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Jay-Z x Nas x Chris Martin (Coldplay)

blame it on Shake August 31, 2009

If you’re a fan of Hov & Nas and are following Green Lantern on Twitter, today was a great day as he dropped a few (2)dope sound board recordings from Nas & Jay in London (circa 2006) as well as a recent run from Nas for everyone to enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z & Nas Live in London | Jay-Z & Nas – Dead Presidents Live (w/ Chris Martin) | Jay-Z – Heart of the City Live (w/ Chris Martin) | Jay-Z – Heart of the City Live in Dublin (w/ Dante Hawkins) | Nas – One Mic Live (w/ Leon Mobley)

  • rico

    1st sick

  • twoface

    the nigga nas SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE ALBUM.


  • Rossco


  • Boston

    I actually really like it, a few weak tracks but all in all a solid effort. Not Blueprint, Not Reasonable Doubt, not even Black Album, but just behind that for me….
    Not that I downloaded it or anything, cause that would be illegal…

  • 111212

    1 track was the best others were ok … >>

  • DMC

    Shake, You claim to have 2 different versions of ‘Heart of the City’ but they both link to the same version…

  • Derf72

    video of this would be dope, i can see the energy

  • james

    when where they in london together?

    recently because it’s dope they’re still working together

  • BGH


    That’s from GL’s Twitter. It’s HoTC with Chris Martin

  • twoface

    i say that people are either gonna hate the album or love it

    there are some tracks that are really good, and some that hold it back from being a great album all around

    and i personally like that young forever shit..lol

  • lol @ you saying i “claimed” to have 2 different versions. like i was lying. links are fixed and i added another recording from nas performing one mic live.

  • jackkerorap

    what happened to that damian marley collab. no singles, no news, nothing

  • ncrep

    yo shake there HAS to be a video of that dead presidents live…

  • 619sav

    young forever. that track is epic

  • Wutang

    Empire State of Mind — BEST JAY Z SONG since black album

  • MF Tree

    That dead prez track is on some epic shit… I need that vid in my life like yesterday..

  • JL

    fuckin ill
    real talk
    dead presidents live with Jay, Nas, and Chris Martin? fuckin epic
    Nas coming in with his the world is yours verse om the track that started their beef? No words….just ill

  • Verity

    Ridin shotgun with Chris Martin my DJ
    Not the white boy, but I’m down for the Coldplay

    Must have been an insane show.

  • tam

    woowww…that bp3 is a mad album. people can hate …like with any other album, but ALOT of people like me will love it. i honestly cant find a horrible track id throw off the album. best tracks are A STAR IS BORN, ALREADY HOME, and YOUNG FOREVER

  • JJ

    after listening through the album a few times it is MUCH better than my first opinion. For an album made in 2009 its excellent. There are some weak tracks but many great ones. forever young, star is born, the kid cudi joint, empire state of mind, and hate are my fovorites.

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