Drake x Eminem x Kanye West x Lil Wayne

I've got your attention huh? Well word is, a record will be hitting radio/iTunes on Friday. In conjunction with a More Than A Game movie event involving LeBron James. I have a feeling a song with this type of star power is gonna be ruined by some akward concept or something. I hope for the best though. Speaking of star studded collaborations. Remember Swagger Like Us? And how people doubted US for having it first (back when ya'll still doubted our exclusive game haha)? Well... we did have it but played the political game with Atlantic (still unsure why) and the version we had featured a different T.I. verse. Check it out below (sorry for tags). And ya'll remember the SLU pt.2 talk? Anyone know what happened to that? All I wanted was Andre's verse. Sad to see nothing formed from the rumor. UPDATE: KarenCivil comes through with more info on the track. Apparently it's a remake of Drake's Forever. Same beat (by Boi-1da) with different verses from Drake & Wayne and new ones from Em and Kanye (obviously).

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  • fro


  • nastydaville


    got the clear eyes dude on this track son.

  • 1

    eminem ...lil wayne...

  • http://myspace.com/dah2l JL

    Voice tag dude KILLED that shit. I think they should replace wayne with him on the new joint. He's The TRUTH.

  • ck47

    Im intrested but if Eminem and Wayne don't come on point shit could be mad wack.

  • David Jefferis

    this has the chance to be so dope hope it pulls together well and as shake said hope it doesn't consist of a corny concept . ps. my respect for 2 dope has gone up big time for not leaking material they could have , good job 2 dope . def best blog site ............ Ever in hiphop.

  • D.

    ahhhh holy shit if this happens..........

  • http://www.myspace.com/clintpartie Clint Partie

    What is SLU?

  • David Jefferis

    swagga like us = SLU

  • MuK

    ^ Swagga like us

  • mmkayy

    ^ Swagger Like Us (SLU)

    umm im all for hip-hop... but this is the most weirdest collabo ever.. it could be great or one big epic fail..

  • D.

    .........i will bust a nut

  • David Jefferis

    true ^ hope it works out though hopefully they try and out do each other .

  • E


  • veraci0us

    after changin verses he stil only had the third best verse after jay and kanye lmao..

  • http://www.myspace.com/clintpartie Clint Partie

    Aaah...sorry, I guess I shoulda figured that out. 3K was supposed to be on that? I couldn't really see that cuz he doesn't use or condone the use of words like swag or swagger.
    "Your whole swag is fag like your book bag." (c)Ron Smart

  • joebudden

    do yall honestly think this is REAL? cmon now

  • J to tha S

    if this tracc leaks.....GAME OVER!..........waitin on friday....

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Wow this T.I. verse is better than the one they officially released!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBh0LZjTWHc&feature=channel_page jayrock

    The SLU beat is soo whack

  • :\

    Fuck that give us a Jay/Em track.
    See is Jay can outshine the wackness that is Eminem right now.

  • http://ketchup-plz.blogspot.com Sleaze

    Voice tag dude KILLED that shit. I think they should replace wayne with him on the new joint. He’s The TRUTH.
    i second that motion!

  • David Jefferis

    Fuck that give us a Jay/Em track.
    See is Jay can outshine the wackness that is Eminem right now.
    :\ said this on August 25th, 2009 at 1:39 am
    if jay can outshine em , you have to be kidding , listen to relapse again and take notes. em is streets ahead , in flow , in dynamic style , and in lyrical integrity.
    jays not bad im not hating and thats your opinion just saying , come on.

  • Quam

    streets ahead?

  • http://www.smejemesenainternetu.cz Zábavná videa

    It´s yeah!!!

  • http://www.google.com the internet

    you nmc dipshits are weak. who gives a fuck if you get the exclusive? i mean honestly? it's about the music and the love of music. not to mention, when you get an exclusive of JAY FUCKING Z, there's a slim chance that it wont end up on every fucking blog on the internet within hours.

    who. cares? i'm definitely a fan of this website and have been for over a year now, but this NMC exclusive shit is ridiculous.

    stick to the music, motherfuckers.

    the internet

  • http://imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    lol the nmc shit is pretty gay--the way they present themselves reminds me of little kids...but ya im betting this track will be over hyped and forgot about in less than a week after it drops

  • David Jefferis

    streets ahead = a better master of ceremony = Mc , its just what i think @ Quam but your opinion is yours and i respect that .

    haha wheres shady universe he used to start funny arguments on every eminem related song .

