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Slaughterhouse – Microphone (prod. Alchemist)

blame it on Shake July 31, 2009

We’ve heard the beat before (Eminem’s Westwood freestyle) but that doesn’t stop the machine from bodying it. Off that Slaughterhouse album which drops August 11th! And don’t bother posting links, they’ll be deleted on sight.

DOWNLOAD: Slaughterhouse – Microphone (prod. Alchemist) | Mediafire

  • marlostanfield85

    am i the only person who finds slaughterhouse to be corny?

  • Yes

  • Digitek


  • chef

    should have posted “sound off”

    best track on the slaughterhouse album

  • Pssssst

    someone should start a petition to get buddens kicked out. nobody buy slaughterhouse albums until buddens is gone ahaaaahaha. can we get a joell ortiz mixtape?

  • derrik

    yes u would. u probably find pussy gross too. and money to be pointless and strip clubs to be a waste of money and poop not to smell. you’re all kinds of backwards

  • InsanefAx


  • Pssssst

    ^^^you waste money on bitches that aint gonna fuck you. you a sucka for life

  • derrik

    its a joke jackass. here u are again making posts about me. this is the third one today. get off me groupie

  • H. Bomb


    Can someone explain why Slaughterhouse fans hate Budden all of a sudden?

  • Pssssst

    fuck you derrik. i can’t help how i feel about you…. u brought sexy back!

  • “should have posted “sound off” best track on the slaughterhouse album”

    os decided to put up microphone and i didnt wanna unleash another joint. trying to keep the leak as control as we can you know?

  • Cannons

    Album Is Fire. I Hope Everyone Who Downloaded The Leak Will Buy A Copy.

    Its Def Worth Your 9.99….SLAUGHTERHOUSE

  • Beast New York

    Real talk, Ortiz, Royce and Crooked could not hold down a supergroup imo. Budden is needed, plus the dude is dope. Where’s the hate coming from? Ill beat….

  • “should have posted “sound off” best track on the slaughterhouse album”
    that’s actually one of my least favorites on the album. but I’ll be copping this first thing on the 11th.

  • Pssssst

    ahahahahahaaaahaahaaahahahahahahahaahaaaa yous a sucka aahahahahaaahahaahhaah

  • Pssssst

    when all else fails aaahahaaaah

  • Dfrye

    Sound Off is dope but Onslaught 2 is my favorite so far. Being the worst on a Slaughterhouse album >>>>> still better than 99.9% of shit out. Except for the new brother Ali song, US, that shit is doooope.

  • truth

    its a known fact ‘Pssssst” has dedicated his day to hating on joe buddens on a site that supports dude an the slaughterhouse machine..you are a hater..nothing less..if you dont like dude, dont listen to him..keep it moving..the majority find him an his contributions to slaughterhouse more than dope..we get the idea you dislike budden, in all honesty prolly cuz he got a badder bitch than you ever will, but depite that dude make good music..an i dont wanna hear nothing about he a flop or only had one hit, bc truth is that he still was signed by most notorious label of all-time, that “one hit” he had was still doper than 99% of the mainstream music then and today, and he has your attention so he must be doing something right..to put it simply if you don’t fuck with dude don’t download or buy his music, don’t tune in to joebuddentv, dont listen to slaughterhouse bc god willing he is and will always be a contributing member..SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!..go cop “padded room”..be on the look out for new EP and album!!!..slaughterhouse 8-11!!!!

  • Beast New York


  • “Sound Off is dope but Onslaught 2 is my favorite so far. Being the worst on a Slaughterhouse album >>>>> still better than 99.9% of shit out. Except for the new brother Ali song, US, that shit is doooope.”
    very true. my personal favorite on the album is Cut You Loose, followed by Rain Drops and Pray.

  • Cannons

    Joell Fuckin’ Murdered The Intro.

    Im Calling It Now, Joell Was The MVP of The Whole Album

  • Rio$


  • pierce3441

    why does it seem like royce is the one that picked all the beats? oh well they still go in every song

  • ck47

    Joe killed Microphone

  • b.

    gave the album a chance. didn’t really like it IMO. production=soft, lyrics=not mindblowing.

