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XV - Everybody’s Nobody (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake July 31, 2009

It seems as if every new post that went up today was immediately followed by XV-related comments. I have a feeling folks are gonna really enjoy this one right here. Hosted by DJ Enuff & DJ Benzi, presented by the good folks at SubConThreads and featuring the likes of Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Colin Munroe, Harlem's Cash, Ne-Yo & Lil Wayne. Let's get it!

Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: XV - Everybody's Nobody

  • G-Shocker

    Already listening. 1st track is pretty dope. cant wait for the rest. VIZZY!

  • fiasco


  • Jam

    crack!!!!! can't wait to hear this shit...

  • lol fiasco u werent first haha

  • GREAT SHIT SHAKE. Posted on my blog too...help sprad the (great) music around hahah

  • posting on REUP props to 2dope

  • Big_E

    yes plz..

  • kindbuddy

    I was just about to say how isn't this up already but as soon as i got a link it was up.

  • Jay

    VIZZY! I've been sooooo fucking pumped for this to drop. Straight fire! Keep it up!

  • never heard of this dude, will listen.
    today is a very dope music days.

  • That track list/back cover is old. New one is on his blog and the lil wayne track aint on the tape cuz its old and was on Square in The Circle. But anyway, I'm 4 tracks in and this shit kills Broken Headphones in my opinion

  • I knew some people would start comparing this to Broken Headphones. Just calm down and listen to good music.

    *downloads and hopes to be impressed based on XVs past joints.

  • whoisthis

    is XV signed? how did he get these features?

  • Dice

    Now all we need to end the month is How Fly...
    Hopefully this is as good as I hope

  • derrik

    oh yes lets all start comparing Xv to the next dude (quest drake whoever else) this tape is solid. doesn't take away from quest tape being good too tho. i hate comparisions. someone is always gonna be better/worse then someone else. Thank you so much Shake.

  • blazer

    thanks shake... youss da man!! hah

  • agent_zer0

    I've been refreshing vizzy's blog and 2dopeboyz all day, and i was so hype when i saw the cover at the top. i'm on track 5 and this shit is nice! favorite song so far is awesome but maybe because it's the only one i haven't heard yet. no shots. lol

  • Rebel S

    Been waiting for this all day. That joint with Big Sean got me pumped so hopefully this shit is crazy.

  • hesis

    @ ComplexTheMC

    I wouldn't say it "kills" Broken Headphones, as they're both pretty - no - DRASTICALLY different. Plus, you were only 4 tracks in when you wrote that. Still a sick tape.

  • this is going to be the tape that puts XV on next years XXL freshmen cover

  • adondo3


  • hesis

    Actually, an edit to my above comment - this is an AMAZING tape.

  • lkc

    thats what im talking about.... this shizzzzzz is bananas...

  • i knew after this finally dropped their would be a new wave of pppl jumpin on xv dick who previously were haters...i been tryna tell yall this dude one of the better upcoming artists

  • BabyG

    This dude never disappoints

  • Zach Black

    I love XV...pause or was that worthy of a no homo

  • broken headphones disappointed me.. but this sh*t is crack fire

  • Hammertime


  • NorthWestDJD

    what a week for new music, new QuEsT and XV, 2 great young up and coming rappers,plus a new song from the best rapper alive Brother Ali

  • KayFloww

    XVIZZY.... downloading right now... wont say OMG ITS FIRE cuz i aint heard it yet lol. *hoping it doesnt dissapoint*

  • djclassy

    XV is finally getting the props he deserves. Check out his past mixtapes on his myspace. They play better than 97% of all rappers major label releases

  • juju

    this mixtape will realease without drops soon

  • Jaywall

    Where the fuck is How Fly?

  • adondo3


  • SDB

    QuESt and XV mixtapes in the same week.

    2 super dope artist

  • definitely looking forward to peepin' this i'll be back later with my thoughts on this lol...

  • Hi.Profile

    i'm not gonna front, i never been a fan of this dudes music, but this tape is probably one of the best tapes to drop this year outside of drake's. BANGIN!

    Come Back Down
    Life Vs Livin'
    NOW LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    damn! this is in rotation for the weekend

  • this is pretty nice....