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  • scuba chicken

    errr.. last time i checked
    i was the man

  • D.

    lol at wheres shady universe

  • c’mon man

    aww yeah this about to be hella evil, lets see how demonic this gets :D

  • http://infamouszlegend.wordpress.com infamouszlegend


  • David Jefferis Australia

    aww yeah this about to be hella evil, lets see how demonic this gets
    c'mon man said this on August 25th, 2009 at 3:52 am
    WTF ?

  • Darius C.

    Is that pic old? peep Ye's BP3 hat. haha

  • David Jefferis Australia

    how did you notice that , pretty sick hat

  • http://www.lilwaynehq.com LilWayneHQ

    Wow! Counting the days already!!!

  • 305one2three4

    CANT WAIT!!!

  • MIGGZZ418

    y is drake there? smh
    anyway weezy and em better go hard lookin foward to this shit

  • TE

    swap drake for jay-z.

  • c’mon man

    why do niggas not care now a days that these dudes openly disrespect god? am i the only one who has a problem with this?

  • mmkayy

    ^ lol

    swap lil wayne & drake for Jay-Z or Nas or Andre 3000... & then change the title of the track and we good lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/clintpartie Clint Partie

    @ the last guy...
    What in the world are u talking about?! I'm a Christian but hip-hop & rap has nothing to do with that.

  • Juanka

    this is only 4 names, especially drake & lil wayne...

  • c’mon man

    Youtube.com/PimPb1420 do yourself a favor

  • http://www.detroitrap.com pat313

    any track with drake = FAIL!

    any track with weezy = Fail!

  • David Jefferis Australia

    i can not believe i watch that gay youtube clip your brainwashed @ c`mon man

  • tricky

    Ether that shit goes from the studio direct to itunes or there MUST be leak befre friday right?

  • wow

    Now all they need to do is replace the weasel and that kid from degrassi with people who can rap about stuff besides sitting in assholes and fucking all the girls in the world, and the song might actually be good

  • Peptoo

    nah, drake could come clean on this one. weezy...i dont know what to expect, he can go nicely and then kill the whole verse with the "im the shit i stay away from the poop scoop" status -_- smh
    Kanye has been on a roll, so I expect him to give some decency. And shady's a legend, to all those dudes sayin hes slackin atm, fall back and put your thinking hat on and listen to some of his wordplays on the relapse and definitely his freestyles off of westwood.

    tbh, if it comes out, i have no idea what i will expect.

  • David Jefferis Australia

    AGREE ^^^^^ @ Peptoo

  • http://hiphopgremlins.com Morph

    Honestly the other tracks we've been hype about this year has turned out to be a joke.

    Drake x Jay-Z
    Slaughterhouse x Pharoah Monch

    So it'll probably end up like Drake on the hook Kanye on the beat and Em's wack funny ass voice shit still killing Wayne

  • illersz1

    50 cent must be MAD !

  • AD9E$R

    get rid of wayne, drake, n kanye, n replace them wit jay-z, andre 3k, n 50 n we got a track. dont need 3 faggots on 1 song

  • who cares

    i hope 2 god this aint tru. Once Eminem strts workin wit Lil Wayne, Kanye, Drake, any of them dudes then my hope 4 hip-hop is truly goin 2 plumet

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ veraci0us

    Are you fucking serious?!?!?! Jay's verse only had that 1 good line about class and Kanye's was full of melodies like a faggot.

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ AD9E$R

    Uhhhhh NO 50. Dude is fucking wack.

  • George

    shake i neeed this version of SLU! tips verse on this is way sicker than the album version. fuckin record execs swear they know what we like. and they fuck albums up. hit me tha link though son! georgegreco86@gmail.com

  • Muzzie

    @c'mon man: Kanye is pretty religious. Listen to the actual lyrics, I bet you probably think things like "Jesus Walks" are insults to God. Then Drake is jewish so I don't really know about him, Wayne and Eminem are just... yeah.

  • Tricky

    I was always wondering how em would sound over a kanye beat.... Might this song be the answer to this question?

  • APayne

    I pray to God this isn't true. Don't want Em to stoop as low as to rap with Wheelchair Jimmy and that homo ass Weasel.

