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Drake Collapses On Stage (Video)

blame it on Meka July 31, 2009


From my understanding he tried to do a spin on his bad knee and that’s when things took a literal turn for the worse. Damn, homie.

Side, hilariously fucked-up note: follow @DrakesKnee on Twitter.

  • PurpleKushY

    Damn, Degrassi scene re-enactment.

    side note:


  • all the nigga had to do was stay calm and use his words to work the crowd, he aint need to go all stanky leg on us

  • I agree. People already know his situation, so it wouldn’t be a bad thing if he worked with the situation to work to his advantage. “Best I Ever Had” is a song directed towards females. He could easily flip sitting in a chair to a good performance by inviting a girl up to the stage, and basically sitting and rapping to her and what not . People would understand because they are humans, unlike heartless Martian Wayne who was just telling jokes and stuff right when it happens. It’s like he’s envious of Drake’s success and ridicules him on the low even though Wayne is hailed by many as the “BEST RAPPER ALIVE”!

    IDK. All of it just kind of disturbs me. Drake disturbs me for his lack of creative thinking to flip a bad to a good in a clever way, and Wayne just disturbs me period.

  • Jay

    lmaooo aw damn that sucks but that doesnt make it not hilarious

  • hahaha ElonSkee

  • This has nothing to do w/ anything, but the freeze frame up there in the YouTube before you hit play? I could easily send that to someone and tell ’em it’s rare Vanilla Ice or New Kids on the Block live footage and they’d believe me.

  • but fuck, that does really look bad and cotdamn wayne is gay

  • lol. Weezy is a fool for that one

  • I don’t like Wayne as much as the next guy but I don’t see how he can be envious of Drake’s success when Wayne helped him some by letting him ghost write some on Carter 3 and what ever else Drake ghost wrote for dude.

  • why yall mad at wayne for lightening up the situation? It’s a SHOW you dumb fucks it goes on!!!smh

  • Reports say he has a torn-ACL, right?

    Dude should be sitting this tour out anyway.

  • boss

    damn that looked painful

  • all i can say is WOWOWOWOW! i fuq wit drizzy but that shit was 2 funny! where u found this ish at meka???


  • hellyeah

    this is funny & all but can the 2dopenorthkoreanz make a post about crooked i’s awful tattoo? i think not…their dickriding powers are too strong

  • lmao dude should retire from performances period..

    he either does a shitty set,have underaged kids dancing,have a bad fall and tear a ACL,or have another bad fall and pour salt in the ACL wound

  • james dean

    woooow i just wanna see him in a wheelchair…. then we can really call him Jimmy….. work on that one meka!!!

  • This was actually just sad. I agree with Young Son, it’s kinda ‘disturbing’, and not funny at all, for those people laughing about it. Like Wayne slipping on stage and falling on his back was funny cuz he just got back up, but Drake actually has a physical injury and that looked pretty bad. Not a Drake stan, but I think laughing at that incident my be a bit much

  • Tommy

    Tat look like wat happened to Shawn Livington when he was on the Clippers

  • *might

  • Well, I mean, I guess the Wayne stuff wasn’t THAT bad…but still. IDK.

    But it’s not even envy maybe from Wayne (I think the rest Of YM might have some feelings tho). But it’s almost like Wayne ridicules on the low…and Drake really can’t say much cuz that’s his mentor. All I’m saying is that you don’t see Kanye doing that to Kid Cudi or Big Sean.

    But then again, neither of them played on Degrassi…so hey, IDK. LOL.

  • BBOY

    this is in new jersey

  • kdjuggernaut

    lmao but damn it looked bad lol

  • Hip Adv

    Drake is a fool for even doing shows all extra hype and shit like his doc said not to… Sorry that happened. I know shit hurts but…. Come on? Was I the only one that felt it was bound to happen? So what you miss out on summer shows.. My dude you got all this hype that you can spin it off to a Big Ass Tour when your ACL would have healed but naw.. New Kids get hype and bite off more than they can chew..pause… Best of Luck man…

  • oh my

  • kdjuggernaut

    lmao at that sensitive ass nigga “Marshall” shit was funny anyone wit humor can c that im a fan of drake but tht was funny but he shulda juz bakkdout the fukkn tour n workd on his album…dumbass canadian lol jp

  • dude it’s whatever, I’m not disagreeing that this was bound to happen and he should have backed out, but laughing at someone else’s misfortunes is something HipHop has too much of. that’s all

  • S.W. 28

    OMG! No my nigga Drake. I tore my ALC in January so I feel his pain, but I gotta admit, that shit was funny as fuck, I still fucks with him though… Lol!