  • Good stuff thanks

  • adondo3

    HiCLAS that lee track went hard bro...

  • wow this is sick

  • Buck3ts

    how come i don't have U Got It on mine?

  • adondo3

    missing it as well

  • @adondo3 thanks bro apperciate that man wish it could of made the tracklisting haha but its all good yo this tape is pretty hard.

  • al money

    can someone hook me up w/ a rar. file cuz zip for w/e reason dont work

  • Kick-Side

    U Got It is not on the tape, he removed it since it was old. this is what the back cover really looks like http://thecoolniverse.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/back.jpg?w=420&h=420

  • al money

    for my laptop**

  • Ice Cube

    It was a good day

  • Dolce


  • Dat Dude Chris

    XV been my nigga since his Morning & Night series awhile back

  • Dolce

    u got it isn't on it

  • derrik

    omfg u morons. U Got It feat Wayne is old. its on his Square In The Circle mixtape.

  • Kick-Side

    40 Days & 40 Nights was amazing! still rocking to all 80 songs

  • Rossco

    Niiiice Mixtape for sure.
    Not gonna beat Drake's So Far Gone, but who seriously can?
    XV is definitely the 2nd best up and comer besides Drake.
    But besides that, I think we gotta give props to Seven for all this amazing production on Everybody's Nobody.



  • Leroy Benros is caking off XV ESSO and Charles that dude has a ear for talent.... the only XV song ive listened to Final Fantsy XV but yeah dude must be dope if weezys on the tape... DOWNLOAD, Also BRING BACK CHARLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ms. Hiphopaholic

    I been waiting on this forEVER...XV definitely kills Quest with the entire tape. Please don't compare...let the nigga be himself. Hot Shit.

  • /\ u just compared yo...lol @Lelan...Charles is on timeout he cant come out n play right now

  • @Lelan the Weezy track is old as crap and it aint really on the tape since it was on an older tape

  • agent_zer0

    Just finished my first play through! WOW!!!! my favorite tracks are Everybody's Nobody, Vizzy, Gobstopper, Life vs livin, Fall right out the sky, and Rabbit hole.

  • Emaay

    2nd best mixtape of the year. Wale's is the best but this joint is crazy. Awesome, Undeniable, Start a War, and Me You are all fire.

  • come home from work and i see this...amazingness..cant wait to give it a listen to

  • This tape was off the chains. I was digging it. "In Due Time" was so true man! MUSIC FOR LIFE.

    Keep rocking XV. Do your thing.

    Young Son (The Hip Hop Dreamer), DREAMER'S POETRY album COMING LATE FALL 2009, presented by 2DopeBoyz

    Support people and their plights for success!

  • Big_E

    kinda disappointed...Everybody's Nobody, Undeniable, and of course Bad News are the only good jaunts on there..Sevens aight but he shouldnt have done the whole album

  • juju

    mixtape of the year so far

  • Big_E

    and the Big Sean trak was fly too

  • CoolMane

    where the fuck is that how fly mixtape is what i wanna know these niggas been dodgin fans all day

    and quit ridin drakes dick xv,wale, and j.cole put out a better mixtape than him this year

  • Hi.Profile

    I forgot about "Fall Out The Sky"! crazy!

  • CoolMane

    im even bold enough to say flight school was better than so far gone

    and that bigsean mixtape was hot too

  • Vizzy goes lol did any 1 hear that little space bar drum roll on the chrous... im trippin out but yeah



  • Whatever

    @juju^ J.Cole - The Warm Up

    By the way, this mixtape is dope..

  • Dolce

    ugh Quest is garbage compaired to this. Quest is garbage period. His shit's so simple and typical it puts me to sleep

  • big sean finally famous vol 2 is nuts...since were talking about other tapes


  • dirtysixchambers

    broken headphones
    everybody's nobody
    the warm up
    back to the feature


    so far gone

    anyways.... shake, meka, anybody know a release date for how fly?

  • juju

    4got bout jcole shit was dope 2

  • Exactly Drakes tops all those guys but they are GREAT no doubt.... Why isnt charles on that list dude dropped like 50 mixtapes not 1 made the list

  • Myth_Seeker

    now niggas wanna hate on quest...smh

  • this tape is dope but come on man.... j cole was DOPE big sean was DOPE WIZ WAS DOPEE i dont think this tape out does any of those...

