Drake - Forever f. Eminem, Kanye West & Lil Wayne (prod. Boi-1da) [CDQ]

Well well well, what do we have here? Is this the track that everyone has been wanting since we made the announcement? I believe it is haha. And for the record... Em fucking owned it with that flow. Nobody is fucking with him on the technical shit. Everyone did their thing on this track though. I'm happy and relieved at the same time. UPDATE: What's a tagged version? And what's an edited version? This is the real deal (Holyfield) folks... and hit the jump for the official cover.

DOWNLOAD: Drake - Forever f. Eminem, Kanye West & Lil Wayne (prod. Boi-1da) | Mediafire | Sharebee

Shouts to HustleGRL (and NR) on the artwork.

Show Comments
  • Jay Daniels

    Shady you motherfucking god.

  • J Kelly

    first on this? word...

  • ck47

    Eminem killed it with that flow>>>>

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  • mm34

    wow that tag is annoying as fuck

  • http://fgdhjfgdjfgj 34dtgfhfd

    OMg i jus jizzed my shyt Lmao dis is to hot....best track of da year

  • http://www.ThaCarterCartel.com iRicky The Kidd

    it's ok

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/zachp Zach P

    drake sounded horrible.

  • james

    god damn! this does not disappoint. it lives up to the expectations. i love when that happen.s

    drake and eminem respectively killed this track but damn did drake sound nassally, em needs to give him some lessons because he used to have the same problem

    ye and wayne were dope as well.

  • RICe

    Wow. Did they recycle this beat? Lol I'mma play them both back to back.

  • http://www.allthatsfresh.com Cannon

    like i said on twitter:

    em > drake > kanye > drake's hook > the beat > the violin stabs in the beat > the drums in the beat > drake's adlibs > lil wayne

  • ck47

    Lmao Cannon!!!!

  • http://www.pwelbs.com Pwelbs

    Hasn't this beat been used before?

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "Wow. Did they recycle this beat? Lol I’mma play them both back to back."

    umm yea. its been known they were reusing the beat ever since the news broke.

  • RICe

    My bad pimping, didn't get the memoooo

  • Jaywall

    Lil Wayne went the hardest on this shitt!!!!!!!

    Wayne > Em > Drake = Kanye .

  • face

    didnt think em would do a track with wayne. will wayne be on detox?


    I dont even like Em that much, only some tracks i like by him, but damn em goes in!!!!!!! em and drake went in on this here. kanye and wayne did they thing too.

  • http://myspace.com/dcthesoulchild D.C. THE SOULCHILD


  • http://www.lilwaynehq.com LilWayneHQ


  • QB

    Nah, not feeling it.. maybe it was hyped up too much, or maybe it's the fact they still using Autotune.. Kanye came nice though..

  • Quam

    track was alright till ems part

  • mark

    wow drake is absolute fucking garbage and that tag is annoying as all hell

  • Jaywall

    They didnt use autotune? WTF?

    Amd Yeah lyric wise Wayne took the show, flow wise eminem took the show.

  • spankras

    Eminem murked this shit! DAMN!

  • meb

    yea beat is familiar, im not gonna lie em does compliment the song quite well..

  • Finy


  • SHOWMAN3000


    I'm shocked Drake went DA FUCK IN... EVERYBODY DID THEY THING!

    All depends on who you like in particular... Kanye was a little off on this but it was good!

  • sanetomo

    looks like boyz r on it today!!!!

  • J Kelly

    eminem is godly

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Dreamer)


    Now what was some cats talking about earlier on a post about Eminem not being relevant to hip hop? They should HEATH LEDGER THEMSLEVES NOW!

    I loved the original version to this, but THIS new version? THIS ISH RIGHT HERE! FLAME.

    Drake's verses was dope, Kanye came with it (PAUSE), Lil Wayne....um....I'll get back to you on that.

    If this was Swagger Like Us, Eminem gets the T.I treatment. (Just a much iller version).

    Best Verse and Delivery...and that's actually a different style of delivery for Slim. Dope!

    Drake has the cosigns now man . There's no denying him.

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Dreamer)

    Still not a huge fan of that production though for such an epic song.

  • http://myspace.com/dah2l JL

    Em ethered wayne on this shit lol

  • yo

    Eminem make em look bad. Too easy.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    You are a complete hater if you heard Drake verse and utter the words wak!

    Even if I don't like a rapper I acknowledge when he does good!
    Drakes verse and Em's verse were the best hands down!

  • http://myspace.com/dcthesoulchild D.C. THE SOULCHILD

    Drake wasnt in to the song the second time around he was still tight but he should of went in like the first time around. it is my opinion so dont talk shit idiots

  • http://youtube.com/user/CJVB23 ComplexTheMC

    Em>Wayne>Ye=Drake in my opinion.

  • http://chriscampbell27.blogspot.com Chris Campbell

    em is crazy impressive on this one ... kanye kinda made me cringe at the beginning of his verse, but he went on with it nice ... i've never heard a drake verse that he didn't have a cold on ... and wayne was on this track? musta missed that one ...

  • realtakvs


  • P.S.A

    this..actually lives up to it's hype....nice.

  • Busy

    wow... i honestly cant choose whos verse was more dope... all of them went in!!!

  • Calvin

    So first off, that damn tag has me holding off from dl-ing it cuz it's so annoying.

    But this track is fire. can't wait for the No tagged version.

    and since everyone is doing it IMO
    Em > Drake > Wayne > Kanye but they all go in.

  • brainstorm

    you forgot one thing cannon...
    em > drake > kanye > drake’s hook > the beat > the violin stabs in the beat > the drums in the beat > drake’s adlibs > annoying tag> lil wayne

  • Comp


    Some y'all niggas think of the 1st nigga you gonna hate on in the morning before you even yawn!

  • Pitter

    holy shit. holy shit.

  • Jaywall

    Yes Wayne definitely murdered this song equal with Em, Em just has that flow that disgusts everyone.

  • http://nextdoorent.wordpress.com nextdoorSTB

    boi-1da is gunna fucking explode after this song. first, best i ever had... now this... props to him

  • b.

    good job eminem. i won't go into my usually styles biter rant hahaha but can we please get more "technical" posts please? lmfao. too much mediocre hip-hop artists and their fans runnin' around thinkin' they dope or some shit. lol

  • Shade

    Drake > Li Wayne Em > Kayne

  • CoolahDanu

    Fuck Lil Wayne
    he fucks up everything

  • Nassir

    @ nextdoor Boi 1da did this beat first.

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Dreamer)

    I agree...this could have done without Wayne and he could have been replaced with Jay-Z, or even J-Cole for that matter.

  • H-Town


  • starbettv

    em > ye > drake > wayne...

    em- shit was crazy...
    ye- been on point in his 09 features...
    drake- wasnt expectin him ta be as hard as he was
    wayne- wayne sit the fuck down... not gonna lie i expected better from this duude since he MURDERED the first one... Wheres the real carter when u need him (jay-z)

  • huh


  • Q

    shit song

  • real1

    LMAO at these 3 faggeits, em can at least spit


  • Dre

    Major League over hyped, its good but damn that fucking beat pisses me off who is the producer!!! why would they use old production for a song with features like this, and the hook sounds familiar, Kanye is on this song why didnt he produce??? and this was put together bad!!!

  • Melo15

    yeah wtf the hooks been used before and the beat sounds wicked familiar

  • yungsnf

    lil wayne is weak im only listenin to this for EM...Drake is aight he makes a good hook too

  • http://gettingblackasiwant.blogspot.com/ Cr!tical

    Em > Ye > Drake > Drake's Hook > Reused Beat > Wayne.

    I mean, I was expecting more from Lil Troll, especially since he was missing his vocorder. Someone should cut him out. Just for fuck's sake.

  • myth_seeker

    why would they really let em get on that UGH MURDER

  • huh

    The tags 100000000000000x>>> Wayne

  • Yeezy

    Everybody brought their big guns to this show.. TRACK OF TH YEAR WAYNE N EM OWNED THIS SONG. Kanye said "Fucked the game young statutory rape" thts dope!!! tagless version asap pleez...gla to see the lack of needless hate goin at this track cuz its undeniably flame!!

  • the leader

    damn... jay-z should be included.... this will destroyed the radio... eminem is a monster...

  • yungsnf

    I just want Em's verse

  • http://brooklynfits.com brooklynfits

    [quote from brainstorm]
    you forgot one thing cannon…
    em > drake > kanye > drake’s hook > the beat > the violin stabs in the beat > the drums in the beat > drake’s adlibs > annoying tag> lil wayne


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  • peptoo


    its over.
    Goodbye rappers, I will miss you all.

  • james

    Em > Drake > Wayne > Kanye

  • Slim “Stan” Shady

    The sad thing is that I new most of you Stans would say Em killed it the best before you even heard it.

    He could of sang gospel on the track! He did his thing though! I think it's a even tie between him and Drake then Kanye. Kanye was good but took kinda long to start spitting some good lines then Lil' Wayne only because his wild changing in voice tone continuously is so childish and even his fans hate that shit but he continues to do these doofy sound effects like a 12 year old.

    All that being said his lyrics were good but the flow wasn't wak it was just annoying!

  • WheelChairJimmy

    It sounds familiar because DRAKE AND WAYNE ALREADY HAD VERSES ON IT LAST YEAR. They just reused the beat/hook. THIS ISNT THE FINAL VERSION. Somebody else will be on a new hook.

  • block

    em < drake < kanye < shitty tags < the shit i just took < lil wayne

  • Jaywall

    Niggas is hating on Wayne for no reason? You can honestly sit there at ya little computers say he didnt BODY THIS SHIT? Success makes niggas mad. And Kanye didnt go hard his 8 or so bars.
    Drake went in doee,
    and em is obviously the standout artist with that flow.

  • huh

    every person making a slaughterhouse comparison should probably re-enact the torture scenes at the beginning of the song Method Man on themselves for being so fucking retarded. Not every song with 4 artists on it needs to be compared to Slaughterhouse

  • Dre

    Shakin my head at the stans!!!! lil wayne verse did kinda dissapoint me though, Drake could have went harder, Kanye was great, and Eminem, what can i say what else did you expect!!!

  • http://fgdhjfgdjfgj 34dtgfhfd

    Ans ya thought eminem lost it

  • http://youtube.com/user/CJVB23 ComplexTheMC

    I wonder if this shit will be on Thank Me Later

  • http://fgdhjfgdjfgj 34dtgfhfd


  • http://www.allthatsfresh.com Cannon


    you forgot one thing cannon…
    em > drake > kanye > drake’s hook > the beat > the violin stabs in the beat > the drums in the beat > drake’s adlibs > annoying tag> lil wayne

    brainstorm said this on August 26th, 2009 at 3:08 pm
    Thanks for the proper correction brainstorm

  • Pitter

    props to shake for this. 2dopeboyz is the only site you need to visit. no tags soon?

  • GDC


  • Jaywall

    Anyone notice how Drake kinda stole Big Seans flow on this song...

  • thankthehiphopgods

    pretty sure i can die happy
    oh and since everyone else is doing it, Em>Drake=Wayne>Kanye

  • Esvi


  • jt

    Em went SILLY WITH IT

  • http://www.myspace.com/cuj CuJ

    This is definitely a good look for Toronto HAHAAAAAAAAA the north is slowly gonna take over

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bballerfrum916 DJ Jdub

    em > ye > drake > weezy

    i don't understand how people like weezy.. his voice is annoying and his lyrics ain't great.. way too many punchlines IMO

  • me

    LMAO!!! Wayne got murdered chopped up and got scattered all over the place by Eminem.

  • http://gettingblackasiwant.blogspot.com/ Cr!tical

    SMH @ JayWall.
    I agree with "Huh" with the Slaughterhouse comment. I said that earlier.

  • http://rainycityradio.com Kanemku


  • InsanefAx

    kinda gay they reused the beat

  • http://www.myspace.com/guccimane/ freshkidd734

    NO AUTOTUNE, NO EM CORNY VERSE.....it must be my birthday...lol

  • Detroit89

    eminem made the track. take eminem off the song then this track would be half as dope as it is.

  • Calvin

    you know what? fuck the tag, I'm downloading anyway it is just (2)dope.

  • http://www.twitter.com/thenewam Truth

    fucking ushershare

  • Mr.Slim

    Major League over hyped, its good but damn that fucking beat pisses me off who is the producer!!! why would they use old production for a song with features like this, and the hook sounds familiar, Kanye is on this song why didnt he produce??? and this was put together bad!!!

    Dre said this on August 26th, 2009 at 3:15 pm


    Hey you crying sissy!!! The radio and other people in this country more than likely haven't heard the original song with the beat. If you're a regular on music blogsite and actually download these songs or mixtapes than it would be new to you just like any stranger who doesn't have the time to do the same ya weirdo!!

    The internet is powerful and relevant but don't underestamate how many people who don't like going to blogsites or download shit!

    Lastly the beat was hot then and is still now and is the same hook from before just new verses you damn baby! You thinking this beat is wak is a major FAIL! Listen to blue grass you Sissy!

  • Coolsville

    Honestly, I thought it was just ok. You guys must be forgetting what Em is capable of.

  • jZilla

    gotta keep in mind that kanye and drake did their verses before they knew eminem and wayne were gonna get on it too. kanye definitely would've went harder if he knew he'd be rapping with the man who got his Big Brother on his own track haha


    don't like EM really but he did kill'em. Def. sounds dope when he is hyped & drops the accent voice. Drake is nice on this. hooks not that bad.

  • Yeezy

    heard once now im listenin a second time to disect verses.

  • huh

    I just found out that REH DAWG is gonna be on the hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The song just got 1 million times better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dat nigga

    Eminem fucked that beat in the ass with an aids dick and killed everyone else on it. no rainbow.

  • Timillion

    did eminem finally drop the weird accent?

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Dreamer)

    Did you say Drake stole Big Sean's flow because that's what Big Sean did on Supa Dupa?

    I'm a fan of both rappers, and they aren't the first cats who have done that.

  • http://imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    can someone please edit the em verse as one mp3..its the only part of the song worth listening too---wayne kanye n drake are all ass

  • R.E.D

    em drake wayne kanye>>>>>>>>>>>>> slaughterhouse
    slaughterhouse has nothing on any of these 4

  • 2doper

    lol at everyone using there commercial flow and eminem going backpacker multi syllable on they asses lol...EPIC

  • Jaywall

    Yeah Young Son I did, I mean he didnt exactly STEAL his flow, but its very reminiscent of it.

  • drugged

    relapse 2 is looking mighty tasty to me!

  • Lucifer Villian

    Eminem soggy waffled that beat and Drake,Kanye, and That Junky Weezy ate it.

  • SubmiT

    This is definitely a good look for Toronto HAHAAAAAAAAA the north is slowly gonna take over

    CuJ said this on August 26th, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    Yeh 4sho Drake is there but who else? .... oh yeh the rest of his army--> ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... NO ONE ... there are good ones but be real homie there NO WHERE!

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Dreamer)

    The original "Forever" track was just a leak that wasn't really supposed to be out...so it's not really a case that they "Reused" the beat.

    This is just the final version (or I mean, when we get the tagless one, it will be).

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    fuck tags.

  • Pitter

    thanks shake.

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Dreamer)

    Submit, people have to put in for their grind. I can name a handful of dope Toronto cats. Drake is finally getting his shine. He grinded for a couple years. Hopefully when he's a full established superstar (which I feel he basically already is), he will put some of the other Toronto artists on.

  • AreEn


  • Em




  • Shane

    Those tags are annoying...but Em killed that track!

  • http://southernstylebeatz.com ThaEmbacy



    ThaEmbacy BITCHES!!!!!!!!

  • http://youtube.com/user/CJVB23 ComplexTheMC

    Fuck yeah, Tagless

  • Pitter

    could someone re-up a tagless version?

  • 2doper

    with all this progress drake definitely took it in the ass..this is HUGE and he just started lol

    hes dope but i gurantee he took a huge cock from someone or signed his soul to lucifer himself.



  • http://www.twitter.com/thenewam Truth

    the fact that the the beat is reused....and the rappers involved didnt come as hard as they could have come made the song just iight. but u cant deny everyones verse was dope... just not as good as you would have expected for such a potentially epic track.....

    eminem obviously killed it. i almost hate to say drake came in behind him.

    someone was just saying saying kanye killing everyone on they ish lately... well that wasnt the case today...still better than wayne though

  • http://rainycityradio.com Kanemku

    Ayyyyy!!! NO TAGS!!!

  • Jmoney90

    2dopeboyz run shit period.

  • http://www.kanyelive.com ferrari28

    Ya I thought the same thing. The flow on Drakes verse and Kanye's instantly reminded me of Big Sean. I wouldn't be surprised if Big Sean helped Kanye a little bit with a line or two for that verse.

  • Yeezy

    done disecting..em>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>drake>>wayne>they all killed this though..wish they recorded it all in the studio at the same time

  • SubmiT

    @Young Son (The Dreamer)

    No disagreement there but homie was talking bout taking over soon and all that bullshit! Does he even realize how har and long it took for just this?? I'm sure that's a NO if he does than he spoke carelessly saying dumb shit!

