Jay-Z Talks on Blueprint 3 Leak (Video)

blame it on Shake August 31, 2009

Hov speaks to MTV about the recent leak of Blueprint 3 (which I’ve listened to about 5-6 times and am happy with the result).

“I may be the most bootlegged artist in history,” he told MTV News shortly after his album leaked. “It’s a preview. I’m excited for people to hear the album. I’m very proud of the work I’ve done, so enjoy it.”

All day, fans were weighing in on the new record on Twitter and Facebook. Jay kept it cool despite his material leaking out 10 days before the official release day. The iconic MC, though, had reason to relax: He has his own indicator to let him know whether reactions to his music are good or bad.

“My pager is actually ringing right now, so people are probably calling me and telling me they pretty much like it,” he explained. “I can tell by the way my pager rings if a song is good or not. It’s really going crazy right now.”

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Also, hit the jump for his thoughts on his upcoming 9/11 benefit show at Madison Square Garden (which myself and Meka will be in attendance for).

NEW YORK — Eight years ago, during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Jay-Z was several thousand miles away, in California, feeling helpless as he watched his hometown in chaos.

“I was Los Angeles shooting a video for ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ and got a phone call,” Jay recalled at a press conference in New York on Monday (August 31) about his September 11 benefit concert at Madison Square Garden. “A friend of mine told me to turn on the TV. It looked like a movie to me, it didn’t look like anything that could be real.

“The last thing I thought about was an album,” he said, referring to the release date of his first album in the Blueprint series, which was hit stores that dark day. “The first thing I thought about was, ‘What happens from here? What happens tomorrow? How will this continue?’ I was in Los Angeles and there wasn’t anything I could do.”

Eight years later, he’s doing something. The Brooklyn native is headlining the “Answer the Call” tribute concert on the anniversary off the September 11 attacks, and is also releasing the third album in the trilogy, The Blueprint 3, on that day.

To mark the occasion, Jay-Z partnered with the New York Police & Fire Widows’ & Children’s Benefit Fund for the show, presented in conjunction with Fuse, Absolut and Live Nation. All proceeds from the event will go to the charity, and the performance will air commercial-free and stream online on Fuse’s Web site. Tickets for the concert go on sale September 8 at noon ET.

Monday’s press conference was attended by a number of officials, including New York Governor David Paterson.

For Jay-Z, the experience is an honor he isn’t taking lightly.

“I’m humbled by this whole entire process,” he told MTV News after the conference. “Just my whole evolution coming to this place. It just all worked out this way. The first album came out on this exact day, I was in Los Angeles and couldn’t help out physically. For it to come full circle and us to be here and play Madison Square Garden and 100 percent of the proceeds going to [the charity]. I’m just humbled by the experience.”

After the press conference, a woman who lost her brother — a policeman — in the 9/11 tragedy handed Jay a bracelet that her brother wore.

“This makes it real,” Jay-Z said while holding the gift. “Someone really lost their brother, he sacrificed his life for others. You’re humbled by those types of acts of heroism. You only hope to live up to that type of courage and strength. I’m doing a concert, I’m entertaining. At the end of the day I’m doing a great thing, but it’s not what this guy has done.”

  • Leaking a few songs=acceptable
    leaking an artist entire album=lame.
    I think i can wait 2 weeks…

  • I saw this


  • Yeezy

    omg ma nig i got the exact same shirt jigga rockin, i feel good bout tht shrt now but anyway this cats full of himself..
    ‘i can tell how good a song is by my pager’ wtf lol

  • Who really believes Jay-Z actually STILL owns a pager. In 2009?

    C’mon. Never going.

  • Why’s that so impossible? I wouldn’t be surprised if that shit becomes the new trend. I remember me and a few of my people were joking about getting pagers a few weeks ago just to bring it back.


    6 of the 15 songs I like and the rest are ok or I;m good on.

  • Gchild

    Album is lackluster…too many features and beats were questionable. He definitely misses Just Blaze and Nas on this project…

  • Guess what?

    anybody else think Hov looked almost nervous in that first video

  • Detroit31 3rd

    Man, I’m upset Drake nor J. Cole came hard. The beats are just about all trash I like maybe 3 songs out of say 19 total (bonus tracks it could be less bonus tracks don’t remember) oh and the hooks are trash maybe it needs to grow on me.

  • GURU


  • GURU


  • SouthwestOG

    Already & Thank You>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • has the full album been leaked? O.o sounds like some of u have heard most of the album
    i’m hoping the neptunes and forever young joints will be good…

  • JL

    lol pager. Ill admit I thought I’d dislike the album, but it’s not bad, not great, but not bad. It’s like Relapse in that all the tracks sound better in the context of the album.

  • No Homo

    Where is the shirt from that he’s wearing?