  • Pssssst

    aahaahha niggas put out a bulletin on me. you should take your own advice & not pay attention to what im doing if you dont like it. seems like you following me around. watching my moves like a dickrida. theres no hate at all so i dont understand why niggas always reach for that card. hes just really corny & i choose to entertain myself by shitting on him. can i live? fuck outta here faggot

  • derrik

    b i never see u say anything positive about any song or tape posted.

  • Pssssst

    buddens gave niggas head in that beat up whip from back in the day. ransom said so. ooowwwwwwwwwww

  • Pssssst

    fuck you watching my post for? i dont even post everyday. do you be looking my post? do you catalog what i say? fuck outta here with that bullshit. i give props when there due. the shit thats been posted the last month or so doesnt require positive feedback from me cause shits been ass cheeks

  • Pssssst

    good shit

  • chef


    i didn’t know that. regardless of the leak i’m still buying 5 copies!

  • derrik

    i was talking to B. not you u dumb mother fucker. this is why everyone hates you.

  • Pssssst

    hahaaahaahaaa you fail at life. off yourself

  • Justin

    pssssst.. you said “aahaahha niggas put out a bulletin on me. you should take your own advice & not pay attention to what im doing if you dont like it. seems like you following me around. watching my moves like a dickrida. theres no hate at all so i dont understand why niggas always reach for that card. hes just really corny & i choose to entertain myself by shitting on him. can i live? fuck outta here faggot”
    So you just contradicted yourself to following Slaughterhouse/Budden posts everyday just to hate.

  • mm34

    wait.. im just curious.. HAS THE ALBUM LEAKED YET??

  • Jordan

    I pre-ordered this last week but couldn’t keep myself from checking the leak. The album is going to be a fucking classic. Joell on “Sound Off” made my fucking jaw drop.

  • demise

    Dont mind psst kid trolls every post with budden hatred. Album is flamessssssssss

  • This shis is beyond illy. I been staying away from the leaks, but I seen “Prod. By Alchemist” and couldnt resist. I look forward to hearin the whole album.

    *salutes Slaughterhouse*

  • marlostanfield85


  • Joell Ortiz annoying? No, you are. Joell and Crooked are the second best.
    Joe should be kicked out tbh, even if he formed this. They need to get Reks or Papoose in…

  • mass effect

    ^LMFAO @ Papoose

    Get the fuck out of here son.

  • jamo

    album is flames! and i will be buying it. This will be the first album ive bought since kanyes graduation good to see hip hop is back!

  • b ali

    I think saigon would fit in better than budden does. Imma cop the leak and if i like it ill buy it if not then its SH’s fault for not putting together a beter album. I hope its good though, hip hop needs it

  • jdmartinez08

    Saigon would complete this group.

  • havnt listened yet but downloaded it

    i have my copy pre ordered and for the sake of hip hop i hope everyone else is buying it aswel

  • demise

    lmao @ saigon or papoose instead of buden. You kids are stupid.


  • 222

    REAL HIP HOP,,,,, man royce 59 came back wit a vegence from no where

    this is real hip hop
    and yes ,, THE ALBUM has LEAKED Yesterday

  • @demise: You think Joe is better than them? Your brain got mental issues.

  • derrik

    who writes in all caps
    that was so 2005

  • Jaywall

    Royce is the best in Slaughterhouse, then Crooked, Then Joe, then Joell. But Those 4 > Alot of rappers either way.
    I downloaded the leak, and I will most definitely be buying this IMMEDIATELY after school on the 11th. Me and my niggas want this shit. lol.

  • b ali

    What song is it that plays at the beggining of Lyrical Murderers???? the beat sounded dope

  • lmfaooo…THIS NIGGA SAID PAPOOSE?!?!! “IMA AFRI-CAN NOT AN AFRI-CANT” hard bars comin from ya boy pap (hope you detect the severe sarcasm)

  • 222

    check out Royce 59 orgirnal HOT RYHMES

    Phat kat, elhzi, ROYCE 59 – COLD Streel (Video)


  • Elzhi

    ^ Think that COLD Steel song from Royce and Elzhi is one of the Hottest Song and Beat of ALL Time ^

  • Joe came hard on the album i.m.o. A LOT better than he came on the tracks that didnt make the album. It’s all a matter of opinion I guess and YES he is better than Saigon AND Papoose. Papoose hasnt been good since 05.

