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Joe Budden – No Competition (prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

blame it on Shake August 31, 2009

Pardon my absence… I was at MAGIC getting my free clothes game on haha. Shouts to Famous, FreshJive, Wolly Hood, FluD and everyone else that hooked a cup up! Now onto the joint… one issue I have with Joey is his beat selection. The rhymes on Padded Room were ill but the beats? Not so much. Good to see him linking up with the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. Most likely off The Great Escape. Shouts to X on the heads up.

DOWNLOAD: Joe Budden – No Competition | Mediafire

  • I wrote this…. just to let you guys know

  • Cant Get Right

    this shit sux balls

  • Starks

    Hope it’s not on Great Escape, it’s an alright track but not album good, shoulda thrown it on Escape Route instead…

  • Metal165

    its a good single but should not compare w/ MM type quality

  • i think its a nice track, justice league always has dope production.

  • Kimbo Ice

    lol we founds Chuck Hammy

  • pdid
  • Shady

    whats good CH…whats up with that hamiltonization process…

  • JonAnderson

    its a good song, but this isnt the joey i like :(

    what’s the sample saying “there is no competition there is no competition” is that slick rick? what song?

  • word

    guys who don’t flow meaning (rhythmic tone style) they generally use wack beats because they cant match the rhythmic parenthesis of a joint..for example..foriegn exchange…phontes earlier ish with nicolay and 9th..thats pure flow and rhythmic tonality and being dope with rhymes and flow

    buddens cant do the rhythmic tonality style…hes just write a nice verse and they forget they got to make a “song with rhythm and flow”

    most lyricaly baostful so called dudes focus stricxly on writting and not the other aspects which make an overall song and artist..

  • The Most Hated

    Emanny always kills these hooks. Too bad he’ll never make it as a solo artist. This is cool though. Not really the Joe I like but I dig it. Definitely got a chill vibe to it

  • A

    Off the Great Escape!?!?!?! What the fuck do I have on my iPod then?!?!?

  • Wonderin

    CH taking over 2DB posting? lol

    And yea, the song isn’t that great. That hook annoys me.

  • y0

    A you have escape route. Great Escape is the album thats coming out in october.

    and shake/meka please tell me yove got a leak off pig faice weapon waist comin, need my crooked i/slaughterhouse fix


  • Crack


    Escape Route?

  • A

    My bad they sound alike damn Joey don’t put out another album so fast.

  • I heard that Cuban Linx 2 leaked. But wu-corp will only om it to you if your but buddies

  • OD>

    Joe “Wack” Budden

  • james

    Disappointing in so many ways from the beat to his extensions of vocals to the hook.

    Budden needs to get down with the kickdrums.

    Already sounds better mastered. Decent lyrics. Dope scratches.

  • Joey did his thing on this song and felt the beat out. What was he suppose to say on the song. I feel this in the Whip. I’m really not a fan of the hook though. I feel like it’s a lot going on at once ( singing drums and scratches….damn). Some tell me their opinion on the disappointment factor.

  • chrome44

    is it me or this dude is 5 times lyrically better than jay z.
    even when hes talking about hoe he keeps lyrically raw

  • RUnnEnow

    is it me or this dude is 5 times lyrically better than jay z.
    even when hes talking about hoe he keeps lyrically raw

    This track is nice.. almost every song on Escape Route was better though.

  • Musikfiend

    ^It’s just you.

  • james

    I think there’s several factors to being lyrics and it depends no perspective and appreciation on what style you prefer. For example, you can say something relatively simple but still be hell of dope like Drake, “this lost boy got fly without peter pan” or “I know success is coming I just hope I’m alive to appreciate it.” Neither are insanely lyrical but Drake delivers it with passion and makes it dope.

    The recent Jay tracks have went for a more simplistic but truthful lyrical approach which I enjoy. He does it well.

    Budden on the other hand writes paragraphs with descriptive details and punchlines after punchlines. He’s dope at what he does but I’m not convinced he could make such a dope song like Successful where he conveys more with less words.

    Ya dig?

    by the way I’m a fan of all 3 artists so you won’t get any hate out of me

  • james

    jeeze, i need to edit my shit before i post.

    “on being lyrical”
    “on perspective”

  • quickV

    james, that is a solid point


    James you think this is lyricism? Visit the underground buddy

    Lines like “she look like a good stripper, if she serve I might be a good tipper”

    How is this lyrical??

