Juelz Santana - I Wanna Bone f. Un Kasa & Sen City (prod. Ron Browz)

Before you say anything, Splash has already apologized for the Un Kasa sighting.

DOWNLOAD: Juelz Santana - I Wanna Bone f. Unkasa & Sen City (prod. Ron Browz)
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  • Juelz is dope as fuck. Don't really feel this one doe

  • This sound like some Day 26 shit lol. This the 1st beat from Ron Browz I'm actually feeling but I'm glad he ain't jump on cause he straight up wack. I hope Juelz ain't gonna have too many guest appearances on his new album. He been gone too long. He needs to redeem himself.

  • I second that. Sell this beat to Day26

  • yo un kasa is sick wit it....i love those verses he had on the opening of diplomatic immunity when cam was like i dunno i already turned it in then lets him spit....dope

  • WrapUp

    This nigga is getting washed up just a few minutes from being ready to be dried out!

    The sad thing he doesn't see how wak the SkullGang thing is to people not to mention how nonexitant and irrellavaent he is right now!

    Just look I'm only the 5th person commenting on this laundry!

  • klark kent

    yea this track wasn't given to the right person


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