  • Critic

    I think someone is salty because they didn't make the tape......

  • What 50 tapes List are y'all referring to?

  • Dean S

    1. J. Cole
    2. Drake
    3. Micky Factz
    4. Wale
    5. XV

  • juju

    charles hamilton is dope dont get me wrong but not every song on any charles mixtape is good

  • Pink Lava Lamp
    The L word
    Death of the mixtape Rapper
    This perfect 3 mixtape
    Its Charles Hamilton
    and then they played dilla
    Sonic the Hamilton
    Crash Landed
    My Brain is Alive
    Every charles hamilton ex girlfriend ( 808s )
    Outside Lookin in
    Well isnt this awkward
    Staff Development

  • juju

    wiz should be on the top 10 somewhere

  • juju

    well isnt this awkward would prolly be charles best mixtape this year

  • Kick-Side

    Crash Landed is his second best mixtape

  • indeed

  • al money

    1. Drake
    2. KiD CuDi
    3. Wiz
    4. Big Sean
    5. XV

  • Nice Job X & Seven. Let's push this Kansas ish to the stars.

  • Wow @Critic thats just my opinion that has nothing to do with the fact that i think those tapes are better so get out of here with that bitchassness u throwin fam damn i highly dislike people like you but god bless u anyway...

  • i sweat dude's slower music where he actually goes in about something like mirror's edge & fall out the sky & the old charlie hilton tracks he did, but the vizzy, a.d.d., & gobstopper kind of tracks where he goes all techno overdrive sounding turns my ears off pretty bad. maybe it's just me. everybody else is callin it gospel so far so i guess i'm just hearin somethin wrong ...

  • Justin Herschel

    Classic Album XV & Seven are the new Pete Rock & CL Smooth w/o the Beef LOL. But where is the Lil Wayne Track U Got It!!!!!!!!!

  • Critic

    @HiCLAS! lol...chill out man. It's not THAT serious but that OBVIOUSLY struck a chord

  • Kick-Side

    top ten best new artists, my opinion

    1. KiD CuDi
    2. Charles Hamilton
    3. XV
    4. Cory Gunz
    5. Drake
    6. Wale
    7. J.Cole
    8. Big Sean
    9. Wiz Khalifa
    10. Mickey Factz

  • CoolMane

    the drake groupies need to stop :/

    Big Sean
    Wiz Khalifa

  • yep i feel u @Chris Campbell i got fall right out the sky on repeat right now.

  • CoolMane

    @ kick-side i agree charles is up there

  • B

    Damn so far this mixtape's seeming like i figured it would, dope, herd tht song everbody's nobody madd long time ago and got amped for this thts actually the song i found out about Vizzy, he madd nice

  • Kick-Side

    b.o.b would be number 11

  • @Critic no not at all. i just dont like the way u came at me like we boys n stuff bruh when we not n u said it because u wanted me to see it right? i saw it so u got what u wanted it. n like i said which i will restate again. just becasue i said i think those other tapes are better doesnt mean i hate XV dude is a real cool guy real level headed i just perfer j cole, big sean etc over this just an opinion, so refrain from causing drama on 2dopeboyz cause they get enought of it cause at the end of the day we all entitled to our opinion thank you.

  • Dolce

    fuck j.cole

  • al money

    wale above big sean and wiz hell no imo

  • Critic

    Not a drake groupie BUT dude is nice....

    Wiz Khalifa
    Big Sean

  • Kick-Side

    cory gunz is a beast what bout him

  • Dari Smith

    Vizzy is one of my new favorite rappers. hands down.

  • StReTcH!

    XV + Nero's mixtape >>>> broken headphones

  • Critic

    @HiCLAS! You right....the bullshit is taking away from appreciating this real music we have right here. I don't know you so I'll fall back but that's just how it kind of came off the way you said it, imo. Obviously I was wrong though. (Outside of that I did think your verse on "Bruce Lee" was nice.)



  • CoolMane

    cory gunz is aight, i can listen to him but he aint great, im a drake fan but i think so far is his worst mixtape i know im hatin but i think room for improvement was better than so far gone

  • blazer

    its about to be a.... internet fight.

