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Jaz-O – Gangstas Ride f. The Game

blame it on Shake August 14, 2009

Hov’s fan club link up for a new joint produced by Jaz-O himself. Shouts to WeLiveThis on the premiere.

DOWNLOAD: Jaz-O – Gangstas Ride f. The Game | Mediafire

  • game disses jay cause he’s old but teams up with jaz-o who’s prehistoric….jayceon never ceases to amaze me

  • lasean

    damn all they need is dame dash and jenny jones

  • Jaz flow def on point & Game did a good job keeping up. Cool sh*t. Def better than what I expected

  • Fanboy1991

    Wow Game give it up you cant touch Jay-z. We need to have united and respect in rap not haters Jaz never signed his contract

  • damn

    Damn Jaz-O isnt dead yet?

  • HoldUp!!!!

    This wasn’t even that bad.Lite shots at Jay,nutin even heavy at him(I expected disses everywhere).Koo song

  • Jimbo

    I like the beat…



  • sargeant slaughter

    nice track……dude looks like martin lawrence in that pic.

  • Lito

    jaz has beats…

  • A lot of Game haters out there….but damn his flow is versatile!

  • Skylar


    Look like Martin Lawrence dad

  • LexingtonKruger

    did he mention his Impala? yeah

  • CoolMane

    jaz-o over jay z until both they old asses die

  • AD

    Shit is dope…I’m impressed. Beat is real good. Whole song on point.

  • AD

    Friends turn enemies
    Stolen identity, can’t get rid of me
    How I still cocaine, bubble up
    And keep a price double up
    You got a problem with a Marcy nigga
    Lock & load, or knuckle up


    Look like Martin Lawrence dad


    it looks like computers killed spelling too

  • b.

    wow… game doing double time raps. that’s mad interesting. gotta give it to them though for not slippin on it.

  • Manjit

    As a former big advocate for the dude, I’m as tired of Game’s antics as anyone else, but this song really is just what he needs out there right now. Though, there is a lot of gimmick in doing a song with Jaz, it would stand on its own as a hot track if there was no Jay-Z fuckery going on. Hopefully dude can lay off his bullshit and do more good music like this.

  • Cage

    Jaz old ass can still spit… I’m shocked Game didn’t fuck this up.. pleasant surprise!

  • http://www.robotsnrockets.blogspot.com

    Now this is the site to go to….
    And Jaz-O is garbage.
    That fast rap shit is played
    And how the fuck can you go flow over your OWN BEAT??
    The Game….
    Sit your ass down
    It’s like he says the same shit on every record

    Nigga bores me

  • chef

    this is kinda ill. jaz-o comes with it.

  • paperguy

    double time creator…its sad he never got any shine if that shit true

  • GURU

    One is a GROUPIE and the other is a BUM/LOSER

    but this is nicee

  • Ask Me What

    R.I.P HIP-HOP 1973-2003
    Age- To Many Rapper’s Over 30
    Money- This Is All 89% Of Rapper Talk About
    Computer- M.P.3

  • listener

    Uh, actually I’m very surprised…This shit is actually pretty hard. If Game and Jaz-O teamed up for a full project, Jay might have a legitimate concern.

  • J Kelly

    old man FACE!!!

  • WILL

    god damn. that was quite well done indeed.

  • Curtis75Black

    This track is Hot !! I knew it will be. They couldn’t fuck this up. Niggas can’t take the track for what it is, wanna be Beyonce. She already has that job Ya’ll !!

  • Krhyme

    How the fuck you people say ‘This person gonna live forever with their music’ but then talk bout age.

    Man, fuck y’all.

    Music ain’t got no age. It’s what who’s talented and who’s not. I could give a fuck, cause when dat new Rakim album comes out, I’ll be buyin’ it. Niggas could be 60, but if his flow is tight, I’d still buy it.

    As for this track, dat was fire from Jaz-O n Game. Bout time dude got some shine. Someone needs to needs to put Kanye-Z to sleep n bring da old Jigga back.

  • Brandon

    If Jaz-O is older than Jay-Z, then Game should pull those triggers at his temple like he’s been itching to.