  • “Jeffrey Campbell”

    Crooked I is amongst the hottest on the Best Coast. However, I can’t but feel that there’s a Catch-22 type situation being setup in regards to Slaughterhouse. Either you love them or hate (on) them, it seems there is no middle ground. What’s unfortunate is that unless you’re agreeing with those who say the album is the hottest thing there is, you’re called a hater. Slaughterhouse is a polarizing concept. haha. Personally, I think the album is just okay. I am impressed with their hustle though…

  • HI Side N

    This album is on fire.

    Crooked goes in the hardest, followed by Joell, then Royce, and lastly Joe.

    They all went in though, but Crook outshines them constantly!

  • The Graduate

    Fact: Yes Eminem’s verse on this beat was written.

    Fact: Eminem ripped the hell out of this beat.

    Fact: They should have picked a different beat.

    Fact: I do think SlaughterHouse is kind of lame. (IMO).. Is this supposed to be the new Wu??

  • How about we all just like who’s in the group?
    I don’t know if I should download it and still buy two or three copies. ugh, Im going to be contemplating this for a good bit.

  • demise

    royce in last imo

  • Pssssst

    buddens the mascot

  • Droppin Knowledge

    good shit shake about tryin to control the leak… i remember when Ems album leaked n all the fuckery that went on in the c-section wit ppl posting dl links every other comment. I aint even checking any of these tracks out until i buy the album prob a week early from my local record store.

  • album isnt that great..to many softer type sounding tracks when they needed more grimey murderous type shit hence the name SLAUGHTERHOUSE…smh…its cool but after listening through if ur a real fan of crooked n royce u cant help but say u aint a little disappointed, otherwise u just blatantly dickriding. this album is a 3.5 / 5 at best… sound off has to be one of the most generic and boring songs on there also…dont see the hype behind that track at all….i dunno…it seems like almost every other slaughterhouse song that ISNT on the album is HARDER and more of a banger than most on the album…i kinda saw this coming though..oh well still a nice effort

  • derrik

    some people just aren’t happy with anything. this is why hip hop is how it is.

  • Duscrom

    These old head slauthermouth niggas need to retire. The One was hot but cukooooo was possibly the worst song I’ve ever heard.

  • derrik

    then you must not listen to much if cuckoo is the worst song uve EVER heard

  • LOL @ some of these comments

  • skeme

    i agree with fulltimeboss..the album is alright

  • ans

    joell killed it!

  • Sean Juan

    First off, LMAO at all of these people on here thinking they’re important on the internet and people are ‘hatin” on them…ridiculous. The internet has made everyone think that people care about them.

    This song is good. Overall I lied the album, but was a little disappointed. I thought it’d be the best of the year. Monch should never be reduced to a hook and the skits were completely worthless – I can’t figure why any artist thinks people would listen to an interlude with someone talking on the phone. A waste of time if you ask me. I’ll be buying the album though cuz I like all four MCs and I want to hear more.

  • anyone want to bet this will be the only slaughterhouse album ever released

  • ev

    budden saved his best shit for the album, i’m surprised. album is dope.

  • MF Tree

    I’m in montana with no internet connection. I’ve missed so much dope music but the SH leak has me straight buggin’.

    LF: same shit happend to me when those em extras came out and when I finally got home the links were dead. If any one would be kind enough to hit my in box thatd be great and much appreciated! Thanks in advance cuz I’m bout to hit the wilderness with no cell phone reception… Fuck me!

  • HI Side N

    listen to it twice, then a third.

    you guys are comedy for judging an album based on one listen. smh

  • ^who r u to know how many times anyone has listened to the album? smh @ urself dickface

  • J-Ray

    The album is fucking sick.

  • MF Tree

    Being away from any internet = big pl L! With all the dope music I’ve missed this SH leak makes is the worst. If one of you would be so kind as to slip that into Mt in box would be greatly appreciated. I just have a feeling when I get back Sunday all the links will be dead. Thanks in advance because I’m bout to hike 10 miles up this mountain and Mt cell phone won’t have reception.

    LF: same shit happened to me with those em songs after the release so if any of you have those my in box would be a dope place.