  • @Critic thanks n im sorry for blowing up on u i just been dealing with that my whole life dudes saying stuff taht trigger me but its all good fam n thanks again for the compliment. stay up.

  • Kick-Side

    top 15 best new artists, my opinion

    1. KiD CuDi
    2. Charles Hamilton
    3. XV
    4. Cory Gunz
    5. Drake
    6. Wale
    7. J.Cole
    8. Big Sean
    9. Wiz Khalifa
    10. Mickey Factz
    11. B.O.B
    12. Asher Roth
    13. Mr. Hudson
    14. Jay Rock
    15. Ace Hood

    like i said my opinion

  • ^LOL...funny as shiiit

  • al money

    i agree wit dolce..dont see nothin special in j.cole..dudes decent at best

  • blazer

    is that really charles hamilton and his ego? haha

  • now all i need is "How Fly" and my life will be complete

  • Critic

    Not a drake groupie BUT dude is nice….
    Wiz Khalifa
    Big Sean

    Extending mine to 10, re-do:

    Kid Cudi
    Big Sean
    Wiz Khalifa
    Mickey Factz
    Charles Hamilton

  • Akeain


  • blazer

    u got it is missing on mine.

  • Kick-Side

    @blazer, need a link?

  • Critic

    "U GOT IT" isn't on the tape.....go to http://www.thecoolniverse.com to see the revised cover/tracklist.

  • to hard to decide whos better..but i have a list of n00bs who i follow and get excited for their new music:
    Big Sean
    C. Hamilton
    ...is outasight considered as a new artist...idk...


  • Kick-Side


    XV Feat. Lil Wayne - U Got It

    if anybody wants it

  • Beast

    waitin' for that 'how fly' mixtape now
    btw, the lack of curren$y on these top five/ten lists is surprising to me.

  • Dice

    in the midwest its still July so we could still get the tape in July. I like the tape though just like I hoped

  • blazer

    thanks kick-side

  • Kick-Side

    it's 11 in the chi but i doubt it gonna drop before an hour

  • JaguarJones

    hope this lives up to what I expect

    what happened to HOW FLY ....... Currensy keepin me waitin' WTF

  • @ beast, curren$y been in the game for awhile...i wouldnt call him new..but this aint a mixtape was siick.
    btw, XV mixtape was dope..listening to it for the second time

  • Dice

    @Kick-Side I concur

  • 1. dylon
    2. dylon
    3. dylon
    4. dylon
    5. dylon

    he spits hot fire.

  • Facts

    This nigga is not that dope. His lisp gets annoying after awhile.

  • kdjuggernaut

    thnk god charles is on his way bak i been waitin niggaz love to hate charles but he prob is the most creative out of all of thhese rookies....p.s. "i didnt say best i said creative" thats in case anybody wana jump outta they body comin at my statement.

  • kdjuggernaut

    But yo dope as tape from XV!!!!!!!! BUT WHERE THE FUCK IS

  • YoungHype


  • O.

    this album shits on So Far Gone imo.
    So Far Gone sucked, especially compared to Comeback Season. but then again, thats just my opinion.

  • lol it looks like im always right about everything i post on this site....just like i said out the woodwork here come all these "xv fans" who were nowhere to be found before, when the full time BOWSS been tellin yall for ages not to sleep....yall should just start waiting for me to post on everything for the verdict

  • Preo

    ive listened to his stuff previously here and there and have his older mixtape, but this one is excellent. perfect amount of features and all good ones too. Great mixtape. will make sure to check out all new stuff of his now

  • rashard lewis

    fuck everyone else's list this is the official one.
    charles hamilton
    big sean
    j. cole

  • ^starting ur list with someone as fruity, feminine and talentless as kid cudi gives u a big 0 for credibility in terms of rating quality of artists, sorry rashard

  • O.

    [email protected] list. If anything Blu shits on everyone you have on that list.. yet you have him 10 out of 12?

  • blazer

    fuck you dumb pieces of shit who hate on kid cudi. Stadium chant "Cudi, Cudi, Cudi!!!" Ya fuck a kid cudi hater. Ya you fulltimebitch.