  • FreshPrince

    SLU had some of my favorite artists, and it didn't really deliver. Decent track though.

    I hope Wayne and Kayne don't use auto tunes.

    How much swagger do u have to use auto tunes?

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  • kidadonis

    I can't tell if that is Ye or Jay in that picture...but Lil Wayne sure looks like a goblin there

  • http://www.twitter.com/gooderz Gooderz

    That verse by T.I. was fire!!!!!

    the tags were terrible though

  • byahbyah

    Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Kanye are all aloud to be on a song together? I didn't think that was aloud.

    Regardless, it should be crazy just to hear Eminem and Kanye together. To me they have always been two conflicting personalities.

  • gRiMy

    @pat313 ---> pat313 anything in life = FAIL

  • http://www.twitter.com/thenewam Truth

    drake is getting the pedigree from the greats in the game. he sat at the kiddie table for two days moved on to filet mignon and shrimp

  • Busy

    i dont believe this one bit... i guess ill have to see it to believe it.

  • Dimiter

    Hmmm. T.I. used this as second verse for "Welcome back to the trap".

  • *Name


  • T-Dot


  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    Yall fucking stupid. That verse was weak compared to the official one cause of the vocabulary and the flow. It didn't fit right and don't be saying the label execs fucked it up. Tip is his own label exec along with Jason Geter with Atlantic distributing dumbasses Smh.....And trust me, I listen to dude so I know what I'm talking about. His flow was more cleaner and vocab was on point on the official.

  • Quags

    Could be incredible. Could suck balls. Will most likely be somewhere just lost in the middle. It won't be awful but it won't be phenomenal. It's too hard to impress people when they're expecting something.

  • Money

    50 cent must be MAD !
    illersz1 said this on August 25th, 2009 at 6:55 am


  • Kimbo Ice

    obvious prediction: Kanye & Em so far lyrically outshine Wayne & Drake on this track its embarassing. reminiscent of Ye & T.I. on Swagga Like Us

  • Yatti

    blah, slu got old withing a month. overplayed and over hyped on the radio.

  • jimmyyy

    None of those guys even belong in the same atmosphere lyrically when it comes to Em... and Em has fallen off so this is gonna be fucking gey... i cant believe yall think Kanye has bars lol

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    How has Em fell off??? People don't know what the fuck they're talking about Smh.....

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  • crumbliNherb

    am i high or was eminem not on that lol

  • *Name

    people need to stop saying that Marshall fell off... have any of the people, who say he's not as good as he once was, listened to relapse? c'mon!!!

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "am i high or was eminem not on that lol"

    ill chalk it up to you being high as the track that played isnt related to the drake x wayne x em x kanye joint. reading is fundamental kids!

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ *Name

    I guess they haven't cause last I checked it was sooooo much better than Encore. Just imagine what Relapse 2 is gonna sound with it continuing after Underground.

  • AhhhhYeahhhhh!!!

    "y is drake there? smh"
    ^^^Yea.There givin this kid WAY too much right now,shyt is gettin ridiculous and on my nerves.Let him prove himself with at least two actual albums first.Shit

  • AhhhhYeahhhhh!!!

    "Drake is getting the pedigree from the greats in the game.He sat at the kiddie table for two days,moved on to filet mignon and shrimp"
    ^^^^^^^^^Yea like what the fuck?Sign with Wayne and Kanye's management and they have you work with legends all day?Man fuck outta here Drake til you rightfully prove yourself.MY opinion he shouldn't be anywhere near Eminem and Jay-Z for a track yet

  • Shady

    Bad News For You Guys That's Hoping That This Ain't True...

    It's Confirmed...The Shit Is True...I Hope Em Comes Angry On This Shit...Fuckin Just Snap On It...This Is Gonna Be The Most Awkward Collab Ever...

  • Ringer

    Drake's album doesnt look promising but when hes on a track with Weezy (minus Every Girl) he outshines Wayne. Kanye's assists have been stupid sick lately, and the last track Em put out was the Warning and we all know that was his bet shit since his return.

    If it's half as good as it COULD be it's better than (insert favorite Slaughterhouse track here.)

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  • g

    Im otta kentucky jayz kanye em a wayne is hotter than a party at my crib

  • g

    youll niggas keep on banging fuck the hatas shit on them one luv gabriel outta elizabethtown kentucky