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XV – G.O.O.D f. Really Doe (prod. J Dilla)

blame it on Meka August 18, 2009

So here’s a brief recap of my day thus far: I woke up to a bunch of text messages and Twitter responses saying somebody hacked into my email asking my contacts for KiD CuDi tracks. I then spent the entire morning trying to get back into my email, ultimately doing so and finding the cumbucket (who lived in Austria of all places) who hacked my shit actually in the process of hacking my Twitter account and booting him out of my email account before he could do so. And we’re not gonna even talk about the 40 Glocc “beef”

So now we come to this song: apparently the dickface tried to get XV to give him a song that didn’t make the cut of Everybody’s Nobody, presumably to try to sell them. But by the time XV responded (read: a few minutes ago) I had already regained control of my email account and booted the assclown out of it hours prior. SO XV just decided to let me let this one loose anyways. Got it? Good.

*goes to lunch*

DOWNLOAD: XV – G.O.O.D f. Really Doe (prod. J Dilla) | Mediafire
BONUS: Really Doe – DJBooth “In The Mix” Interview

  • man that sucks ass Meka, but XV is cool dude for actually responding when he thought ‘you’ were asking for a track haha

  • neqquah

    that’s some wild shit

  • XV did that verse on the DJ Enuff Freestyle on A-List a few weeks back

  • gygygygygygypzy

    alkgjsald;gkjs the fuck….

  • Im Just Saying

    Big Sean 2.0
    rappers with decent skills need to get a good producer instead of rapping over beats that wasnt given to them.

  • Undftd4evr

    Didn’t he just do a whole mixtape over original production? or am i wrong?

    either way. dope track. heard the verse already but it’s sounds better over Dilla production

  • Yeezy

    dope shit but yea now we knw tht shit wasnt a freestyle when he spit this on enuff’s show but this def shulda made the cut on e.n

  • yea he spit this with j cole but umm so wait is he signed to GOOD? cus i remember him sayin he had a talk with them and then now he’s doin a track called G.O.O.D. with an artist signed to GOOD sooo likee…

  • The Kid CK

    Damn I want some Cudi stuff as bad as the next man but hacking all that stuff is just sad.. thanks for the XV track.

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  • Soul Heir

    Is this really Dilla on production? Not Nick Speed? Ol boy sampled that same Smokey & the miracles for a beat on the “witness my growth”/Elzhi mixtape…Sounds similar…but cant compare without it in front of me…As a Dilla head I don’t remember him crafting this…

  • chasna

    isnt this a j dilla beat

  • Myth_Seeker

    ……yea this is a dilla beat straight from the old beat tapes he was passin around

    ya’ll cats dont know dilla

  • kate

    …geez another dilla beat jacker
    cant yall just listen,and enjoy the dilla beat cds that are floating. listen* be inspired* write* DONT RECORD IT

  • flip illson

    this is track 5 from J Dilla’s Motown beat cd
    which in my opinion nobody should ever rap on
    the same for all Donuts except the ones he gave to
    Ghostface for “Fishscale” and
    Slum Village rapped over “Gobstopper”.

    Elzhi spit over this on a track called “Love it Here”
    Danny Brown did a track over it on “Detroit State of Mind”

    but really, the Motown CD and “Donuts” are instrumentals
    that i think doesn’t need niggas rappin over.
    DOOM, Q-Tip and Kweli fucked up “Lightwroks”
    “House of Flying Daggers” so lackluster for a Motown beat.

    seriously, niggas i lessening the aesthetic quality of these
    beats. the only way i accept any of these niggas rappin over them
    is if they pay Ma Dukes the bread for these joints
    since she finally won the case.
    other than that i disprove. i mean the nigga
    made a good song, but this was favorite beat off the
    Motown Beat CD. fuck that.

    —a dying metaphor—

  • DRE

    that mixtape was legendary im putin that up there with the warm-up, so far gone, and go time-Nick F(i really liked that mixtape!!!

  • flip illson

    and to reiterate for Soul Heir,
    Nick Speed did not make that beat.
    the beat was from Dilla’s Motown beat CD.
    even if you listen to “Love it Here”
    there’s a nasty ass piece of feedback going into
    the second verse from them not cutting it properly
    to loop it.
    not to hate, because Nick Speed dope in his own right
    as well. if you don’t believe me pick up
    Danny Brown’s “Hot Soup”. a majority
    of the beats are from Speed on there.
    anywho, outtie 500

    —a dying metaphor—

  • ay the nigga emailed me like “I realllyyy wannt that heart of a lion track” LMAO

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  • e

    no one should touch this beat after what el (officialy) did with it

  • 081

    What the fuck happened with 40 Glocc?

  • thankyou

    no one cares about 40glocc, or meka, or xv !!! gtfo with your im cool cuz rappers know who i am bs stories

  • Unkle Ruck-Us

    Feeling this…just not the verses…or hook

  • Dolce

    where’s the track with J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League? this is boss too though.

  • For real I didn’t even know 40 Glocc before he did that shit to Lil wayne… But I forgot him shortly after anyways.

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  • Dollar Dill

    anyone know the status on the other unreleased jdilla joint that was rumored to be out soon?

  • johnny76

    Really Doe released his new album on ITUNES today… it is banging, 16 tracks and already at the 6th spot on the billboards. plus it 8 bucks, f**k yeah- I will take it fam!

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  • Was wondering why I woke up to an email asking for CuDi tracks. Had to do a triple take on that one. Really weary about these hackers. Good to hear you regained control. On the bright side, we got something good out of the whole ordeal.

  • I don’t really understand why people beef over someone rapping over a Dilla beat. Most sampled tracks are using another “original” artist. I’m a big fan of J Dilla’s music and appreciate his contributions. He understood the spirit of music. It is a gift to share and only lives when you spread it to others. The energy you give is what you recieve back. As for anyone telling someone what they should not write to or be inspired by should not even comment. CHECK YOURSELF. YOURE FULL OF HATRED. Hip hop music is bigger than you and your bitter broke ass & lack of ambition. If James was here to tell people himself “Don’t use my tracks” that is one thing but I’m tired of people “police’n” another man’s legacy. Let people celebrate J Dilla’s spirit how they choose. Otherwise your are just trying to KILL everything someone has ever accomplished. Success & wealth is not measured in $ signs. James Yancey pursued his dreams and his memory should live on thru those that appreciate his work & as a person. I always suggest to others to ignore selfish losers. They just don’t help or matter! May J Dilla’s spirit live on forever!

  • TizzyD

    track not found =[

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Uhh wtf happened to da file, wut XV took it off or sumthin? smh

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