• emil

    You Rule Shake

  • Lil’ Nello

    My oh Mya!!!!!

  • BestDopeBoy

    Shake You Fucked Up The Ne-Yo Link!

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake


  • BestDopeBoy

    Thanks Shake...

  • Gypzy


  • http://twitter.com/jayysteeZ jayy

    lol @ Shake - its MH's girlfriend

  • TaTa

    THNKS SHAKE.. even if it did take forever ! lol

  • Gypzy

    Tank - Call On Me (prod. Tim & Bob)> this goes to sean kingston

  • http://hunterparrish.blogspot.com Cmoo

    Shake, the first Tank link is not Tank!

  • ThaOne

    The Ne-yo track is a cover or a reference track for Frankie j... Frankie j had the same song on his 2006 album priceless... Regardless Ne-yo on his grind

  • Lucas

    about damn time makes no sense took this long for the soothing session i was getting ready to start jus looking out for djleak when he post shit

  • T-Dot

    word ur the best shake

  • RSX

    Track 13 off that R.Kelly looks Epic. Kellz, Dream, AND Maxwell!!!??? 0____0

  • ayoooo

    to make up for the Sunday missing, you should post that headline pic as a full 500x500 cover lol

  • A.I.

    Dont worry Shake... U always come thru at the end... Thanks by the way... I'm lookin' forward to getting the Audiobiography fa sho...

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    - fixed the tank link
    - added 500px cover

    enjoy ya'll!

  • that guy

    The best thing going on the internet for real

  • bondi boy

    Awesome! Thanks, Shake.