  • Thworldisyours

    Downloading the leak now… I cannot wait to hear this… For me, Slaughterhouse is probably the best thing in hiphop right now… BY FAR…

  • HI Side N

    I dont care how many times yall have listened to it.

    i was speaking to the individuals who have only given it one listen.

  • Backpack

    *Goes to House of Flying Daggers

    Pain In Da’ Ass: “Sorry boys… but all the money in the world can’t bring me back again.”

  • uzi

    albums average (ill rhymes balance out with mediocre beats)..y’all overhypin it like crazy..

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I dig this song. This shit is a creative banga. Joell Ortiz destroyed this shit easy!!!!! Damn!!!

    Royce spit that same rhyme in his recent “8-11” freestyle still hot just didn’t expect it!

    Crooked easily stood out the most on this album. I think it’s a toss up between Royce and Joell next. Joell & Royce didn’t deliver like they normally do flow-wise but when they did they hit it out the park!

    Joe was last for me but only because I couldn’t understand his pronunciation on some songs. Although his flows/melodies were parallel to Crooked I on this album I just wish he pronounced his words clearer sometimes.

    The album still gets a good grade from me. I expected more but the album was still powerful especially nowadays in a time where artists lyrics are watered-down and all the production consist of loud or rapid claps, snyths and heavy 808’s. I think the album was very refreshing to listen to because the rewind factor is definitely there.

    I got the leak but I am definitely gonna cop this when it is released officially! Maybe cop 2 for good measure real talk!

  • CosmosisJones

    Got damn! I swear these dudes do not let down. Crazy beat influenced some crazy ass rapping!

    I dont comment unless i like something. Whats so hard about that? Other than the fact that someone needs their opinion to be heard so badly that they post negative shit

  • HI Side = even so, dont you think if the album was as good as ppl were hoping for that they would go back and listen again and again? usually in my experience this is a sign of good music…not forcing urself to listen to something multiple times just so u can say “ok ive heard it a few times now please listen to the same opinion i gave before” smh

  • SHOWMAN3000

    O and the cover would have been better if they wore fitted hats from the other members cities.
    That would have made the cover more creative looking.

    Like Crooked = Detroit Red Wings, Joell = NJ Devils, Royce = NY Yankees & Joey = L.A. Kings.

  • Bk’s Finest

    ALC killed it as usual. Good track
    The One & Cuckoo are weak but the rest of the album is kinda good. (fast flow is not for Royce, Croocked & especially Budden)

  • ^word them tryna spit fast was corny and outta place imo

  • i love how the same people stay on thiese threads waitin for responses lol
    itd be type hillarious if the leaked album wasnt the same as the official
    silly leakers they can push it back a few weeks and change the tracks around before the actual release

  • yo

    Im deg gonasupport and buy this shit…the way i see it is for they first album as a group that was only formed a few months ago its damn good…yall gota understand that even know it aint a wu tang level 1st album classic its really good and they will only get better…give them some time

  • Tha RealnesS

    @derrik… U mean too many people are just happy with everything. This is why hip hop is how it is nowadays…

    Not great but still a good album

  • “If You Are What You Eat, Why aren’t I Pussy?”

    good lawd.

    the album is already on the list for my favorite albums– period. I don’t know. Straight Lyrics is something I have a soft spot for. That’s why Born Like This is so dope to me.

  • HI Side N

    i can dig it. listening to an album 3 times to try to like it, is not a solution. listening to it a few times to let it marinate, cuz you were slightly disappointed, allows for you to pin point exactly why you dont like it.

    i admit, i wanted more “hard” shit, but compared to other shit that out or going to be out, the album is good.

  • My Slaughterhouse Line Up
    Royce Da 5’9 > Joe Budden > Joell Ortiz > Crooked I
    Dats Just My Opion

  • I Swear Royce Da 5’9 Makes Da Same Face On Every Album Cover

  • diry needles

    Eminem > Slaughterhouse

    Em had the hottest verses this year in hip hop on this beat.

  • rea1


  • Thworldisyours

    “Thats why them wreckless quotes come with my drama.
    My pops put coke-infested cum in my mamma…”

    Good lord indeed…

  • Thworldisyours

    Slaughterhouse > Eminem in 2009…

    At least with SH, you dont have to hear about pedophile uncles in their rhymes…

  • Werd yo

    When I heard Eminem rhyme over this beat i felt like it was one of the dopes ive ever heard. Listening to slaughterhouse just made it better. Amazing beat. DAMN

  • Werd yo

    How can you hate slaughterhouse? Some of the best lyricist in the game.
    Then again this is 2009… swag and autotune dictate hip hop.
    take me back to 95 when hip hop niggas listened to and appreciated hip hop niggas.

