Drake x Eminem x Kanye West x Lil Wayne [Update]

blame it on Shake August 26, 2009

People that are still doubting the existence of this song can exit to the left at anytime. Anyways, Rich Paul who works with James as a part of their marketing company LRMR) revealed some more insight to MTV News about the star-studded collaboration from Kanye West, Drake, Lil Wayne & Eminem.

“It was done, it was just Drake and Kanye, and then they went back and got two more prolific talents and it just made it even crazier, ” Paul told MTV News late Tuesday. “They blessed Drake crazy.”

The song came together when Gee Roberson, an executive at Atlantic Records who also manages West and helps to oversee the careers of Drake and Wayne, visited LeBron during the playoffs in May.

“He came over and played this — it was me, LeBron and Maverick [Carter, James’ manager],” said Paul, who will co-executive produce the project for James’ camp. “And he played the track, it was hot. It went right with the movie, it was like perfect for a moment that you want to be forever. And when he decided to put Wayne, Drake, Kanye and Eminem on it [together], it just makes is better. It’s one of those songs fans will really want to hear forever. It’s that type of feeling.”

And as said last time, the track will feature the same Boi-1da produced beat & new Wayne & Drake verses. Now there is talk of someone replacing Drizzy on the hook…

“There’s gonna be an unexpected feature on the hook,” he said. “Right now we have three different R&B singers writing the hook to see who comes up with the best one. I’mma be shocked. So I can’t tell you who it’s gonna be.” On the original, Drake performs double duty, rapping and singing the chorus.

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  • censored

    to be honest i’m not that excited. Weezy is mediocre, drake hasn’t really fully made a name for himself yet, em is experiencing old-age fall-off…

    (readies self for hate)

  • Yeezy

    ^ yea u better get ready with a weak ass response like that

  • Yeezy

    this trx is gonna be dope…all of them together shuld bring outthe best in them lyrically cuz no one will want o get outdone their all competitive ..this might be track of the year if it goes right

  • dza

    FUCK, they really grooming Drake to be the next hip hop megastar. It’s all about the money, money, moooooonnnnnnnnneyyyyyy!!!!

  • Yeezy

    i agree there tryin hard to make drake hugeas possible.. wish jigga promote j.cole like this! cuz he’d make this song even greater

  • wow

    $10 says the weasel has some strange line about sticking his dick in wierd places or sitting in ass holes, that completely ruins the song

  • The Million Dollar Man

    *crosses fingers for no autotune*

  • wow

    If they get rid of Drake and Wayne and replace them with talented rappers this song might be good

  • mark

    *crosses fingers for no drake*

  • mark

    “If they get rid of Drake and Wayne and replace them with talented rappers this song might be good”

    and that too^

  • this is gonna be dope, I hope.

  • Rio$

    maybe a joint with andre 3000, scarface, talib kweli , and mos def would be better? im sure it would have better lyrics than this joint

    “There’s gonna be an unexpected feature on the hook,” he said. LEBRON JAMES??????????????????????????????????
    no that would be odd but he said unexpected cant be trey songz or the dream


    Nice. I’ll have to edit out Lil Wayne and Kanye.

  • oh it exists…i have it!

    “im restin’ in the lead, i need a pillow and a cover, shhhh my foots sleeping on the gas, no brakepads, no such thing as last…” -Weezy F.

  • drizzy

    it says a R&B Singer on the hook
    since when is lebron a R&B Singer?

  • drizzy

    post a snippet buck marley

  • http://www.myspace.com/demnatiboyz43

    If you guys wanna hear the worst rappers alive click on my name

  • yup

    If you guys wanna hear the worst rappers alive just click on my name

  • Rio$

    “There’s gonna be an unexpected feature on the hook,” he said. “Right now we have three different R&B singers writing the hook to see who comes up with the best one.

    just says an rnb singer writing the hook could have lebron singing it in autotune ROFLMAO but im sorry that my comment bothered you “drizzy”

  • iEXAM

    What the fuck? They tryin to create a “slaughterhouse super group” type track with 4 artists? Fuck outta here this track ain’t gonna touch a slaughterhouse track lyrically….but if theres no autotune it’ll probably be crazy

    “cocky, but don’t be a copycat when you see me rockin that LA Kings hockey hat”

  • ^ Why does everything that has four Artists going to be compared to Slaughterhouse? And do you actually think they are trying to get at a SH track?

    God, people get Overly Extra with the SH comments sometimes.
    other then that, can’t wait to hear the track.

  • StReTcH!

    my guess for the RnB hook is….Rihanna

  • asdasd



  • wait,so they’re using the same beat? It was ok, but I can’t really see Eminem over it, but hopefully he kills it as usual, and please God no autotune.

    And yes, I know it always sounds like hate when people say that this rapper or that rapper doesn’t deserve the success they have had, but seriously. Drake is cool and and all but, there are more talented rappers, even in the freshmen class (Wale and J. Cole) that deserve it more. If he does eventually achieve Kanye-status, he’ll be looked at as one of the luckiest rappers alive.