  • HoldUp!!!!

    Yea why the fuck is this tour even important for him in the first place?It’s not just for the sake of performing cuz he already did a mini one a few months ago.It’s not for the money cuz he just got the $2 Million deal.And on top of that shit he’s got a tore ACL.Injuries that sideline pro athletes for months.He shoulda sat his ass down and worked on gettin his album done.THEN come back out for a HUGE promo tour.Wow man

  • hope dude makes a full recovery.

  • neqquah

    Why the fuck would you get onstage jumping and hopping around with a torn ACL? That shit is just dumb.

    He need to have surgery and sit this tour out…..or just do it while he’s in a wheelchair, which would be hilarious lol

  • 619sav

    he aint phillip rivers

  • HoldUp!!!!

    “….or just do it while he’s in a wheelchair, which would be hilarious”
    ^^^^^^Damn that shit would be crazy.LOL!!Man I can only imagine,I hope he doesn’t end up havin to do that(for his career’s sake)

  • yall some fools

  • Man it looked like that nigga Slipped on a Banana Peel!!!LMAO

    Oh yeah…Drake said he cool. (Via http://twitter.com/DrakesKnee)

  • No not that one ^
    The real one…(http://twitter.com/drakkardnoir)

  • David jefferis

    haha you can still here the singing in the music ,lip singing hes a dam fake

  • Myth_Seeker

    ^Um homie…you obviously have never been to a huge hip hop show before have you??

  • madConsumer

    …..That had to hurt. What i want to know is who dances on a bum knee? Jimmy got that stanky leg indeed

  • Yeah David Jefferies, what are you talking about. Almost EVERY artists, except lame hip hop purists who claim they are trying to “keep it real” leave the hooks in tracks. It adds to the showmanship, especially at a big show. You leave the hook and ad-libs in…especially when you don’t have a hype man.


  • I heeard homie still performed on one knee sitting down…smh, but since he’s not hurt that was funny as shit, tryna push himself like he playin in a superbowl, you still young.

  • wow jeffries is the epitome of fucking MORON

  • JetSetter

    drake been making some MONUMENTAL mistakes this year. like wayne without the drugs. match made in heaven

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Damn dn’t wish that on no one. It was funny to some extent but damn I’m a athlete and that shit look serious by the looks of the video. He might have to be easy on recovery, that shit just don’t heal in a few months nigga.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    @David jefferis

    Homie you obviously aren’t a artist because that’s what most artist do when they perform. You don’t just bring the instrumental and rap over it. Reason being that’ not how people record music. No on just goes right through the beat. No to mention you need vocals to hype the performance when you may be out of breath and the mic levels might be lower than the beat when you’re at a show or venue. Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Mariah Caery, Game, etc. Ab-libs are normal & lip-singing isn’t.

  • First of all, Drake as an artist is average to below average. He is way over-hyped. I’m really not hating on the dude, just calling a spade a spade. I honestly don’t think it’s a matter of “hatin” or not. The guy is just average, he isn’t BIG, Common, Jay, Nas, Ghost, Dre, Pac or anything of the sort, he’s just an average dude who 10 yrs from now, people will say, “yea…I liked a few songs or an album.” He isn’t that dude that rocked your musical world. If he is….man, I feel bad for you. SO GET OFF HIS DICK! HE AINT THAT GOOD! # 2…He should really stop with that whole hand waiving, shaking, whatever the fuck that shit is….SHIT’S GAY!. Finally, #3, I feel bad for the dude. Trying to put on a good show, hand waiving and all, and he tears up his knee. Hope he gets better soon and goes out there and makes some money. — Love, your non-hater telling it like it is hip-hop fan.

  • ^basically

  • dat nigga

    Drake a.k.a the Gimp.

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  • Most important, Wayne is trash live. Would not spend a dime to see him. And if you don’t agree, you have never seen him live. Or you have never seen real artists perform live i.e. Hov, Ye, Slug, Brother Ali

    As for all these new cats, let’s wait until albums drop. I can make a decent mixtape

  • Dude was always in a wheelchair on Degrassi, guess his knees are lockin’ up.

  • Ghost In The Shell


  • Wow. People still commenting on some hand waving ish is mad gay for even bringing that up. If you sat there and watched a grown man wave his hand and came up with an idea that it was gay, you are gay for even partaking in that ponderization. Rappers have used hand motions for ages. People nowadays are so lame on trying to over-analyze EVERYTHING. I saw Jay do the hand thing years ago! If anything, Drake immulates that, bcuz he was a Jay Z fan WAY b4 some Wayne ish. If Jay hadda picked him up first, I think people would show Drake a lot more love and Drake’s music NOW (So Far Gone) would be more epic, because his older flows showed he was headed in a legendary direction. Now I’m a huge fam of homey, but I’m not going to front and act like I like his new stuff more than his earlier, more lyrical music.