    Liek they say in sports "who cares bout the averages and stats you still gotta play the game"

    He's acting like people are gonna roll over in this competive country called USA. They might be nice but they fighting other rappers (like your self) to for shine too! It ain't no cake walk they way he arrogantly suggested!

  • mkr2204

    any other links, this one aint downloadin for me gettin page load error

  • http://finallymaejor.wordpress.com FinallyMaejor


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  • Chi

    OMG!..i dont even like Em...but Jesus Titty Fucking Christ! What A Flow!

  • http://thatdowntownkiid.blogspot.com thatdowntownkiid

    wow. I must of have been murdered. Em KILLED IT. AND WHEN I MEAN KILLED I MEAN SWEENEY TODD STYLE TIMES 10.

  • Dolce

    the link's down wtf

  • 2doper

    this song would be bigger if it had jay z instead of kanye west

  • Vivaek

    download doesn't work
    shit i really wanna hear em - weezy? i'll pass on his verse

    2db = awesome

  • Dre

    Hey you crying sissy!!! The radio and other people in this country more than likely haven’t heard the original song with the beat. If you’re a regular on music blogsite and actually download these songs or mixtapes than it would be new to you just like any stranger who doesn’t have the time to do the same ya weirdo!!

    The internet is powerful and relevant but don’t underestamate how many people who don’t like going to blogsites or download shit!

    Lastly the beat was hot then and is still now and is the same hook from before just new verses you damn baby! You thinking this beat is wak is a major FAIL! Listen to blue grass you Sissy!

    Mr.Slim said this on August 26th, 2009 at 3:28 pm
    fuck what the radio listeners think, my comment is my opinion, and i said what i feel if i feel i heard this beat/hook before than thats how I feel. but what im saying if you plan on making a song this epic use your best verse,I.E Drake and weezy!!!

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    usershare still works for me. just added a mediafire link. gonna up on sharebee for the fuck of it too.

  • AreEn

    Wow, thanks Shake for the tagless. But this is final? I thought they were getting someone new on the hook?

  • Realness


    Really sound stupid!

  • http://www.jointcontrast.com stevep

    ...this gonna sound nice in the whip...idunno i like the wit in kanyes verse the best...wayne killed it too...em flow was dope but there aint a witty line in there,all flow no substance...drake hung in there the chemo and nemo lines nice this really only my 2nd or 3rd time hearing the dude

  • http://www.twitter.com/thenewam Truth

    sean been helping kanye

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  • Mr. Slim


    Everyone already knew it was gonna be the same beat from b4!

    ..and the original track was actually leaked and not officially released!

    ...and Drake "be ready"?? lol Ok he had the best verse behind Em!

  • Pancakes!

    WOW! That gave me goose bumps! Em...PLEAZE!!!! Come w/ that heat on relapse 2!!!

    Mek and Shake you guys are on some other shit lately! PROPS to y'all!

  • Ron Ron

    Thats the EM i miss hearin

  • gavin from SL

    Way better than I thought it was gonna be

  • Dre

    some of yall metaphors are extra HOMO. "with all this progress drake definitely took it in the ass........i gurantee he took a huge cock from someone"-2doper

    WTF why even go there

  • Realness

    Yeh and Sean need to start helping himself!

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Dreamer)

    Forget a new hook. The hook was great. I wouldn't mind a new production though. Sometime a little more epic. Hopefully they'll release the acapella and let some producers do some remixes to it.

  • donttradecano

    anyone got another link? this one keeps timing out

  • drew

    it sad people think in order to like 1 person verse you gotta hate on the next nigga... everybody went hard on the track or had a verse that half of us will kno the words to in a week... personally Em did take it... also gotta give it up 2 drake cause he had a good verse and the chorus was good money...

  • http://myspace.com/dcthesoulchild D.C. THE SOULCHILD

    no tags finally
    holy shit over 100 comments

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Dreamer)

    WHOA!!! What is all that homo talk about taking it up the butt and stuff?


  • Yeezy

    where's the tagless southernstylebeatz.com wtf???

  • sanetomo

    lol @ shake and cannon. slim stan shady is right about all em fans wash your hands when your done boyz

  • SHOWMAN3000

    ^^Preach on!! People listen to this guy!

    I agree 1000000% They all bodied this shit! Hottest track I heard in several months this year!

  • boss

    so is this like a remix of the other version of the song?

  • SHOWMAN3000


    Opps that was @drew

    it sad people think in order to like 1 person verse you gotta hate on the next nigga… everybody went hard on the track or had a verse that half of us will kno the words to in a week… personally Em did take it… also gotta give it up 2 drake cause he had a good verse and the chorus was good money…

    drew said this on August 26th, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    ^^Preach on!! People listen to this guy!

    I agree 1000000% They all bodied this shit! Hottest track I heard in several months this year!

  • Dre

    this whole C-section is pause worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://southernstylebeatz.com ThaEmbacy

    hey shake....head over to rapradar.....atf(drakes camp) says this isnt the final

  • 2doper

    what do u post on the site after this? i mean this post ethered everything...shake meka go take a 1 month vacation..this post should hold us over lol

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^atf isnt drake's "camp" just a fan site.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "what do u post on the site after this? i mean this post ethered everything…shake meka go take a 1 month vacation..this post should hold us over lol"

    hahhaa... indeed.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I think it would be smart if Drake put this track on his EP... especially the fact that this beat has no sample in it too.

    This is a heavy track!

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    Em definitely owns it...

  • Dre

    @2doper^^^^DUDE^^^ u sound like a STAN!!!!!!

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    Em > Kanye > Drake > Wayne

  • peptoo

    Jam of the year.

    Tellin' you
    it's over, everyone destroyed the song. Even weezy...with that theme park wordplay.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Shake and Meka "You be the man for this post"

    This literally is a full course meal right here!!! I might not even listen to anything else because this track just blew all the album anticipations and other rappers singles out the water for most people who ended up hearing this.

    CRACK! So if crack kills then I'm dead on this one! They hit this one out the park!

  • http://myspace.com/dcthesoulchild D.C. THE SOULCHILD

    I bet you a million people going to jump on this beat now

  • 2doper

    @ Dre "dude you sound like a stan"

    hey man damn right im a stan...im getting free music to enjoy myself while in the comfort of my home off this damn site....im getting the bang for the buck...damn right im a stan for 2dopeboyz....nah nah nah boo boo..u mad?

  • http://twitter.com/thekingmikeg thekingmikeg

    this really isnt song of the year...production lacks
    lyrics are cool. Drake got off, Kanye was best to me, Wayne wasnt anything special, Eminem was tight but it was mainly the way he came off on it

  • http://myspace.com/firemanbeatz thafireman

    everybody did they thing ion this but

  • jFerosa

    FIRE. thats all i gotta say.

  • illest


  • http://southernstylebeatz.com ThaEmbacy

    shake..lilwaynehq.com just dropped the offiical nodj..mines wasnt in case u didnt know

  • KLK

    em didnt murder no one...he just rap da fastest

  • Brandon

    EMINEM SHITTED ON EVERYBODY. [2] Meh, it's a hot club record. Won't get alot of play from me. OB4CL2 will for that matter.

  • peptoo

    someone get up some lyrics cmonnn yall music heads plz do it!

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  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    This is funny as hell. A year ago we got SLU and a year later we get this lol. What's for next year???

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  • http://jtn15.wordpress.com JTN15

    183 comments?? why do people always have to put in they're two cents? why am I writing this?

  • http://myspace.com/moosethecoolest MOOSE

    dammit. this. shit. goes.

    drake went in. ye's verse was real nice too. wayne coulda done better but dude does a million verses so dude's excused. eminem killed it. coulda never seen him in a song with artists like yeezy and drake. but after this i wanna see him work without dr. dre (not that theres anything wrong with dre, but i wanna see wat happens)

    i need the mastered.

  • for reals


  • http://twitter.com/Tommy_Parker tms

    wayne was ass.
    em > kanye > drake > wayne

  • http://twitter.com/jtn15 JTN15

    Em killed, Ye takes second place

  • hahaha lol

    yeah EM got all of them!

  • 2doper

    drake murdered this song "lyrics wise"

    "labels want my name next to an x like malcolm, everybody's got a deal and i did it without one"

  • Jabari Manwarring

    drake and drizzy flow sound like big sean i think big sean would have killed if he was on the song any ways kanye>em flow was dopest>lil wayne>drake every body was dope madest song for the year nah but a sick collab

  • 2doper

    eminem murdered the song "flow wise" and wordplay wise with the double time rapid fire g rap flow

  • kobe2481

    drake bit the hell outta big seans flow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Muzzie

    HA! The Rock City/Kardi joint? Goddamn! It was called "Bring It Back", and from what I know it was a leftover track off Not 4 Sale. The beat and hook (now sung by Drake) are straight form there!

  • http://www.thisis50.com vlado

    dope song.....

  • Jabari Manwarring

    drake and drizzy flow sound like big sean i think big sean would have killed if he was on the song any ways kanye>em flow was dopest>Drake>lil wayne every body was dope madest song for the year nah but a sick collab

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ tms

    Cosign. Wayne is always talking about being a martian hahahaha.

  • http://cocotaso01.spaces.live.com Steph

    Thank god "Nut Da Kidd" ain't on this, fuckin loser destroyed this for me the first time I heard the original.

  • Beaux


  • Jabari Manwarring

    drake jacked big sea's flow

  • DannyZazou

    Bit disappointed.Check the review here http://bit.ly/XOo2u

    They got the order right for sure!

  • Muzzie


    ^That'd be the original track. Like Kardi's verse > all the verses on this new version. He murked it. So did Rock City.

  • Jabari Manwarring

    drake jacked big sea's flow no hate at least drake and big sean is homies

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    first was tagged. second was edited. now we have the official. sheesh.
    im done for the night.

  • Brandon

    LOL way to go Lil Wayne, gettin merked on your 1st record with Em. smh @ that dude, wackest rapper in the world.

  • http://google.ca LO$

    y'all cant say shit on drake now uh!! thank him later!! em killed this shit though ahhhhhhhh!

  • BlackEnigma

    eminem murked that shit
    but um, this beat is maaad old
    Kardinal Offishall feat. Rock City - Bring It Back

    kardi did his thing on this beat too

    eminem > kardi > ye > wayne > drake
    yeah i said it

  • http://2dopeboyz.com Tino

    R.e.d your a fucking retard go kill ur worthless self... Slaughterhouse would shit on these 4 yes even eminem come on let's hear it haters I don't give a fuck crooked I and royce nickel nine over eminem any day for me especially ems new shit I wish these 4 would try to make a group since any song that comes out with 4 artists gets compared to slaughterhouse... There can only be 1 slaughterhouse so all u em stand choke on a dick slaughterhouse till I die bitches!

  • TE

    wow. thats all i can say.

  • LG


  • dirty needles

    HOW THE FUCK DID DRAKE GET A VERSE FROM Em???? Anyway, although the beat WEAK AS HELL, everyone did they thing...It's kinda unfair cuz Em stands out. He's the only one on this joint that ain't using the same/similar flow to everyone else.

    Strong Rhymes but that beat lame.

  • TC The Prince

    this song didnt live up to the hype after a few listens it was not too much better than the original Drake sounded like he had a cold so it messed wit his flow but his verse was cool, Kanye sounded like he was bored and lost me in his verse midway through, Wayne rap the same thing in the same way he usually does, Ems verse was sick but when he started he changed the whole vibe of the song overall I give it a 6/10 no chemistry between them maybe they should have recorded this all together

  • Brandon

    having to listen to 3 homos before shadys decent verse was painful[2] LOLOLOLOLOL

  • stlkilla

    tino are you serious, i hear you on slaughterhouse but dont hate. and whats this slaughterhouse till i die, faggot

  • Sterlz

    pretty good there wasnt much of a concept, seemed alittle pieced together but sweet none the less

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ Brandon

    Hahahaha I had just thought about that when I read your comment. Best rapper alive my ass lol.

  • Kal

    So are Wayne and Kayne redoing their verses or what?

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  • peptoo

    verse 1/

    Last name ever first name greatest/
    like a sprained ankle boy i aint nothin to play with/
    started off local but thanks to all the haters/
    i know g4 pilots on a first name basis/
    in ya city faded off the brown? nino/
    sheen said she got more class, we know/
    swimmin in the money come and find me, nemo/
    if i was at the club u know i would ball, chemo/
    drop the mixtape that shit sounded like a album/
    whoudda thought a country wide tour would be the outcome/
    labels want my name beside a x like malcom/
    everybody got a deal i did it without one.../
    yeahhh, nigga im about my business/
    killin all these rapppers u cud swear i had a hit list/
    everyone who doubted me is asking for forgiveness/
    if you aint a part of it at least u got to witness/

    CHORUS :
    verse 2: I can't do kanyes. that shit got hard lmfao

    CHORUS: wayne
    hello its the martian/
    space jam gardens/
    i want this shit forever, wake up and smell the gardens/
    fresha then the harvest /
    step up to the target/
    if i had one guess then i guess im just new orleans,/
    and i would never stop like im runnin from the cops/
    hop up in my car and told my cheuffer to the top/
    life is such a fuckin roller coaster then it drops/
    but what should i scream for this is my theme park/
    my mind thang even when my thoughts seem dark/
    pistol on my side you dont wana hear that thing talk/
    let the king talk. check the price and pay attention/
    lil wayne thats what they gotta say to pension?/
    im like nevada in the middle of the summer/
    im restin in the lead i need a pillow and a cover/
    shhh, my foots sleepin on the gas/
    no brake pass no such thing as last,/

  • Beloved Grounds

    Stop the Big Sean fuckery you fuckin clowns because BIG SEAN is wak you fuckin lamos!!

  • KLK

    But guys this isnt the final version. The final has newer verses from everybody except eminem.

  • WTF!!

    WTF is this song!! i'm so surprised so i nearly jumped at the bed! they all did good. is this 'THANK ME LATER' SONG?? Anybody who knows about this song , answer me please

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  • KLK

    But guys this isnt the final version. The final has newer verses from everybody except eminem....

  • BiGWoMaCk

    eminem bodied them all. drake shoulda knew. he did it to jay-z. only dre can feature in a song wit em cause his shit get ghost written. hip hop has disappointed me this year but then u get a gem like this outta da blue. lil wayne is my mute point but they all go in

  • SHOWMAN3000

    em didnt murder no one…he just rap da fastest

    KLK said this on August 26th, 2009 at 4:09 pm


    You make a good arguement!

  • sylnc

    at first it was supposed to be just drake and kanye but the people doin the thing wit lebron decided to put em and wayne on it. after they got on ye and drake went i and re did theor verses

  • http://twitter.com/Tommy_Parker tms

    everything is soundin average to me recently...outside of em's verse. seemed like he was on some renegade shit

  • El B. Sure

    this is aight. em was cool but the beat is weak as hell and everybody's verses were just standard. maybe i'm just getting too old for hip hop

  • Jay Daniels

    Shake. What is the difference with the non edited version.

  • kool kids

    the final got someone on the hook, maybe 50 cent? hahaha just 4 laughs

  • Cesc

    Good birthday present for me!! LOL. Now someone please pass me the link to the leaked BP3.. I beg of y'all.. Peace!!

  • Dre

    space jam gardens/ correction: space Jam jordans

  • Folabi

    ^^ no such thing

    as for the song, there are 2 bad rappers and 2 good rappers, who could they be?

  • Brandon

    You could chop and screw Em's verse and it'll still be the hottest.

  • Jabari Manwarring

    wow that suck just played it over 8 times the beat lame kanye sounded bored drake was ok lil wayne was crap getting to hate him
    eminem was sick through out the hook was sick and ye and drizzy jacked big sean's flow big sean would have killed them

  • Real Sh!t!

    You Stans are worst than Elvis fans Geeesss!!!

    The man did good but honestly I'm sure you didn't pick up on his lyrics. You just heard the flow and said "Oh shit Em RIPPED IT"

    He did good but lyrically Kanye and Drake were giants. Em had the best flow on the track, Yeezy had the best story, Weezy had the best puchlines and Drake had the best combination of lyrics and flow on this tack!

    And stop the sucking Big Sean balls because if I remember correctly Big Sean bit Drake flow on Incredible and several other tracks. It's the other way around you grumpy ass niggas!

  • Fuck you twice

    u dick ridin cock buffers this shit was WACK!

