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Cassidy – Gun U Down Tonight f. Jag

blame it on Shake August 6, 2009

Over Jay-Z’s Run This Town. Skip to 3:20 if you just wanna rock with Cass’s rhymes. You got stick and seeds in your weed, we don’t smoke the same kind. Shouts to Splash.

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  • SMF

    Cass still got it…Shake any way we can break this track up and just have Cass verse? lol

  • 10

    haha yea forreal though just cass verse would be nice

  • Saito

    Just Cass, had to attempt it a couple of times to make it sound rite lol


  • ThaFuckinProblem


  • thank u for the Jagless version…a fucking Jag? that rhymes with 2 of the worse words ever: swagg and fag…

  • It sounded like Jag was like, Forcing it.
    Cass is lol. He spit them Murder Dirty Money rhymes that we all hate, but everyone loves the nigga.

    The navigation & mutt lines, lol.

  • ZeMatope

    When will this fool stop talking about killing?! Didn’t he learn a thing from his attempted murder trial?!!

  • bk2lv

    Zilla I see u…. And cass is funny still clapping niggas….

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  • t.a. morales

    Thanks Saito…I was gonna leave a comment asking the same thing…Still nice with the words.

  • Yatti

    He just talking about it.

    He did what he had to do, too many people acting hard talking shit for no reason like youre Zematope.

    It’s just rhymes he spit what he knows, what you spit about doing the Soulja Boy dance?

    Alright then.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    This nigga named himself Jag, is from Philly so he should know that their is a well known R&B female artist named Jag!
    Niggas never do they research, they just hop on beats and rock.

    The singing on this hook sounded horrible in comparison when you compare Rihanna to his weird vocals. I think he can sing but def choose the wrong song to do.

    Cass destroyed this. The only thing worth listening on this track! He did his thing.

  • dynamman

    Cass murdered this, thats why he is my favorite rapper. Yes, he always talks about the same thing, but his flow is just ridiculous, you can’t be mad at him for being real. Easily one of the best rappers ever/alive, so underrated

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  • Yeezy

    lmao^ at dynaman… cass b.r.a..b.r.e wat in the FUCK are you smokin cass aint even close he is raw tho