Shake’s Sunday Soothing Session (Take 20)

blame it on Shake July 26, 2009

This week’s Soothing Session comes a bit later than usual but it’s still Sunday, so we’re straight. And I went in a little more for ya’ll. 28 new/unreleased tracks from the likes of Ne-Yo, Mario, Boyz II Men, Robin Thicke, Q (112), The-Dream, Trey Songz, Lloyd and more.

DOWNLOAD: Boyz II Men – Get Away
DOWNLOAD: Jay Sean – Leave Me On
DOWNLOAD: Robin Thicke – Dirty It Up (prod. Scott Storch)

Cassie – Stamina (prod. Darkchild)

Jamie Foxx – Intuition [Full]
– Originally found on Jamie’s last album as an interlude.

Johnta Austin – 17 Minutes (rmx)

Johnta Austin – Can’t Take Her Man (prod. Stargate)

Johnta Austin – You May Never Know (prod. Stargate)

Johnta Austin – What’s a Man to Do (prod. Stargate) [Demo]
– Reference track for Usher.

Lloyd – All My Love [Unreleased]

Lloyd – Her Love [Unreleased]

Mario – Who Do You Love (prod. Madd Scientist)

Monica – Let Me Know f. Missy Elliot [Tags]
– Non CDQ/tagged version of Monica’s official single off her “comeback” album, Still Standing. Shouts to Jazmine Sullivan on the writing tip.

Ne-Yo – Get Some Free Card [Unreleased]

Ne-Yo – I’ll Get It [Unreleased]

Ne-Yo – My Revenge [Unreleased]

Ne-Yo – Opportunity [Unreleased]

Ne-Yo – Part Time [Unreleased]

Ne-Yo – So High f. Chanel [Unreleased]

Ne-Yo – When He’s Here [Unreleased]

Ne-Yo – Your Girl is a Hoe [Unreleased]

One Chance – Neverland

Q. Parker – Get To Know You Better

Q. Parker – U Should Know

The-Dream – They Don’t Know Me (prod. Tricky Stewart) [Demo]
– Reference track for Mariah Carey.

Trey Songz – Bed, Bath & Beyond

Trey Songz – Best I Ever Had (rmx)

Trey Songz – Die Tonight (prod. Bryan Michael Cox) [Rough]
– Look for Trey’z upcoming album, Ready, dropping September 1st.

Whitney Houston – I Look to You (prod. Harvey Mason Jr.)
– Title track (and rumored lead single) off Whitney’s upcoming album which drops September 1st. Written by R. Kelly.

Ne-Yo & Keri Hilson – MJ Tribute (Video)
– Performing The Way You Make Me Feel & I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.

Shouts to YK, X & ThisIsRNB.

DOWNLOAD: Shake’s Sunday Soothing Session (Take 20) [.zip]

  • markeith504

    the pic is always a good crack up. and ne-yo be havin a grip of songs

  • RICe

    I think a lot of the ne-yo tracks that get leaked are demos for songs he’s shopping

  • Shake Thank god you are ok. I was getting nervous about you. I was so worried something happened to you. I said a prayer and your back. God is good!

  • damn what does ne-yo do with all these tracks

  • Jeez, Ne-Yo has about 5 albums worth of music, lol.

  • gambit354

    yeah their definitely reference tracks from neyo but watch the rumor mill start on other blog sites when they hear “When he’s here”

  • Trey’s version of “Best I Ever Had” isn’t bad at all.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Damn Trey Songz killed that “Die Tonight” track. Even though it’s a rough draft it’s still hot!
    His “Best I Ever Had” version was good hot too.

    I’m telling people he’s been the best R&B cat for these 3 or 4 years; sales or no sales just straight talent-wise.

    Lastly, how many “throw away” songs Ne-Yo got?? This nigga must live in the studio 4real!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I swear if you tallied up all the leaked songs, draft songs, reference tracks, songs he featured on and unreleased exclusive tracks Ne-Yo has had within the last year or after he dropped his “Year of the Gentlemen” album he would like 3 mixtapes worth of shit.

    I’m not a fan of him like that but I respect his music and his hustle for real. Thats dedication for ya!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Who is Q Parker? The 112 member?
    Educate me someone please.

  • that guy

    Ne-Yo must be CAKING off of these tracks for other artists…

  • lakeshow

    is that a new single from robin thicke? dope

  • Lotlan

    Shake you are the fuckin man,
    Ne-Yo is a fucking beast in the studio, dude’s grind is fuckin phenomenal (pause), and a lot of the joints are actually hot too, so why the hell do artists pass these tracks up?

  • Lotlan

    @ SHOWMAN3000

    yep, I think 112 broke up or something because him and Daron have been doing a lot of solo joints lately.

  • shake you’re still alive!
    good to know

  • Oh so soothing! Thank you Shake-we missed you!

  • smitty11

    I love the boyz II men song! is that an unreleased or is that new?

  • JLH

    Great comeback song for Whitney! Heard it on the radio the other day but couldn’t find a download. Thanks Shake!

  • Not Sunday in Brooklyn lol. No sweat tho.

  • truwarier

    lol my sunday soothing session = stephon marbury coked out on live stream dancing to drake and ryan leslie

  • boss

    New Boyz II Men!!!!!!!

  • SHOWMAN3000


    Thanks. I appreciate that.

  • TaTa

    i kept checkin to see if it was up yet !! and it is !! finally !! got scared for a sec !! Thanks

  • Graffick

    Damn Shake u a beast fah the Ne-yo maine. Thanks G!!! Ne-yo’s grind is ridiculous.

  • jcrunk

    not on schedule but on time..good shit!

  • bondi boy

    Relieved to find this before I left for work yesterday morning (Tuesday Aussie time), nearly given up hope. Was missing your comments, always cracks me up. Don’t leave us, Shake. Love you man.

  • Thanks for zip)

  • he’s shopping

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