  • Elzhi

    slaughter house – Eminem , elzhi Doing it < ! < ! < <

    yea its funny eminems thread has so many links to the leak , this thread is bein watched close for links tink this should turn into a rlslog.net

  • chrome44

    godamn if you dont like this then you dont like hip hop. how can you niggas that take lyrics seriouly but i crooked to this one

  • demise

    lmao @ some of these comments. Have to be the same dudes bumping wayne and drake exclusively or whatevers hot at the moment. Lyrics for lyrics its a great album.

  • skeme

    lol @ if you dont like this you dont like hip hop.

  • Where da hell are ya listenin 2 da album already..I wanna listen to it so it can hold me till the album drop

  • Tha RealnesS

    A great album is not just about the lyrics. A classic either.

  • marlostanfield85

    yo derrik, you gay son?

  • Elzhi

    were NOT supposed to post links to it thats what others were talkin here if u want to see some links go to other sites like rlslog..
    google it

    This album Is easily one of the TOP of the Year

    I Want to see eminem work wit em


  • 11111

    ” if your gonna ruin my career, get one!”

  • gstar

    Can’t wait to dwnload the leak but I’m buyin 2 when it drops.

  • Money


  • I’m so fly tell Derrick Fisher I need a lob

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Gonna listen to the leak now. I’ll buy a copy when it comes out but I’m not gonna wait 2 weeks when I can hear it now. Who knows what crazy shit could happen to me by then. Same shit wit OB4CL2 & BP3 when they leak.

  • OD>

    hope they have a few songs with hooks on the album…
    straight verses gets a lil boring

  • D.

    dam psssssst you got way too much time on your hands

  • LAStateOfMind

    Album of the year.

  • brian

    Albums usually do require more than one listen to make a solid opinion/review. Relapse itself was an album that people turned it off after one listen because they felt the concept was lame or his lyrics were disturbing but Em’s delivery and lyrics were crazy. Same thing with Padded Room/Loso’s Way/Asleep In The Bread Aisle/Blackout 2, and a few others just can’t remember other than some of the most recent ones. Some albums just require a second listen. I don’t even know if this applies to the Slaughterhouse album because I only just got home from work now to listen to it.

  • Ryan.T.

    Where’s all the hate for Buddens coming from? Joey was on point…. And in case everybody forgot, he’s been saying that he’s the only one NOT Re-writing his lyrics for any of the Slaughterhouse records

  • yo people remember this is there first effort together and it was made in space of 6 days and the album is really good then what can we expect if they keep recordin

    i feel people hyped shit to much as usual,to m the album is brillant

  • HueyFlygerian

    “If you are what you eat how come am not a p*ssy?” – Crooked I. GODDAMN!!!!!!!! I woke up on *slaughterhouse*

  • FakirWise

    I don’t want to assume anything really but would I be right to say that Joey threw out some bait for Jay?
    “Too many blueprints not enough architects”

  • 1

    @ b ali (What song is it that plays at the beggining of Lyrical Murderers???? the beat sounded dope) tracks called the leak first sh track released

  • Justin

    this one of those albums that is a must buy…countin down the days till it drops

  • 456

    the album isnt anything special…theres a lot of generic mixtapeish sounding tracks, they dont have the chemistry/cohesion of a great group, and there voices arent distinct enough from each other.

    i dont wanna hear a full album of mainly punchline raps in 2009

  • RSX

    best album of ’09

  • 456

    “best album of ‘09”

    you must not have heard any albums of 09 then lol

    i can think of at least 10 better

  • Thworldisyours

    Its too soon to say this is AOTY but its a strong candidate IMO… Its better than a lot of the albums Ive heard so far (Fabolous, Jadakiss, Eminem, Busta, CNN, WU Chamber Music, Blackout 2, U-God, Camron, Freeway, AZ, etc.) Damn, maybe it is the album of the year???

  • i felt Loso’s Way more than this.