  • al money

    Vizzy is the fuckin truth..this mixtape is easily on that so far gone and flight school level..shit is so ill

  • Duke

    Slaughterhouse album just leaked!!!!!

  • ima download this right after i get through downloading language artz tape

  • Dice

    How Fly is supposed to be here in a few days, according to Curren$y
    But this should be more than enough to keep you until it drops

  • Duke

    Don't believe me here you go


  • MariposaGalactica

    this is my list:


    this is my pick it was hard putting these cats on a list they all clean
    but got to show love to my west coast with Blu that homie is legit

  • theGRkid

    good to see that Vizzy is finally getting the love he deserves from you blog goers....and oh yea, CH is DOPE AS FUCK too haha

  • @ kdjuggernaut

    I think He's creative but on a stalker status lol. I think Cudi is one of the Most creative along with The stalker.

  • Jabari Manwarring

    dope new rappers 09
    Big sean
    asher roth
    nicki minaj
    xv mixtape was fire best song life vs livin

  • rashard lewis

    i change my list.
    charles hamilton is NUMBER ONE OF THE NUBES.

    the pink lavalamp is a fucking album not a mixtape. best mixtape ive ever heard in my life.
    sonic the hamilton is crazy too... on the same level as a kid named cudi

  • boss

    Never heard this guy before, and to be honest I judged the book by its cover, literally. Once I saw the features though, thought I'd give it a shot, and so far I have no regrets. Great tape!

  • Comments under this post should be about the XV tape ya'll! This sh*t is definitely dope as f*ck. Good sh*t XV, holla @ me

  • Rashard lewis

    Xv>>>>>> quest IMO

  • DayO

    the artwork is hideous.

  • leopard

    Will peep this

  • mateo


  • Umm... That lil Wayne Song Isn't on there...

  • O.

    Cudi Bob and Wale are better than J.Cole ?

  • chasna

    just finished the whole thing shit is DOPE!!!

  • mateo

    this will def be getting heavily played throughout this week


  • Sai

    this mixtape iz dooppeeeee

  • Vanek

    XV aka 15 is DOPE

  • Big_E You put Ace Hood on your list...LMAO!!!

  • GC

    Dope...but not the ILLEST shit i've ever heard from XV. just my humble opinion. He set the bar so high in the last couple of years that it's tough to outdo conceptual projects like "The Square in the Circle"...for some reason the techno/futuristic sound worked on that, but seemed a little forced on a couple songs on "Everybody's Nobody." Plus he had more bars on previous projects. I still fuck with like 5 or 6 songs in heavy rotation.

    And ppl- don't come at me. I'm a big XV fan and have been for over 5 years. I'm just not a dick rider.


    Shit was ill, I still think Broken Headphones beats this.
    And i only say it cause in my opinion it was more cohesive.
    But fuck comparisons, This shit still rocks hard, Shouts to quest and xv for putting out AMAZING project

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  • GX

    Tape was dope, now if he would just release The Kid With The Green Backpack

  • HoldUp!!!!

    "Now Look" got a great beat and concept but it really dont fit this dude tho(beat especially).Tape waz kina nice tho,pleasantly surprised

  • btw

    i just realized that all u "fans"(& cboys) of this music are dumass kids who dont know shit about real hip hop, or about bein real at all. Ya this dude can rap, & he's been at it for a long time, But its So Fkn watered down.. he is really reaching with the whole sound of this project, desperate to be "Hot" or for money or fame or whatever the fuk he's mad about. go to Nahright & theres like 10 comments on this tape, & most arent even about xv, Because outside of 2dopeboyz, the real shit still wins & the real mothafukrs know when to look past gimmicks.

  • Myth_Seeker

    the beats outshine him..i mean tracks like Come Back Down? damn! but he never makes you want to press rewind on his verses they just seem throwaway

  • The-TreeZ

    ummmm...does this nigga know ANYTHING about NahRight!? The style of the c-section of NahRight is not supposed to be about the post. it's about a topic that started from some other post. niggaz don't ever talk about the post on nahright. it be a new jay-z song and they be talking about drake's leg. so shut the fuck up with that dumass kids talk and go make your own blog to bitch about "real mothafuckrs" and "real hiphop". either you're a 14 year old or your 40 years old with that 92 real nigga mentality! foh!!!


