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Raekwon – House Of Flying Daggers f. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah & Method Man (prod. J Dilla) [Dirty/CDQ]

blame it on Meka July 31, 2009

This Friday is shaping up to be a good one already. UPDATE: CDQ version, courtesy of your favorite conglomerate on the Internets. SHAKE UPDATE: Brought this back up towards the top as the explicit version has been added. Shouts to X.

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon – House of Flying Daggers f. Deck, Ghost & Meth (prod. J Dilla) | Mediafire

  • Dfrye

    Ghost fucking crushes this.

  • New Music (Cartel) Fridays!


  • skeme


  • dalek

    I really, really don’t want to hear a lot of tracks from this before it releases, but it’s sooooo hard. This shit is bananas.

  • Dana

    Straight flames.OBFCL 2 is gonna be album of the yr.

  • jjones

    i haven’t listened to anything wu tang related in a while and this song is dope. im looking forward to this album now

  • Oh Funk


  • D
  • dooope. OB4CL2 is sounding great so far.

  • is that that CDQ one even though it says radio rip in the link?

  • kdjuggernaut

    shits sounds dope WU TANG WU TANG ALL DAY!!!!!!! but yo xv dropped off his last leak from Everybody’s Nobody Yestaday Suprised Shake or meka didnt post. Its dope Xv ft Big Sean- life vs livin…shits ill http://www.zshare.net/audio/63387246e4a35f93/


    Sept. 8th can’t come soon enough (pause)

  • JC

    @kdjuggernaut http://2dopeboyz.okayplayer.com/2009/07/30/xv-life-vs-livin-f-big-sean/
    Method Man killed it in my opinion

  • pdids

    me and my conglomerates, shall remain anonymous!

  • Jimbo

    This is awesome. The beat is epic.

  • bb

    my 90’s heros invite!

  • chef


  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Dope, dope, dope!!! Man, this album has got me forgetting anything else that is coming out for the remaining part of ’09. Thanks for the post and support this project. Yes, Ghost did it…AGAINNNNNNNNN!!!! Peace

  • chronwell

    Another Wu Banger! I gotta hear this outta some real speakerz!

  • file not found

  • Starks

    Song is crack, Ghostface Killah murdered this…

  • NYxSt8OfMind

    What’s good with the link, damn I
    reading all these comments and I can’t get a listen…smh…lol.

  • qwerty



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  • Justin Herschel

    Classic: Raekwon needs to have all 3 Dilla cuts on the album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stone

    Of course Ghostface kills this shit, its a Dilla beat, and no one can spit over a JD beat like Ghostface. This sh1t is straight flames.

  • MiCaL

    “Turn it up!”

  • Platinum Gurl


    Ghost & Meth killed it

    Wu Tang baby!

  • GZA on the hook! shit’s dope!

  • Unxpekted

    Wu-Tang > Slaughtergarbage

  • Unxpekted

    Wow Ghost spazzed

  • ck47

    this is clean right dirty hasnt leaked?

  • Raekwon Vs J Dilla – Spring Water & U-Love

    Ghostface Killah Vs J Dilla – Love Sessoins & Donuts

  • iNickAllWeek

    You ever wish you could turn a song louder and then you realize it won’t go any louder?

  • Myth_Seeker

    ^hell yea man

    this shit is ILL tho!!

  • OD>

    let this be a lesson to any inspectah deck and wu doubters out there, shit is straight fire!

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    I said it already when you posted the clean version…DOPE!!! Thanks

  • ABI


  • b ali

    Is it just me or is this track better than anything on the slaughterhouse album??? Dilla is better than any living producer! Flames!

  • SHOWMAN3000


    OMG!! CLASSIC SOUND HERE! This gets a GO from me!

  • Biz

    This track is dope! Ghost did not “spas” he was just loud not wak just loud.

    Wu did their thing on this.

  • hahaha lol


  • B. Reed

    Ghost Kills it as Usual….But niggas can’t sleep on Rae’s verse!

  • Platinum Gurl


  • Cage


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  • Im Just Saying

    damn i need to see them perform this live
    that line that method said about “they scared for life they wont forget the cuts” is rewind value

  • OD>

    i reckon this will be the album of the year

  • Justin

    This shit is fuckin’ crack.
    Album is gon’ be album of the year.

  • S.W. 28

    Damn! 4/9 of the Clan… This is dope. O.D.B. would’ve ripped this shit.

  • Shrowps

    this shit is sick..
    JD for ever

  • thai-stick


    rip dilla

    METH Killed it.

  • dcuz.88

    Always been saying it… Bring on that Wu-Tang/Slaughterhouse Pay-Per-View battle, got damnit!!!

  • this goes so haaaaaard!..WU!!!

  • 91&^UP

    this beat is fuckin RIDICULOUS !!

    dilla not even alive and bringing out one of the best beats of the year lol

  • Larry H.

    wuts up with da link

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  • This video is crazy. This song is the shit and I can’t fuckin wait. Sept. 8th – my Blueprint money is going here. I been waiting. I’m 21 and been a Wu fan since way BACK when