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Juice – FSD Interview x Go Ill Freestyle (Video)

blame it on Shake August 21, 2009


FakeShoreDrive catches up with (the real) Juice to talk about a variety of topics. From his career and history in the game, other freestyle emcees (Supernatural, etc), the different definitions of “freestyle” to his “beef” with Rhymefest. And while were at it, check the radio freestyle where he took some shots at The Game and his “fake” Juice. Freshly liberated by DJ Timbuck2. Apologies for the poor quality.

You ain’t really nothin’ but another fake Juice to me, and that’s The Game’s Juice, I’ma have to let the name loose, you know how it is I’ll hang him and Game with the same noose

DOWNLOAD: Juice – Go Ill Radio Freestyle

  • Yo

    I live in Chicago and this is the only juice we recognize out here. Those other guys? Not so much..

  • Starface

    The Game’s ‘fake’ Juice ain’t fake, this Juice is just mad cuz he aint getting paid.

  • THIS should be a raof even tho hes nice

  • this juice >>>>>>>>>> that juice

  • @shake
    i know, i know this juice is betta than that juice but they are both nice

  • myth_seeker

    ^^no, nope, nada, negative

  • yo

    no not at fucking all. That other juice is an ass hat. Man the disrespect in the c section is rampant. Fuck what you heard. THIS Juice is the only Juice. sorry kids.

  • skeme

    this is the only JUICE i listen too

  • jerry

    this is the juice i’ve ever heard let them battle for the use of that name .personally i know the outcome ask eminem…

  • Wonderin

    This is the only Juice I’ll recognize.

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  • james

    fuck that lame fake mutherfucka from the west.

    he ain’t hot. he’s another shitty “rapper” who took his style from Game…who happens to be a shitty rapper

    feel sorry for the west coast when they go these cats repping them

  • me

    this juice is so wack he didnt never get recognized around the country…so i aint payin him noo mind…if hes so good why he startin beef?

  • Skylar

    I’ve heard cali juice several times, was never impressed. I prefer (312)’s version.

    if you ain’t heard west coast Juice, go peep him though. Who knows, you might dig his shit.

  • y0

    this juice is far better lyrically

  • Eightys82

    SMH @ the 2 people saying “if he;s better why is he not recognized and he aint gettin paid”…so just cause people know who you are that means you are good? people know Soulja Boy does that mean he is better than Blu? get the fuck outta here with that logic If you dont know who J.U.I.C.E is then either just started listening to hip hop 3 years ago or you are a mainstream dick rider. Ask Eminem who this Juice is, and Supernat.

  • Word, this is the REAL Juice. Me and my homies still trip off dudes old wake up show freesyles. I got a freestyle he did over the phone that would blow your fucking mind. This is definitely that dude. That OTHER Juice is mediocre, doesn’t really stand out at all just another thugged out street rapper. This dude right here is about real skills and lyricism. BIG UPS.

  • “let them battle for the use of that name”…thats it there…
    personally i think its disrespect to the legend that publications even acknowledge “the other Juice”…not sayin he aint dope i never bothered to listen

  • Juice is dope…