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Drake – Successful f. Trey Songz (Preview)

blame it on Meka August 27, 2009

I’m pretty sure this won’t catch any flack “Best I Ever Had” got slapped with. Hit the cut for more words on this video.

It’s not exactly a do-over, but after receiving some backlash from his “Best I Ever Had” video, Drake tones things down in a clip for “Successful.”

The video was shot in the rapper’s hometown of Toronto. Drake and Trey Songz share top billing throughout the clip, directed by Jake Davis. Lil Wayne is featured in the original version of the song from Drake’s mixtape So Far Gone, but in the video version, Weezy’s verse has been replaced with a sung verse from Songz.

The clip is dark and opens with Drake overlooking the city. He continues to peer out from the balcony of a building during his first verse until he meets with Trey. As the two exit the condo, Drake turns back to the doorman, and his mind flashes as he and the man switch roles. The mood of the video matches the song; “Best I Ever Had” turned out to be a misstep for the upstart MC when the over-the-top clip didn’t match what fans felt the song portrayed.

Both Drake and Trey Songz called “Successful” eerie when they spoke about the song earlier this year to Mixtape Daily.

“It was so eerie. Like it was haunting, almost,” the rapper said of the production. “I was like, ‘Yo, that’s it. You need to use that.’ He started playing this patch, and just every note that he played fell into place.”

Trey Songz — who wrote the chorus for the song — echoed his good friend.

“It was simplistic, but it knocks. It’s eerie, it’s dark,” he explained. “The first thing I laid down was the gothic, reverb-driven harmony: ‘arrrgh, arrrgh, arrrgh.’ I couldn’t think of what I wanted to hear on it, so I did a whole bunch of harmonies [until I found the right one].”

  • me

    i hope its gonna be a good video

  • I hope it thoo

  • tms

    that nigga is funny lookin
    but it does look good

  • jacobm23

    they need to quit releasing previews for the video and just release the damn thing

  • rexrocksd

    Drake is a tool

  • Bay2LA2NY

    actually, this song is getinn a lot of radio play in the bay area. drake’s all thats on the radio lol

  • toronto’s finest

    i see my city in the background……time to stand up & salute !!

  • JJ

    Why’d they cut wayne out? He actually had a pretty decent verse

  • DMV703

    I honestly dont like Drake or his music.

    take that as hate or watever

  • jay3091

    Tired of him

  • M. Beezy

    i dont really like Drake that much either.

    take that as he’s really not that good.

  • KSEE

    wait…i still dont understand why “best i ever had” video recieved flack!
    “Take that D” …umm…no homo?!

  • LO$

    thank him later

  • i dont get it???? this dude has all this talent but has no presence like on stage or on video…idk just my opinion

  • DocCosmos

    Good good drake, keepin the movements to a minimum I see. I guess you learned your lesson about skippin around.

  • In my opinion, Drake has one of the best stage presences right now. I like his entire vibe.

    The music is also inspiring. I hope for more records like “Successful” on “Thank Me Later”. I’m very amped for the video. This is my favorite song of any genre this year, hands down.

    Good stuff.

  • S.d.b.

    how about when he does have presence on stage or on a video he slips and fallz n maybe thats y he aint moving much…lolz but when he performs 4real without fucking up i think hes pretty good lolz wit the annoying hand movement as his signature move


    T.O. lets go

  • TruthAddict

    Drake licks serious balls. Seriously, if you are into him, you may want to re-evaluate if you even like hip hop. Its straight garbage and you are victim to the marketing scheme. A few years from now you are gonna be facepalming yourself for admitting you listened to dude. Wack flow and softer than Richard Simmons’ ballsack. Blackberry freestylin flavor of the month POS.

  • Joe Sage


  • kidadonis

    So, he goes from a video with all these quirks and hidden meanings to an extremely basic video that is just like all the others. A let down… also… he can’t stand still or something. Definitely doesn’t look comfortable…why? I don’t know…