• http://myspace.com/jhood12 ripmj

    i'm tired of seeing this guy

  • http://myspace.com/jhood12 YO

    dope beat

  • Biz

    I have been seeing alot of this guy lately. songs cool

  • http://imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    tired of seein dude as well..everythin i heard so far is trash...dude needs to scrap the project n give up hip-hop

  • Real Nigga Sh!t

    What's with the weird pic. This nigga being having the weirdest pics lol Bout to check da song!

  • PurpleKushY


  • stevie

    high on trees like a keebler elf was by wale ....sorry Bullet not original but the song is dope i f with it

  • Urhighness

    Another joint. Add-2 is so underrated its not even funny. Cant wait for Two's City Vol3! AUGUST 28th!!!

  • Urhighness

    da fuck this picture come from of this fat bitch come from? lol

  • liberti

    yeah ive seen a lot of dude lately also. the martina topley song was his illest shit. this songs beasty as hell though

  • liberti

    yeah Add-2 song is beasty also!

  • funkflexcard


  • dopeboyjake

    Okay. I peeped the recent comments and decided to listen because I JUST saw this nigga on hiphopdx yesterday!!! I Rate it a 3.5. The beats crazy and the 2nd & third verses were dope

  • jjones

    funny pic..

  • day10

    im fucking with dude. he sounds like cudi but with actualy good rhymes