The Dunk Heard ‘Round The World… (Video)

blame it on Meka July 22, 2009


Video has finally surfaced. I just saw this a few minutes ago, and to be honest, it’s not as bad as the time Beno Udrih snapped Kobe’s ankles during a pre-season game. Just saying. UPDATE: Check out clearer footage under the cut.

  • yo meka, peep this video of the dunk. hexta better shot.

  • i dont get it, im not up on BBall so someone explain why this was so good?

  • damn

  • Will

    that dunk was nothing..

  • this is lame as hell

  • blazer

    haha kobe sucks dick… Beno!!!… thanks for bringing this to light. Made my day.

  • Decepticon

    Um, that’s what Nike & LeBron were afraid of getting out? Sure dunking on the King is a big deal but it’s not like that kid did to LeBron what Vince Carter did to Frédéric Weis at the Sydney Olympics.

  • wow…. wasnt THAT bad. bron and nike woulda looked less like assholes if they just let the damn tape out. it woulda gotten a few laughs and everyone woulda moved on.

  • kdjuggernaut

    no big deal, he’ll neva be good as lebron! so givs a shit but im sure it upped is confidence like crazy!

  • MF Tree

    Thats hella weak right there…

  • Pancakes!

    LOL! wow……-_- That’s it!

  • Arvyj

    can’t hate on that…

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    lol so now lebron looks likes a douche & the videos out
    he gets 2XL

  • Larry H.

    Love da kobe hate

  • B

    lmao i knew this was gonna be how he dunked it lol i was like its prob one of those gay dunks tht he doesnt even dunk on the guy he dunks next to him and there all like ooooooooo he got dunked on wtf? this shit is gay lol LJ’s my hero but c’mon lebron u couldn’t let thm show this hahaha

  • geniusheartshiphop

    Wasn’t even that big of a deal. Lebron just made it worse for himself by confiscating the videos… If he had just let the media have fun with it, it only would have been like a week’s worth of laughs in his direction. Now he appears to have bad character. smh.

  • S

    lebron everyone gets dunked on it wasnt that serious

  • dre3staxx

    LeBron took the tapes for this??!! He was late off the baseline and dude beat him 2 it rim. It wasn’t that serious. Bron takes a L for this.

  • sk

    yeah that shit wasn’t that bad…. that shit wasn’t like he (pause) cocked back an slammed on him >>> nicca just jumped late

  • xlakers520x

    biggest kobe fan there is and when i saw him get crossed live i just started laughing but you wanna no what he didnt get embarrassed and we won the ring and i dont like to jinx but lakers 2010

  • dbreezyLSU

    maaaan c’mon nike/lebron. thats dunk wasnt bad at all. should have taken your L when it happened

  • i agree, nike/lebron made this a bigger deal than it should’ve been….talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

  • JaYdAgR8

    that was what all the hype was about… lebron barely had a chance to get to the dude by the time he was in the air

  • Chris

    kobe didnt get crossed, if you look close you could see his foot got tied up with beno and he tripped. That wasnt a cross. This dunk isnt nasty like they made it seem. If you ask me, he didnt even get dunked on. He dunked next to him.

  • $pence

    hey lebron- get over yourself. dude may be the biggest bitch in sports history.

  • demise

    lol @ even thinking the kid crossed kobe. come on thats a reach when you can clearly see he got tied up. Lebrons a bitch for even tryin to get rid of the tape the dunk wasnt THAT bad

  • primo915

    LeBrons a fuckin Soreass LOSER!!!! Just be a man and fess up “KING”
    24 all day BLACK MAMBA Best on the PLANET!!!

  • rashard lewis

    beno’s>>>>>>>>>>>> this one. lebron wasnt even under the basket he was kinda comin from the side he didnt really get dunked “on”. but beno dropped kobe then swished the pull up jumper

  • M. Pass

    I thought after all the fuss it would have been better. It wasn’t that great!

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  • I wouldn’t even call that an attempt at defending the dunk, he didn’t have a chance
    def don’t think he got “dunked on”

  • SteezyQ

    Your an idiot if you don’t think he got dunked on. It wasn’t bad at all tho, he just made himself look like a dick for confiscating the tape.

  • SoCal

    Lebron-shrom….Back to the CHAMPS and Kobe. It was a good move by Udrih, no question, but Kobe clearly tripped. Plus, it was it was a pre season game. Check out the clip below to see what happens when games really matter.


  • Everyone gets dunked on at that level he was caught sleeping

  • Buck

    it wasnt even his man to cover. he was covering someone else and came to help. This was made out to be WAYYY more then it was. props for the dude for doing it tho. he can tell his grandkids n shit ha

  • HueyFlygerian

    Jordan Crawford’s dunk on LeBron James is all media shenanigans, I don’t see that as getting dunked on. Vince Carter’s dunk over that French player is what I call GETTING POSTERIZED http://bit.ly/QDG9V