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M.O.P. – Street Life f. DeMarco

blame it on Shake July 30, 2009

New joint off the Mash Out Posse’s upcoming album, Foundation, coming soon. Fizzy Womack on the beat!

DOWNLOAD: M.O.P. – Street Life f. DeMarco | Medaifire

  • ChYnO

    Love the hook…a lot, dope can’t wait to hear there new album. Mash Out Posse!

  • sick of auto-tune…

  • NOT!!!!

  • marlostanfield85


  • the legendary M.O.P. with auto-tune is disgusting! this had better be the worst song on the album.

  • Impulse

    I remember reading a comment about a week ago on some other webste where someone said “M.O.P. IS TOO STREET TO USE AUTOTUNE”

    ………..lol guess you was wrong.

  • Impulse

    Like the song tho. Too bad it has Autotune on it, cus this woulda got aLOT more play.

  • hahaha this is sad that people actually rate a song depending on if it uses auto tune…im not for auto tune when its constitently used but come on they didnt use it themselves its just the hook….SMH.

  • Digitek

    ^^^^ agreed Jake ..the Jay track warped peoples minds that the shit is like a fucking virus or something …it was just getting overused, even Jay said he didn’t hate autotune, it was just being done by EVERYONE and that needed to stop …either way, it fucking MOP they can anything they want and its ILL.

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  • b ali

    Fiyaaaaaah!!! Dont care if it has autotune the beat is nice and the rhymes or on point. Anyone who dislikes a song simply cuz of autotune without giving it a chance is an imbecile.

  • B

    agree 100% wit the cat above, at 1st i was like autotune ehhh thn i listened and i actually like the hook lol, the beats so nice and of course M.O.P. are on point

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Good post. Yeah, I am waiting on that album, too. Thanks. PEace

  • J Kelly

    how am i the only one thats going to comment on that pic? possibly the scariest faces i’ve ever seen..

  • shakwon

    for those who don’t know.. autotune is flooded Jamaica and Demarco is a jamaican dee-jay, so i’m not surprised at all about his chorus with AT in it. Actually the track is dope to me !

  • OD>

    M.O.P. are ugly lookin

  • Busy

    lmao whyd you put that bogus picture up? haha

  • Cage

    shakwon os right… Demarco been usin auto tune and that lil fat nigga be rippin it….

  • Cage

    Lol @ the women starin at these niggas…. They looked the same since the how about some hardcore days, its not new news… stop actin like lil hoes….

  • allblaxx

    get the fuck outta here. good music is good music auto tune or not. i cant stand wack music with or without auto tune but this shit is jumping. a lot of yall be dick riding the anti auto tune bandwagon just because. get out of here. GOOD MUSIC IS GOOD MUSIC! this is the buisness and unfortunately skinny jean wearing blog fags who think they know what real hip hop is cant understand it.

  • Good to know theres still some fans out there….too many critics nowadays.

  • thai-stick

    auto tune fucks the track up….i cant understand this…man its MO fu**in P…..

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