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Big Mike & Jae Millz – Zone Out Season 2 (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake August 15, 2009

Apparently, Splash has been sitting on this for about a month but was never given a tracklist so we all had to wait haha. Featuring Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, Drake and the rest of the Young Money hoodlums.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Big Mike & Jae Millz – Zone Out Season 2 | Mediafire*

*shouts to KINGQ for hooking it up with a tagged (filenames, etc) version!

  • LG

    ima get it lets see young money…?

  • is anybody listening 2 jae millz anymore or ever?

  • yo

    no no no was my shit. XXL actually named that song ” last great rap single” when it came out.

  • he has dick pleaser on this is??? i hope not


    I tagged each song (filenames and song name, artist, etc.) And threw NewMusicCartel.com tags in there. Hopefully it helps instead of people seeing Jae001, Jae002, Jae003, etc.



    Much respect to the whole NMC,

  • Ghost In The Shell

    ZOS 1>>>ZOS 2 Unsigned>>>Signed to YM

  • “B.I.G., am I trouble or What?!” Jae Millz >>>>> “It Don’t Matter who ya is Miss, you can get Tha Bizness” Jae Millz.

  • Lotlan

    good shit, can’t wait to peep this

  • KOJ_the_YDC

    @Cr!tical…real shit that was a cold line how he delivered that shit, he was killin with that one

    don’t know what jae millz is doin with his career, if your name ain’t lil wayne or drake nobody’s checkin for you on young money

  • Isaiah Thomas

    lol Cr!tical made me google where that line was but the battle was sooooo one sided I swear but how do you look up at the sky and shout “ayo big am I trouble or what” lol thats real cold

  • su fan in san ann 44

    What critical said is right on. Jae Millz at one time was killin pretty much everything he was on and holding it down in the battles. He’s a perfect example of someone who had to change their whole style of music because of the industry

  • Jaywall

    Only Young Money artist with Buzz…
    Nicki Minaj

    Omarion will get his..Mack Maine is playing it safe on these singles, they need start performing tracks off they mixtapes they released instead of D3.

    Millz will get his.

    Gudda Gudda aint marketable, but he go hard imo.

    Twist And Chuckee are gimmicks..

    Shanell is marketable too, very marketable, she can sing and she fine…

    T-Streetz just gon be a hookman or a Memphis Bleek to Wayne..except he dont rap much.

  • officer ricky

    KINGQ- why would you tag it up with newmusiccartel.com tags? shit is annoying lol

  • My_Pops_Son

    Come on Millz!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!? Leave this Young Money bullshit behind and get back to what you do. Just because you can put shit like this out and it’s better than everyone else in that crew, does not mean you should settle for that, because ain’t nobody in Young Money worth listening to other than Drake. It’s like being the star of a special olympics basketball team.

    What happened to Jae Millz aka The Statue?

  • burnt cabbage

    is anybody listening 2 jae millz anymore or ever?
    Trouble Maker said this on August 15th, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    Yeah they are. Every time you hear a lil wayne song. Millz writes for all your favorite
    rappers. He’s the guy behind the curtain.

  • J Kelly

    are the DJ DROPS obnoxious on this or wha?

  • Unxpekted

    I am convinced. When Lil Wayne write his own rhymes they sound like.

    “Da da come to pa pa eat my pirahana na na lala haha your a circus bar and im a research star with a cursive car?” wtf yes

  • Jaywall

    Im conviced if Wayne didnt sell a milli + with C3 in a week..yall wouldnt be hating, he’d still be the Wayne yall love.

    C3 > Any 09 album.



    Sayin that C3 was better than any other rap album in 09 really isn’t sayin much. The Slaughterhouse record is the best release of 09 in my book. Good 09 releases are few and far between.

  • JL

    that has to be the dumbest comment on this port
    1.Wayne might not still have ghostwriters, but he DID have a ghostwriter for C1
    2. even then C3 is one of the shittiest albums in recent memory.
    3.09 Albums that kill C3 = Pretty much every 09 album, but lets just have some fun by naming some: Rejuvenation – Abstract Rude, A Different Mirror – Toki Wright, Never Better – P.O.S., Slaughterhouse – Slaughterhouse, Blitz The Ambassador – Stereotype, K’Naan – Troubadour, Tanya Morgan – Brooklynati

    I could keep going, but you get the point.

  • SOC4L

    C3 was str8 garbage any1 who thinks it was best needed to listen to more than two albums: C3 and soulja boy SMH