Grandmaster Flash: Where DJ'ing Got Its Start pt.2 (Video)


Browns Place in the Bronx is where I, Grandmaster Flash continued to develop the turntable science. I would host parties in the room connected to my apartment. Right around the corner on Alexander Avenue is where I played my first big park, 54 Park!

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  • Tye’s Tunes

    "power from the street lights, made the place dark..."- KRS-One

    Long Live REAL Hip-hop.

  • I'm over Legends rubbing their position in history (hip hop) in our faces. GMF has achieved more than any other DJ (or some artists) ever will, but dude needs to take off the fitted, run a few laps, and LET US (yes, US) celebrate him.


Desiigner Cleared of Felony Drug & Gun Charges

The "Panda" rapper is still facing charges for "felony possession of a controlled substance & menacing."

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