2dopeboyz Presents Punchlyne & Fokis - The Appetizer EP

I told you today was gonna be a (2)dope for hip hop releases. 14KT, Fresh Daily, Che Grand, Hannibal King, Havoc and now this? Sheeeiiit. The brand new EP from Punchlyne & Fokis; brought to you by your favorite dopeboyz on the internet, KevinNottingham & HipHopGame. Don't ignore the folks presenting this tape as each site will have an exclusive track bonus track.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: Punchlyne & Fokis - The Appetizer EP | Mediafire
2DBZ BONUS: Punchlyne & Fokis - This Feeling f. Pressure

Show Comments
  • Mar

    Is Che grands Album for free? If yes, why only an itunes link?

  • yo

    Cause its not free. Support Support.

  • Mar

    Makes sense. thanks

  • http://nysportspace.com NYSG

    This Feeling is fuego - I'm diggin all 3 of those dudes verses and the beat is right too

  • cru jones

    Punchlyne...not to be confused with Punchline? (from punch and words)

  • http://www.thekaoseffect.com Señor Kaos

    ^^ @ Cru Jones

    The Punchlyne you hear on this record, is the same Punch from Punch and Words as well as the group EMC.

  • yo

    The best part is that HHG still dont have their version up yet. Congrats HHG. you've be irrelevant for years.

  • http://punchplanet.wordpress.com Punchline

    yes yall this is the same punchline from emc i have changed the spelling of my name

  • Grunds

    Hopefully that'll finally clarify it and register with some of these people who still are confused over one letter change...KN doesn't offer the separate exclusive site track on their site tho...disappointment..

  • http://punchplanet.wordpress.com Punchline

    no the extra song is on kevin nottingham. its in the folder when you download it

  • Ms. Hiphopaholic

    this joint aiight. i'm jih feelin it

  • rt

    @ yo

    Yeah, it would have been nice if all 3 could of dropped at the same time. Guess HHG had to mess it up.

  • Gusto

    yeah man, i wanna here the exclusive from hHG they fallin off heavy. i also wanna hear another emc album.. they rule.. about to download this ep, hope its good.

  • http://facebook.com/moodsandvibrations Moods & Vibrations Productions

    enjoy this EP ya'll solid material, more to come

  • http://facebook.com/moodsandvibrations Moods & Vibrations Productions

    EP is bangin baby

  • Gusto

    I must say, it is a good solid project. favorite songs r beware, crabs in the bucket, appetizer, enemies of the state... but the ep bangs cant front.

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  • B

    dope ep! head has been nodding the whole time

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  • ziplockp

    yeah. HHG takes the fucking L. smh...

  • rt

    damn punch, can't you post the HHG track here instead? HHG obviously doesn't give a damn about your mixtape. You would have had to put Jay-Z or Lil Wayne in the title for them to pay attention.

  • http://punchplanet.wordpress.com Punchline

    link for the bonus song HHG didn't post http://usershare.net/u7hgteqwnnx0

  • rt

    @ Punchline

    Thanx for the track. HHG's loss. they're missing out on promoting a real solid EP

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  • Scarab

    Y'all keep postin so much dopeness I cant download fast enough!

  • visco

    this is 2dope, cant keep up either haha but this got bumped up my playlist in a hurry.

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