    I just hope he gets back on track and does some smart things with his album and career, because beleive it or not, he has the potential to be a legend . He just needs to keep it real. Every since he signed with Young Money, things just seem like they haven’t been a good look.

  • leosash

    Torn ACL, Bad BET performance, the video controversy, the sad blackberry freestyle on Funkmaster Flex…and now this? Damn, gotta say I feel bad for dude. He’s having a string of bad luck right now.

  • Jhern

    i feel bad for dude too its like its too much for him to handle or some shit..if you got a bad knee like that you think you’d be more cautious..ppl gonna start callin this nigga wheelchair jimmy AND dan marino if his knees really this bad!

  • Cheezydodo

    Lol At People Saying Wayne has Envy towards Drake when he bawsically put dude on.He didnt have to do that.

    Wayne is so unselfish its funny,All these free verses he does for people,he givies his whole young money crew a 30 mintue set and brings them everywhere he goes, he’s puts them on his singles and gives them advice and yall say he’s selfish/envy=ious of drake ?

    fro what reason you idiots ?

    Wayne is the top rapper right now why would he feel the need to be envious to anyone ?

  • Cheezydodo

    Most important, Wayne is trash live. Would not spend a dime to see him. And if you don’t agree, you have never seen him live. Or you have never seen real artists perform live i.e. Hov, Ye, Slug, Brother Ali

    As for all these new cats, let’s wait until albums drop. I can make a decent mixtape

    MKSince83 said this on August 1st, 2009 at 3:07 am

    please shut the fuck u
    Wayne ripped last night went in for 2 and a haf hours
    did a tribute to biggi,pac and hova
    did a micheal jackson tribute
    performed sonsg from every album

  • Poor Drizzy

  • Nous

    Anyone laughing at this, has never had or known anyone whose had an ACL injury. I respect him for trying to perform and not miss a night, but THAT shit was bound to happen eventually. He needs to sit out, before he’s ironically “Wheelchair Jimmy” for real.

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  • Dfrye

    I know how horrible Acl injuries are, but I am also guessing he was warned not to do this. I find it funny that even Drakes’ knee dislikes him as much as I do.

  • yoywa

    lolololololol. Drake fuckin lost.

  • i feel sorry for him, but it was a dumb idea to perform like that with a torn ACL.

  • yungsnf

    lmao wayne’s funnny
    poor Jimmy

  • DayO

    @ SWITCH™

    grimey haha

  • ROFL.

  • Jaywall

    SMFH. Wayne didnt know if Drake was serious injured or not, so he told jokes to keep the confused crowd uplifted.
    Drake aint write shit for Wayne..just hooks.

    I swear the shit clowns make up nowadays..

  • Danny

    I was there! This was insane. I couldn’t believe it. He just completely fell over only in his 2nd song! I was mad bc I wanted to see Drake perform for the first time. Damn…I hope he’ll be okay.

  • LO$

    saw this coming..lol

    caribana weekend LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    whos goin????

  • All I gotta say is, dude’s knee better get better by the time he makes it to Atlanta. Only damn reason I wanted to go… well Jeezy too lolol

  • How the fuck did Wayne ridicule Drake? Young Son u are a fucking moron man, he went out on stage to make a joke and lighten the situation up because hundreds of people just paid money to see Drake perform for the first time in their lives. Quit jumping to conclusions and getting “disturbed” over something that u took the wrong way like a dumbass little highschool ho…

  • lmao @ the ppl cheesy call “real artists”
    Why are there so many stupid ass mother fucking low iq having lil dick syndrome morons out there?

  • lip singing? JEEZ I’ma have to stop reading this blog post before I have to call in a quarantine..
    People are gettin infected with something making them extra stupid and ignorant…scary shit

  • B

    On a lighter note, Meka thanks for that drakes knee shit man. that shit is comedy. hahahahahahaha

  • jimmy

    haha wheelchair jimmy is back

  • dsds


  • Wop Wop

    Idk What Ya’ll Talkin’ Bout, Cause This Shit Is NOT Funny. Since When Was An Injury Funny? I Don’t Care If It Happened To Soulja Boy, It Just Ain’t Funny.

