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Bobby Creekwater Leaves Shady/Aftermath (Video)

blame it on Shake August 13, 2009

I’m sure the majority of us saw this coming. But it’s good to see/hear it’s official. Creek’s (2)dope to be stuck in a bullshit situation like that. But damn, just think about it… Obie, Stat & Creek? They had a nice lineup of artists. And they just let them ride the bench? Labels stay fucking up. Shouts to Maurice Garland on the clip (and NahRight on the sighting). Also, hit the jump for a new Bobby Creek-assisted video from D. Fokis…

This is the first single off of The Be Strong LP by D.Focis. D.Focis is mostly known for his production work with major artists in Japan as well as artists in America like Nappy Roots, Bobby Creekwater, Donnis and many others, this is his 3rd release as an artist, but the 1st in America. He is from Detroit but now splits his time between Japan and Atlanta. The Be Strong LP soundtrack to a dream. The Be Strong LP will be available Sept. 1st, 2009.

PREVIOUS: Donnis – Over Do It (prod. D. Focis)

  • TruthMachine

    I know you guys gotta be cool with everyone, but Bobby Creekwater was NEVER nice. Everything I heard from him, and “Ca$his,” was painfully generic. Slim must have been drugged out when he signed them. Only possible explanation.

  • cru jones

    Although the labels do STAY fuckin up, you can’t just blame the label everytime.

    Artists are definitely to blame also when a situation like this happens.

  • Huh?

    “Slim must have been drugged out when he signed them. Only possible explanation.”


  • @TruthMachine – while i agree with the cashis statement, bobby was definitely nice man. its a shame he wasnt promoted correctly.

  • sylnc

    creek was nice, was really wantin to hear that brillant mistake album, guess that wont be happenin. i never been keen on cashis but creek has been findin his own style since anthem 2 da streetz vol 1 untill this new ep and his sound is of in his own lane but lyrically and delivery creek is completely unique and has a lot of talent. trice, stat, ortiz, and creek. interscope fuckin up.

  • cru jones

    @infamouszlegend – its not even that he wasnt promoted correctly.

    Artists signing with major labels is a deathwish. You can’t expect to go to a label and expect them to make you a superstar. That shit just doesnt work anymore

  • pr99

    hopefully we can hear some more creek now, like when stat left… hopefully them two can find a new route for their careers

  • james

    Bobby Creekwater is hell of dope. You must not be peeping his music.

  • D.

    Artists are definitely to blame also when a situation like this happens.

    cru jones said this on August 13th, 2009 at 4:13 pm
    ^^ignorance at it’s finest.
    what happened to all those joints with em and dre mr stat? i remember a whole lotta talk and anger about that

  • TC The Prince

    damn another gone if Cashis leave then Ima really b pissed hopefully Bobby Creek will still release a lot of material

  • Dj Ill One

    Artists are deffinitely to blame also when a situaiton like this happens? What? Okay,what about Joell Ortiz,Rakim,Busta Rhymes,Stat Quo? They were all held up by the Shady/Aftermath machine. Give me a break.

  • cru jones

    @DJ Ill – “What does held up by the Shady/Aftermath machine” mean?

    When you sign with a label, you’re expected to perform at a certain level and make them money. If a label doesn’t feel like they’ll recoup money spent on the record when they release it, then it’ll never be released.

  • sylnc

    they never released any of those projects cuz interscope wanted em, dre and 50 to drop first so as long as those albums were held back so was everyone else and they just got tired of waitin. u gotta remember wit creek bc era, bc era deuce, and the day it all made sense ep’s were released on creek bgov and not shady so creek puttin out his music on his own anyway

  • JLH

    What a surprise. another victim of aftermath. shit is ridiculous

  • J.Hoffa

    labels stay fucking up? If I owned a label I’m not puttin these dudes flop albums out!

  • gambit354

    let’s not forget they also had Joell Ortiz and Rakim damn shady/aftermath is fuckin up

  • Im Just Saying

    in the next few years your gonna see major labels on the decline it looks like they are not willing to take a chance on someone on the come up because they cant make them money. advice to any artists who might be on the verge of signing or have a buzz just get a distribution deal dont let these major labels fuck with your music for the money. music first money second.

  • derty

    I dont know, seems like every1 eminem or 50 sign nothing happens with them, its a big announcment and they just sit there and no material comes out. Cashis and Bobby both sucked, 1 or 2 good songs but there terrible artists, stat was dope, but his shit hes been releasing since blows, m.o.p. is the fuckin bomb but they got no chance with the unit, now there releasing shit and its some dope shit. mobb deep who gives a fuck about them anymore…..its like shady/gunit records is cursed…..

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  • mvera

    Easy solution for these guys follow in Joell ‘s path and hook up together and put out a quality album like slaughterhouse did. Man it has to be better than anything else they got going collectively.

  • mvera

    Im sorry I mean guys who satin limbo like rice, stat,and creek and hell even busta should join after puttin out that crap ass bomb

  • sylnc


  • illersz1

    Thanks for the half of the true

  • can someone please tell me what the instrumental at the beginning of the interview is, its driving me crazy

  • cya

    Good luck Mr. Creek, I eagerly await purchasable material. This is definitely the best situation for both parties, Bobby wants to release music and Interscope loves throwing money at artists only to drop them with no return on their investment. Congrats Interscope, you are officially the new Jive.

  • thanks for the share, it is good

  • Good luck Mr. Creek,