    I cosign

  • JetSetter

    "married to my money, boo/why you tryna trip with me like this our honeymoon"
    "bitches in bikini bottoms cause i'm such a square"
    "my name ring in MO TOWNS like barry gordy"
    "i'm making banks like uncle phils mother"

    man X did his thing on come back down i don't know what you talking about throwaway rhymes

  • Dari Smith

    im mad niggaz are sayin casey veggies is real... tht nigga is boobootron

  • fail

    man this nigga a rapper with a speech impediment

  • fail

    and this shit boring wack uninspiring pointless unoriginal...i wish you could read this XV

  • fail

    really its aight...not really breathe takin but aight

  • Happy to see my dude do his thing

  • derrik


  • Double Up

    okay, I might download since this seems to be getting superhyped around here. who does he sound like though, artistically? so I know what to expect

  • Dat Dude Chris

    This shit is hot n 4 everybody saying he took out da song wit Wayne cuz its old well he shoulda took out Vizzy Vizzy Vizzy cuz dat song is jus as old lol
    N one more thing I c all these list of da best new rappers n I aint c one person mention Curren$y SMH
    I feel like smacking all of yall

  • RadioRaheem

    Gotta get it

  • The Boy Wonder

    lol my dude...Curren$y is decent but he not one of the best new rappers...and plus dude been out forever he just never dropped.

  • Jaydee09

    YOOO!!! XV is a feature artist on Myspace Music too! Crazy dope!

  • Myth_Seeker


    “married to my money, boo/why you tryna trip with me like this our honeymoon”
    “bitches in bikini bottoms cause i’m such a square”
    “my name ring in MO TOWNS like barry gordy”
    “i’m making banks like uncle phils mother”

    man X did his thing on come back down i don’t know what you talking about throwaway rhymes

    JetSetter said this on August 1st, 2009 at 1:24 am

    ur really impressed by that? only remotely hot line was the last one u posted...he don't really got bars like that...but he can build catchy songs n his beats bang hard. with his work ethic he can go far....but i won't be listening like that, personally.

  • Martin

    No offense, but I think Charles Hamilton is highly overrated.. The dude spits mediocre songs, he got lame beats and bores me most of time..
    My top 5 new rappers:
    1. Drake (I'm not the biggest Weezy F baby fan, but everyone must admit that Drake is the future! He's doooope!)
    2. Kid Cudi (The dude got his own style and I really dig him!)
    3. Mickey Factz (That is one dope guy! And his freestyle skills are also off the hook.)
    4. XV ("U Got It" is a great song, and it's been playing on repeat on my ipod.. Everybody's Nobody is also quite dope, especially "Now Look", "Life Vs. Livin'" and "Gobstopper". Second best mixtape (the best one is Drake - So far Gone) this year in my opinion.)
    5. Wale - he's a killer, but it annoys me that he first gets Lady Gaga to feature on "Chillin'" and afterwards gets fucking Gucci Mane to feature on "Pretty Girls".. But anyway, he's talented!

  • derrik

    i like how people keep sayin about wale being a new artist. nike boots came out in what 06 07.

  • juju

    if xv doesnt make xxl's next freshman class then xxl is a joke lol

  • Martin

    @ derrik: Nike boots came out in Nov 07, so almost in 08. And so what? He still hasn't made an album, and the same thing you can say about Drake as well. He released "Room For Improvement" in 06 and "Comeback Session" in 07. So I can't see what your point is..

  • dope tape.....

  • P.

    my hangover just went away. dope tape.

  • DDotz

    i just respect XV for not making a mixtape that sounds like drakes like all these other newcomers have. Minus j. cole.


  • Nev

    This is good tape, better than Quests imo. But its all good. J.Cole, XV, Outasight, Nipsey, and Mickey Factz are my fave new artists.