    Wannabe Wale sounding track = failure

    oh why is he still doing the uhhh uhhhh like hes ready to scream pummmp pummpp it up



  • james

    This particular track?

    If you read my og post,

    “Disappointing in so many ways from the beat to his extensions of vocals to the hook. Budden needs to get down with the kickdrums.
    Already sounds better mastered. Decent lyrics. Dope scratches.”

    Then you would know I said it’s decent. Obviously, I’m not really a fan of this track.

    But I’ve listened to Budden’s music before and he’s got a lot better tracks that are lyrical. For example, Anti, If I Gotta Go, Exxes, Talk 2 Em.

    My comment on lyricism was a response to someone saying he’s 5 times lyrical than jay-z.

  • not a real big joe budden fan (tho i dig slaughterhouse and i enjoy his vlogs)

    i heard a couple joints off Padded Room and i agree i was simply turned off by the production. just some soft, weak shit that didnt match his lyrics. i mean to keep it real, weak production (no matter how dope the lyrics are) just turn me away…

  • james

    You should peep the couple tracks kickdrums remixed. Really dope.

  • CoolMane

    Joey B

    this is cool not great but i could bump this

  • GOOD… Joe picking gooder beats. (yea, gooder.)

  • Rossonero

    Joey is the best mc for the moment!!! Very good track!!!

  • First off,this track is 100x better than anything off his last album.
    You can’t compare the quality of production and the song structure to that wackness that was his last release.
    It sounded amateur and demo-like.
    And to compare remixes to original production shows your lack of production knowledge.
    It’s EASY to come in AFTER THE FACT,and lay a hot beat to a already structured song.Making something from scratch takes effort and originality.
    J.U.S.T.I.C.E League all day!!

  • Joe Budden = yesterday’s bath water

  • Yo Son….mUH WoRD Iz:

    jOE bUdDEnZ sUX.
    CrOOkED I Sux…
    RoYce 59 SuX…
    jOeLL OrtIz SuX….

    JuSt So YaLL KnOw.
    I’m DrE FrOm BaCk iN tHe DaY FrOm
    N.W.A FroM BlaCk AnD ThE GrAy FrOm
    CHoKiN uP B!TcH To sMaCkiNg HeR FaCe FrOm
    STacKiNg uP BoDieS To (RaCKinG THeiR KiDs?) FrOm
    RaCKinG uP HiTZ To sTaCKiNG TheM cRaTeS Up
    I’m StiLL HuNgRy AnD I’m BaCk WiTh a TaPeWoRM
    AnD We WaS HaPPeNinG AnD RaP EnTeRTaiNMeNt
    Me AnD sHaDy FoR uS CoMpetition [email protected] TheRe AiN’t NoNe

    dATE dERe Be Da MuRDaHOuZ….VerBal sTiDdaL…

    aINt No OnE tOuChIn Any RaPPeRZ FrOM DA sOUf…..

    Aint nO NYc rAPPer And No WesT cOasT rAppER….

    Ya Run iS oVa….NOW THE SOUF RUNZ HIP HOP/////


  • mozz


  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    I like the beat. Budden does his thing, too, but I don’t know if the beat and the lyrics match up. Personally, I could’ve heard Ross on this joint instead. However, I am glad that Joe is branching his production out. GOD BLESS and PEAce. Thanks

  • I wOUlD rIp YA bOyZ HeAd Off In DuH sTReEtZ….

    nEva TAlk GrEEzY bOUt DAT sOUf Kat////Ya hEard Me

  • southcakc23

    this shit right here is FIYA!!!! Some of you clowns are just filled with hate in ya DNA. This production is dope. This is some playa shit. Some of y’all don’t have a fuckin clue what real hip hop is….

  • james

    Hey, if the og production is ass, it’a ass. If the remix production is hot, it’s hot. Not my fault. Just how it is. Never said it takes more or less creativity to make an og beat compared to a remix. You brought that shit up and I’m deading it.

    You seem to be a justice league groupie so there’s not much more to say.

  • Aiche

    This shit is HOT… Yea like dude said up top, get the Hate out of your DNA.

  • Condor21

    I like that he went out and got the JUSTICE league but the subject matter just didn’t do it for me, hook was bad too. Once I heard he was doing the song about a girl I gave up on it.

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