  • Thworldisyours

    Too much autotune on the Fab album… That shit went right into my recycle bin the same day I dled it… The only track I kept was Lullaby…

  • i didn’t hear anyone autotune on Fab’s album. :/

  • any autotune*

  • Thworldisyours

    The first half of the Fab album every track had an autotune hook!!!

  • 456

    this album isnt touching Relapse, Chamber Music, Ecstatic, Dopium, Born Like This, Blaqkout, UGK, B-Real, J-Dilla

    AOTY my ass

  • Thworldisyours

    Relapse – Just dont care about his subject matter, his annoying voice, or Dre beats in 09. Chamber Music – had some good joints but too many RZA skits. Dopium – Again an album with a couple good songs dont make it an AOTY. I thought Doom and Blaq Poets album were good but I didnt feel the need to play them repeatedly… Havent heard the new Mos yet or Dilla but I will. Aint the biggest fan of UGK or B-Real so cant comment on that…

    The Slaughterhouse album I am playing on repeat and not skipping any song, something I rarely do anymore. Its consistently good throughout. Still too early to say if its the AOTY tho…

  • I’ve gone though that shit 6 times, straight through.

    Name an album better than this that dropped this year. The only one I can think of possibly is Born Like This or The Ecstatic, not even really– on a lyrical level.

    lol @ 456 saying the Dilla album. It’s 3/4 instrumental.

  • yo

    Also big time LOL @ dopium or blaqkout better then this. Blaqout is blaq poet wasting great primo production with average lyrics and dopium is ugods cool voice and stupid lyrics (i love wu tang don’t get me wrong) with a bunch of wu features…i agree that even though its not a classic its a really good album that is one of the best albums to come out this year. the only tracks i find myself skipping over are the skits

  • b ali

    ill take tanya morgans brooklynati or mos def’s the ecstatic over this. Not too say its a bad album but its not even close to beaing album of the year. The reakwon track is better than this whole album. Budden needs to be kicked out of the group he took up valuable minutes that one of the other three couldve used.

  • Thworldisyours

    “Royce spit that same rhyme in his recent “8-11″ freestyle still hot just didn’t expect it!″

    SHOWMAN3000, what are you talking about???? Cause I dont recognize any verses on this album from older freestyles (and I really thought I was going to hear the verses from that DOA Green Lantern session on this album…)

  • Tha RealnesS

    Blaqkout!!!! Yall mean “Tha Blaqprint”, a good STREET ALBUM.
    Dopium and Loso’s Way are weak. The Chamber Music is a really good album. The Revelations and Lil Fame did a great job and Relapse & Slaughterhouse are also two good albums.

    Oasis & The Antidote 2 coming soon/////

  • 1

    suicide music > any 09 album

  • Sempai

    loving the beat

  • 456

    when i said Blaqkout i was talking about Quik/Kurupt’s album, not Blaq Poet

  • 456

    and since when cant a 3/4 instrumental album be an AOTY candidate Dilla’s album is great

  • A.I.
  • ^get the fuck outta here dude

  • *directed A.I. if his post is deleted

  • The Kid CK

    Word fuck outta here.. support good artists.

  • jairzinho

    albums all over the place..beats coulda been better..out how many songs only like 4 are dope….

  • NotoriousRambo


  • Jersey’s Finest

    Really SIgone and papoose instead of joey… you mother fuckers ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND… Some of you fagots shouldn’t even be aloud to listen to rap music…. all 4 of these dudes putrtin good muzic out for us stop hatin u fucking bitches.
    Album’s of ther year

    1. relapse
    2. slaughterhouse
    3. padded room


  • HI Side N

    Quik and Kurupts Blaqout was trash! One of the worst albums ever!

  • ^agreed..shit got thrown n the bin after one spin

  • HI Side N

    fulltimeboss – still disappointed at the slaughterhouse album?

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Dope!!! I am looking forward to this joint. People need to lighten up. Usually “super groups” take forever and a day to come out with a project after the the buzz has waned. Think: 213! That joint should’ve come out like 8 years before it’s release. Now you have a group that gets together and puts out in a full length in less than a year. Come on! Some of y’all need to fall back and give these cats the credit they deserve. Peace

  • This is my fav record on the album,still buyin don’t matter

  • rordog
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