  • chuck norris

    This song is hard body!!!!!!!!! JAZ-O and Game killed this one.

  • james

    Game is one of the best vocalists of this era. His double time flow has improved since LAX.

    Track was dope. Far better than the most of the trash on LAX and Pussy Monster. Beat was even hot for being a loop.

  • Brandon

    Damn Game, why can’t you put shit like this out ALL the time? smh

  • Jay-Z

    Gimme Gimme Gimme That Groupie Love

  • http://www.robotsnrockets.blogspot.com

    Oh…and this record is still wack.
    It’s not about Jaz-O’s age…
    This song and his flow is tired.
    As long as he’s been spittin,he can’t stay on beat?


  • Cesc

    This track is kinda hot. For real.

  • Get At Me

    Crazy, Game would destroy Jay-Z, Jay don’t want it with the king.

  • Huh?

    This is actually nice. I wouldn’t mind hearing some shit like this on radio.

  • gaga

    LMFAO @ the dude that can’t spell computer!!! hahaha illiterate e-thugs.

  • It’s about time Game drops a good track.
    Game isn’t beefing for Jay because he’s old primarily. Game is not that dumb. Otherwise he’d beef with Dre and Cube… Get your brains fixed. He’s beefing with him because Jay hates auto-tune and he’s trying to change hip hop again(which I agree with his move) and Game wants hip hop to stay. But the funny part is: Game cried last year because of the state of hip hop, now he wants it to stay? Bi-polar++ :/

  • Games beef is all about gettin some attention.
    Next month he’ll apologize like some bi-polar med taken child.
    Game has no credibility in his beefs.
    And Jaz beef is simply jealousy because someone he put on has eclipsed him and not given him his “props”

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    This is much better than I thought. The hook needs a little work, but overall, it’s straight. GOD BLESS. Thanks

  • Unxpekted

    Hov fans club?

    Jay Z doesnt even rap he is a pop commercial artist that caters to 20-30 year old white men and women he is not hip hop

    Jaz-O = gutter, hip hop, lyricist

    Game = murdered Jay, jay never replied, better artist

  • George Clooney

    1. Song’s not bad at all
    2. Game’s double time flow is no where near as slick as Jay’s
    3. Game COULDN’T go at Jay on this track, it wasn’t by choice. What’s he going to do, call Jay an “old ass nigga” when he’s got a 44 yr old on the song with him?

  • Unxpekted

    1. This song > Jay-Z’s fake ass american gansgter album + blueprint 3

    2. This track is fucking sick the double time flow sounds like the 90’s again, anytime hip hop sounds like the 90’s again is good for hip hop.

    3. Jay-Z raps one word per 30 seconds now and sounds like big bird trying to school 16 year old white kids on how why hes going to wear black for four years straight wtf? didnt he retire lol

    Lyrically always has been and always will be:
    Jaz-O > Jay-Z

  • Unxpekted

    Dammn cant stop bumping this shit!

  • the beat is dope… lyrics arent bad… would of been a dope collab if it wasnt motivated by Jay-Z hate.

  • Justin Herschel

    Classic Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow if The Game raped like that watch out HOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Herschel

    and the beat is classic

  • Justin Herschel

    track has been on r5epeat all day

  • Justin Herschel

    If The Game’s new LP sounds anything like this song, and he brings the flow like on this track, it could be serious stay using beats by Nottz & J-Dilla (I can dream cant I lol, but The Game did shout J-Dilla out on his Doctor’s Advocate RIP List in the comment booklet. So I know The Game knows good hip hop hopefully he says Fuck the Label and just brings out some real; hip-hop, we’ll see the RED album will be in stores this Fall

  • You Jay-Z cocksuckers need to fall back for real. Hov’s flow been washed up. Game + Jaz went in on this.

  • 206HipHopHead

    Good track, waaaaay better than I expected, but they still can’t touch J-Hova

  • @ Justin Herschel
    If Game “raped” like this…LOL

  • jayrock
  • james

    Man, shut the fuck up stans. Both Jay and Game fans are ridiculous. Jay has been a consistent artist. Game just released a decent track. Get the fuck over yourselves and stop sucking their dicks.