  • scahht

    it atcually looked like he just slipped and fell, I wouldnt be surprised if he didnt hurt his leg at all

  • Ya man there’s a spot reserved in hell for pieces of shit like these faggots making fun of a serious life and career injury…
    If any of u lames actually manage to find a bitch that will accept the sperm from ur tiny penis, then I feel bad for the retarded offspring that’s gotta live with YOUR stupid ass..

  • scahht


  • tomstant

    IMAO what a dumbass HAHA. DOnt run around with a bad need you stupid shit!

  • lancasta

    Kid has a lot of bad luck haha he keeps looking like the biggest fool more and more everyday


    i heard that knee explode all the way up here in harlem…. that looks like it hurt

  • Zach Black

    Alrerady fallin off…seen it coming. And slow your roll drake cocksuckers

  • corretcfleexs

    fuck fake hiphop!!!! AND FUCK LOSERS LIKE DRAKE! haha I feel bad for the corny kid tho

  • meka

    lol meka is bi poloar didnt nigga just call drake a peado a few months ago

  • derrik

    all u mother fuckers were makin fun of him for being in a chair on bet. now the same people are sayin hes stupid for being on his knee. so which is bad move being in a chair or bad move dancin around stage? some of you mother fuckers just like to bitch about anything and everything.

  • Dice

    Athletes don’t play when their not anywhere near healthy (Unless their T-Mac)
    So why would Drake go skippin around the stage when he had a messed up knee in the first place. Good Luck to him though.

  • thankstoyou

    Haha…Drake, what a loser. And people complain when hes in a wheelchair and we complain when he stands up because he is faggot both ways

  • HoldUp!!!!

    “Torn ACL, Bad BET performance, the video controversy, the sad blackberry freestyle on Funkmaster Flex…and now this? Damn, gotta say I feel bad for dude. He’s having a string of bad luck right now”
    ^^^^Agreed.Stupid decision to try and dance around on a torn ACL though,that’s not somethin to take lightly at all.Listen to ya damn medical advice nigga!!!

  • you can tell dude is trying to be THAT dude right now, but you just can’t please everyone. yeah, he shouldn’t have performed but hindsight is 20/20.

    if he hadn’t performed people would be talking about him skipping out on shows. he can’t win with y’all.

    and to the dude that said if you like Drake you’re insane or crazy or w/e (SoCal?), who made you the damn Dalai Lama of hip-hop? shit, because you don’t think he’s above average he just isn’t? gtfo.

  • Avi

    yo the situation was really wierd cause iwas in attendance there and people were trippin we didnt know if this was staged or not but it looked really bad cause he fell tried to get up and fell again and then wayne just transistioned to the next song w.e get better drake you running the game now

  • koopa

    shout to all the mad rappers spittin / who’s mad cuz they chick follows what a body part be twittin’


  • I’m not gonna read 90+ comments so forgive me if I’m repeating this, but…

    > Drake falling, not funny
    > Lil Wayne come out with some light-hearted jokes is funny

    He wasn’t ridiculing him, he was just making the best of the situation cause if he doesn’t run out there to entertain, people get mad, confused, frustrated and demand refunds and shit.

    Drake is a trooper for doin’ his thing for his fans even with a torn ACL but all that Chris Brown theatric shit was unnecessary. Best of luck to ol’ dude.

    P.S.- Drizz is dope as hell :)

  • Oh and that knee Twitter… LMAO! Whoever set that up and is rhyming is a funny as dude.

  • David jefferis

    yeah i have to say i was wrong there drake has archived a hell of alot already why hate SORRY 2 DOPERS
    david jefferis
    ps poor kid get back at it

  • Jose

    Drakes dumb ass shouldnt be doing all that moving around and shit knowing you had a bad knee . LiL Wayne wasnt making fun at him like that he didnt even know if it was bad or what . Drake in my opinion trys to act like Jay Z on stage when he raps . Drake is boring and overhyped Period..

  • 91&^UP

    Dont recover from a torn acl lol no tourin for at least 3 months, unless he wana do it in a wheelchair.

  • dhack21

    guess i aint seein him tonite at jones beach……..smh

  • I agree that Drake is over hyped. There are so many more artists who are better than him. But that’s beside the point here, I just feel bad for him. I didn’t like wayne before but now I just can’t stand him, what an asshole.

  • Cage

    It’s only a torn ACL, not a coronary you sensitive lil groupies… That was funny to me. matter of fact that shit is hilarious, i dont give a fuck bout these cats anyways…


    drake cant sing? you never hear him sing at a show. LIP SYNCHING ANYONE???????

  • Wonderin

    I like Drake. Think he’s a good dude. I’m sorry, but this was pretty amusing, fuck what all ya’ll say. Anybody that’s moving so much on one foot with a barely rehabbed knee is asking for something to tear.