  • rashard lewis

    @ddtoz the fuck you smokin? cudi CH bob asher blu... none of them are anything like drake

  • derrik

    im just saying dudes aren't new and people sayin they need to be on 2010 xxl freshmen list. after 3 or 4 years in the game. they aint no freshmen. yes they are coming up in the game but they are by no means new to the game. there's a difference between being new to the game and just now discovering/finding out about someone

  • adondo3


  • officer duscrom

    i agree wit people who say beats outshine XV... dude is maaad average. not even close to top 5 new comer. cudi, CH, drake, j. cole, bob. thats the top 5, no particular order. then its asher and blu.

  • officer duscrom

    HUSSLE IN THE HOUUUUUSEEEEE.. forgot about nipsey lol hes after asher

  • KayFloww

    Yeah this Mixtape is hot... but am i the only one that feels like its missing something? i cant put my finger on it but its missing something. but anyways my list since everybodys doing it
    Wiz Khalifa
    Big Sean
    Mickey Factz
    KiD CuDi
    Asher Roth

  • DDotz

    by newcomers i mean, NEW 2010 mixtapes like Quest and Big Sean's were similar to drake's

  • Martin

    Yeah, you're right about that. These guys aren't that new to the game, not anymore. But if you should pick one who is just fresh and new to the game, then many people probably wouldn't know him or his music yet.
    But I find it a bit weird, those people who write "Asher Roth" on their favorite new rapper list, because he has already released his debut album.. The others have just released mixtapes and so on.

  • all the people that everyone is naming are dope,XV is dope so is Jcole, but there are others out there with great music and mixtapes. Fresh Daily had a great mixtape, Donny Goines Breakfast club was awesome, Jabee and aDDLib's Black Cotton is siiick! UNI had a great mixtape and album , Pac Div jus put out a wonderful mixtape, TiRon had ketchup which real dope!
    there is so much great music out there that gets over looked with "HYPE" XV's is dope, Quest can rap well but over all his mixtape wasn't good to me, and Wale's back to the feature was horrible. I'd be curious to know the ages of a lot of the cats leaving comments . especially the ones with the top 5 list lol , how can u not put Blu in top 1 or 2, u people should start listening to what these rappers are actually saying and gauge them from there content and lyrics... the standard for Classic has been lowered... its all hype

  • Martin

    @ DynastyDAN: Yeah, Blu is dope.. But again. He isn't that new.. Actually he released his first single in 06, plus he made that album colab together with Exile in 07. So I wouldn't actually categorize Blu as a "new rapper"..

  • al money

    2nd wale's back to feature was horrible..shit put me to sleep

  • I know Blu's album came out 06-07 but he is as new as Wale and Kid Cudi...

  • O.

    i REALLY dont understand the hype behind Cudi.. Is it because he sings? I mean if you actually read his lyrics you'll see he's mad basic. Maybe its because the nigga sounds different everybody thinks he's hot.. but what good is sounding different if your lyrics are ass.

  • Martin

    Yeah Wale made mixtapes several years ago, But Cudi started last year for real actually.
    Cudi is dope!

  • DP

    cudi isn't a rap artist. he is just music. some people don't understand that shit

  • Nillz

    i dont see how all of a sudden dudes are hating on quest now.
    Like this mixtape is dope dont get me wrong, but comparing to it to this I mean cmon?

    The real talent behind this project is the production. vizzys lyrics are always average, and his concepts always outshine hime in the end, plus this mixtape was not that cohesive at all. Broken Headphones>Everybodys Nobody any day

  • J.G

    why cant i get this on my mac... i need a different type of file....

  • Cannons

    Seems Like Shake Was Talking Bout Me Complaining Where The Tape Was! LOL


  • did broken headphones ever get re-released without the pops n clicks in certain tracks like the outasight track which makes the song UNLISTENABLE.?? if not i aint ever listening to the tape again cuz that shits retarded..hype a project up forever then release it with pops n snaps all over records...wow AWESOME!

  • derrik

    yup 1 of the 18 tracks makes a pop noise. great reason not to support an artist. picky whiny bitches all over the c section.

  • derrik

    @ J.G., i too own a macbook and had no problems getting this tape.

  • its actually more than one track smart guy

  • i just dont get it thats all, why would u listen to ur own product..hear a bunch of annoying clicks n pops, n then still release it..?

  • derrik

    well if you happen to do any research at all, you would know the tape is being re-released on august 3rd at 9pm (and he said 9pm won't turn into 2am). without the popping and some remastering as well as a few bonus tracks!