    All take it like R.Kelly, age ain’t nothing but a number so shut the fuck up. Idiots saying hip-hop = auto-tune should be smacked.

  • Unxpekted said it best.

    Stop sucking Jay’s dick saying he’s the best rapper alive… you all must be blind or even at least thinking he’s better than Game(lol?). He’s commercial now. He didn’t answer Game because he was too pussy and scared for a 400 bars track. If he had balls, he would’ve dissed him in a track directly and let it go.

  • Nobody’s ever spit 400 bars. Whoever said they did is retarded at math. That’s like 25 verses of 16 measures each without stopping. Even if the Game or whoever did spit that much it would be waaaayyyyy boring after about 100 bars. I don’t care how dope u or the beat is.

  • *yawns* fuck game
    once u come at jay for sum gay shit lik that u automatically

  • james

    You must be fucking idiots if YOU DON’T THINK JAY IS BETTER THAN GAME. Game is a fucking ant compared to jay. Shaking my head at this tards posting. Go back to your lame ass BWS faux bootcamp shit.

  • gotta admit the song is dope…jaz killed it…game hung in there..amd i normally avoid all things game like the plague…the beat is nasty too

  • Mayne my nigga Game killed this song
    I never listened to Jaz-O but homie murked the beat mayne
    Shits been on replay since i downloaded it

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  • I personally think Jay-Z is one of the greatest rappers of all time….but with that said, THIS RECORD WAS HOT! Jaz-O stil lhas it, old and all.

    Great subliminal shots.

    “I never got dissed on a 2pac song” was my favorite line. Good ish.

    Jay-Z and Jaz-O back together on a song would be flame. Maybe when hell freezes over.

  • Too many comments stating what Hip-Hop is. Hip-Hop isn’t anything specific but rapping, it’s not gutter, hood, African-American, etc…

    Yes, these are the things that may be common in Hip-Hop but there’s nothing that says Hip-Hop can’t be anything other than the stereotypes.

    I mean c’mon the second Hip-Hop song to go gold was by Blondie (look up the Rapture), if that isn’t enough of an example for ya’ll I dunno what is.

  • Unxpekted

    This shit is soo fucking sick trumps the hell out of we run this town commercial garbage

  • daniccawiturbitch

    The song is hot, but c’mon u know a focused Jay would murda da hell outta dis beat, n shit is way too double time to be a diss record, they need to drop dis whole anti- jay-z campaign, Jay got Be coochie and crazy stacks, he don’t give a shit about their groupie and disgruntled asses. N if u think American gangsta was not a good album, fuck ur bitch made ears. At least 75% of dat album was fire.

  • The song is better than i expected. I don’t know what Games beef wit Jay is about, but has Game’s beefs with anyone really ever had a significant cause? But the bad thing i have to say is, ain’t Jaz and Jay’s beef lingering like a bad smell? They’re both good artists, Jay is commercial as fukc now and doesn’t really reach the street anymore, in my opinion. Also in my opinion, give me a legitimate beef with any of them and i will lay the reign on em, in a real battle rap fashion. Beef is good as long as it doesn’t go past the music. It’s how we earned our MC credit in the old days.

  • LT

    These Game haters/Jay-Z dick riders don’t understand that Jay-Z literally stole Jaz-O’s name and flow. It doesn’t get anymore clear than that. Jay-Z stole Jaz-O’s name and his flow back in the day. Just look at the name, then listen to the flow on Jiggas old albums. There you have it. Game killed it as usual. I heard someone say that Jaz-O doesn’t stay on beat…. Neither does Jigga thats whats so funny. Jigga built himself on Jaz-O’s identity and now his flow is all spoken word because he thinks hes some kind of poet. But I guess hes also supposed to be some kind of American Gangster (yea right) trippin like hes frank lucas… Doin tracks with MIA, Santogold, and rhianna to stay relevant… shit is whack.

  • computers improved hip-hop & all types of music, these are what music is mastered on. & if u want to blame the internet, all things change how they are transferred (communication). also, the internet is a tool for young MCs like myself to get the classics when we don’t gave a close record store and anywhere that has those older tunes..

  • have*

  • Rico

    dope ass trackkk!!!

  • Rico

    dope ass trackk!