    Some of ya’ll are getting mad at Wayne, but I thought he handled the situation well. Instead of having the crowd worry and have all the energy lost, he made a couple light-hearted jokes to ease the crowds concern and moved on with the show. That’s not an asshole, that’s a professional.

  • Looked like he fucked his leg up even worse!Funny only because he fell,but itz not funny that he got injured though.If he got right back up than I’d be rolling on the floor!

  • They rushed that nigga away like he was JFK, damn.

    Hope he’s better though.

  • Ben Walkden @108 Bold Street.

    at least wayne cares about drake in the slightest, he though it was funny and alright. i Love cock.

  • LO$

    you guys make somethin out of nothin. he got hurt.. so what? it happens. smh

    “My reality is brighter than your dreams are, Got your dream girl riding in your dream car” lol take it in hattttttttttttasssssssss

  • whitemamba

    wtf, why are people making a big deal about wayne’s comments? it’s not like drake got shot. everyone knows he has a bad knee, and he fell on it. it’s a show. of course wayne is gonna make light of the situation. how fun would it be if he got all serious with the crowd and shit?

    at least they didn’t pull some k-ci and jojo shit and leave him lying there.

  • ShakeJr


  • HoldUp!!!!

    “I didn’t really get any approval from my doctor, but I made a personal decision 48 hours ago that I’d be letting a lot of people down if I didn’t show up and at least show them I’m there for them,” Drake said. “For the last two weeks, I’ve been really going hard, getting all types of acupuncture, trying to bring the swelling down. I’m walking around — no cane. I’ll put a brace on it tomorrow night. No one will probably even know I’m injured…I’m not doing my own set. That’s one thing I have to apologize to my fans about. It’s too much of a risk, if I hit that wrong turn [doing] 30 minutes every night. If I tear my ACL again, the doctors say I might not be able to walk again. I have to be cautious.”
    ^^^^^^^^^So if the doctor’s gave him no approval and told him he mite not be able to ever walk again if he re-tears it……why the fuck is he dancin around and hoppin and skippin everywhere on it?!?A real dummy,probly why Wayne made jokes on it cause he probly told him to chill out like the doctor’s did.Wheelchair Jimmy may just make a permanent return if he ain’t smart about this.And i’m sure that’ll disappoint his fans way more than just a cancelled show

  • ^ur retarded ppl already seen the statement

  • MiCaL

    Start wit pullin ya pants up.

  • ^^^^^

  • my god ya’ll can turn anything into a fuckin debate can’t u… lol… people fall… shit happens… drizzy’s still the man

  • Im Just Saying

    If Drake tore his acl and didnt have surgery and he’s trying to perform then his knee was gonna give out on him evntually if he is moving around like that one stage with one good knee. The doctors should have broke it down to dude and told him the acl dertimines lateral movement in your knee. w/o it you can cant plant, cut, or make any quick movements on it w/o your knee giving out. Or maybe the doctors did tell him that and he was a fool and tried to wing it. tearing an acl is no fucking joke thats surgery and up to 6 months or more of rehab depending on how bad the tear is. he probably felt pressured for this tour and didnt want to dissapoint his fans but you just gotta know when to fall back for your own benefit.

  • They don’t call him Wheelchair Jimmy for nothin’

  • raweezers

    he knows hes not really jimmy in real life right?

  • @Wonderin

  • b.

    ah i gotta comment on here… lmfaoooo

    1) drake shouldn’t have been runnin’ around (at least stanky leg the shit)
    2) wayne wasn’t intentionally tryin to diss. he was trying to roll with the show and not blow the situation up more than it was. if anyone has ever done a performance, u know that when you make a mistake, you keep rollin cuz the show goes on.
    3) dopeboyz/internet hip-hoppers are some of the most funniest people on the planet.

  • Dy

    Drake sure likes that shirt.

  • mfawc

    shit i was there, that place went wild and you gotta give the man some serious respect, he wasn’t supposed to go out there at all but still gave it a shot for the fans – mad respect for drake after that one, get well my man

  • dhack21

    at the concert last night, Wayne said he tore another ligament and is goin into surgury today…just a lil update

  • koopa

    “woke in a daze bright lights feelin weaker / feelin like wayne put oil on my sneakers”

  • MGC


  • Jimmy Da Geek

    haha.. so wrong yet so funny hahaha

  • Fleming Girl

    i dont care i still love lil wayne and drake my sexy boyz

  • Fleming Girl


  • MrWillDoIt

    Drake needs a belt and doper threads.

  • Guest