    Sure maybe if I was a female or if I liked pop music I would jam this ......but ... I'm not and I dont

    Who's dumbass idea was this for eminen 2 get on a song wit these lollie pop rappers
    drake is a faggot
    Kanye is a faggot
    Wayne is a faggot
    That is a faggot ass hook
    And eminen is a faggot for doin this joint that came str8 outta gumball machine .....just horrible that y'all don't know good music

  • http://myspace.com/dcthesoulchild D.C. THE SOULCHILD

    im shuttin shit down in the mall
    and tell every girl she the one for me
    and i iant even plannin to call
    i want this shit forever mayne

  • ghost in the machine

    if drake was smart he'd take this for his album. he sounds the same on every song thou. expected better from 'ye. em was ok

  • http://myspace.com/dcthesoulchild D.C. THE SOULCHILD

    put on my O-J glove and gone kill this shit
    make a plummer throw his plunger like i cant deal with this shit uhn
    the sound throwed off i stay on pitch
    the flow aint formed where ima smack on shit
    bitch im back on my shit like a fly
    since you wont be fly throw you off the roof fly
    like pookie take a dookie on the rapper loose leaf throw the trash bag through the window lookie
    to a shark its just sushi
    you aint hard ya coohie walle oochie
    soft as newborn booty
    uhn said im movin slow im just thinkin fast
    look back I iant behind ya im bout to lap ya ass
    and nigga I dnt rest im up until my times up
    I been a text chef for all my beat time cut
    this aint punch lines nigga ya punch
    nigga you punch lyin cuz the only punch you gave was a wine.

    - Nut Da Kid = Homo ass name and rapper

  • Lucifer Villian

    500 comments by midnight

  • http://myspace.com/dcthesoulchild D.C. THE SOULCHILD

    look i tell her
    im so unsinged it would blow ones mind
    its that every single record i am so unkind
    there are no hold bar there is no love lost
    nigga this that crack and you know drugs cost
    so P-A-Y-U-P i dont think you'll ever find another nigga like me
    neva L-I-E i got everything i tell them i got
    this yung nigga show boat like im sellin a yaht
    ya heard me
    who else tryna smoke yea nigga me too
    cuz take my mind off the presure its what weed do
    ya girl wetter then the bottom of a ski dude
    and take a bitch from any nigga its what we do
    so bite down hoe and get the right dentist
    i told wayne im goin in like a life sentence
    and understand i send shots of who its meant for
    neva had a mentor copy that 10-4

  • Canin

    Wayne Murdered it, Em Murdered it, Drake was nice and Kanye could of been a bit harder.

    This song was worthy!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/dcthesoulchild D.C. THE SOULCHILD

    the one above is drake

    Shit nigga this what i does
    i swear i aint lyin like this is my cubs
    this is my tub
    and im dirtier then the summer bitch
    weezy F. baby always lookin like i done some shit
    yeen aint know nuttin bitch
    better know who you fuckin with
    try to fuck me i kill you and who you comin with
    no homo see had to go stupid
    im on them high heels and i am no Bootsie
    Collins avenue ridin with the phantom roof gone
    or the maybach two tone and my rims are to grown
    that mean they 24's boy what are you on
    im richer then a bitch without the grey pupon
    yea im talkin out of my head
    i make a blue eyed bitch just admire my red
    ima blood muthafucka a blood muthafucka
    forever like E-T-C peri-od muthafucka

    Lil Wayne

  • Andre

    that shit went hard

  • mikeNYC

    fu***n great. em won the showdown but not by much.

  • http://soundverite.blogspot.com/ Sound Vertie

    Em (no homo)

  • peptoo

    until someone can get me the lyrics for eminems part, i would say drake killed it.

  • crossi

    drake came the hardest, then em, then weezy, then ye

  • http://www.reupspot.com Vick


  • who cares

    I can't believe Em actually did this shit. I am truly disapointed. Em's part is sick but come on man. Drake, Weezy, & Kanye? I just cant believe this. Kanye fell off. Drake is a bitch. & all the money went to Weezy's head so all he does is make garbage. Ima keep da track but only Em's prt fuk the others

  • who cares

    @ crossi: u on sum major ass crack homie Em den who cares bout other fags

  • http://www.theozissou.com Theo Zissou

    nice! big time stuff

  • http://nqm-e.blogspot.com Junie Effin’ P

    y'all DO remember the first version with Wayne & Kid Kid on it, right? i OWNED that shit in 08 but nice to see a nigga with a 3 year buzz go hard with these heavyweights. ian even like wayne but who cares.

  • LovriPB

    There they go, back in stadiums,
    it’s shady’s b-tches flow,
    nuts they go, macadamia they go sablistic yo,
    we can make them look like boso’s,
    he’s wondering if he should spit this slow,
    f-ck no go for broke,
    his cup just wanna throw over, oh no,
    he aint had a buzz like this since the last time he overdosed,
    they’ve been waiting patiently for Pinnochio to poke his nose,
    back into the game and they know,
    rap will never be the same as before,
    bashing in the brains of these hoes,
    and establishing a name as he goes,
    the passion of the flame is ignited,
    you can’t put it out once we light it,
    this is sh-t exactly what the f-ck i’m talking about when we write it,
    you dealing with a mutual villain,
    lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com
    so stay inside of the boots you spillin
    so spit true feelings, til true feelings come flying up out of our mouths
    never mind it,
    payback muthaf-cker for the way … you how’s it taste,
    when I slap the taste out your mouth with the bass so loud that it shakes the place,
    i’m hannibal lecters son just in case your thinking of saving face,
    you aint gonna have no face to save by the time Im through with this place,
    so Drake….


    SRBIJA DO TOKIJA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/randomrandall rAND

    Yes Em's flow is refreshing for this song but damn Yeezy killed it in terms of lyrics..

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  • 619sav

    yeeee. this shit goes..coulda use a different beat tho and taken out wayne

  • Bostons’s Own

    Beat is Still Fly of Born Successful mixtape...but who the fuck cares..this track murders!

  • http://kicksonfire.com robocop

    holy god-shit. thats alot of comments

  • MikeyFatNuts

    It's just ok. Nothing more. Seems like the kiddies get wet anytime Em spits. Drake's shit is starting to sound alike.

  • Dre

    Kanye Verse

    I use to have hood dreams/
    Big Fame/Big Chain/
    I stuck my D*ck inside this life into that B*tch came/
    and went hard all fall like the ball teams/
    just so i can make it rain, all spring/
    yall seen my story/my glory/ i had raped the game young you can call it sagitory/
    when a nigga blow up they gone build statues for me/
    old money Benjamin Button/whaaaa nothin/
    now its superbad chicks givin me Mclovin/
    you would think i ran the world like Michelle's husband/you would think these niggas know me but they really doesn't/
    like they was down with the old me, no they f*ckin wasn't/
    you such a fucking loser/
    he didnt even go to class, Bueler/
    trade the grammy plaques just to have my granny back/ remember she had that bad hip like a fanny pack/
    chasin the stardom will turn you into a maniac/
    all the way in holly wood and i cant even act/ they pull they cameras out, and god damn they snap/ i use to want this thing forever but yall can have it back.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Damn the whole "RecentComments" table on the right of the website just says "Drake - Forever f. Eminem, Kanye West & Lil Wayne (prod. Boi-1da) [CDQ]" all the wat through!


  • http://thehigherplane.net MKSince83

    Em>Kanye>Drake>Weezy, imho.

    Drake and Ye BOTH jacked Big Sean's shit. People sleep on Big Sean, no lie.

    Finally a track worth hearing. No one should be hating on this. People are too damn critical. Sit back, light a spliff and enjoy the track. Good shit. Thanks Mek and Shake.

  • mR-Mr

    Beat is Still Fly of Born Successful mixtape…but who the fuck cares..this track murders!

    Bostons's Own said this on August 26th, 2009 at 4:51 pm


    WHAT rock have you been sleeping under????

    You're absolutely completely WRONG!

  • MIGGZZ418

    wayne boddied this shit

  • http://myspace.com Jay

    Eminem killed

  • http://Me.com Kirk

    last name ever
    first name greatest
    like a sprained ankle boy I ain't nothing to play with
    started off localbut thanks to all the haters
    I know G4 pilots on a first name basis
    in your city, faded off the ground--Nino
    She said she got more class, We know
    Swimming in the money, come and find me-Nemo
    If I was at the club you know I bawll (bald) Chemo
    Dropped the mixtape that **** sounded like a album
    who'da thought a country wide tour would be the outcome
    labels want my name besides the X like Malcolm
    Everybody got a deal, I did it without one
    Yeah, Nigga I'm about my business
    Killin all these rappers you would swear I had hit-list
    everybody that doubted me is asking for forgiveness
    If you ain't a part of it, at least you got to witness
    [Kanye West]
    I used to have hood dreams Big fame, big chains
    I stuck my dick inside this life Until that bitch came
    and went hard all fall like the -?? teams
    just so I could make it rain, all spring
    Ya'll seen my story, my glory
    I had raped the game young, you could call it statutory
    when a nigga blow up, they gon build statues of me
    Old money, benjamin button, what!? nuttin
    Superbad chicks giving me Mclovin
    you would think i ran the world like Michelle's husband
    You would think these niggas know me when they really doesn't
    Like they was down with the old me, no you ****ing wasn't
    He's such a ****in loser, he ain't even go to class, buler
    Trade the grammy flags just to have my granny back
    member she had that bad hip like a fanny pack
    Chasing the stardom'll turn you into a maniac
    all the way in hollywood and I can't even act
    they pull they cameras out and god damn they snap
    I used to want this thing forever, ya'll can have it back

    [Lil Wayne]
    Ok, hello is the martian
    Space Jam Jordans
    I want this **** forever, Wake up and smell the Garden
    Tougher than the harvest, step up to the target
    If I had one guess, then I guess I'm just New Orleans
    And I would never stop, Like Im runnin from the cops
    Hopped up in my car and told my chauffeur to the top
    Life is such a ****ing roller-coaster then it drops
    but what should I scream for, this is my theme park
    My mind shines even when my thoughts seem dark
    Pistol on my side, you don't wanna hear that thing talk
    Let the king talk, check the price and pay attention
    Little Wayne, thats what they gotta say I mention
    I'm like Nevada in the middle of the Summer
    I'm resting in the lead, I need a pillow and a cover
    My foot's sleeping on the gas, No break pads
    No such thing as last

    There they go
    Back in stadiums as Shady spits his flow
    nuts they go, they can ?? macadamia, simplistic woe
    he can make them look like bozos he's wondering if he should spit this slow
    **** no
    Go for gold
    his cup just runneth over, oh no
    he aint have a buzz like this since the last time he overdosed
    they been waitin patiently for Pinocchio to poke his nose
    back into the game and they know, rappin'll be the same as befo'
    bashing in the brains of these hos and establishing a name as he goes
    the passion and the flame is ignited, you can't put it out once we light it
    this **** is exactly what the **** that--im talking about when we riot
    you dealin with a future villain so stand inside of the booth truth spillin
    that spit true feelin until our true feelings come flyin up out of our mouths and rewind it
    Payback mother****er for the way that you got at me now how's it taste
    when i slap the taste out your mouth with a base so loud that it shakes the place
    I'm hannibal lecter so just in case **** you thinkin of saving face
    you ain't gonna have no face to save by the time im through with this place
    so Drake...

  • Scyance

    You know some of these cats had to RE-write their verses after they heard Em's and Em still came doper then the rest.. he came with something different. Drake has the same flow..Kayne sounds like he has a similar flow. Wayne has his same flow he;s been busting.. Em switched it up.. Dope track.. thanks for sharing.. :)

  • Game

    Shady just blew a load all over that track, Ye is a 2nd, fuck wayne, no one cares about that homo

  • Grimz

    People sleep on Big Sean cuz HE SUCKS YOU FUCKS!!!!

    Stop the "they was biting" this clown shit!

    If you listenned yo Drake all the way from the beginning to now he spit that way and if you heard Kanye from b4 College Dropout all the way up to now you'd kknow he always raps in that unorthodox kidding sarcastic way DICKHEAD!!!

    Stop this Big Sean campaign let the nigga cpr his own career with good music, actually releasing music consistantly and getting his respect from most fans. Obviously he ain't doing that. Damn cry babies on every fuckin post on this site.

    Y'all niggas need doctors or something!

  • Nassir

    Hahaha Wayne went over nigga heads with the Martian and Space Jam line hahaha I know you guys aint that dumb no wonder you hate him he's way over your heads. hahahaha

  • ghost in the machine

    going to be overrated just like SLU

  • james

    I usually don't say some ill shit but ya'll should just cut off ya ears if you ain't a fan on of this. This is amazing mainstream hip-hop. Stop your crying and boohooing and let it ride.

    Go cop slaughterhouse too.

  • KLK

    Yo Em was getting on gucci mane on that pinochio line!!! In the new drake join!

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  • http://www.twitter.com/BackPackMatt BPM

    Damn they redid the song. It was on the young mula mixtape with gudda gudda, drake, n wayne. hmmm

  • Straight As An Arrow

    You groupies are really posting niggas lyrics?????????


  • MikeyFatNuts


  • mikeNYC

    yo what up wit you guys rippin the stans and then turnin around and sayin em is the dopest on the track? I mean... he is the dopest, but... you get my point

  • uzi

    damn 2dopeboyz gonna blow up

  • http://gettingblackasiwant.blogspot.com/ Cr!tical

    Damn @ 280+ comments.
    and, I think all this "Fag" talk is hilarious.

  • Straight As An Arrow

    FAG I totally agree with you lol

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Dreamer)

    You know what I just thought about?

    Ludacris would have sounded really dope on this. Anyone agree?

  • oomzee


  • http://myspace.com/big_boigame EazyEarl

    Mayne This Track Knockin!!!
    Drake's Verse Wasn't Really All Dat Good On The Original, But This Time Around He Killed it!!!
    Wayne Was Straight, Em Murdered It, & I Aint Really Pay Attention To Ye Verse
    But All Together It Was a Dope Song!!!

  • 619sav

    nearly 300 comments in only 2 hours

  • mikeNYC

    I just cant figure out why tony yayo wasnt on this!!

  • 619sav

    lol ^

  • SHOWMAN3000

    @Young Son (The Dreamer) ^^^^

    Yeh and no! I like this line up more for the seriousness affect!

    Not that Luda isn't. I just don't want to hear a bunch a punchlines. I wanna hear raw lyrics like they did on this track!

    Ya idea would have been dope. I's call it 1B and this track 1A!

  • AhhhhYeahhhhh!!!

    Damn this song just took over the net.No more leaks for the next like.....2 days please.Let the storm calm down up in here.Lol.If Drake spits like this for the rest of the tracks we hear up until "Thank Me Later",then and only then...can he verify this ridiculous hype that his co-signs,management,money and industry moves have given to him(truth be told).Even with the recent hate nobody can say he didn't rip on this.Props to him and I hope he keeps it up(for his sake),other wise they can start co-signin and pushin someone else and see if they can hold their weight instead.This industry's a trip.Haha

  • Scyance

    There they go, back in stadiums, as shady spits his flow-
    .nuts they go, macadamian, ...they go so balistic.. wow"

    just to help some of yall out.. :)

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I just cant figure out why tony yayo wasnt on this!!

    mikeNYC said this on August 26th, 2009 at 5:15 pm


  • Go
  • http://finallymaejor.wordpress.com FinallyMaejor

    300th? damn

  • dunfumee

    Eminem ripped this track, dude is on another level!

    Em > Drake > Kanye > Wayne

  • http://infamouszlegend.wordpress.com infamouszlegend

    my head just exploded

  • http://upsidedownwaterdrink gravier st don

    why do people say pause

    chorus is so aggravating

    silence>>>>>> stupid r&B top 40 chorus' on otherwise dope hip-hop tracks i.e run this town, this song, etc.

  • http://finallymaejor.wordpress.com FinallyMaejor


    Go listen to Maybach Music 2, Knock you down, and Ego remix and tell me kanye doesn't flow like sean! I'm not saying sean is better than 'ye at all, but damn homie, quit sleeping and being retarded.

  • TE

    the song wouldn't never had got this many comments if eminem didn't feature on this...epic song.

  • http://myspace.com/madelinestreetpoets Lazarus

    I bet Lebron had sumthin to do with combining this talent for his upcoming silver screen picture to have a great single...

  • Pingback: Drake- “Forever” ft. Kanye, Eminem and Lil’ Wayne – DOPE! « Dopeambition’s Blog()

  • The Most Hated

    God Damn...


    A few things

    1. Cavs will suck with Shaq this year

    2. This super group > Slaughterhouse

    3. Eminems verse > Jay-Z BP3 aka the garbage

  • uzi

    this just proved em is on a whole notha level compared to these fools..noone wants it with him

  • Derf72

    wooooo no autotune

  • StayGettin’

    This shish fiyah!

  • Dj Ill One

    Drake and Em bodied the track,but the hook is weak,the beat is alright. Decent but not epic.

  • elguapo

    fuck ur few things

  • Beast

    Damn, this song shut the internet down.

  • Jabari Manwarring

    fuck u we don't mean that he all ways does it it just this one song u fucking assing asshole it sound like supa dupa typa flow faggot
    and stop writing lyrics faggots big sean is dope he underrated so fuck u ff to def and im a drake fan too big sean will be one of the
    just need a little development he has 10 years in this game. wayne suck money is getting to your head

  • http://www.myspace.com/phzsicks1 PHZ-Sicks

    Derf, there was autotune on this. Listen to Drake's chorus a lil more.
    The song is dope, but I also like Kardi's original version. I'm need a mash up of both and with Rock City doing the chorus, cause they did it much better due to singing abilities.

