• skeme

    that show is gonna be dope..oh well rock the bells it is for me tomorrow..PEACE..btw new VAST AIRE song "battle of the planets" (cage diss) out now

  • Andre

    I'll be there. Legit.

  • http://www.myspace.com/youngjeezy Young JeeZy – GreatEst of aLL TiMe

    I hope they have a Young Jeezy show like this soon in NYC. NYC needs to show Jeezay more love. Jeezy is on Jayz's level nowadays. Thats why Jay-z rapps on his tracks. I am telling you check for Thug Motivation 103.....it will blow your mind...

  • Scorpio190

    AGHHHHHHH I cant make it tonight DAMM FAMILY coming to visit

  • Cannons

    I Need The How Fly Tape!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • THATguy

    how fly tape is tmrw...and this is the one weekend im not around NYC...someone needs to post a video of this tho....woulda liked to see a piece of strange performed...altho woulda rather it been Will Rap For Food...that's my shit.

  • shibby

    just copped my tix about an hour ago. Headed to my boys for some pre-game right now

  • CPtHYP

    Whoever wrote about Jeezy should be not allowed to listen to any QN5 or music period and also punched in the face. I was at the show last night and the whole roster was making fun of Jeezy specifcally and other garbage acts. I fucking hate rappers!