  • iCon

    I heard the album in its entirety and let me say that the timbo leaks do not do the album justice…

    the album has a couple bumps in the road but overall it is so fuckin dope…

    my favorite is “empire state of mind” with alicia keys…

    when ya’ll get a chance listen to the last verse of that song… its the illest shit ive heard in forever…

    overall the album rates about a 8.5/10

  • Album was good with me. 8.5/10 as well. I’ve been growing into the up north music now than I ever was. Been playing a few tracks more than others. Also it’s the 1st album I’ve only listened to like 2 more leaks then just listened to the album itself with others that I didn’t listen to. Usually I would just listen to the rest then go through the album in full. Empire State Of Mind is my favorite as well.

  • bobbb

    8.5 maybe even 9/10 for me

  • WashHeights

    the only bp3 i’ve found is some fake shit with a diff track listing then the one prev released.

  • A


    thats being nice.


    damn a pager jay? LOL. showin that age. i think jay tryin 2 hard to be like these new cats comin up. jay still doin it though. BROOKLYN STAND UP!!!!!

  • kika117

    The album would be ok…for some average rapper! But this is Jay-Z, Jiggaman, Hov – what the fuck? That’s as if god was only putting handicapped and ugly ppl in this world…he has to do better than that!
    Beats are super average…what the fuck are these producers thinking too? Man, major dissapointment!!! Maybe Nas is not on it cause he felt so too…lol

  • thatdude

    I’m glad most people are saying the album is sub par, because it really is. I’m almost frightened to see people saying it’s dope.

  • Borswon

    “I may be the most bootlegged artist in history,” LMAO! Yeah, right…

  • TE

    the album is great.

  • TE

    Best tracks > a star is born > young forever > empire state of mind > so ambitious

    Worst tracks > thank you & real as it gets.

  • 1

    empire state of mind>
    worst track is that swizzy one wtf was he thinkin with the beat, ive heard 7year olds make better beats than that ,but apart from that the albums solid

  • starbettv

    i think the album is fuckin sick…
    i think people just dont like it cuz its jay…
    throw kanye on all 15 of them beats & its classic…
    jays bar is to high…
    but i personally think the album is fuckin sick…
    dunno if its classic or not yet… undecided

  • Lmao @ a pager. Fuck outta here!

  • veraci0us

    huh “worst tracks > thank you & real as it gets”

    I definitely dont want none of what ur smokin lmao.. Those to tracks along with the alicia keys, j.cole and venus vs.mars are the best tracks off bp3..

  • the leader

    the album is dope… you haters need to stop with your bullshit.. listen to the entire thing in order and you will understand where jay was going with it… timbo tracks only gave a bad rep to jay.. album is 9/10.

  • Jabari Manwarring

    the album is bonkers worst tracks thank you> so ambitious the hook is fucking annoying pharell screwed the track
    dope songs are already home>empire state of mind> on to the next one>young forever>hate

  • Jabari Manwarring

    the album is 9/1o

  • Sean Juan

    I wasn’t really sure about BP3 when I was hearing the invidual leaked tracks. I liked em ok, but I wasn’t blown away. But, listening to it all together is where it’s at. Definitely a solid album. I will definitely be going to the store to cop the official copy on 9/11. Gotta support those that deserve it.

  • A

    Anyone have a download link for the album?


    I think more people will feel it from ny than oppose 2 down south….i personally think its not his best album but it aint trash either….i think Relapse is better (lyrically) i just feel Hov is a lil overrated as a rapper now…kinda like Jordan when he went 2da wizards….he had good games, highlights, standout moments but nothing like he did with the bulls.he was more consistent then if that makes sense…now its hit or miss and i think he missed wit this 1……..IMO

  • Tony

    I think for an album to leak is absolutely LAME! It ruins the whole anticipation!

    C’mon, I rather just wait a week go out and but the album, and listen to it on the ride home. Much better than bootleging it off the internet! Lets support our artist the real way!

    Oh and Hov, a pager??

  • veraci0us
  • veraci0us
  • HaTrik

    I agree with some people saying that the album leaking is lame, but if i didn’t have the chance to hear the whole thing i wouldn’t have changed my mind to buy it. The few leaks i heard first really put a dark cloud over the album for me. Now that i have heard the whole thing it isn’t that bad. It definitely isn’t a ‘Classic’, but you have to hear this album without comparing Jay(now) to Jay(back in the day) it’s a different time and he’s a different cat.

  • Otis

    The Album rele grows on you after a couple of listens :)


    Jay had a purpose to put it out on 9/11 and I’m gonna respect it by not listening to it until then. Just ruins the hype, y’know? But that’s just me haha enjoy everyone :)

  • lll

    Love that pager talk. Dumped my cell two years ago—never looked back. I’m busy; leave a message.

  • 111212

    a pager ?? ….

  • Just a sidenote, but these are the posters they’re running all around New Zealand for Blueprint 3..pretty funny. http://thecorner.co.nz/2009/09/02/dont-believe-everything-you-see-blueprint-3-is-not-coming-out-tomorrow/

  • Da Blur

    It could not have came out on 9/11 anyways…. because Albums only come out on Tuesdays in US.. and it came out 5 days ago in europe..