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1500TV: The Making of The Game’s R.E.D. Album ep.2 (Video)

blame it on Shake July 22, 2009


More exclusive looks behind the scenes of the making of Jayceon’s upcoming album. Day 14 to be exact, and if he keeps fucking with the guys I have a feeling his album is gonna sound amazing. I said “sound”… who knows what Game is gonna rap about.

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  • True True.

    Beautiful production doesn’t always mean dope ass album.
    It did in Rick Ross’ case, hopefully it’ll mean the same for Jay*Sync.

    *fuck beef with no basis. Game is such a North Korean, smh.

  • james

    White Soft Porn sounds comical in a good way but some of his other rhymes are his usual bullshit.

  • ItsCompton

    No matter what motherfuckas say, The Game is talented as fuck. Even without the good doc, his production is still way better then most artist. I wish more artist would make videos like these. Because me personally as a huge fan of not only hip-hop but music period, enjoy watching the evolution of a track/album. Because to me it gives the listener a better understanding of the mindframe the artist creating it was in at the time.

  • xlakers520x

    i dont understand i may be oblivious to something but i think the game is one of my top 5-10 favorite rappers making music right now please someone tell me why I should not like him because this prodction just makes him that much better i know he is a little sensative but you know what i think hes lyrically there and Rick Ross and the Gme are not comparable to me haha

  • mexx

    “Sound”ing amazing is what usually makes an overall good album. I personally don’t usually care too much how it smells, looks, tastes, or feels, for example.

  • Dave

    Reunion of real [email protected]$
    Quik Mack Game
    That would be dope

  • TE

    wow. this sounds incredable to be honest…

  • Bret

    sound like some old school western shit
    when the natives come in ha ha

  • steve

    you gotta flute nigga

    you ain’t shit lmao

  • Backpack

    You already know Game is gonna rap about Jay. Not really a point in hiding the truth.

  • Backpack

    Him minus talking about other people = No point of rapping

  • esskaywhyzee o o

    I know what Game will rap about

    Gangbanging, bloods, compton, cali, his fo-fo, dre

  • chucky

    Hovy Hovito will verbally shoot The Game in the face

  • 151

    This album’s production will be crack

  • pdids

    “play it mad!”

  • Noah

    Game is a good Rapper.. But.. I guarantee that if you were all hanging in that room he’s probably an obnoxious asshole who gets in the way while the real musicians are attempting to make the right sound. He’s entertaining and is “COOL” and Can Flow, but I’ll be the last one to say the the Game is a legend of any sorts. He’s a good marketing tool. He’s a big bad dude. Jay is ugly as fuck, but smart, and clever. It’s funny because no matter what the masses will still probably buy both albums, but people are sheep and don’t know better any damn ways..

  • SHOWMAN3000


  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Man I always get Game’s album. He ain’t the greatest rapper lyrically but he knows how to flow on dope production & that’s what makes good music. He’s a crazy bi-polar mufucka but I love his albums.

  • 16padbeast

    1500 Or Nothin’ is the shit and was that Tony Royster Jr. on the kit?!!?! Damn the production on his album is going to be crazy. Let’s just hope he has something to say over this dope music.

  • lll

    Game’s lyrical content and vocals actually ruin the rest of this, imo. I’ll take them sans him.

  • Tmo

    ill take kurupt over this beat. would kill it.

  • Ahaha @ the flute part.

    Real dope video, you can clearly see the positive energies involved with this album. Woulda been sick as hell to be there!

  • man I wish more artists would do more of this….

  • wannabe the roots. haha

  • magnum


  • face

    all games albums are dope. do the damn thang in my current top 5. but real talk no top 5 of mine has a order. just good music.

  • Some ppl are over analyzing hip hop. Just enjoy the music for what it is and if you dont like it, well thats what iTunes was invented for. YOU ARE YOUR OWN DJ! lol

  • wow..this sounds amazing!!!!

  • Geebo

    dude says nigga an awful lot – but yeah, sounds fresh

  • Curtis75Black

    Hopefully he doesn’t waste all that talent on some Bullshit. That band is Hot.

  • james

    Noah, I agree with you. He seems to be that kind of person who think he’s more funny than he actually is and is trying to fit in by fucking around with the instruments he clearly doesn’t know how to use.

  • Myth_Seeker

    its obvious that hip hop is the way it is today because the fans support bullshit artists…just read these replies…smh

    dope production is only one part of the equation people….

  • lll

    @ Geebo:
    Yes, way too much.

  • j

    can game please do an album with these dudes on all the beats?