  • http://www.thetruthservedcold.com mike

    you know why so many listens and so many comments?...one word...eminem

    go ahead haters, say he fell off hahahahahahah

  • http://twitter.com/tommykreling Tommy

    No one cares what any of you nobody people think about the song. Download and keep it moving.

  • james

    some of ya'll just need to kill yourselves

  • T-Dot


  • db32

    "labels want my name next to an X like Malcolm." straight FIRE!

  • Pingback: NEW JOINT: Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne & Eminem - Forever()

  • God

    ill .

  • me

    i see every rapper freestylin to this beat already.

    p.s. eminem is officially the greatest rapper alive

  • AhhhhYeahhhhh!!!

    ^^^^^^^Yea Wayne can shut up about that Greatest Rapper Alive shyt.Em got it

  • http://imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    lol @ 300+ comments....easily the most overrated track to hit this site in a minute...im willing to bet 95% of the ppl who posted here are corny whiteboys

  • Dizzy


  • James

    I wonder how much they paid em to do the song and video.

  • Dre


    No one cares what any of you nobody people think about the song. Download and keep it moving.

    Tommy said this on August 26th, 2009 at 5:39 pm

    if that statement were true there would be no COMMENT SECTION!!! Tommy just had a blond moment!!

  • whitemamba

    damn, i didn't know it was this "forever". i liked this track off of heartbreak drake but it was tagged to hell and back like all the other tracks on that tape.

  • Whitey

    Shut the fuck up fulltimeboss. If I was black I'd be pissed off too.

  • Nassir

    unexpekted I'm sure you meant this song > BP3 and even though I love Slaghterhouse a group mad up of these dudes would be something to behold. They all sound super hungry. They would do the dame as Slaughterhouse and try to outdo each other.

  • http://imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    so many followers and dick swallowers in here its disgustin....u can tell ppl are hoppin all over this tracks nuts simply because of the line up, when in reality this song is average at best and will EASILY be outplayed by tons of tracks that have leaked recently from other quality artists (given u are an actual fan of hip-hop and know quality music over hyped trash)

  • derrik

    fulltimeloser is always on the hating shit. it dont matter whats posted. we get it, you don't like anything anyone in the game does. wheres your songs at? oh yeah you just hate dont do nothin on your own though.

  • http://2dopeboyz BROWN


  • derrik

    some people just don't know what opinions are... its sad really

  • http://myspace.com/thebigu33 DEEZ

    this is the 3rd drake song ive heard....HOW DO YOU PEOPLE LISTEN TO THIS SHIT RAPPER??? EVEN LIL WAYNE IS GAY AS HELL, lol em twisted his verse that was the dopest part of the song...GAY AS HELL

  • http://www.twitter.com/taylorbarclay Taylor B.


  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ Dre


  • Aceman84

    Full of rappers i am so tired of. Also eminem's verse on this was better than his whole album and that is not saying much.

  • http://imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    derrik = moron..i post plenty of comments showing love to quality hip hop...funny how u are on my dick so much but dont even realize that.

  • T Stain Killa

    I predict that at some point in 2010, the world will realize the greatest rapper alive wears tight pants and dates a bald guy.

  • http://www.twitter.com/taylorbarclay Taylor B.

    The back half of em's verse was pretty smooth, the flow somehow worked on the beat.

  • kurbstomp

    shit goes IN

  • derrik

    song is decent. everyone did their thing. Dont expect so much out of every song people. its just music. people want a song to change their lifes or something nowadays. respect hip hop in every form. underground mainstream its all good people.


  • Rafae

    HOLY mother of god! Comments here are just blazing! whens the last we had over 300 comments? sheeeeit, btw this track is pretty dope to say the least. Could make someone jizz their pants when written on paper honestly. Eminem clearly outshined everyone here and imho..

    Eminem > Kanye West > Drake > Lil' Wayne

  • derrik

    lol @ everyone's top three is differnt but we all agree Wayne has the worst verse

  • 619sav

    man. drake was wack wen i was not high...now that im blown i listened perfectly and he killed it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/itznokforealz Kyle

    If this doesnt prove lil wayne is garbage. i dont know what does. only one that deserves to be near em on this track is kanye. the day we get rid of garbage aka lil wayne hiphop should come back in the mainstream... and this is just one song, dont get me wrong... but lets be honest...

    god fucking damn em killed it.

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    Wayne was wack. Lol @ people who say he bodied this.

  • Rafae

    " lol @ everyone’s top three is differnt but we all agree Wayne has the worst verse "

    LMAO, that's cuz no one can deny Wayne sucked absolute cock on this track, just like SLU, whenever Wayne's on an epic track, he always comes short of a stellar performance. Not that I expect much from him anyway but you know what I mean. Poor guy prolly didn't knw Em was gonna be doing a verse too, otherwise I have no doubt he would have came a x1000 times harder (no homo).

  • Pitter


    as if anyone gives a shit what i think.

  • Rafae

    C'mon guys.. 500 comments by midnight!

  • StReTcH!

    remix featuring Andree 3000 & HOV

  • http://www.myspace.com/underground904 Relentless904


  • Dre

    ^^^^WTF^^^^you niggas is some f*ckin clowns!!!Ima admit Lil Wayne Verse on here was Extra weak, But to say that Lil Wayne is not a good Rapper is so........I dont got a word for it but i got a name for it HATING!!!! man is successful and yall talk about him like a year ago yall wasnt ridin his sh*t hard(no homo). F*UCKIN STANS!!!!

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Dreamer)

    Ooooo! Andre 3000 would have been dope on this!

  • http://twitter.com/tommykreling Tommy


    not even worth the time to explain that comment to you. just read around on here and you may understand. doubt you will though.

  • S.Johnson

    Kanye easily has the best verse and solidifies his place at the hip hop music. He has killed every feature he has been on this year. btw Drake needs this on his album automatic double platinum

  • RavRav

    Aw shit...

  • iAMchrisRICHARD

    on this track..

    2.Lil' Wayne
    4.Kanye West

    , imo.

    It's good to see big names doing shit like this for a change. Hip-Hop needs some competitiveness.

  • Dre

    Andre 3000 name sounds good on any song^^^^ we aint heard nothin from that nigga since Throw some D's remix(lol) but yea...we can dream cant we.

  • Dre


    All im saying is don't contradict yourself and/or be more specific. I get what you mean but it still sounded quite dumb for you to tell people that they opinion is not wanted in a comment section.

  • http://www.myspace.com/itznokforealz Kyle

    like i said on twitter:

    em > drake > kanye > drake’s hook > the beat > the violin stabs in the beat > the drums in the beat > drake’s adlibs > lil wayne


  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com DP

    just cuz cats think it's good means there dickriding? GTFOH dude

  • http://tellmemane.com YoungDurden

    This track is nasty

  • Nassir

    1000000000000th ? I call last. I'm not Wayne so there is a such thing as last.

  • http://tellmemane.com YoungDurden

    Dre is right we need some Andre. Nobody does verses like 3000. Jay got scared to put him on BP3. He would have burried Hov. Man We need Andre 3000, Phonte on a track

  • http://www.Twitter.com/SirvereMuzik SirvereMuzik

    This song was hot and I'm glad to hear the potent angles from 4 good mc's!
    This is a knockin track!

  • DaPrimeTime21

    Holy shit Em murked this shit. Drake Killed... hell they all went hard!

  • http://www.twitter.com/stric Stric

    Shake or Meka, what's the most amount of comments you've had within one post?

  • J to tha S

    EM killed this tracc...but for some reason i like drizzy's original verse on it better...."I AM SO UNSIGNED.IT WILL BLOW ONES MIND......" but none the less..one of the best tracks dropped this year.

  • whoisthis

    i wonder if wayne,drake and kanye heard ems verse after they sent theirs in cause i bet they want to re-write this shit after hearing it

    drakes verse was dope though

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "Shake or Meka, what’s the most amount of comments you’ve had within one post?"

    i remember "so far gone" did these numbers. hell quests latest mixtape did over 300 too.

  • Rafae

    " Shake or Meka, what’s the most amount of comments you’ve had within one post? "..

    I've been dying to hear the answer to that one! Last I remember, that SLU post (no song link!) had around 430-440 comments.. and the song wasn't even there.. just an ongoing debate on whether or not it existed until ppl found out it did and went totally nuts.. started commenting on 2DOPEBOYZ even though the song wasn't originally posted there! lol..

  • Nassir

    Yup last year this song was was fire still is to me I call it classic. Drake Wayne killed it even Kid Kid wasnt too bad.

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ whoisthis

    Drake and Kanye was straight. Wayne need to go back in though but he'll still be last hahahaha.

  • http://gettingblackasiwant.blogspot.com/ Cr!tical

    Anyone who thinks Lil Wayne is halfway decent on this is HAHAHA.

    3Stacks & Hov on the Remix?
    That would be one of the dopest tracks.

    Maybe that SLU Pt. II will leak and we can all get a sense of happiness inside?

  • micool

    that tony yayo comment was hella funny.this song was cool.eminem did his thing

  • visco

    wayne fell off since drizzy stopped ghost writin for him smh

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com DP

    if drake raps likes this on the album.....it will be so fuggin dope

  • http://tellmemane.com YoungDurden

    Naw shake The S.L.U. and So Far Gone. So Far Gone was crazy we were all on here commenting for hrs it was like 6 AM here and we were all still on commenting

  • 2 Cents

    I've downloaded all three verisons, but i'm glad I got the CDQ...good track..

    For sure wish 3 Stacks was on this!

    Canada stand up !!!!!

  • nickd

    wayne killed it but em went harder just a lil...p.s. drake has never written for wayne, where do people get that.EM>WAYNE>YE>DRAKE

  • deVICe

    Is this shit on iTunes yet? I'll bump this version till I can buy it....

  • 619sav

    this is gonne beat s.l.u.'s 425 comments easy



  • http://www.whoresneverlearncom JF Kennedy

    i know tomorrow morning i'll be rapping Drake & Ye's verse on the way home ...

    i'll have to just nod my head to Em's part lol.

  • http://ahhsweetdude.com vip

    yo, this shit did not disappoint at all. boi-1da did the damn thing on the boards too. good shit!

  • nick


    That was pulled off really good. I'm really relieved they didn't fuck this up. Kind of amazed at the machine behind Drake.

  • muzikxl

    Definitely a Dope track served to all by the best Dopeboyz in the game!!!!!

    Eminem ate the track....glad to hear the beast still lives in him.

  • dewd

    okay this shit goes hard, as if no ones said it before me, but what the fuck is weezy doin on the track, annoyin shit his verse

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Dreamer)

    @JF Kennedy

    Hahahaha! LOL. You can learn Em's verse. It's just going to take longer.

  • http://myspace.com/blazeinfamousbeatz Blaze Infamous

    Em Killed This SHit!

  • huh

    This reminds me of when Relapse leaked in the comment section and everybody was goin crazy, or when everyone was waiting on So Far Gone, ahhh good times on 2Dope. Keep up the good work Shake and Meka

  • YouthHominid

    400 comments, wow , em killed it, drake went in, kanye did kanye

  • http://toomuchpretty.blogspot.com The Milk to your Shake

    400 baby.

  • lasean

    the beat is wack why reuse an old ass beat em>kanye>drake>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>wayne

  • Its ya Boi

    eminem dissin back gucci for that obsessed remix

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Dreamer)

    It's not an old beat. That original version was a leak. It wasn't even supposed to come out. "Heartbreak Drake" aren't authorized Drake mixtapes. Who knows who those guys are.

  • RoRz0r

    Eminem killeeeeeeed

  • http://myspace J Wordz

    Eminem had the best verse hands down like 6:30...lol...i think he took shots at Gucci with that Pinnochio line because he was in the obseesed remix. what you guys think?

  • Doping

    I did not expect this at all, go Eminem!

    Don't understand the hate on Drake, I feel everyone is hating on him for the same reasons as Wayne still is constantly hated for, and that is quick success and the need to hate on what's big.

  • Larry H.

    Beat S.L.U WOW

  • corbaclutch21


    Is it me or has Wayne finished in last place in two the craziest tracks (SLU and Forever)???

  • paperguy

    weezy wins with the actual punhlines....em kills wit delivery...em>wayne>>>>>drake>>kanye....and by the way it was a great song

  • chanman

    dope track

  • yaboysibz

    I personally think for a debut album there should only be dudes in his camp and ones he came up with on there. After that, go feature crazy if you want.. I know he's put out mad mixtapes and shit but it don't count until he puts the album out. I think the first album should be more of the artist showing us what he can do instead of who he can get to spit with him. But for as far the song goes, it's dope. I'm surprised Em hopped on there, not too thrilled about that, I didn't think he'd cosign drake so quick.

  • James

    Em killed it.

  • Chives

    Everybody went in.

  • js

    let's keep comparing this track to other artists instead of leaving comments about the actual song.
    i don't want to keep reading shit like
    slaughethouse>>>>> shit.
    slaughterhouse isn't on this. comment the song. quit bringing up other artists.

    they all killed this track.

  • starbettv


    Is it me or has Wayne finished in last place in two the craziest tracks (SLU and Forever)???
    ima have ta agree wit that one...
    forever- em>drake>kanye>wayne


  • dcruz.88

    .. and here i stand alone, waiting for that OB4CL2..... dope song though. em's flow is ridiculous.

  • Pingback: illRoots » Blog Archive » Drake - Forever (Ft. Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne & Eminem)()

  • AhhhhYeahhhhh!!!

    "I personally think for a debut album there should only be dudes in his camp and ones he came up with on there. After that, go feature crazy if you want.. I know he’s put out mad mixtapes and shit but it don’t count until he puts the album out. I think the first album should be more of the artist showing us what he can do instead of who he can get to spit with him. But for as far the song goes, it’s dope. I’m surprised Em hopped on there, not too thrilled about that, I didn’t think he’d cosign drake so quick"
    ^^^^^^^^This man's logic is on point with what many Drake haters have to say.Sorry but it's true.It's almost annoying that they're giving him all this shyt so quick.Let the man prove himself first before throwing him in with future legends.Ridiculous at this point,even if he did spit a bit on this he has no classic albums or anything and only one hit which was paid to initially be pushed into radio anyway.And sure the "So Far Gone" mixtape was big but many up-n-comin artists would have huge mixtapes if they featured the co-signs this guy's got all over everything he puts out.I see why he broke his fuckin leg,cuz he's not the superstar they're trying to make him out to be yet.NOT ON HIS OWN TWO FEET!!!

  • Genius

    This could have/should have been dope. Drake and Em went in, BUT the beat was wack, wayne sucked a fat dick, and kanye might as well have stayed home.

  • HEard it Here

    Drake Fucking sucks and has no right be anywhere but a hook.. does not get the hype that theses other three have earned boo that drake is just the flavor of the month if you can even consider him that

  • Jabari Manwarring

    the money went to lil wayne head he sucks now drizzy needs to start back ghost writing for him\

  • huh

    420, light one up!!!!, actually after this comment its 421

  • 619sav

    3 more

  • CoolMane

    em always stealing the spotlight lol

  • bryan

    Em is by far the best..drake had some nice lines but you can tell how polished of a rapper em is on this...beat is ass if you ask me..didn't meet the line-up card's build up

  • http://miunex.blogspot.com/ Vigilante

    In this gonna be on Drakes album?

  • chef

    this is horseshit besides eminem. em was the only one that was listenable. no accent was dope. ILL flow.

    drake/wayne/kanye are RESPONSIBLE for watering down todays music. even eminems last album was watered down to garbage.

    sidenote: i hope i got 420 cuz i smoked like 8 blunts today ;p

  • APayne

    "Forever" most likely ETHERS BP3. Matter a fact, I don't even want to hear any leaks from it till September 11th. Jay can keep it. This shit goes too hard.

  • jay3091

    Luck-warm feeling right about now

  • ElTravieso805



  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ J Wordz

    I knew I realized something about that hahahaha

  • luckdude243

    drake dope, eminem dope, kanye ruined the entire song dat nigga garbage, and wayne was ight but i think that ova all dis song right here is dope and def dont sleep

  • Matthew Sintes

    "You could chop and screw Em’s verse and it’ll still be the hottest.
    Brandon said this on August 26th, 2009 at 4:33 pm"


  • Matthew Sintes

    "You could chop and screw Em’s verse and it’ll still be the hottest."


  • patty wackk @ jwords

    okay this song was good, but drake is trash along with kanye i mean wayne, gucci, kudi are the only niggas killin it. i think this track is only good because of ems part he did not disapoint but kanye and of course drake ruined it.

  • http://www.royalnyc.com E. Roc the Graphic Designer

    I always find it amazing how 100 people can say something about a song (i.e.- Kanye was the hottest) and another 100 come out of the woodwork saying the complete opposite... astounding, LOL -- gonna wait until the mastered track with the new hook, etc.