  • last time i got a song that had clicks and pops n static all over it was when i first started using napster in 1999

  • good well im glad, ill wait till that happens then to listen to any of the tape again.

  • derrik

    good for you. i bet he's upset that you are unhappy with this "popping" all over every track. probably ready to give up music knowing he doesn't meet your expectations.


  • Kick-Side

    yo charles hamilton doesnt even talk like that

  • Kick-Side

    xv has old songs on this new mixtape wonder why but either way the guy is dope

    40 Days & 40 Nights >>> Everybody's Nobody

  • kdjuggernaut

    that cant be charles lol or either he completely blacked on us. lol dudes ego is huggggggge kanye esq.

  • Yeezy

    My Ego aint That Bad....

  • joshchristenson

    quit talkin about his dick head

  • Fruuur

    hah! that gobstopper joint is hilarious

  • Dolce

    shut up fishsticks

  • Folabi

    fuck off hamilton

  • FredRico

    This mixtape is something else... amazing!

  • Csantos

    Wuts up with the download link?

  • Tonka Tank

    The link don't work, my niggas. Damn....

  • lasean

    damn hella haters in here....smh

  • LiL BiT

    EveryBody's NoBody was Dope and so was So Far Gone and tha Othas..My Whole Thing is Why Compare and/or Rank em..we should Just Be Happy That This Freshman Class of 09 is Puttin Out Bangaz and We Startin to Go Back To Real Hip Hop Instead Of RingTone artist. Drake Wale XV and etc is Goin To Take Hip Hop/Rap Where It Needs To Be!!!!..So Dont Hate On None of em!!

  • LiL BiT


    -EvEryBoDii's NoBoDy KiDD

  • OG Rico

    @lelan just want to correct you on something you said a couple days ago. Leroy Benros has a good hear for talent, but the man who discovered XV is Pat aka Patrick Switzerland. Check the credit, he used to work for Violator Mgmt and have worked with 50, Busta, Swizz Beatz, Cassidy, Saigon, CH...
    Him and Benros joined forces and created Noizy Cricket, they currently manage CH & XV... That's it no Esso...

  • LKC

    I got it friday, loved it. FALL OUT THE SKY IS MY ISHHHHHHH, and use to, undeniable.... AND I seen the myspace feature..

  • bennybennybenny

    Is anyone else having trouble downloading this mixtape?
    I've been trying to but usershare doesn't seem to be working for me at all, been trying to get this for days. Does anyone have any alternate links that aren't usershare? Cheers Benny

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  • yeah usershare ain't workin .. jus cop it from datpiff .

  • desparation

    can some1 plz put a DL link on zshare or something?? for some reason usershare wont work ive been trying for the past two days

  • moturbote

    @HAZE fuckk datpiff thers a few missing tracks which is wack

  • That was dope.
    He's like a mixture between Wayne & Lupe. It's weird.

  • RSX

    Fave Tracks:

    Everybody's Nobody
    Gobstopper (KHALIFA MAAAN!)

    least fave:
    Rabbit Hole

  • jetson

    @ og rico, damn howd u get all that info on noizy cricket?? Lol

  • cozer

    Link is deaddddddd. I want to download, anyone have a different link besides the Usershare?

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  • lu

    link is dead!
    please help.

  • My_Pops_Son
  • Props_To_My_Pops_Son

    Thank you for uploading the mixtape, I couldn't find it anywhere.

  • S
  • Pingback: XV - Fall Out the Sky (Trailer) | 2dopeboyz()

  • Thanks S for re-up. Needed this!

  • Tmo

    dayum. Rabbit hole. soooo tighttttttt. came back to listen to this again. forgot what i was missing

  • Diora

    Link is dead

  • chanimal

    could someone reup this.

  • lxlnethinglxl


    if ur interested, XV has his whole discography for download on his blog... thecoolniverse.com/

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  • Pingback: XV & Seven – Everybody’s Nobody (Instrumentals) | 2dopeboyz()

  • Pingback: XV & Seven – Everybody’s Nobody (Instrumentals)()

  • ace*

    still hot

  • Shadow

    damn im madd late son...still dope none the less

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