DJ Premier & Lil' Fame (M.O.P.) On Tha Blaqprint (Video)


Primo and Fizzy Womack wax poetics on the Screwball member's latest album, which is available now.

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  • BiGWoMaCk

    it's called a dentist DAMN fizzy straighten them out shit. i didn't know nyc was rockin' fronts. man we need new artists from new york to come up. these old heads are killin' me.
    Check out my boy "Mancini" Brooklyn Stand Up:

  • AC

    Who gives a fuck what they look like or how old they are? Still making good music

  • BiGWoMaCk

    when was the last time MOP made good music, Ante Up? how long ago was that. that new joint wit busta is garbage.

  • JD

    Big Womack, you are such a lame...who cares about someone's age or teeth????? This is lyrics and beats you f*ckin hump! Not the red carpet awards you little b*tch

  • JD

    LOL at your boy Mancini. You f*ckin lose at life

  • Cage

    ^^^ If you think ante up was their last good song, you need to do some research bruh.... "Game Room" with busta was dope. On a sidenote that Crossroads joint is aaaight by your boy, "Move it" is straight trash... checkin the rest a his LP out now...

  • BiGWoMaCk

    im a bitch now? who are you. MOP is not as good as they used to be plain and simple. that is my opinion. ok i said a lil 2 much about the teeth whatever. but they haven't done anything hot since ante up. sorry. please with the bitch. anyone can act hard on a fucking computer. please don't tell me your "so so def" jd. now who loses at life?

  • Cage

    Not meanin to chime in but he said "little bitch" to be exact... 2009 is year of the e-goons i suppose...

  • BiGWoMaCk

    tell me about it cage. yo good look on the download. i don't think he put his best shit on there. that move it joint he wanted on there for a strip club joint wasn't really feelin it. but crossroads, soldier and street anthem are my favorite

  • JD

    Big Womack, I did say "little bitch" and JD is ny initials asswipe

  • chef

    fizzys got the biggest teeth in the game. m.o.p is my shit tho.

  • buzz

    dis nigga teeth is an eye sore ..very distractin i dun even know wat the interview is about lol

  • Pssssst

    i was in a cell at the bookings & thought this dude looked like fizzy wo. when i saw his choppers i knew it was him. mafucka be making crazy noises when he was sleeping. thought he was dying


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