  • 10

    i dont usually say someones opinion is wrong because everyone is entitled to one and everything, but if you think drake, wayne, or kanye had a better verse than eminem, just stop listening to rap, you dont deserve to listen to it, go buy the latest brittney spears cd or something

  • helllaaaaa

    yeah songs crazyyyyyyy goood drake ill, wayne ill, kanye ill, em killed the track this shit banana crazy my dude im hellla feelling this song but i think it would be better with game, luda, and of course the legendary flo rida. all these kids go hard ya feel me?

  • mandu eruthls


  • emil

    Em best verse. Wayne in last place as usual.

  • mandu eruthls


  • this guy


  • CBRAFLEZ no fat

    damn this songs good. no doubt drakes killing it, but kanye ruins it and so does em. young moneys by far theeee best record company ever. hands down.

  • http://twitter.com/mistahzee MistahZee

    who had the best verse in order:

    kanye west
    lil wayne

    there's no way wayne knew em was going to have a verse.

    Ye made the most sense on here, guy did a RnB went plat and has come back to hip-hop even better than before.

    drake went punchline crazy! his best 1st since ignant shit from so far gone.

    eminem honestly not only made sense but flowed insane on this, guy went nutz!

    wayne is a great rapper, everyone loved him last year but with so much free music he's loosing ideas i guess :P his verse was outshined in every way possible. he will probably on the remix with a better verse.

  • http://gettingblackasiwant.blogspot.com/ Cr!tical

    LOL @ Chopped N Screwed Em verse.

  • RSX

    I'm Drake's biggest stan, but Em ownd

  • ans

    song ain't that great. that said, em > drake > ye > weezy

  • http://none MuSikO

    you guys think this will get some radio play?

  • Dre


    damn this songs good. no doubt drakes killing it, but kanye ruins it and so does em. young moneys by far theeee best record company ever. hands down.

    CBRAFLEZ no fat said this on August 26th, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    Da FUCK!!!! IF you seriously believe that, you must be a tony yayo fan!!!

  • S.d.b.

    IMMA BUY THIS SONG ON ITUNES THE DAY IT COMES OUT ALREADY DOWNLOADED IT NOW N I THINK ITS ONE OF THE BEST SONGS OF 09 maybe im just hyped cuz of all the names on the song but this the shit no matter what.....

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ patty wackk @ jwords

    Yeah, Wayne and Coochie are both killing hiphop right now

  • Dre

    @mandu eruthls

    PLeasure P???????????? what you smokin you need to give me some of that!!!!!!!

  • Dre

    @ patty wackk

    your name is almost as gay as your comment!!

  • yungnitto

    everyone killed it.... plain and simple 2dope song....young moolahh

  • nickd

    I see way too much people hatin on wayne when he went hard.Wayne haters are like a disease ahhhhh fuck shop hatin the rapper

  • Dre

    @Matthew Sintes


  • EOzy

    Chop it up how ever you want, in the end its a (2)dope song. Theres no denyin that.

  • AlexG

    I WANT TO HEAR AN ACTUAL WAYNE EM CALLABO. lol not just a remix :(. 9/10 on the Hardness of the Track, 9/10 on the fucking lines being spit. Drake sounded so hungry!!!!! wish we would throw a little bit of Jay in it haha

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ nickd

    Went hard on what??? On this??? Oh no sir. He went potato chip stale on this and no one is hating.

  • Rafae

    Sweet jesus, will the comments ever stop?! Lol, this is really freaking me out tbqh, 454 comments in not even one day! damn, btw isn't kind of ironic SLU had a similiar buildup to this song and eventually leaked just like this song at EXACTLY the same time as now last year? I remember it was in late august '08 when the buildup started and it leaked within 2-3 days of the buildup.. just like this song except this song leaked faster..

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ AlexG

    So Em can easily outshine Wayne again??? I can deal with that lol. The industry needs it considering Wayne bullshits about being the best rapper.

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Dreamer)


    Fam...this is NOT a remix. This is the final version of a previously leaked track that wasn't even supposed to be out.

    This is the real and final version. #NoRemix

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  • APayne

    What's the record for comments again?

  • nickd

    @1 dollar
    look at the lyrics and comprehend.How didnt he go hard???I'll admit em went harder thought but people hate on him too much

  • Rafae

    I swear if this thing reaches 500 I'm buying my first official single on iTunes lol..

  • http://www.facebook.com/theadambennett APayne


    I can give Wayne props to a degree for this one but I have to respect what you got to say. Anytime ANYBODY tries to tell me Em isn't the best rapper alive, I'm tellin them to take another listen to this track.

  • melosz

    i want this shit forever mayne!

  • P’Cola

    holy shit...

    i just got a text
    "peep drake new track wayne killed him on his own shit and em spit some lame verse too"

    i just dont get it

  • Bostons’s Own

    Beat is Still Fly of Born Successful mixtape…but who the fuck cares..this track murders!
    Bostons’s Own said this on August 26th, 2009 at 4:51 pm
    WHAT rock have you been sleeping under????
    You’re absolutely completely WRONG!
    nah bro..the beat has been used for that..you might know it as forever..and thats on same mixtape

  • dbreezy

    me and my boy nick sitting in this apartment listening to the track. so disappointed tony yayo didnt make this feature

  • AlexG

    @1 dollar
    Tapemasters Inc.Drake - Born Successful is this the mixtape that had i want this forever a mixtape sent out by tapemasters inc and drake....and i believe that the empire sent out a mixtape with that same song different verses

  • Shade

    Eminem > Kanye > Kardinal > Drake > Rock City > Rock City's Hook > Drake’s hook > The beat > The violin stabs in the beat > The drums in the beat > Drake’s adlibs > That alien sound before Wayne's verse > Lil' Wayne

  • AlexG

    lol @ tony yayo



  • KayFloww

    i can honestly say i wasnt dissapointed in this track.... I loved the leaked version, and love this one even more... and just to think that this is for Lebron James...

  • Dre


  • Dre

    oh that LOL was directed at Shade!!!

  • http://www.rif.la lisaMAY


  • SWGR

    it's alright. SWAGGA LIKE US was better though. no comparison

  • Shade

    August 26, 2009 R.I.P Lil' Waynes Career

    Lil' Wayne best rapper alive, where they do that at?

  • Rafae

    " it’s alright. SWAGGA LIKE US was better though. no comparison "

    What, are you fucking kidding me? Everyone on that track brought their C Game AND the song was half autotuned, wtf? The only dope verse on that song was T.I.'s, this song is filled with dope verses 'cept for Wayne's. This and SLU are complete opposites.. SLU had one strong verse outta four, Forever had one WEAK verse outta four.

  • CoronaXXL

    Rumor is that Em fired subliminal shots at everyone on the track.

    "Fuck no, go for broke, his cup just runneth over oh no" - at Kanye

    "Bashin into the brains of these hoes, and establishin a name as he goes" - at Drake

    "Rewind it, payback muthafucka for the way that you got at me hows it taste? when i slap the taste, out of your mouth with the bass so loud that it shakes the place." - at Wayne

    What do ppl think??

  • http://www.marlymarrr.blogspot.com marlymarrr

    Is it just me or is drakes voice getting as annoying as waynes? Em made this song btw.

  • AreEn

    Let's get 3 Stacks in one of these supergroups, NOW.

  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Dreamer)


    I think you've been drinking too much of your Screen Name...lol

  • AreEn

    “Bashin into the brains of these hoes, and establishin a name as he goes” - at Drake

    How is that a shot?

  • Drz

    Good Job EM!

  • mmkayy

    "you forgot one thing cannon…
    em > drake > kanye > drake’s hook > the beat > the violin stabs in the beat > the drums in the beat > drake’s adlibs > annoying tag> lil wayne"

    ^ LMAO too manny funny comments on this man
    as much as i hate Wayne.. this track has 4 of the hottest MC's RIGHT now.. this song is gonna be huge.. & the hook is 2dope

  • CoronaXXL

    at previous posters, this is not my opinion someone had written this previously i was just reiterating what i heard and trying to see what ppl think on 2dopeboyz,

    For me personally the only one i would understand is the one at Wayne and the one towards Kanye made no sense to me.

  • yungnitto

    haters smh

  • P’Cola

    the cannibal dont try to save face etc i think is directed at gucci. im hopin em sayin he bout to unleash shit that will end that faggots career once and for all

  • OD>

    song is so bad except for em's verse, which just comes out of nowhere

  • S.L.U. What?

    I'll throw my opinion into the near 500 comments haha. Eminem > Kanye West closely > Drake > Lil Wayne. I flip flopped Kanye West and Drake's verse multiple times, Lil Wayne's verse must have gone over my head because I was disappointed and nothing jumped out at me. JAY-Z NEEDS TO ADD A VERSE for an official remix. With an album coming out, it could only help in the marketing department, especially with a song that will get this much attention.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Dope song but it's gonna get played out on the radio & it's gonna get old quick like SLU. This is this year's SLU, I sense a trend starting up, be ready for late August 2010 featuring a collab with whoever the fuck is hot this time next year.

  • b.

    my homegirl's flow kills eminems technicality.

  • Rio$

    wow im part of these epic comments now

  • Kohm


  • 1

    Eminem Killed it as Usual ----

    500 Comments ..wow..

    Lil wayne - bad

    Looks like everyone is steppin there game up , auto tune IS Dead

  • Kohm


  • http://www.twitter.com/thenewam Truth


    holy shit…

    i just got a text
    “peep drake new track wayne killed him on his own shit and em spit some lame verse too”

    i just dont get it

    P'Cola said this on August 26th, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    invest in new friends. im on twitter. and im accepting. your current ones are delusional

  • Big_E

    this will be on the radio in a couple fo days...and i know after a week ill start 2 hate it becuz its been played 2 death...

  • 2

    Shoulda used a Hard ass BEAT....


  • Kohm

    dammit... i was countin down to fast i guess....

  • Kohm

    fuck nvm
    speed demons



    Mirror Link - Download Link -- FAST

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    @ Kohm

    Relax, you got number 500 count back

  • 619sav

    why did you take down the nipsey snoop collab?

  • S.d.b.

    anyone know whos gonna sing the new chorus i hope its good...boy 1nda added some martian sounds n piano sounds 4 wayne n for eminem he just kept repeating that one part 4 eminem to kill shit was so dopeee

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    500+ comments is a record right? Ridiculous

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ nickd

    Wayne's been slipping for a long time. I should know considering I've got C1, C2, Like Father Like Son, C 2.5, and C3. Nothing jumps out of his lyrics anymore. He's stale. He does too much music. He's much better with ghost writers. Maybe he should go back to that cause what he does for himself just ain't getting it done especially when he goes around calling himself the best rapper alive and gets outshined by 3 artists all on 1 track again.

  • Shady

    I Hope They Give Flo Rida A Spot On The Remix...Ahahaha...


    Lil wayne - Bad

    Eminem doing better on the underground scene ..

    Lets go for 600 COMMENTS

  • Derf72

    damn drake bitten BIG Sean flow

  • S.L.U. What?

    SOHH is raving about Lil Waynes verse, anyone care to break down the punch lines because they obviously went over my head...

  • WILL

    FUCK. Enough with all the fucking 'no homos' and 'pauses' god fucking damn. It only does the opposite of what you are trying to do (show that you aren't gay) and that's making you LOOK LIKE A FAG, because if you really weren't gay, you wouldn't feel the need to protect and defend everything you say as being 'not gay.' Fucking dumbass kids these days

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    "Lets go for 600 COMMENTS"

    Fuck that, I'm outta here, u guys can go for 600, I'll check tomorrow when I get up.


    Lil wayne - Bad.mp3
    .... The lil wayne ryhmes were sub par or mid level to the rest of the ryhmes , he wasnt gonna spit like million dollar baby ...but im sure he knew eminem was comin up after him... and em killed it !!!

  • SWGR

    its alright. SWAGGA LIKE US is better though. No contest...

  • Maueezy

    Wow!!!! who would have thought Eminem would jump on a song with first off Wayne, but especially Drake!!! man this dude just fukin exploded, dropped the best mixtape in years, recorded with Weezy, Kanye, Jeezy and Hov...and now Eminem!!!!! this dude is bigger than life right now. Em murked this, Drake smoked it aswell. Ye went on some dark evil shit , Weezy could have done better, but all in all everyone did there thiang!

  • WILL

    By the way, Em said it best himself "he can make them look like bozos, he wondering if he should spit this slow? FUCK NO"

    Drake's verse was pretty good, actually liked him on the hook despite the hints of auto-tune. Kanye didn't really show up and Lil wayne fucking sucked like he always does. Decent track, a little overrated with you all saying 'SONG OF THE YEAR,' fuck outta here.

  • Lil’ Nello

    Em > Ye > Drake > Wayne

    LMAO @ this I just found on another site opinions people?

    Well this track just leaked today, and already people have “decoded” Eminem’s verse. What does he say in it? He actually roasts the rappers that he’s on the track with? Damn, what a heartless move, but then again, it’s Em. So check this out and tell me if you think it’s true or false. Shouts to ThisIs50.

    Lyrics :

    There they go, back in stadiums as Shady spits his flow, nuts they go, Macademia go so balistic whoa, He can make them look like bozos hes wonderin if he should spit this slow, Fuck no, go for broke, his cup just runneth over oh (that’s to Kanye) no,He aint had a buzz like this since the last time he overdosed, theyve been waiting patiently for pinnochio to poke his nose,(that’s to Ice-Box, not featured on the track) back into the game and they know, rap will never be the same as before, bashin into the brains of these hoes, and establishin a name as he goes (voila a Drake) the passion and the flame is ignited, you cant put it out once we light it, this shit is exactly what the fuck that im talking bout when we riot, you dealin with a few true villians whose staying inside of the booth truth spillin, and spit true feelings until our tooth fillings come flying up out of our mouths now rewind it,payback muthafucka for the way that you got at me hows it taste? when i slap the taste,out of your mouth with the bass so loud that it shakes the place, (thats to Wayne himself) im hannibal lecter so just incase you was thinkin of savin face, you aint gonna have no face to save by the time im through with this place so drake.

  • http://twitter.com/brotherdante BrotherDante

    Over 500 comments? Damn.

  • D.

    i bet if em wasnt on this there would only be half (if that) the comments, be honest

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    I guess this is the pre-official version right now according to MTV. An RnB singer is doing the hook.

  • Wow

    Ace Boog - F*ck a Warning! (Eminem Diss)
    Ace Boog - F*ck a Warning! (Eminem Diss)

  • http://twitter.com/brotherdante BrotherDante

    Ho. Lee. Shit.
    Did Em go off or what?
    Redemption song for Shady because Relapse...
    You all know the rest.

  • in my opinion

    Everybody on here killed it. Don't see where there's so many haters. I think waynes verse was better than kanyes. Em>Drake>Wayne>Kanye. And ems verse was the nicest lyrically and definitely flow wise.

  • hmmmmm

    @ Lil Nello

    I dont really see any insults there that even closely pertain to the rappers mentioned, it pretty much seems like hes talking about himself with little room for subliminals

  • http://fgdhjfgdjfgj 34dtgfhfd

    U betta be makin some money off of all thses comments lmao

  • shibby

    This song minus Drake, Wayne, Kanye = 1000000000 times better

  • shibby

    they should have just put jay-z on instead of em to make this the ultimate corny/mainstream bullshit song. can't believe this is the most hyped track of late. well i can, just the names. but damn. its a shame

  • http://myspace.com/Via703 Lil_Blank

    expected kanye 2 go harder, wayne did better than usual i feel. drake did the same as fast, got a lil more furious at parts tho. Eminem is the artist of the decade for a reason, my favorite white dude & he went last otherwise he would have Andre'ed everyone.. Same thing T.I. did on SLU, all i have 2 say, 600 soon... Ridiculous, best blog now? Congratz...

  • http://fgdhjfgdjfgj 34dtgfhfd

    By 2maro u gonna hav like 10000000 comments lmao

  • SWGR

    Rafae said:
    What, are you fucking kidding me? Everyone on that track brought their C Game AND the song was half autotuned, wtf? The only dope verse on that song was T.I.’s, this song is filled with dope verses ‘cept for Wayne’s. This and SLU are complete opposites.. SLU had one strong verse outta four, Forever had one WEAK verse outta four."

    That's your opinion..IMO SLU had a WAY doper beat, followed by killer verses by dudes with swagger. Its not always about flow dude. Em, Drake and Wayne are swaggerless monkeys. This song doesn't do much for me. 'Ye is not the greatest rapper out there, everyone knows that. But he kills all these dudes with his diverse flow and swagger.

  • Wonderin

    Not going to give an opinion. Just going to add to the comments.

  • Pingback: Forever Feat. Eminem, Kanye, Lil’ Wayne – Drake « Moon Walk()

  • what

    chorus and drake were disapointing to me. i dont know if this really has much replay value

  • http://myspace.com/dah2l JL

    damn, thats a lot of comments.

    anyways, lol @ niggas always tryin to find lines in songs that "diss" other artists and make them beef. its pretty sad

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ what

    LMAO!!!!! I've lost count on how many times I've listened to it and it's not even the full official so don't worry about the chorus

  • A.d 1

    have to keep the comments going
    dope track

  • Pancakes!

