The Undergods (Keith Murray x Canibus) - Show & Prove f. Crooked I

We dropped the first leak from Keith Murray & Canibus' upcoming collab album back in June. And now they are back with leak #2 featuring the boss of the West Coast.

DOWNLOAD: The Undergods - Show & Prove f. Crooked I | Mediafire

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  • Mycrophiliac

    UNDERGODS & CROOKED? I just came.

  • Damn...where have they been! Love Love Love it!

  • Lado

    UNDERGODS & CROOKED? I just came.




    you came ?...
    that was kinda really almost absolutly gay

  • fuckyall

    release date announced yet?

  • Cage

    That shit was dope. Lol @ niggas that bust over a song? Go get you some ass..

  • LMAO....he was just excited..a little TOO excited lol

  • I came too, then I left.

  • Crooked dont belong with these two Lyrical Giants.

  • ^^^^^^^^^ You must not know who he is then. Please stop your dumb "I hate Slaughterhouse cause they might have beef with Legends and I have to side with someone" shit.

  • Rio$


  • noname

    this shit goes..I'm lookin forward to this project

  • wasnt expecting this but looking forward to it

  • dirtysixchambers

    are the people posting "you really came from this shit llolomlmlaololroflalflmlolol!?!?!?" being serious? like do you guys really think he was being serious?

  • jayson

    this is going to blow survival skills out of the fuckin water

  • COBNinja

    3 dope MCs on one track, its dope, i dunno how the undergod album will turn out though, most likely not that great

  • Y0

    @Joe Budden a codiene fiend???

    obviously keith murray and canibus disagree.

  • Y0

    oh and by the way crooked has the best verse

  • David jefferis

    nice to hear some undergodz goodness the album might be a be hit and miss but i hope they pull it off but . ps rip the jacker , 2000 bc , mic club , still get regular play in my ipod .

  • Kadio

    This some good shit. The homie Crooked I finally getting his respect. Canibus, Keith and Crooked - Bomb Shit!

    Fuck the haters!

  • Mycrophiliac

    lmao @ some fags not understanding the difference between a figure of speech & a real orgasm, fucking wastes of sperm aren't making me proud I shouldn't have fucked their mothers in the first place.

  • whaaat

    undergods or underdogs?

  • Adup

    what ^^ said. tag says Underdogz, last leak said Undergods, and this description says Underdogs.

  • Verizon

    it's Undergods

  • My_Pops_Son

    Honestly wasn't feeling the beat at all. Lyrically it was on point but that beat almost made it unlistenable for me.

  • T-Mobile

    it's Underdogs

  • Crooked I Suck Dick

  • star trak

    wtf is up with keith murrays verse

  • SKHipHop

    west coast kind of beat.. stop hating for real.. how is it lame.

  • Skylar

    This is cool. Very throwback track to the days where EPMD/Keith/Uncle L would get on on an Erick Sermon or Scratch beat and wreck it on some Def Jam shit. Keith & Can-I-Bus flow was really similar. I been a Crooked man for a long time and like dude said, Crooked I finally getting his due.

  • rayman

    check dis song out wit crooked AND my bro aquino caddy whippin hard

  • BA
  • MikeyFatNuts

    Do you know who's producing this?

  • DopeBoyFresh

    Underdogs or Undergods?

    Make up yo mind, Shake.

  • It's undergodz as far as I know - dope samples on this one!

    LMFAO @ people hating on Crooked I - you don't know shit about lyricism. Undergodz obviously reached out to dude, so saying he doesn't belong is ridiculous. <-- go DL that new Westside Slaughterhouse tape and see Crook shine, haters!

  • killa

    Crooked I sounds flow whatsoever..
    How u gonna put a death row reject wit lyrical giants...bad mix no chemistry with crooked herb wanna be gangsta

  • undergods. sorry yall... blame my temporary dyslexia that pops up every so often.

  • spitboss
  • Fame4Free

    Erick Sermon produced this track. Much love to Wu brethren M80 for making this combo come to life. Undergods definitely in the fucking building! Slaughterhouse all day.

  • 1-Crooked can hang wit these 2 anyday

  • Melo15

    yeah why hasent survival skills been posted yet it leaked a couple days ago

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I used to love Canabis he jumped on my top 5 all time list when I heard him the 1st year when he came out and I respected Keith Murray too but Crooked I bodied them on thismtrack.
    It wasn't even close.

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