit
    Silver down to Porcelain
    Look at the porsche hes in
    And gives a portion in?
    No handicap
    Annie Orphan, friends

  • I don’t fuck with anything produced or featuring Ron Browz but Ma$e was really serious about his return

  • Mr. W3st

    i fucks with mase, i dont get the hate. sure hes done some questionable things, but he has a few good joints under his belt (ll). this song aint too bad either, i expected a horrible browz beat but its actually listenable.

  • Harlem World and Welcome Back are two of my favorite albums (They at least make my top 30)

    I’m excited about his return.

  • Chuck

    shake where’s the soothing sunday session at?

  • Tripple-A

    I dislike this dude with a huge passion. I want to stuff a few mics into his ass so he never ever will rap. fucking hypocrite

  • Dolce

    yo shake, shit like this makes the site look weak.
    i saw cut all this gangster wanna be bullshit out, like gucci and etc… keep that purist, hipster and old school shit on and you’ll see how long the site’s gonna go.

  • Dolce

    say* also there’s too many videos

  • ^^not everyone has the same taste. and were a dopehouse. we serve all kinds of fiends. if you dont like a particular post, ignore it and wait for one you do.

  • @ Dolce

    You look fucking stupid for telling someone how to run their own site

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  • J

    Wtf. Tyga or somebody has already ripped this beat hella years ago. Shit ain’t brand new lol.

  • cestert

    Same niggaz who say they dont like him still click to hear the track. Anyways shit is better than he drake remix he did.

  • Brandon

    lmfao @ Jaydon the Don