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2DopeBoyz.Com, Native Instruments, Tanya Morgan, Interdependent Media, Society Original Products, and Audible Treats Present: The Brooklynati’s Got Talent Remix Contest

blame it on Meka August 24, 2009

Hey, you. Aspiring producer. Wanna win some free stuff? All you have to do is put your own spin on a Tanya Morgan cut. Got your interest? Read under the cut for the full details.

Download the “Never Enough” acapella. Create your own beat around Tanya Morgan and Carlitta Durand’s lyrics and hook and send a 320kbps MP3 (44.1kHz constant bit rate, normal stereo) file of your remix along with your name and email address to [email protected].

1st Place:
1. Native instruments prizing (1 Maschine and 1 Traktor Scratch Pro),
2. The winning submission will be included in the release of Tanya Morgan’s upcoming iTunes single release,
3. Brooklynati-inspired clothing courtesy of Society Original Products,
4. 1 signed copy of Brooklynati, 1 certificate of victory signed by select members of the Brooklynati Chamber of Commerce

2nd Place:
1. 1 official Brooklynati Survival Kit,
2. 1 signed copy of Brooklynati,
3. 1 certificate of victory signed by select members of the Brooklynati Chamber of Commerce

Contest Timeline:
* The contest will launch Thursday, August 20th.
* All submissions should be sent as 320kbps mp3 to[email protected].
* All mp3’s should be titled “Name of Producer – Never Enough Remix”
* Producers are allowed one submission only
* All remix submissions are due by 11:59pm on Thursday, September 3rd.
* Tanya Morgan and their label, Interdependent Media, will judge all entries.
* The winning remix will be selected and announced by Thursday, September 17th, within two weeks of the contest’s close.

Got it? Good. Now get to it.

DOWNLOAD: Tanya Morgan – Never Enough (Original)
DOWNLOAD: Tanya Morgan – Never Enough (Acapella)

  • willie dee

    I Got This

  • private

    meka the acapella is funny. thx

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Thanks for the lead on this one. Peace and GOD BLESS

  • boring day,
    might as well :)

  • so bored today might as well hop in on this lol
    what do i have to lose?

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  • Thanks Meka, I’ll send this over to my cousin.

  • *cues FL Studio*

  • KillaCam

    Fuck Society Original Products. Those dudes are fags and their gear is played out. gtfoh wit that streetwear bullshit. Tanya Morgan should know betta! BK is in the building!

  • longest post title ever…


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  • DJ Nymblepaws

    longest post title ever…


    hahahha thinking the same thing

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  • O.

    Im on it.

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  • Shaun

    Is sample clearance an issue with this contest at all? I don’t wanna submit something that’ll get thrown out automatically since I don’t know how to clear samples or whatever.

  • A fan

    ^ Yea I would think so…Submitting something that is sample based you kinda disqualify yourself if you think about it..Be original people..

  • a producer

    hip hop? sampling? think about it.

  • A fan

    Its not that easy…”Producer”

    It will go on Itunes…..and sometimes messing with someone elses music hip hop or not comes with responsibility…You think their label wants to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a sample clearance? For a contest?…Fuckouttahere…Like I said…Be original…Anybody can sample…Not everyone is talented..

  • Blizzard1mage

    Submitted :)

  • @ fan
    not everybody can sample… unless u base ur shyt off the puffy era…
    sampling is a skill, learning to play is a skill together both are crazy, and although i agree with u that it would be a hassle (that’s y im not gettin down, i love sampling more than my keys) don’t be so quick to write off somethin like that…

    if u are software based you, technically, are using samples of instruments…

  • R. Soon

    @ dirtykics Well, not necessarily…many apps have original oscillator or other types of soft-synths, or at least support VSTi synth modules. The Subtractor, Maelstrom, and Thor synths in Reason are good examples of non-wavetable synthesizers.

    It’s very possible, if you *really* want to do it, to make synth-based tracks without so much as a sampled hi-hat.

    @ a producer, at the very least, if you’re going to sample some stuff, you’ll probably want to flip it up pretty thoroughly to keep the original from being identified.

  • agreed *take off e-thug crip rag* i have reason… and a microkorg but i love flippin records w/ my mp and sp 606

  • A fan

    @ dirtykics

    lol yea man…Thats being really specific as far as in sampling though unless everything is live…What i mean is the sampling of someone elses full work lol….i doubt the label would want to go through that hassle trying to clear the sample and even if the sample is flipped good enough they probroly still wouldnt want to take the risk..


    Co/sign man…

  • although i do wish one of these cats would jus say “f it, knock ya heart out” lol

  • A fan

    ^^ haha.^^ lol

  • chasna

    lets gooo!!! just submitted mines

  • Blizzard1mage

    Wonder if there’s a page we can hear the other entries.

  • A fan

    ^ They will probroly have something up soon^ Cant take the wait I see? lol…

  • Here’s mine, if anyone’s interested:
    Let me know what y’all think.

  • Blizzard1mage

    It sounds all right, though I wish there was a bit more oomph to it if you know what I mean.

  • B. Williams
  • R. Soon

    From what I’m hearing from cats, this is going to be a good contest! Here’s what I sent over to them: http://usershare.net/q14l2nw2afnf

  • Blizzard1mage

    ^ For some reason, I can’t listen to it.

  • R. Soon

    Weird…but usershare seems to suck wildebeest dicks half the time, so no surprise. Course, zshare does too, but *shrug* worth a shot? http://www.zshare.net/audio/65117975dfd54ccb

  • Blizzard1mage

    I can hear it now. And I must say, very interesting arrangement.

  • R. Soon

    Much obliged, my good fellow!

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  • R. Soon

    Well, clearly the arrangement wasn’t nearly interesting enough. Hats off to the finalists.

  • I don’t like ANY of the submissions that made the finalists.

  • Elias

    Here was mine. Best of luck to the finalists.

  • a fan

    The only one I thought was aight was chuck macks…..None of them are in Key though..I guess none of us knew what they were actually looking for…Best of luck for the eight..and good job to everyone that participated..

  • a fan

    Honestly B will i thought yours was good too man…..These submissions on some different ishh…not what i thought would be considered finalist at all…

  • dave

    so…..who won?

  • Phil

    I hate when the don’t tell u won won thats some ole BS!!!


  • this was our submission
    let me know what ya’ll think about it

  • chasna