  • Yeezy

    ^ agree with marshall but i think thts the lane drizzy is goin tryn na get kanye status but ayo wat beat is it.. cuz somebody said they heard the beat id like to hear it. man i wish every artist took fans suggestions for 1 track every year….like how bout a andre 3k,kanye,j.cole,drake,eminem,jay-z track.. id piss my pants if i saw ht headline

  • Drake is weak, Weezy is weak, kanye has hot verses, and eminem is to old, ready yourself for autotune most likely, this song isnt gonna be the hottest shit this year, its gonna be one of those song were you listen to it, and say…”that was too much”
    -there gonna overload this with so many things they think are dope that its gonna suck high balls

  • tdottttt

    thats the best hook drizzy ever came up with wtf would they EVER change it for? nobody remembers Kardinal Offishals verison which destroyed the hook and ruined the song.

    big mistake taking drake off the hook IMO.

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  • This joint is going to be super dope. Anybody saying that ANY of those rappers listed above are wack or are “crossing their fingers” that they won’t be on the record needs to immediately Heath Ledger themselves.

    Just like someone else mentioned, when it’s a supergroup like this, each person has to bring their A Game to the table…and contrary to anyone’s opinion, all of those rappers at one point had pretty superb lyricism (including Wayne, about 4 years ago). People who still only know Drake as a “pop” or “Young Money Signee” rapper who sings should even be speaking because they are uninformed on his actual music history. Eminem, contrary to most of the tracks on his last album (except for Underground and Beautiful), is still lyrically iller than your favorite rapper.

    Oh, and Kanye West has NEVER stopped smashing the game with ill rap verses, he just had a little brain lapse with 808s.

    So I say we stop the hatred and analyzing b4 the record even drops, and then wait till it drops to talk about the outcome.

    My guess is even if it’s good, some of y’all still won’t give the props, cuz that’s just internet blogger attitude for ya.

    Alright, rant done. LOL

    That was just my two cents…and then some.

    Commence whatever snap backs y’all are going to come with…lol

  • I love that “Forever” track, this should be a dope remake, I’m excited. Eminem on that beat sounds interesting as hell.

    I’ve noticed most of the people I know who hate Drake are also “rappers”… which I find ironic, LOL

  • let Justin do the hook!


  • End of the day: hate all you want on drizzy but until niggaz listen to COMEBACK SEASON and/or ROOM FOR IMPROVeMENT NOT SO FAR FUXKIN GONE u will never fully understand how dope dude is…nxggaz on here steadily saying “he dont deserve it” ????? y not?? hes in the same category as wale and j cole…moving on… WHOEVER SAID KANYE WASNT DOPE…yep u kno what u can do to yourself… wayne is meh to me… Em has been dope…so yeah this shud be dope but i dont think they shud fuxk with the chorus tho…

  • HiCLAS!, that’s exactly what I’m talking about! People have to listen to the material first before they start hating! I was talking to an older head hating on Drake the other day, and I was like, “Have you even listened to all of dude’s music?”. He was like “Naw, I’ve only heard like one song”.


  • looks like a hip-hop mason’s convention to me… tryin to recruit u know who 2 hand the baton down to…

  • Melo15

    fuck a chorus i wana hear all four of them tear it up no hook

  • throw jay on sum adlibs and its a surefire illuminati extravaganza!

  • Peptoo

    dang mad drake hate. comeback season for ya’ll plz, he does have some lyrical talent. but it definitely is true they’re squeezing out w.e juice thats in him to make him bigger than he supposed to be -paused.
    tbh, i feel that drizzy did a dope hook on that forever track. i have a feeling itll be The dream (SMH) , rkellz LMFAO , jeremih (i doubt) , or like kid cudi just for some laughs

    u fuxed with the chorus, that shit was dope.
    like i said once before, this song is still mysterious for me, theres chances that itll suck and chances that itll be the jam of the year. its all iffy now. only wait until tomorrow, or tonight if we get a leak ;]

  • Peptoo

    btw; jay sean wudda wrecked the chorus. thats a dude who can sing and i aint even hopped on his ride yet

  • that guy..GOD

    i was completely un-aware of this until now…l0l and now i know.
    hopefully someone bodies tha track..wit all this hype its gettin

  • The Million Dollar Man

    my guess for the RnB hook is….Rihanna

    StReTcH! said this on August 26th, 2009 at 10:38 am

    I dont know about that, I’m guessin its gonna be Trey Songz.

  • I feel the nut ready to bust

  • yo mom

    @ Young son

    Its not 4 years ago, so odds are Wayne isnt gonna come with anything close to good lyrics, plus Wayne has always basically been on that string random metaphors and punchlines thing. Same goes for Drake, he was bringing heat 4 years ago and hes also been on that punchline thing. Em has been hit and miss this year, at times he’s come close to his old self, other times he hasnt. But Kanye has been nothing but fire all year, so im not gonna hate on the Louis Vuitton Don. Oh and dont act like your the only one who listens to these artists whole catalogues it makes you seem like a douche bag

  • Yo Mom, I’ve never said anything like that.

    But the way a lot of these bloggers talk, it sounds like that is the case. I know you have to feel me on that. Just read for yourself. If you have listened to their full catalogs before you’ve made comments and judgments about the skills of an artist, that’s great. We need more “hip hop fans” to do this. But you can’t deny there is plenty who don’t.

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  • AhhhhYeahhhhh!!!

    “nxggaz on here steadily saying “he dont deserve it” ????? y not?? hes in the same category as wale and j cole”
    ^^^Sorry but no Wale and J.Cole have not got anywhere near the co-signs and opportunities as Drake has by now.Co-Signs and Money rule Drake’s career from the get-go of this craziness.Fuck Dude he don’t deserve none of this yet.WAYNE,KANYE,JAY-Z and EMINEM?!?Really though?!?Fuck nah,not even close