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DJ JS-1’s Greatest Sell Out Moments (Video)

blame it on Meka August 19, 2009


From the most legendary groups in music to today’s leading athletes, JS calls out anybody and everybody that has ever sold out. Uh-oh.

  • Know something, he’s right…

  • chef

    definitely all true statements. i agree with all of it.

  • He sounds bitter. Sounds like a bitter backpacker.

    In general this whole sellout concept is lame to me in the entertainment business.

    The only selling out which I find unacceptable is political.

    As far as Jay-z saying he’s dumbing down his shit…so did RZA, Ras Kass, etc. Does that make me dumb? No. Fail. Maybe he hasn’t noticed but most talented MCs dumb down their shit. Would you rather speak to 5% or reach the 85% who are dumb deaf and blind? They still drop knowledge and life lessons (even Carter).

    Those baseball players followed the money. So what? They’re being exploited by the owners, so they want to get paid. So would I.

    Don’t validate Puffy? Puffy makes moves he doesn’t need validation.

  • Sean Juan

    Nice to hear someone that actually says what needs to be said. And, I’m in agreement with most of it. Although to be fair, Def Jam was well on its way downhill before Jay-Z came into the fold. He’s right though. Jay could’ve been the one to bring it back to where it belonged. Instead he took it further down at the expense of some great MCs.

  • yo

    I dont know what a DJ JS-1 is but he sounds bitter.

  • Jason

    I agree with homie, but his album was weak as fuck…

    Most of those beats were trash.

  • Brandon

    I only watched the 1st 30 seconds and that was enough for me. I agree with the full 10 minutes, don’t give a fuck what he said.

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  • i agree to like half
    hes assuming that the people had no will to do the things and theyre overseers made them

    and hey, can you blame someone for comun up?
    as long as you dont fuck anyone over, i say go collect

    i mean yeah, jay dumbed himself down, but he still sounds intelligent when need be
    ie. beach chair

  • not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouths. so you can’t get mad at somebody for trying to get some extra change. he’s really exaggerating some shit though.

    bitter backpacker. well put.

  • dopesir


    Grow the fuck up dude haha you can call it what ever you want but its the way the game goes niga.

  • sam sneako

    everything said here was the truth.

    alot of y’all need to remove a few dicks from your mouths.