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C-Murder – Melody Of Innocence

blame it on Shake August 17, 2009

Umm… we all saw the footage of the other shooting. Innocent isn’t what comes to mind when C-Murder pops up in conversation dude. Best of luck in the bing. Off DJ Smallz & DJ Neptunes’ Southern Smoke TV v.4.

DOWNLOAD: C-Murder – Melody of Innocence | Mediafire

  • RICe

    LOL this is what happens when rappers try to be gangsters. He should have just sat on his ass on his big brothers couch and mooched.


    C-Murder cold blooded…i dont care what the dopeboyz say it takes some type of person 2kill another person…some of these rappers jus b holding and talkin like they gone squeeze….dude did….should b a lesson 2some!

  • that guy

    Thats why I don’t even listen to all this hardcore gangsta shit anymore…it may sound nice, but this is the real result. These dudes out here start inspiring people to do this bullshit and fuck families up.

    Im glad his ass is in jail. He got what he deserved.

  • But that’s nothing to be proud about though. Look where it got him.

    This may sound heartless in terms of the victims he killed, but I want to see C-Murder get a lesser sentence. I wouldn’t wish Life in Prison or the Death Sentence on nobody. IDK. Just my personal belief.

  • ZeMatope

    Dude is a prime example of what’s dragging society backwards. Should be thrown under ten jails for his stupidity. Someone should have told him Gangster was played out by 1999.

  • derty

    you know, we seen the video, we know what you did, you cry that ppl treat you bad cuz ur name is C Murder…..well u know what you fuckin murdered some1, name or not, you deserve where you are…..but ur name is now the joke of many talk shows…..ppl are laughin at you….ur not innocent lol