    DAMN! +540 post for 1 track!!! Is that a record? Hahaha

  • tam

    this song is mad overrated. it wasnt that good for the people it had on. em and drakes part were the best i rekn, and i usually hate drake, but i give credit whenver its due. however eminem doesnt fit this song, sounds so out of place. SLU way better then this. put hovvii and ti instead of wayne and yeezy.


  • TheLastEmperor

    I would like this track a lot more if Drake wasn't on it, he ruined it for me. Weak ass hook as well.

  • WashHeights

    how in the hell are people calling this a supergroup?
    1 song...and em will never do it are you stupid?!?!?

    wayne sucks ass as usual

  • Shady

    Get The Fuck Outta Here SWGR...Your A Trash Ass Bitch For That Philosophy...If A Rapper Has Swagger,Then It's Better Than Lyrics...

    I Swear This Fuckin Swagger Shit Is So Damn Overrated...Fuck You And Anyone Who Rides The Wave Of That Bullshit...All Swagger Is Is Just Another Way Of Saying Confidence...

    And For The Record...Swagger Like Us Was Boring...The Who Song Was Fucking Boring...Hov,Wanye And Ye's Verse's Was Boring...T.I. Killed Them Dudes Though...

    So Your Point Is In Order For A Song To Be Legit,
    It Has To Have Ridiculous Swagger....

    Wow..If That's So,Eminem Has No Chance Of Selling...
    I Mean The Eminem Show Sucked Ass Right...How About The Marshall Mathers Lp Was Trash With No Swag Also...Or Better Yet The Slim Shady Lp And Relapse Had To Be The Most Swaggerless Cd's To Ever Come Out...Yeah...In Order To Go Platinum...You Have To Have Swagger...But Yet...Em Went Platinum Without That Garbage Phrase...

    "A Real Artist Doesn't Care About Swag,They Care About The Love Of The Art Form Which Is Music"

    Oh Yeah Fuck You SWGR...Bitch Made Ass Faggot...

  • http://myspace.com/Via703 Lil_Blank

    my dream SLU Remix would be Eminem x Andre 3000 x Nas x Lupe...


    damn wayne fucks up everything...em>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Shady

    Word...Co-Sign Lil_Blank...
    Except It Wouldn't Be A Swagger Song...
    It Would Be Like The Art Of Story Telling Pt 2...
    Cause All 4 Artist Are Capable Of Telling A Story In 1 Verse...

  • http://myspace.com/Via703 Lil_Blank

    very true Shady, compared that line up 2 SLU & Forever on caliber of MC/rappers... sux that SLU part 2 was a rumor after all, would of gotten Nas & Andre making an eargasm out of that beat.. a kid can dream can't he? lol

  • SWGR

    Hey Shady get off Em's dick..yea yea we know, he's a good lyricist. But so is Nas, Twista, Bone Thugs, Mos Def. Em is just white. That's what it's about right? Jay-z is the greatest, 'Ye is following in his steps. Those dudes make history with their shit. They don't *RELAPSE on coke and cash in on their addictions to make money. T.I. is the shit and that collabo is classic. Way better than this mediocre shit.

  • http://myspace.com/Via703 Lil_Blank

    SWGR, just to give my opinion on Em, he is the most versatile MC out of that list u mentioned. Em has had punchlines for days in his songs, told stories that made u think & had meaning + emotion, his flow is catchy & poetic devices in his lyrics are amazing, he was a rap battler, crazy freestyler, & is probably the most nonmaterialistic rapper out of the ones u named. to say he's as big as he is because of skin color is something that should have been forgotten a long time ago. I don't see skin color when I listen to music, I listen & imagine what they're saying, and if what they're saying is entertaining & priceless, for all I care an alien could be rapping lol. Not trying to argue though, just feel you should give him some more credit.

  • Shady

    And Did I Just See An Eminem Diss Post By A Guy Named Ace Boog(er)

    Fuck You Too "Wow"

    Nigga See His Opportunity To Get Some Publicity For His Lil Shitty Em Diss...It Ain't Gonna Work Kid...Your Garbage...That Track Is Pathetic...You Should Go And Let Rosie O'Donnell Fuck You In Your Dirty Little Hemorrhoid Ass...

  • ghkgj

    this song >(greater than) jay-z's new songs produced by timberland on blueprint 3

  • myth_seeker

    all this damn hype for what though...

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    550+ comments!? holy crap... ima bring this back up to the top and let it breathe up there while i watch this movie and hit the gym.

  • http://www.myspace.com/jknopfmusic L!VE

    just wanted to be part of history.. they all came correct, wayne didnt fuck anyting up.. im a HUGE em fan..but i dunno how he fit the song..

  • NO-L

    Jus my 2 cents (And if u don't want em, take em to a fuckin Coinstar)

    Neway, Eminem's verse was decent, to me it was purely flow & cleverly crafted multis, not a lot of lines you can repeat back and contemplate on tho. I was hopin weezy would handle bizness, but he severely disappointed me, it was very lackluster (and to all u who say he's trash, regardless of this verse, I'm guessin you've never heard Dedicaton 2 or Drought 3, and if you have and still feel that he's trash, then go to the doctor, and get ur ears fixed) kanye did his thing, I can't speak on the big sean shyt in terms of flow stealin cuz I guess i'm sleepin on him (No HOMO) side note: Yea there's quite a few "NO HOMO"s and "Pause"s in every other comment, "Big whoop, wanna fight about it?" YEA, I referenced that line from the midget in Family Guy, Big Wh--
    Wrappin up, I'm not particularly a fan of drake (i think he's overrated IMO) but he definitely surprised me. His original verse is nice but this new one is bananas, lots of punches n clean wordplay. Done!

  • I Love Hip Hop

    And this is why Em is top 5.

  • Shady

    Fuck You SWGR...Did You Just Mention Twista...Ahaha...He's A Lil Bone Thugs N Harmony Knock Off...They Shut That Him Down With The Art Of War And Jay-Z Ain't The Fuckin Greatest...I'm Sick Of Hearing That Shit,Nas And Lupe Might Not Always Go Platinum Like Jay,But Nas Makes Better Music Now Than Jay-Z And Lupe Is The New Age Nas...I Like How You Bring Race Into This...Yeah It's Pretty Crazy How A"White Boy" Can Outshine About 95% Of Blacks In The Industry...Nas Is Dope,Lupe Is Incredible And Bone Thugs N Harmony Is The Shit

    Nas' Music Now(2009)Is Closer To His Illmatic Days As In He Still Does The Story Telling Rhymes And Connects With His Fanbase As Well Stays True To Himself...
    Jay's Music Now(2009)Is Closer To His Blueprint 2:The Gift & The Curse Days As In Making Pop/Hip Hop Mainstream Songs To Be Successful...

    And Once Again...Fuck You SWGR You Bitch Made Ass Faggot...

  • I Love Hip Hop

    Drake stole Big Sean's flow like a mug. Still used it nicely though.

  • http://thatdowntownkiid.blogspot.com thatdowntownkiid

    I agree... this is going to be played out like SLU on the radio some especially **COUGH** HOT97 **COUGH**

  • tam

    ok first off...the reason eminem has sold so much from his 4 major albums is because hes WHITE and most album sales come from white kids that just care aout beats and hearing a few words rhyme !!! he is good...i do like his music...but i dont tihnk he deserves to be overhyped the way most these white folks in here make him out to be..as the greatest ever. all he mostly does is make nice sounding rhyming words. thats it. he rarely says clever lyrical stuff. its just rhyming.

    plus people that do stupid stuff like him and take drugs and talk about gay werid stuff like he does dont deserve respect. hov doing his thing for like 15 years now always top album, even bp3 so far sounding great. kanye mad creative, and ti with that last album super mad idea , that was a great album.

  • Shady

    NO-L...I'm Watching Family Guy Right Now On Adult Swim And That Midget Guy Just Said Big Whoop You Wanna Fight About It Ahaha...How Ironic...

  • I Love Hip Hop

    They shoulda threw Jay on here for the fuck of it.

  • SWGR

    Lil_Blank: "SWGR, just to give my opinion on Em, he is the most versatile MC out of that list u mentioned. Em has had punchlines for days in his songs, told stories that made u think & had meaning + emotion, his flow is catchy & poetic devices in his lyrics are amazing, he was a rap battler, crazy freestyler, & is probably the most nonmaterialistic rapper out of the ones u named. to say he’s as big as he is because of skin color is something that should have been forgotten a long time ago. I don’t see skin color when I listen to music, I listen & imagine what they’re saying, and if what they’re saying is entertaining & priceless, for all I care an alien could be rapping lol. Not trying to argue though, just feel you should give him some more credit."

    I agree with you pretty much on everything. But my point is that it's not just about being a good lyricist. You gotta be an entertainer. Pac was a great lyricist but he was a good entertainer. So was BIGGIE - these dudes are all time great because they could entertain and they had great albums. MJ sold a lot of albums because first and foremost he was a great entertainer. Marshall Mathers LP was a great album but the dude has fallen off since. Great lyrics is a big part of the game but JUST THAT doesn't do it for me. That's all I'm saying. As of this song, like I said before, it's average..nothing great. Kanye's verse was my favorite and everything else was average.

  • I Love Hip Hop

    Actually Jay knows not to hop on a track with Em.

  • Shady

    You Listen Close To Em's Verse...I Think That Pinocchio Line Was Thrown At Gucci For Getting His Ugly Ass On That Remix...He's A Bitch As Well...

  • NO-L

    @ Shady, I'm not gunna front, i stayed up and saw that episode again (it's bout 2:38 in the Chi) shyt was too funny to pass up, so i had to throw it in here.

  • Strife

    Yooo Matthew, can you chop and screw the whole song? Or can someone else? Shit would be dope.

  • Shady

    Haha...Hell Yeah It's Fuckin 2:47 In Texas Right Now...
    I Bust Out Laughing When I Heard That Nigga Say That And Got His Ass Ranned Over By That Tank Ahaha...Yeah I Feel You Man...This Hash Is A Muthafucker...Got Me Over Here Stunned Laughin At Shit...Wanna Try That Purple Haze And Screw And Chop This Forever Song Up...

  • Shady

    I Can Chop This Song Up...Give Me A Minute And I'll Put It Up On Myspace For Free Download...That's How We Do In Texas...

  • Rafae

    SWGR said:

    " That’s your opinion..IMO SLU had a WAY doper beat, followed by killer verses by dudes with swagger. Its not always about flow dude. Em, Drake and Wayne are swaggerless monkeys. This song doesn’t do much for me. ‘Ye is not the greatest rapper out there, everyone knows that. But he kills all these dudes with his diverse flow and swagger. "

    I respect your opinion, hmm.. never really looked at it that way. But yeah, don't get me wrong, I was a huge fan of SLU when it first dropped back in '08.. the beat, the lyrics, everything about that track seemed perfect to me and I think it lived up to the hype. And even though they didn't deliver their best verses, the song overall sounded epic as fuck. Kanye actually sounded good on autotune lol but Wayne's a totally different story. This track however, IMO has a much crazier line-up that you would have never expected, and it actually sounds as dope as it looks on paper. I mean c'mon, Eminem x Drake x Kanye West x Lil Wayne? Don't lie to yourself and say you expected these four to actually be on a track together one day, I mean this was completely unexpected and most of the verses by the rappers in this song are dope. Basically SLU was successful based on its whole execution and sound and basically the epicness of the track, this track is epic coupled with dope verses as well which IMO SLU lacked even though it was a dope ass track. That track basically succeeded off swagger and I feel like this track will succeed off its lyricism and rawness. SLU beat WAS much doper though, can't deny that.. I mean its Kanye West for crying out loud lol. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents on this subject. And Tbh, I feel pretty happy to be a part of this historic 2dopeboyz moment lol.. never in my right mind did I think this would go above 500, but now look at the results. Wow. Just wow.

  • Strife

    Dope man!

    I'll be waiting, haha!

  • SWGR

    Yeah I hear you rafae. SLU would've been epic if those 4 dudes would've put their egos aside and made, in your words, a track with more lyricism and rawness. This song most definitely has more of that. Still, I blasted both of those songs in my speakers right now and I gotta say that SLU is on another level. But yeah, everyone has their own taste. Fuck it...Props to 2dopeboyz...you fellas getting up. I've been spreadin the word about your website and I'm also glad to be part of this historic moment. Enough of this shit though..I'm off to bed

  • Matthew Sintes


    Yeah bro, I'll put the whole thing up in a minute.

  • say-dack

    I'm gonna leave a comment just so i can be part of the 500+ discussion of this song, hah.

  • Shady

    Yeah I'm About To Put Mines Up Now...Yours Might Be Better Than Mines Though Matthew...I Just Rushed Mine,But It's Pretty Decent I Think To Be Rushed...That Eminem Part Is Hard As Fuck...Real Talk...

  • danny

    eminem kills it! others fall back....

  • jimmy bones

    mehh,,, em killed em.... drake was ok.... kanye was silly... wayne was just fuckin awful...

  • Shady

    Here It Is...My Screwed And Chopped Version Of Forever...

    Like I Said Before,I Rushed It So I Can Give You Guys Something...


  • me

    ^ that shit fuckin blows...im sorry...i applaud the effort but if you dont know how to chop shit then dont try....it was ass

  • Shady

    Like I Said,I Rushed It...Not Trippin At All...It's Just An Opinion
    And I Respect That...

  • me

    nah i mean...like i said i applaud the effort but i cant fuck w it n i love chopped n screwed shit

  • hahayo

    Here's No Wayne Version (No Hate Intended Just Reading Through Comments)


  • hahayo

    Here's One With Wayne (Just In Case)(Slowed)

  • Bill O Reilly


  • mmkayy

    @ Lil_Blank "my dream SLU Remix would be Eminem x Andre 3000 x Nas x Lupe…"

    damn that would be nice just dont call it SLU anything..

  • Jono

    Drake is the shit

  • chase

    Damn ye came hard and fuck im sorry EM is back!!!!!!!!!! Im sorry its over you cant fuck with eminem when hes on this shit and Ye is back on his shit too this song shits on swagger like us by far swagger wasnt this hot im sorry. hype was it was hot but this song lives up to everything it was going to be and more.

  • http://www.twitter.com/santinogroves santinogroves

    damn this has got to be some kind of record for most comments ever on 2dbz...

    this track is crazy though.
    drake is about to takeover.

    get'cha popcorn ready!

    man on the moon : the end of day
    sept. 15th

    get ready for that one too.


  • Esvi

    they were trying to get 50 for the final version...
    if this one is the final cut, it hasn't been made...
    crack a bottle murdered iTunes...
    I guess that track will shutdown the whole apple centre in california

  • Blueprint3

    Damm Eminem dissed Drake on his own tracck haha

    bashin into the brains of dese hoes and establishin a name as he goes

  • ybmenace

    Basically "Relapse 2" is gonna be fucking sick!!! Dope track, look out for The Knux/Eminem collabo....fire!!!

  • Esvi

    They were trying to get 50 on tha hook.
    if it's the final cut, I guess they didn't manage to make it.
    Still, Crack a Bottle murdered iTunes
    That track would definitely shutdown the apple headquarter in california.
    Em make this track.... otherwise it's boring...

  • Esvi

    (sorry for the double post... my IE fucked up)
    anyway, that's 3 more comments!

  • nickd

    eminem didnt diss anybody on the track, where to people get this shit.People are too open minded

  • Esvi

    he didn't dissed them????? You betta be fuckin kidding me....
    eminem is either a god damned Genuis ans a son of a bitch...
    can't believe he actually dissed them on their own track...


    Fuck no, go for broke, his cup just runneth over oh no - at Kanye

    bashin into the brains of these hoes, and establishin a name as he goes - at Drake (YOU CAN'T DENY THIS ONE! HE SAYIN THAT IS DOPE , FOR GIRLS...)

    rewind it,payback muthafucka for the way that you got at me hows it taste? when i slap the taste,out of your mouth with the bass so loud that it shakes the place - at Wayne

  • Dat nigga


  • Dat nigga


  • Dat nigga


  • Dat nigga

    god dammit

  • http://imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    lmao officially the most overhyped track this year....people be dickriding to no end up in here...this song not even making it to the ipod

  • http://imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    shit is hip-pop

  • seckdrunk

    The track is not overhyped, the beat is actually dope and all 4 came correct.

    However, Eminem did clearly murk this shit.

    Em >>> Kanye > Drake > Wayne

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    600 comments? daaaaaaamn homie.

  • Jaywall

    Wayne And EM >>>> Drake >>> Kanye.


    Damn 600 plus comments...

  • dc

    to every1 thinking he dissing those 3, u gotta be kiddin me do u really think they would let him on the track if he did that.thought so,if you listen carefully you will find out he dissin gucci mane because gucci dissed him on obsessed remix "i guess shawty mad he don't got you no more so just like pinnochio his nose gon grow" and ice box = gucci mane!!! song is fucking crazy though.

