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Donwill – Aight, New Drink EP (Snippets)

blame it on Shake August 17, 2009

After Donwill tore it down at the QN5 Megashow with his performance of Laura’s Song he let me know about this upcoming project. Recently linking up with Rob Viktum for a full EP featuring the likes of Von Pea, Phil Nash, Lee Sissing, Jermiside, Elucid, Add-2 & Theory Hazit. The entire project drops on September 1st over at RappersIKnow. Until then… here are some snippets to hold you down.

DOWNLOAD: Donwill – Aight, New Drink EP (Snippets)

  • DayO

    i wonder if the PBR logo is recognized al over, or just in cali…?


  • anything from Don, Von, or Il gets my stamp. My calendars are marked for this.

  • the interrupter


  • excited to see this on 2dopeboyz. this is going to be so dope. Rob viktum is beast on beats and he his one of the coolest cats i have ever met.

  • dave

    the thought that someone in cali thinks they made pbr what it is baffles me. that’s like cali asking, anyone else know bout this trucker hat thing?

    cheap beer and shitty clothes are one thing the midwest can claim.

    anyway, excited about this project

  • DayO

    midwest playa can suck my cali ballz. but youre right about shitty clothes though, you guys are a buncha dorkz out there

  • Geezie

    Theory Hazit is dope! I didn’t know kats was up on him

  • dave

    keep tellin yourself that

  • to geezie** theory won Scribble jams beat battle 2yrs ago called the beat down. rob viktum is the one who organized it and had the monthly beat battle called the beat down in dallas, tx. i think thats how the met. they are both on jabee’s “must be nice” mixtape aswell check that out.

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