QN5 Megashow 2009 is Tonight!

blame it on Shake August 7, 2009

Today is my only full day in NYC, so excuse me if I don’t want to spend it sitting on my laptop updating the site. I know… I’m a jerk. But fuck it, things will be back to normal after the weekend. Anyways… if you’re in the NY area you NEED to be at this event as the entire QN5 roster will be in full efffect! Myself, Meka and a few other (2)dope people will be in attendance as well. UPDATE: It’s about that time for myself to hit the street. There’s a big chance there won’t be anymore updates for the rest of the day, but we’ll see. Be safe this weekend ya’ll!

DOWNLOAD: 2DopeBoyz.com Presents QN5 MEGASHOW Mix (Mixed by DJ JS-1)

  • skeme

    that show is gonna be dope..oh well rock the bells it is for me tomorrow..PEACE..btw new VAST AIRE song “battle of the planets” (cage diss) out now

  • Andre

    I’ll be there. Legit.

  • I hope they have a Young Jeezy show like this soon in NYC. NYC needs to show Jeezay more love. Jeezy is on Jayz’s level nowadays. Thats why Jay-z rapps on his tracks. I am telling you check for Thug Motivation 103…..it will blow your mind…

  • Scorpio190

    AGHHHHHHH I cant make it tonight DAMM FAMILY coming to visit

  • Cannons

    I Need The How Fly Tape!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • THATguy

    how fly tape is tmrw…and this is the one weekend im not around NYC…someone needs to post a video of this tho….woulda liked to see a piece of strange performed…altho woulda rather it been Will Rap For Food…that’s my shit.

  • shibby

    just copped my tix about an hour ago. Headed to my boys for some pre-game right now

  • CPtHYP

    Whoever wrote about Jeezy should be not allowed to listen to any QN5 or music period and also punched in the face. I was at the show last night and the whole roster was making fun of Jeezy specifcally and other garbage acts. I fucking hate rappers!