  • Brandon

    One day track, come next week no one is talking about this. I can put on Protect Ya Neck right now and get more hyped up.

  • MakavelliTheDon52

    Is this gonna be a yearly thing drop a super track every year cause this is around the same time SLU dropped

  • http://GQisdope.wordpress.com GQ

    Everybody snapped on this track. Best part was Em's and the remix on the beat was (2)dope.. Well, just putting my 2 cents in.


    Eminem murdered the so called GOAT on his own shiznit
    Eminem murders every beat he touches

  • Oh Funk

    godddamnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn em wrecked it.

  • Busy

    i only thought em was dissin gucci mane back... an i didnt think that until one of my friends drove that into my head!

  • TheAce

    it seems like mariah brought Em back...
    hes 2/2 since the warning

  • battle3

    drake is an idiot if he doesnt put this on his album

  • Vla3d

    love it, just love it coz this is dope!
    hey, is this the most commented post on 2dbz ever?
    one day ill be selling my beats to them dudes,
    watch out industry!

  • The Million Dollar Man

    Everybody KILLED this track!
    This may be the best song of the year!

    But I have to say, Eminem> Lil Wayne> Kanye> Drake

  • http://U458C5B498 BERNARD





  • dunfumee


  • CMYM

    treyyyy shud b on the hoook

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  • yup

    "One day track, come next week no one is talking about this. I can put on Protect Ya Neck right now and get more hyped up."


    And Em/Kanye >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wayne/Drake

  • Droolin

    beat is horrible....drake uses shitty similes

  • Acid_Sav

    Drake, Wayne and Ye were all pretty much their usual selves, Em just proved none of them are on the same level as him but the song as a whole is just... average... i preferred SLU.

    (TI's verse on SLU > Em's verse on Forever)

  • Lkrskb24

    wow is this many comments necessary? last time i was here it was like 124 comments..anyway Em snapped on it and made Drake Wayne and Ye all look average

  • mire

    i need a video for this!!

  • M. Beezy

    an okay song. Em outshined all of them. Drake is still weak as hell in my opinion. I been lost hope in Kanye and Wayne speaks for himself.

  • Pingback: Daily Toke: For every idiot proof system devised, a new improved idiot will overcome it. | Hail Mary Jane()

  • 91&^UP

    wow EMINEM did a LUDACRIS on this Joint! straight MURDAR!

  • Venox

    Crazy track
    Em lost his mind on this!

  • lkrskb24

    Put ya headphones on tight and pay attention 2 da lyrics

    Kanye had the most clever/humor lines
    "I stuck my dick into this life until the bitch came"
    "I had raped this game young u can call it statutory"
    "Super bad chicks givin me mclovin"

    Drake had clever lines too BUT

    Eminem came with the most skill with each clever line flowin perfectly into the next NO FILLER and the wordplay on da "true villain/truth spillin/tooth fillins/true feelins"
    dat whole bar was better than Wayne's verse which was full of filler

    Lyrically: 1. Kanye 2. Eminem 3. Drake 6. Wayne

    Flow/Delivery 1. Eminem 2. Wayne 3. Drake 4. Kanye

  • twinsking

    I was at an AMSTEL LIVE event at Webster Hall last night and Clinton Sparks played this and I said to my Friends "OH SHIT, I know the dope house will have this up by the time I get home" ;-)
    Of course a few too many Amstels and a Blond with an oral fixiation :-D and I'm just download it now. You guys are the Ish keep up the good work.

    p.s. Mr. Hudson performed and was very good (I'll send clips later if you don't get any)

  • http://gettingblackasiwant.blogspot.com/ Cr!tical

    Jesus Christ.

  • lkrskb24

    Eminem -
    "you dealin with a few true villians whose staying inside of the booth truth spillin, and spit true feelings until our tooth fillings come flying up out of our mouths now rewind it,payback muthafucka for the way that you got at me hows it taste? when i slap the taste,out of ur mouth with the bass so loud that it shakes the place, im hannibal lecter so just incase you was thinkin of savin face, u aint gonna have no face to save by the time im through with this place"

  • Cesc

    Dope amount of comments. Good to see history being made on 2Dopeboyz on my birthday.. lol gota point that out. Now just waiting for the BP3 leak, some new Nas and some new Blu.

  • Cesc

    P.S. Andre 3000 would've murked this shit too. Fuck is Weezy always doing on these joints?

  • Game

    Somebody drop wayne from this and we got a banger!!

  • js

    wayne has made a name for himself and he went in on this track. for a second, forget who's on it and just listen.

  • ybmenace

    I think if Eminem weren't on this track, there wouldn't be as many comments! No one would really give a fuck. imagine wat a new Shady & Jay z track would get? Damn!

  • shibby

    "nyway Em snapped on it and made Drake Wayne and Ye all look average"

    Drake, Wayne and Ye all are average

  • who cares

    I wanna no what possessed Em 2 work with these clowns

  • MethodMouse

    some of you all are fucking stupid. just because a line can be stretched and twisted into a shot at somebody doesn't mean IT IS a shot. smh

  • bub stoda

    @ woh care... MONEY

  • MethodMouse

    replace weezy with lupe btw and throw cudi on the hook and we got ourselves a fucking masterpiece

  • http://chilanta.wordpress.com kap


    Seriously tho, Em spazzed!

  • tam

    lol yea ^^ and i bet 90% of people would say sumthin lyk EM KILLD JAY AGAIN ! before even listening to the trak.

    both are pretty mad rappers tho, would love another track by those 2. i heard once from somwhere they might be on relapse 2 since thats got alotta features ? anyone noe if thats tru ?

  • lkrskb24

    yo Em may have dissed Drake, Kanye, and DEFINITELY Wayne on this

    u can tell he had somethin to prove with how he debated whether or not he should go hard or not at da start of his verse

    "Fuck no, go for broke, his cup just runneth over oh" dissin Kanye

    "bashin into the brains of these hoes, and establishin a name as he goes" dissin Drake

    "rewind it,payback muthafucka for the way that you got at me hows it taste? when i slap the taste,out of your mouth with the bass so loud that it shakes the place" dissin Wayne

  • Lkrskb24

    Em had somethin to prove on here wit how he was debatin whether or not he should go hard at da start of his verse

    "Fuck no, go for broke, his cup just runneth over oh" dissin Kanye

    "bashin into the brains of these hoes, and establishin a name as he goes" dissin Wheelchair Drizzy

    "rewind it,payback muthafucka for the way that you got at me hows it taste? when i slap the taste,out of your mouth with the bass so loud that it shakes the place" dissin Wayne

  • http://google.ca LO$

    shut the fuck with drake is wack fuckery shit faggots. if you got em, wayne, and ye on your track your hot. thank him later

  • JonAnderson

    2 words - Le and Bron

  • Juanka

    OMG 651 responses...this IS the definition og hype

  • Jay-Real

    Well...now we know why Eminem isn't featured on BP3

  • MC YoungMuchacho
  • Flipdog0

    Wayne Wins..... Em comes in second... then Drake... and Yeezy surprisingly pulls in the rear

  • http://www.adream-rp.com Seif

    Wow Em...

  • Rio$

    ok after hearing it wasnt feelin drake's flow only song ive ever actually heard from him was best i ever had and no to that shit hopefully nobody gets off the computer to "beat my ass". kanye i dont like either way. listening to wayne seems to make me wanna cut off my ears all the time he's talking. eminem killed it but i never would picture him on this kinda beat it just sounds like the style is different from wat em usually raps on. my opinion ya'll can call me hater or log off the comp to beat my ass doesn't really matter

  • Venox

    @ flipdog0 .....ur silly lol

  • Louie V

    MY NIGGA EM....he's a BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! propz to all...hear some lines before on kanye's verse and drake but could of been a earlier snippet i heard a couple weeks ago...but EM..."rewind the track" like he said and listen to this dude delivery!!!! krazy

  • js

    rios ...
    why even comment.

  • Money


  • preston

    man that em verse still overrated. don't nobody even really know who he was dissin. still a good verse though. yeezy had the best verse. wayne's verse was a fail. Drake did a decent job, and the hook was decent. the beat was a 7 out of 10. good track though, better then most of the shit coming out.

  • iScotts

    I dont know how my 2cents will make any diff but here goes...


    I see some of yall hating on drake common yoll dood is tight.

  • http://www.twitter.com/pat313 pat313

    eminem shits on all of your favorite rappers!


  • jrw

    1.5 white guys beat 2.5 black guys

  • nastydaville

    Michelangelo>Donatello>Raphael=Leonardo on this track.

  • http://Dthenadashthenalain.blogspot.com D-Lain

    I just didnt like this having 666 comments. 667.

  • Kiimbo Ice

    Em is undefeated on collabos,and he straight murcked this shit. and fucking WOW @ this joint,660+ comments??? WTF!?!?!

  • M. Pass

    I thought there was going to be someone else on the hook?

  • http://www.morejaylesswar.tumblr.com niketheory

    So many damned comments. This is epic. I love this song, though. It's dope.

  • defama

    Wayne sounds like a fucking muppet...Annoying tags went in hard. Em kills when he's not rappin bout celebrities or silly shit

  • double

    why the hell is lebron on the cover art.... it seems like he certainly isnt staying in cleveland forever...prolly not even another year...and they all killed in the song grow up

  • http://twitter.com/Tommy_Parker tms

    the fuck...

  • GuEsS

    Slaughterhouse > this track...i thought it was disapointing drake remade a track from 5 years ago...em's lyrics are on point as always but the overall track was wack

  • cru jones

    ^^^ what he said. Why theh hell is lebron on the cover?

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ double

    This song is for a basketball movie with Lebron and other players called It's More Than A Game

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ Jaywall

    Wow, no is hating, you just bullshitting. What good shit did Wayne do??? Wayne was ass on this. Majority of people heard it and said he was ass. Either he choked up cause Em was on it or he didn't know Em was on it. Best rapper alive my ass.

  • jwood

    lets be real people it goes em > kanye > drake > wayne. wayne falling off hard and drake is one lucky fuck for this track hes not even the best freshman get fucking big sean on this shit hes way better than drake

  • mateo

    damnnnnnn big comments on this joint

  • keephatin

    hahahahah @ jwood saying big sean

  • Icardi

    Gay ass hook. decent break beat. fuck lil wayne. fuck drake. Kanye did good. Em does good like always.

    once again, fuck this drake and wayne shit. been standing behind that since wayne got big.

  • *Name


  • http://n/a boston

    and the said em was done

  • mazoomy

    they shoulda dropped drakes verse and waynes verse, and had ye rewrite his cuz that man can go the fuck in when he wants to

    replacements for the dropped verses: nas and jadakiss

    that would make this track legen-fukin-dary

  • bbrrbrb

    Anybody else agree that Drake and Ye flow are way too similar on this track

  • JH

    kanye re-write, add cudi verse & a verse from MIKE POSNER!

  • Yatti

    SLU all over again.

    you'll see all the other artists start jumping in.

    waiting for jay-z to jump in it.

  • Moussa KZ.

    not feeling this shit yet.. might grow in me soon

  • Jam

    Em>Ye>Drizzy>Wayne lyrically that's the order in my opinon. Regardless this song knocks. They should of had someone more epic for the chorus though i think. Maybe even Trey lol

  • Russ

    man, all these comments....i don't know. i mean the track is alright; but i think it's a bit overrated. i am an em fan and i really didn't think his verse was all that amazing. too fast in my opinion. but like treach said maybe i listen too slow.....

  • yungnitto

    @ Jam couldnt agree more Trey on the hook would be soooo dope but rumor has it that someone else is doing the hook and chorus and we will get that soon hopefully Trey Yupppp!

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  • A*STAR


  • californiabbboy

    its gonna be the-dream on the hook they said it and song is fireeee best month of musicccc keep it coming

  • tdottttt

    i knew they had to keep drizzy on the hook he wrote it and he dos it way better than the rest of em.

    this is too sick btw haven't heard anything like that from em in a long time

  • James

    Hot shit.

  • californiabbboy

    the-dream on the hook

  • cya

    "and I will never stop like I'm runnin' from the cops".... WTF Weezy, you ruined your whole verse with that line. I usually love Lil' Wayne but he really dropped the ball with this one. Otherwise Kanye and Em killed it, Drake was average.

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  • Rafae Sheikh

    Holy wowzers! 700 comments! Epic moment. !

  • Yeezy


  • mdizzy

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boi

  • Yeezy


  • Rafae Sheikh

    Btw, is Dream really gonna be on the hook? Sounds kinda cheesy if you ask me.Let's see how it looks when written down.

    Forever - Drake f. The Dream, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, & Eminem.

    Nvm, looks pretty epic.

  • FreshPrince

    ^LOL @ Rafae Sheikh

  • Yeezy


  • blazer

    oh my god eminem... that was a reeeediculous flow...

  • Dolce

    707 posts and counting

  • me

    why does every song these days have to have a remix to it leave the song the way it is.

  • P’Cola

    next time eminem commits to a track like this i'd really like to see Jay, Kanye, Em, 3000 wit stacks singin on the hook. hip hop could roll over and die right then and i would be okay w/ it.

  • http://myspace.com/dcthesoulchild D.C. THE SOULCHILD

    this is the most comments 2dopeboyz ever had

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ me

    This isn't a remix. It's the official song with 1 RnB singer still to be revealed on the chorus. Get your panties out a bunch.

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ Rafae Sheikh

    No one said anything about Dream being on the hook and it would be stupid if he was considering Dream wrote Mariah's diss to Em

  • http://Gyftonline.com Gyft

    lmao @ the thousand comments on this joint...

  • 88

    hey wow cool song yall

  • MIGGZZ418

    second time im commenting just to say wow u noe u got a good song wen u got fukin 700 comments

  • Seal

    This song is straight garbage, except for Em. Neither Drake nor Weezy are fit to lick Em's boots, let alone get on a track with him.

  • TheLastEmperor

    Uh, no you don't, this would get the same amount of responses if it was garbage through and through

  • Zak

    motherfuckin heat

  • truth

    god damn i hope wayne aint on detox, cant mix with em wont mix with dre.


    Eminems verse on alchemist freestyle = this verse > slaughterhouse

    ps for the reocrd stop meantioning jay should be on tracks unless ur talkin bout electronica

    jayz is bill cosby on the mic i dont want to hear the niggatalk about his shawtys and doa and all his money and beyonce and his terrible lyricism he needs to retire like he said he did



  • bub stoda

    I wonder if this post generated the most comments on this site.. talk about a buzz

  • http://thehigherplane.net MKSince83

    this song is cool, and I am glad it was done. But this ain't 7 HUNDID comments worthy.

    But I guess I ain't helping matters by saying what I just said...723 and counting

  • Rafae

    @ 1 Dollar

    You're saying that as if Eminem is the only one on the track. So what if Dream has beef wit Em, there's three other guys on there too for crying out loud, this ain't Em's track so Dream being on the hook in the final version COULD be a possibility. Just saying..

  • S.d.b.

    Waiting to c if a remix or if a different comes on for the iTunes version... Gonna cop... Waiting for thank me later relapse 2 n the Carter 4!!! :) kanye is a beast lines is hot in this song by flow was garbage! Eminem is the greatest n I also wanna hear a song with eminem n Wayne only 2... Drake back on his hit... His like last 5 song that've came out have been the shit

  • Strife

    Yoooo can I can that chopped and screwed eventually?


  • K Bizzle

    After listening to this song with everybody on it, I can describe it in one word...


  • http://twitter.com/jayysteeZ jayy

    700 Comments Nigga ?!

  • me

    @ 1 Dollar

    i didn't say this was a remix i said i ment i hope they dont make a remix to this
    like every other song out

  • shashwat

    has a post ever gotten this many comments?

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Jesus 731 COMMENTS???

    Well 732 now!!!! That's a crazy number!

  • Bezze

    731 Responses in 2 Days
    2DBz Record??
    Eminem = G.O.A.T.
    Relapse Sold 1.3 Million In A Recession

  • mR-Mr

    nah bro..the beat has been used for that..you might know it as forever..and thats on same mixtape

    Bostons's Own said this on August 26th, 2009 at 8:56 pm


    @Bostons’s Own

    I'm not sure what you said or meant.

    But this is an original produced beat from Boi-1da that was one of the 2 tracks they were gonna use to promote the "Ransom" clothing store in Toronto.

    Being that the track (this track "Forever") leaked then then actually used a different song with a similar concept and they called the track "Ransom" naming it after the store.

  • Real Sh!t!


    Get his balls out his mouth loser! There are more groupies who worship him. It's not about the music for most of you Em Stans!!! Be Real!!!

    Most Eminem fans are infatuated with him more than you are observant of his music. If he said a wak verse or line you guys would just defend him in every way possible before you admit!!!

    So all in all as good as Em is there are more people who are 1. excited that he just raps then 2. they pay attention to the music after and if #2 isn't satisfying you guys just refer to option #1

    Most of you aren't really hip-hop fans!

