Cambatta - Captain Morgan

After a six month hiatus, the Jean Claude Van Damme of this lyrical era is back to kick box these simplistic chasers into submission. Nice's words, not mine. It's fitting though haha.

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  • listened to this like 6 times in the last couple hours, cambatta is one of the best lyrically out right now..dude is mad slept on ..every verse/track i heard from dude is fire

  • Tye’s Tunes

    @fulltimeboss *absolute co-sign*
    By the title I thought it was gonna be another Busta-Pass The Courvoisier but pleasantly surprised. Loved the no-hooks just bars approach haven't had that in awhile. Just as I felt some punchlines were just OK, he effs ya head up with some crazy *ish. Also glad to see Ski Beats gettin' alot of shine lately.

  • Skid Marky Mark

    Ski Beats = fail, dude is a loop artist. STOP LOOPING AND CALLING IT PRODUCING.

  • Dolo808

    Why is every1 judging verses on the punchlines what happened to flows and saying some real shit?


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