Add-2 – Tale Of Two’s City v.3: The Rise & Fall (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake August 27, 2009

Dopeboyz & dopegirlz… we are just one day away from the release of one of the dopest projects of the year. Tomorrow the dopehouse (and okayplayer) will be dropping off the latest effort from Chicago’s Add-2! How people are still sleeping on this dude is beyond me. I promise though… after one listen you will definitely wake (the fuck) up. Beliiee dat. Hit the jump for the artwork (by myself) and the tracklist…

=====( CLICK TO ENLARGE | ArtByShake.com )=====

  • peeee

    u did it again wit the artwork shakeee much respect

  • DIJones82

    Nice artowrk. I’m from the Chi, pretty in tune with music here too. Never heard of him. I’ll give it a listen.

  • the Dirty

    Thanks for this one

  • mark

    that artwork is ridiculously ill shake

  • yea ho

    ill check it out when drops.
    always some quality artwork from the homie shake!

  • Droolin

    will check this out…any other mixtapes by him that somebody can direct me to?

  • going to find songs….hopefully you aren’t wrong shake

  • justice

    is there an exact time this will release? midnight eastern?

  • chea! Chi-town, still rising.

  • sick artwork shake.

  • Yo this is off the chain

  • Lil’ Nello

    Dope artwork Shake! Been waiting on this from my homie Add from a minute I think this will definitely solidify him as not only a top up & coming Chicago MC but a top up & coming MC in general! CHI-CITY we in here!

  • ChuckLI

    Add 2 the one man duo one of the few chicago artist i respect…i can’t wait..

  • Man can’t wait Add hasn’t disappointed my yet. So my expectations are high for this one.

  • enrico

    dude is dope..this got me hype

  • Yo the artwork for this joint is rediculous bro. The tracklist looks classic and alot deeper than volume 2. This ones definitely going to be a classic just like its predecessors.

  • StlGr81

    Man the artwork is serious…Been an Add-2 fan since Vol. 1 and I know the man grinded out harder than ever for this one. Cant wait til it drops. Superman was off a plane! I know this tape finna go dummy!

  • Mr. Mazinkaiser

    The Artwork, INCONCEIVABLE. You Deed it /Eli

  • Gilgamesh

    ADD-2 >>>>> The rest of these rappers

    for those who arent familiar go check out Superman or Deconstruction freestyle. He kills damn every thing, his consistency is crazy

  • 2nd City Hustler

    Add 2 is a BEAST!!! Cats out in the Chi know about dude cause he grinds heavy. I’m sure this is going to be a great CD!

  • Gilgamesh

    the thing that i dont understand is how people sleep? homey kills shit, spits real shit, isnt being someone he’s not and yet we have alot of over hyped rappers with half the skills he has. I hope this tape takes him to the next level cause he deserves it

  • MicKS

    the one man duo back at it again. evryone need to show support on this tape. i kno he put in major work and he himself is really excited it drops today.

  • dadduci

    my homie add-2 been killin fo as far as i can remember. vol. 2 was dope as hell but this shit is gon be crazy i aready kno it. add need all ya support so spread that word and download his mixtape! and shake the artwork goes too hard!

  • Boston George

    Yo Yo…Joe Budden punch 0 movie is bout to drop.

    Push record….

    lights out homey

  • Full-time Hero

    Maaaan this shit is epic, i feel like a kid on xmas eve, shake what time this drop??? anyone got an idea

  • esnchlsptr

    Looks like i need to check for homie.. Obviously, i let this one slide through the cracks.. anyone have any links for his previous work?? preciate

  • bee

    @ esnchlsptr
    ^ not as good as vol. 3, but still dope nonetheless

  • Digitek

    very very very dope …Never heard of dude, but I’m really feelin it ..the artwork is sick also, good job Shake!

  • Naima

    Love the Art work, that’s def. hot!