    If you had a choice to choose between all Em's albums before the hearing and/or knowing the entire history of hip-hop minus him, you'd choose Em!

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ Rafae

    Dude, if Dream happens to be on the hook (most likely not, I expect a strong female like Mary J.), then it would throw the song off cause of the tention between Em and Mariah with Dream stepping in the beef for no reason writing her Obsessed. It's common sense. Flat out stupid for Dream to be on this song. I'm pretty sure that he's not even considered in the 3 RnB artists they have on deck working on a hook anyway. Just couldn't see him in that.

  • Kaji

    deja vu? Renegade all over again, just another day on the office for em

  • Bezze

    @ Real Sh!t
    STFU Wit That Hate
    Im Stating Facts

  • tris nigga!

    this beat and hook old but they all killed this!

  • dartz3x


  • peptoo

    I come two days later looking through the pages and notice this has 7 hundred and what comments?

    this comments section could make up a whole forum.

  • ILLfro

    On the real... EM MURDERED ALL OF THEM. They all stepped up to the plate, but Em was easily the winner if that was a competition.

  • mazoomy

    i gotta amend what i commented earlier.

    screw just having nas and jadakiss replace the drake and wayne verses, they should make this an all star mega-mix along the lines of one blood and get like everybody on it

    eminem, nas, jay-z, wu tang, slaughterhouse, kool g rap, rakim, jay electronica, skyzoo, sha stimuli, m.o.p, saigon, sean price, talib, clipse, etc etc etc

  • LovriPB


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBh0LZjTWHc&feature=channel_page jayrock

    ^^LovriPB could't say it better myself.

  • Rafae

    @ 1 Dollar

    Dude, I know that it would pretty much throw the song off and I'm not even 100 % sure whether or not Dream is gonna be on there or not, that's why I was asking lol. Tbh, I don't even think he would fit together with the rest of the cast, some high profile singer will probably make the song's RnB role, someone like Mary J. Blige, like you said. But I heard some people say Dream was confirmed to be on there so that's why I started throwing out opinions lol.

  • http://www.myspace.com/michelbeats Michelbeats

    Oooooooh shit the track is mad fire
    Shady is on fire

  • http://www.myspace.com/thethermos1 Thermos

    does anybody else find themselves just skipping to around 4:30 every time they listen to this song? lol with that said, i personally think it'd be a waste of a feature to throw MJB, Dream or anyone else on the hook for that matter

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ Thermos

    With the song being featured in that basketball documentary they're looking for a hot hook insted of what they already have which is why they're experimenting with 3 of the best RnB singers for it

  • ChucKle

    They announced that they are keeping the hook because the reponses are overwhelming good on the hook and the overall collbaoration!

  • Real Sh!t!

    @ Real Sh!t
    STFU Wit That Hate
    Im Stating Facts

    Bezze said this on August 27th, 2009 at 6:33 pm


    Yeh a pointless fact and no corelation in even bringing that up!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    i gotta amend what i commented earlier.

    screw just having nas and jadakiss replace the drake and wayne verses, they should make this an all star mega-mix along the lines of one blood and get like everybody on it

    eminem, nas, jay-z, wu tang, slaughterhouse, kool g rap, rakim, jay electronica, skyzoo, sha stimuli, m.o.p, saigon, sean price, talib, clipse, etc etc etc

    mazoomy said this on August 27th, 2009 at 11:07 pm

    WOW! Great idea! That would be too much for the human mind to handle (lol)! Every hip-hop fan would die a peacful death after, that's for sure.

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ ChucKle

    What's your source??? I haven't heard anything like that. From MTV.com the night the song came out it was said that 3 of the best RnB singers are working on a hook and whoever had the best lyrics and best vocals which ever way it goes got the spot.

  • Condo

    does anybody else find themselves just skipping to around 4:30 every time they listen to this song? lol <--Only a horny STAN would do that! What a lame!

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  • Near

    all i can think about is when kardinal offishal and rock city used this beat and destroyed it
    this is okay

  • http://www.myspace.com/jrloveshaters Jayyare

    em killed it!

  • californiabbboy

    why the song is not in itunes i wanna buy it ???

  • Siyabonga

    EM is wack and all the stans who are on his dick are white computer neds. EM is most popular in all music websites like this 1 coz all of you homos will be on his dick but in the hood no 1 gives a fuck about him. He raps about being a serial killer but he never crashed a grape in a food fight. He disses hollywood start which no 1 gives a fuck about in the hood and the stars don't care about him. He even disses a RnB singer damn!!! just to get you homoz excited. The only bitch he ever had is Kim and a porn start on his video. On the track he used a faster flow that all nothing specail in what the words says. Kany West is still the best rapper for 2009. He is a dragon he spites fire only and coming hard on bitches please no homos. check out his features in other artist songs. I hope they make a G mix with out EM. With JAY, ROSS and GEEZY

  • Bezze

    @ Real Sh!t & @ Siyabonga

    Your A Fck'n Hater. Who's Your Fav Rapper So I Can Tell You How Much They Suck.

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ californiabbboy

    It's not finished. An RnB singer is gonna be on the hook.

    @ Siyabonga

    Who's your favorite rapper??? Coochie Mane, O-Gay The Looseman, Shawty Slow??? And learn how to spell, an education helps.

  • Siyabonga

    I know my spelling sucks becoz I don't stay in America and english is not my first language. As long as you get my point that slim shady sucks I'm cool with that. Slim takes away from the game he doesn't add to it. The only time you will hear slim raps in his own albums or with 50 then he will disappear to sort out his domestic problems. He doesn't keep the streets happy with a feature on other artist remix song like Weezy and Mr West does. Please tell me what was Slim last hit known wold wide?????

  • A-pproval

    Come on be real if a rapper from the projects came up the same exact way Eminem did HE'D BE CRUCIFIDE and told how inconsistant and strange he is!

    No rapper in history has the most tasteless topics and content like Em but he does it, it's called "creative" but if a regular dude from the hood did "Purple Pills", "Guess Who's Back", "Crack A Bottle", "Superman", "Slim Shay" and the very long list of idiotic songs, that rapper wouldn't sell all the millions of records he has. Matter of fact they wouldn't have even made it past 1 album.

  • Real Sh!t!

    @ Real Sh!t & @ Siyabonga

    Your A Fck’n Hater. Who’s Your Fav Rapper So I Can Tell You How Much They Suck.

    Bezze said this on August 29th, 2009 at 7:49 am

    Oh great.... ummmm he's Eminem! Now tell me 'how much he sucks' LMFAO

    Overrated rapper of all time!

  • spitrapid

    to all of u hatin on slim....... give it a rest. every rapper has his fans. slim is no different. no matter what y'all say...he'll always be the greatest to me. on this track....IN MY OPINION.. em killed them all.
    your point is invalid...em used to be a regular dude from detroit...it's sick flows and lyrics like this that made him popular.
    u obviously have nothing to say.em brought a lot to the game. he brought a sick flow, mad ryhming skills and sick funny lyrics. plus this song proves why he doesn't feature on other peoples songs.......he'll end up killing them

  • elguapo

    crackers love em juss like niggas love chicken....mhmm ummm bitch

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  • KJ

    It's a cool song, nothing more. Nothing less.

  • O.


  • Buck

    History in the making. Why? Mainstream that is actually good!

  • http://www.mcdonalds.com 1 Dollar

    @ Siyabonga

    I've been listening to Em since I was 11 or 12 and I'm 20 now still listening to him. He brings originality into the game. He's creative and all of his albums been concepts which not too many people do these days anymore and he doesn't give a fuck what people think. He does him. He sucks to you cause your from another country but I don't think that's the case cause many people in other countries love Em. Relapse did tremendously well worldwide after being gone for 4 1/2 years. I can tell you 5 songs all from Relapse. 3 AM, Crack A Bottle, We Made You, Beautiful, and Old Times Sake have done well on the charts. 3 AM, Beautiful, and Old Times Sake could have done much better on the charts but when you have dumbed down listeners, shit gets fucked up. Something like Lupe. He's a very intelligent rapper but his success is ass cause he's over dumbed down listener's head with what he brings. And Em doesn't hop on people's tracks cause he has a daughter and trys to be in her life as much as he can like a real father and when he does hop on someone's track like this, he outshines everyone. Know what your talking about next time before you comment. It would do us and yourself a favor.

  • just kenny

    Pretty ok song, nothing amazing except maybe Shady's verse... goddamn at all the commenta.



  • Siyabonga

    History!! Em was signed by DR DRE after the death of PAC and BIG two of the greatest rappers alive or dead. PUFFY was the king of rap and he was making so much money at that time he has to tell us about it in each and every song he did. Every rapper was copying Diddy rapping about bling bling even NAS switched his style up. HIP HOP took a road to death and SLIM brought it back to life, I’ll give that to him he was a breath of fresh air in the land of bling bling he made it international again and hard core. His flow and rhymes were impeccable he didn’t try to be a gangster or a drug dealer and tell us about his riches he kept it real and played himself SLIM SHADDY, you dig. His raps were funny but hardcore I loved it even when his topics were lame but his raps saved the song. Slim is first and for must a battle MC he will first diss himself and diss you more so you will have nothing bad to say about him that how he came up so he will diss muthafuckers in their own tracks that what he did and still doing it. Fast forward to 2009 in the land of beast, goons and goblins in the rap game Em is still coming up with that same shit he didn’t step up his rap game. Em!!! We know you don’t like Hollywood stars and you diss muthafucks in their own tracks it been done before. I want to hear Em kick a hot verse on a RnB track or on a young geezy’s track without him trying too hard to out shine geezy. I’m still saying Em didn’t out shine DRAKE, MR WEST and WEZZY F BABY on the forever track those muthafuckers are always on their jobs they keep the rap game going when Slim takes a break. They drop hot verses in RnB, rock and rap tracks making us hip hop fans happy. On the forever track Em used a fast flow trying too hard to outshine other MCs but what he is saying is not hard core at all. Please take your time and listen to MR WEST’s verse on the track that is fire.

  • Siyabonga

    Sorry my bother relapse is bullshit even the so called hit song “we mad you” is not big internationally the last rap international hit was by I.T. “live your life” even in the darkest corner you will hear that song banging away and everyone had it as a ring tone. Because “we made you” is such a bad song it turned me off to the whole album I didn’t buy it or down loaded it in the internet. The other songs you mentioned I only red about them in the MTV news never heard them play on radio. What is playing now on radio is Keri hilson with neyo and MR WEST, DRAKE best I’ve ever had, Beyonce remix of EGO with MR WEST and a little bit of fabulous put it in the bag sorry no Slim. No one gives a fuck about Em since he came up with that weak album, I thought Em will come up with something new and innovative with more fire after the break but he came with that tired old shit.

  • Shady

    you trippin siyabonga....
    get the fuck outta here your garbage kid...
    why would you wanna pic somebody who raps about how hot they are and how much more money,swagger and bitches they have than everybody else who raps about dealing with life,the struggles,the depression and what we all really go through at some points in life cause believe me...right now it's dark in america whether you believe it or not...pop ass songs drake's best i've ever had,kanye's love lockdown and lil wayne's lollipop/prom queen is as bad as pop gets...get the fuck outta here...your trash bitch made ass faggot...go and jam some plies weak ass nigga...

  • Siyabonga

    Music is not suppose to make you sad it should make you happy and I agree with you relapse it is depressing bullshit stan.

  • Siyabonga

    Don’t you want to have more swagger, money, and bitches and be happy? Why concentrate on bad things and depression? You such a fucking looser. T.I. made a song “you can have whatever you want” which was hit in the middle of a recession. Coz every man want to treat his lady like that it made us forget about the hardships of a recession just a bit and someday it will get better. I’ll buy my lady a drop top Bentley I swear.

  • Jesper Nordh

    haha this is whack

  • CJ

    ill give yall the true order...Em>Drake>Yeezy>wayne....cant argue that let me start wit wayne...Nigga needs to step his game up. he been slaccin for a while now. Yeezy...im not a fan but i like a lot of his song. He just aint really sayin shit lol...Drake..i get annoyed by the niggaz voice to be honest but the shit he say is good. nice punchlinr rapper. Eminem..did his thing im glad to hear that edge he had when he came out startin to come bacc the whiteboi still got it, and he murdered 3 of the most overhyped artists for 1 reason....hes the shit.

  • i

    i wanna this fucking song
    where can i download it???
    fuck off

  • Pac4life

    well the 3 of them were dope Drake - kayne - wayne but Eminem verse was Art, Highest level he deserve to be The best on This , 1 - Em ( Style/ great lyrics / voice) 2- Drake ( nice lyrics ) 3 - kayne( da lyrics was good but he was too slow ) - 4 wayne (nice lyrics ruined by voice .) peace out

  • Zen

    nice song , nothing spécial but EM was Dope !!!!

  • Biggié

    I agree with pac4ever Eminem showed that he déserve to be a legend And his verse was art

  • http://www.ooiuw.com spyda

    can u re-upload this please??????

  • Shannon

    Eminem is HANDS DOWN the BEST rapper out there.

    he is SOO sick with it.
    he gives off a badass feeling like
    you can take on anything.

    just sayin' he's back.
    and other rappers better be ready.

    because he's gonna take it all.

  • Shannon

    alright. so i already posted something but i was reading comments

    what the fuck.

    all these kids dissin' Em saying wayne, kanye, and drake are better.


    comeon now stop hating on the whiteboy.

    Eminem keeps it real. he's not fake. He tells you his life in a single rap song. He's not afraid to speak his mind. "Cause I'm only giving you things that you joke about with your friends inside your living room. The only difference is I got the balls to say it in front of yall and I don't gotta be false or sugarcoated at all. I just get on the mic and spit it better than 90% of you rappers out there" just as he said in the real slim shady. he is better. he is the best. so get over it. and stop hating it.

  • Siyabonga

    EM didn't make the 2009MTV Hottest MC coz he is a HOMO and a lazy BITCH, FUCK HIM

  • Siyabonga

    Even Gucci Mane was better than slim in 2009. When proof was shot like an animal, His life left his body and at the same time em’s fire and swagger also left his body. Em and proof are both dead but proof stayed in heaven and em is back to haunt us with his whackness. He should have stayed at home with his bitch wife Kim and fuck her not Maria carey. No 1 cares about em not even MTV they put a man's ass on his face coz he likes that.Fucking HOMO

  • chad

    yo waynes dreams became reality he never wanted to get on a track with em cause he was afarid that em would whoop that ass and people would realize what about shady cause hes been in the shade.....he murked em

  • chelza

    why r u hatin this song is the best song i loved drake em wayne and kanye that wat made it good.............

  • nicole

    i love er' bodi n this damn song i listen 2 it er' dai no lie.....
    mood:lovin forever

  • Joshua

    Wow Eminems verse was dope!!!
    Really like his new style. Sick as hell.
    Reminds me of WoW for some reason I can't explain lol

  • Just m3

    The beat is from Flesh-N-Bone. I forgot the name of the song but you can find it in the bone thugs diss to lil' wayne when he says: F-L-E-S-H, runnin' this whole motherf*cking place!!

  • http://www.belowthebelt.bravehost.com The Hip-Hop Bard


    SECTION 6 vs FOREVER KP Kev the Poet performs 'Section 6' (squat the lot) over the instrumental for 'FOREVER' by DRAKE featuring Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

  • clyde

    mnm goes the hardest in this song

  • tom

    song actually has a sample collie budz come around horn noise

  • Jovell

    Why didn't we get a remix to this?

  • Jovell


  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2009/08/26/drake-forever-f-eminem-kanye-west-lil-wayne-prod-boi-1da/ akasha

    it's obiously who's the king in there. Em just makes others look lame


    just wantd to make it 800

  • http://god.com GOD


  • http://youtube.com/mickswaggger Young Stereotype aka Lil Cliche

    YEAAHHHHHHHHH.... BITCHHHHHH.... (wiz khalifa voice)

  • agthe1


  • Mz.Drizzy


  • Mz.Drizzy


  • Mz.Drizzy


  • Mz.Drizzy


  • Mz.Drizzy


  • Mz.Drizzy


  • Mz.Drizzy


  • Mz.Drizzy


  • Mz.Drizzy


  • Mz.Drizzy

    I'm a loser, i'm a stn for drake but i love j.cole, i need someone to kill me!

  • http://www.twitter.com/jwillzbruh Wheelchair Jimmy

    Get a life.


    Yeah... Um... This just got shitted on lol

  • mmkayy

    lool remember this? 816 comments...there was one with 1k+ right?

  • http://??/ lol

    é loko is man

  • http://www.arhsyofatprp.com Edmond Euertz

    Hey yd94gj22ll8kvs3hasij, very interesting post, it really got me thinking. tlrij6cj4t zmv9pahs5n Thank you. 9fymp7z48k

  • paddy

    if you really analyse em's verse the flow was sick, but what he was actually rapping about was very sub-par. his bars weren't all that people hyped it up to be

    • TheRealTC

      That kind of sums up most of Em's music from the last few year.

  • rajabelle


  • BettyBHewitt

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Dee-1 - "Miles Davis"

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