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Language Artz – Raw Rap Shit: The Menu (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka July 31, 2009

We’ve been teasing and dropping tracks for this mixtape over the past few weeks, now here it is for everyone to enjoy. The homie Picaso said the goal for this tape was a We Got It 4 Cheap, straight verbal terrorism shit. And trust, they hit the mark with this one. Scratches by DJ Slimm, interludes by DJ Patrick Chewing, artwork by Shake, lyrics from Language Artz. Tracklist and link below.

DOWNLOAD: Language Artz – Raw Rap Shit: The Menu | Mediafire

  • Stephon


  • CosmosisJones

    ^^^Im with ya. Was waitin all day for this shit haha

  • CosmosisJones

    Forgot to add….Dope artwork! I already know the raps come correct.

  • appreciate it.

  • Cannons

    Tell XV & Curren$y To Drop Their Tapes Already!!!!1

  • Pssssst

    you finally realized putting your website on the front is wack juice

  • derrik

    omg i feel u cannons. ive already played quest like 20 times and slaughterhouse is going round and round. time for some xv

  • blazer

    XV…. I’m hungry

  • killah beezy

    If the tape is anything like those other 3 songs this shit gon be fire!

  • filmore

    This shit… GOES!

  • Pssssst

    good shit

  • SofaKing

    where them Kung Fu samples from

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  • blazer

    I likes this

  • G

    14 comments… wow.. this shit goes! its a shame that ems diss track got like 300 for one song, while every song on this mixtape is insane.

  • S.W. 28

    Man this shit is DOPE!!! I love Picaso’s flow. This shit will be bangin’ my Hummer tommorow.

  • just as good as i expected…really becoming a fan of the whole language artz crew…dudes make dope music

  • illwon

    this should have 200 comments its def 1 of the better tapes i heard inna min. real
    good work

  • tcbykilla5105

    I’ve downloaded about 20 mixtapes in the past week but this one definately rose to the top!

    Can anyone tell me the beat for “Cevichie Roll” ?

  • lakeshore

    raekwons criminology. dope tape

  • ziplockp

    20 comments? cats are fucking sleepin. and xv’s at 223. i’m just sayin’.

  • derrik

    how are you gonna hate on XV just cuz this doesn’t have more comments. i didn’t know the more commentors there are make the tape better or worse. XV put out 4 mixtapes. he got his name out there he put in work. language arts is nice too. tape is fuckin sick but i can enjoy this with or without a bunch of bandwagon niggas

  • lakeshore

    I guess having Ne-Yo, Big Sean and Whiz on your cd makes people pay more attention.. All i know is this is a really solid effort..

  • derrik

    i guess no matter what an artist does in todays blog/comment happy world, not every person will be happy with their material. all i know is your a dumb mother fucker with misconstrued points and reasoning.

  • derrik

    cuz im sure thats the only reason people support XV is because he got three guest spots on his mixtape. fucking tool!

  • lakeshore

    hey derrick relax girl.. Never said that. all I said was when u have big guest appearances it tends to get more attention than an artist or group who is pretty unknown. thats it and thats all.. XV shit is dope to u nimrod….

  • ziplockp

    i’m not comparing shit. i’m just saying more people need to get on game. this shit goes hard.

  • ziplockp

    i’m surprised it ain’t getting all kinds of hits seeing how much shake has been pushing people to pay attention… are these cats outta LA? weren’t they throwin’ lines at pac div a few months back?

  • b.

    tobiko track wasnice.

  • dstrizz

    slaughterhouse for life

  • derrik is by far the most estrogen filled sensitive loser who consistently posts opinions on this site….typa dude u would smack n tell to stfu in real life for actin up too much n dude would just pipe down n fall back

  • derrik

    fulltimrboss are you still dick riding all my comments. every comment i make, your there to say something about me. i know u like me but i dont swing the way u n and ur dad do. i like women but thanks anyways

  • ^haha the proof this dude got so mad he changed his name to mine in a weak attempt to make a “funny dis” , u fail clown

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  • BlindsidedXIX

    love the mixtape. hate the c-section fuckery

  • illwon

    Highly agreed

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  • CL


  • D. $cience

    No hate…but I listened to the tape and it’s alright. Nothing special. I just have a question:

    Why does every one of these mixtapes that get posted have so much people commenting on how dope it is? I mean, I look at this blog to check the latest music, and the commenters who just say “DOPE” or whatever, deceives me…how about some critical reviews on a mixtape? Just sayin’.

    Still love your blog.

  • manny

    Is there a working mediafire link the usershare doesn’t work to hot on this computer for some reason.. thank you

  • JL

    @D. $cience
    because skimming music goes both ways (not just in the “it’s wack” after hardly listening to it way) and anybody who says anything negative/gives constructive criticism/voices their opinion gets attacked because it’s not what other people want to hear.
    no shots at this tape, haven’t listened yet, but that’s generally what happens.

  • that guy..GOD

    l0l this shit is D.W.C [death with contact] meaninq DOPE!!

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